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"Very good game! Engaging."

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 lives up to its name. With highly addictive gameplay and a large assortment of weaponry, you are destined to many hours of fun time when you buy this game.

Single Player: The Campaign is engaging as it is time consuming, nonetheless, and the levels can become painfully difficult as time goes on. Use a grand arsenal to take down your foes, including modern day rifles and carbines, along with rockets and grenades.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer pits team against team and player against player in many great and detailed maps. The friends list and game settings are hastily put together, but if you can overlook those minor flaws, you can enjoy what the game has to offer.

Ghost Recon 2 is produced for the sole purpose to mimic actual warfare, of course. Frustrating but exciting, you follow your team across many levels of the campaign against the Koreans.

Some missions allow you to use specialized weaponry, called going "Lone Wolf." In these circumstances, you gain a high-tech rifle that has all sorts of gizmos on it. For example: You can gain a gun camera, in which you can fire at enemies without exposing yourself, airburst grenades, fired from underneath the weapon, and the ability to "laze targets" for airstrikes. That is very useful in taking out heavy armour.

Multiplayer is extremely challenging. Since it has a very steep learning curve, like many of Tom Clancy's games, it is only for the hardcore gamer. Multiplayer modes include Siege, Domination, and Last Man Standing. Siege pits one team against the other, only that one team is defending a particular region, and the other team must assault it. It is wise to use the "disable explosives" option to turn off the rocket launchers. Domination is a gametype in which two teams must scramble for regions marked on the map and take them over. The team who controls all of them at once wins. Last Man Standing is self - explanatory, whoever is alive at the end is the winner!

Ghost Recon 2 is a must-buy for the Clancy fan and any hardcore gamer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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