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"Mitchel Goes Head On"

On November 2002 Red Storm and Ubisoft released a game that changed the Tactical Shooter world. It won many awards and had earned it...but then in 2004 they released it's sequel, Ghost Recon 2 it was a whole different story than the first but a lot better.

In Ghost Recon 2 the gameplay has been excellent you can control your squad with a easy tap or press of a button or if you get a mic you can control everything though just a voice command, and unlike other shooters that have voice/button command they actually listen not just stand there for 10 seconds while getting shot from enemy fire. The single player in this game is great. XBox Live is the best of the game if you have it, but playing with friends is fun too. As for the features they are packed with modern guns,technology and other high tech gear.

Mitchel is down, Is not the thing that you want to hear while playing Campaign because thats bad news to you. Ghost Recon is an elite squadron of operatives that are in North Korea to clean up a mess that a North Korean general has left in his wake and stop NK from taking out China over a famine. Anyways you take control of Captain Mitchel, he is the leader for the Ghosts. Your taken from place to place taking out North Korean soldiers and there ideas for taking over China.

The graphics are beautiful and add to the reality just like you are in the seat of Mitchel, commanding your team, shooting the bad guys which most of us have the guilt of liking shoot those bad people in that video game. Sound is the same story and even adds to the reality of all this.

This game is generally fun to play over and over again. You can go different ways with different guns try to never die in the whole Campaign and other fun things that you can do with this game. With XBox Live you can challenge you friends in a variety of maps. XBox Live is what this game will really make you buy it and play it over and over again.

Overall this game is the best of the GR series and if your a hardcore fan of GR I suggest buying it, with new people trying this game out is a must just rent it at any rental place you will probably have a great time. Hope you have fun playing this game, I know I did.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/25/05

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