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"A pretty good game. But it has its annoying bits."

Okay. First, let me say that I do NOT have XBL. So, I wont be talking all that much about multi-player.
And now I will begin.

Graphics: 9/10
These were, overall, very, very good graphics. "Over the shoulder view" (I call it 3rd person, but whatever.) worked great, and it was very fun to fight that way. The water effects were great, and the explosions were, well, explosive! Overall, the characters look good, but I wish there were a few more enemy "models" with which to do battle. Killing the same North Korean guy over and over again got slightly annoying. Vehicles looked cool, and so did most of the guns. The cut scenes before each mission were cool, and the characters looked fairly real. All of the missions I was able to play (I rented it. So what?) Looked good, although occasionally the objective markers were not very clear. And that brings us to the next bit, "playability."

Playability 6/10
This game is fun, don't get me wrong. But occasionally, it seemed to me as though the enemy could shoot through walls, or see me even when they were half a mile away, and could still kill me, even though they only had a pistol or something. Basically, to someone like me who's is new to the genre, this game was fairly tough. Especially when your goals are very unclear. In the first mission, I almost gave up, simply because I could not figure out what it meant by destroy the control tower. I tried everything! Eventually, after about an hour of frustration, realized I had to blow up this fuel tank thing. Yeesh!!
The difficulty curve was way to high. Oh, and multiplayer. DO you have to unlock other fields or something? It was annoying to always play the same field. Other than that, this game worked fine, guns were fun to use, and commands were easy to give. Which takes us to controls.

Controls 9/10
There really isn't much to say about controls in this game except for that they are very, very well done. The only problems I had were with the menus, in which once you have done something you pretty, much CANT take it back. Other than that, controls are great!

Sound 10/10
Sound was very cool. Explosions, gunfire, voices, it all sounded great!

Story 8/10
It was okay, but a little bit cliche. It was presented VERY nicely, with the cut scenes before each mission doing a good job to give hints, and show what you're supposed to do.... Overall. (See Playability)

Overall 8/10
This is a fun game, good graphics, controls, sound, and story. However, in some missions, the difficulty curve is WAY to high. Goals are unclear, and something's are not explained. Such as how to get multiplayer maps. Other than that, if you're good at the genre, this is the game for you!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/25/05

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