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"A giant improvement"

The 1st generation of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon were fun and exciting, but needed a lift on the visuals and single player. All of that and more was fixed in the 2nd generation of Ghost Recon!

Game play-
The game play is what I am most excited about, the intense modern warfare is realistic beyond belief. The team controls are a lot more in depth, well you really didn't have control in the 1st generation, but now you have full command of your squad. You can tell them to suppress, to flank, and more, this comes in handy when your in a jam and need assistance. The game play is also challenging, the missions are all tough, and there is a variety of them.It is unlike many of the games you see today, where you get shot ten times and still live, this game, one well placed shot from the enemy will land you in coffin. I know, this can get a little annoying, but hey at least you won't have to start over, that's right another improvement is that you can save at any point of the game. So, no more waiting until the end of the mission to save, and no more aggravation with having to start over from the beginning! The missions are also more intense, like one of my favorites is when you have to defend an area and hundreds of enemy are bounding at you, intense. There is also a wider variety of weapons, not just your average assault rifles, it now includes new more advance weapons. It also has more single player game modes like firefight, recon, lonewolf, and my personal favorite defend. The game also is online enabled for a fun, exciting, and intense multi-player, or you can just have the classic split-screen, which was a little disappointing for me, but still fun.

This is where the biggest improvement comes in, I always got annoyed at the terrible graphics and the view of the original Ghost Recon and its sequels. Now however the graphics are a much improved, and more towards the other Tom Clancy games(like Splinter Cell). With more detailed environments and sharper images (eye candy), it just adds to the realistic quality. The 1st person view(only seeing the cross hairs), which also bothered me, was changed in this new era. They now have an "over the shoulder" or classic view, which is really helpful, it allows you to sense more of your surroundings.

The sound effects are sharp and very real, the explosions and gunfire are so great that you feel like you are in the battle field, again just adding to the realistic aspect.

Ghost Recon original, Island Thunder, and Jungle Storm needed an over-haul and it got one, by the name of Ghost Recon 2, this game is the perfect mixture of great graphics and excellent game play, this game is worth every penny that you pay for it, so go on take it off the shelf and into your house.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/25/05

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