Review by kts123

Reviewed: 12/15/04

Ghost Recon 2 is a great sequel to a great game

Genre: F.P.S. (First Person Shooter)

Game Play: 10/10
Ghost Recon 2 is the long awaited sequel to Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon 2 stays true to what it is, yet adds a new level of depth to a shallow. Now you can choose one of two views, first person, and the new, over-the-shoulder view. Ghost Recon 2 has some new very powerful, unique, and very cool new abilitys and weapons. The new weapons and abilitys include, a gun camera that allows you to shoot over and around obstacles without exposing your body to enemys. Plus, you can now "paint" enemys and tanks for attack using a laser, once an enemy has been "painted for attack" a jet bombs the tank and/or enemy. These new abilitys allow a single soldier to kill countless enemys with ease in the new "Lone Wolf" mode. There are some great modes in Ghost Recon 2. One of the modes is called "Lone Wolf mode," in "Lone Wolf" mode you are the only soldier sent to complete a mission, luckily you are given lots of powerful weapons (like the camera gun). There is also "fire fight" mode, in "fire fight" you must kill all enemys to win. And "Recon" in which you must sneak by all the enemys and not let any of your team get taken out. And of course campaign, campaign is the main mode in which you play through a series of different missions and progress the story while earning "points" that allow you to buy special features. And in campaign you can save anywhere and as much as you want during a mission, if you die, you can load and be right back where you saved! This means you can kill one enemy, save, kill another enemy, save again, repeat. Plus the multi player has been upgraded alot. Now there is a new mode in which one player is the "target," the target is the only one who can gain points, who ever kills the "target" becomes the "target". Plus you can now have up to four players on one screen instead of just two.

Entertainment: 10/10
Ghost Recon 2 is the kind of game that you can play for hours without looking up once. The new abilitys are not only powerful but cool and fun to use. The "over-the-shoulder" view allows you to use cover easier, but most of all it adds to the feel of danger that Ghost Recon is known for. Being able to see your character gives you something to look at while your hiding behind something. Plus the multi player is very fun, and now you can have up to four players on one screen! Plus it is nearly impossible to get frustrated because you can save as much as you want where ever you want (just dont save right before your about to die or you'll haffta restart the entire mission). Ghost Recon 2 is very entertaining for a long time.

Graphics: 9/10
Ghost Recon 2 also has a completely new graphics engine that has been improved alot over the old Ghost Recon. The "over-the-shoulder" view has been executed perfectly, your character is on the bottom left so that he/she is not in the way. Your character actually has every weapon you have on his or her back, and when you reload your character pulls the weapon your switching to off his or her back! Plus in "over-the-shoulder" view you can tell if your sticking out in the open or fully hidden behind your cover. The areas are ultra realistic, each and every level is done perfectly to look and feel real. The trees in the jungle and woodland areas in the games look very real, they have very animated leaves and branches. And the grass moves in the wind, sadly, the bushes don't move and some of them look fake. But the most amazing part about the areas are the citys. The buildings look ultra realistic, when you using the camera gun in some citys the area will look nearly photo realistic! The citys in Ghost Recon 2 look better than most of the areas in RainbowSix 3! The same thing applies to some of the jungle areas. Even the rain looks very real, the only thing thats not well done is the fire. Even the explosions look amazing. The only bad thing about the graphics I've found is that the F.P.S. (frames per second) is kinda low so if you move too fast the game can sometimes skip frames. But even with the kinda low F.P.S. Ghost Recon 2 still has simply amazing graphics.

Sound 10/10
The sound in Ghost Recon 2 is very impressive, every last little thing that makes noise in real life makes sound in Ghost Recon 2. When your walking through the woods you can hear leaves, small twigs, and small bushs being crushed under your feet. When your walking through ruble it sounds like your walking through ruble, you can hear cracking glass, crunching rocks and even metal under your feet. Even when you walk through a large metal building you can hear your footsteps echoing around. Even the explosions are very well done, when the grenades explode indoors or near ruble you can hear rocks and glass falling near the explosion. When your in the woods you can hear dirt, rocks and small sticks falling about. Even the actual explosion sounds powerful. The sound is also very clear and crisp. Plus, the music is great. The music stials vary from Rock to "Jungle-ish" music. The music is very cool and only plays at "fitting" times (they don't play Jazz during a fight). Ghost Recon 2's sound is as good as, if not better than, the sound from Halo2!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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