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"A mediocre game that could have been better."

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 is a sequel that improves over the first title, but still doesn't make for a top notch shooter. The game has some good points in it but a lot of other problematic issues. The game is third or first person. The choice is yours.

Control: These controls aren't too good. Be prepared to hit a button with the intention of doing one action, and end up doing something totally different. The basic movement, looking buttons are the dual analog controls that pretty much all shooters have enacted. The main issue with the controls is trying to add in so many things to each button that it leads to problems. The last thing that needs to be pointed out is that with the dual analog controls the sensitivity of look speed cannot be adjusted. This means you're stuck with the speed they give you. Players who are used to fast look speeds will get aggravated at this.

Single player: You've got a good variety of missions you can go through. Some are squad based and others end up putting you alone against many enemies. Be prepared for many objectives to go through. Some defending the base some scouting through woods, calling in air strikes, taking out tanks. A lot of the missions also put you in the heat of combat as your squad works with you in going through the big varieties of missions.

AI: I thought the AI could've been better. They'll squad you work with in some missions do some of the orders you give them in the single player but then they'll decide to get right into the view of your scope at other times. The enemies are also very basic. They just run at you and shoot.

Multiplayer: You can play online if you've got xbox live. It's not the best online out there but it works. There are a variety of things to play online. There is cooperative missions vs the cpus, and squad missions where teams vs each other from deathmatches to objective based missions.
The game's online has some flaws though. Loading up lists of games takes forever. If the host of a room leaves the match is completely destroyed. they could've also made the game more late join friendly because matches are somewhat long.

Story: The story background to the single player is alright. They gave the game a TV appeal where they'd show the players talking to the camera and then tell about their stories that you'd play out through the missions.

Graphics: The character models are ok. However, some scenery in this game just doesn't look all that great. Some grass details are eye hurting and other sorts of wall textures just look blocky. The scenes within the story mode are well done but honestly should have looked like the gameplay itself.

Sound: The voice acting's fine, the gun shot sounds are ok, and the music theme is excellent. The only thing that will get annoying is some of the missile sounds that go on forever. The screeching missile sounds in certain points in the game that repeat over and over for entire missions will get annoying.

Play Time/Replayability: The single player is ok, don't prepare to feel amazed by it too much unless a die hard Tom Clancy fan. The replayability will come to those who can manage playing the online mode and don't mind it's problems.

Final Recommendation: Consider looking at other titles before picking this up. This game isn't totally bad but isn't something to totally go crazy for.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/03/05

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