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"Ghost Recon 2 is like most modern tactical shooters, although some what better."

Ghost Recon started off as a squad based shooter, where you build your squads, and then are put in large open areas, where you are given almost limitless ways to complete the mission. Ghost Recon 2 is the next game in the series, and it has some drastic changes to it.

Gameplay: 8 out of 10
Unlike in Ghost Recon 1(referred to as GR1 from now on), when you died, you changed to one of your other squad members, in Ghost Recon 2(Referred to as GR2 from now on) you play as one man, and only one man. His name is Scott Mitchell. If he is killed, its game over. While this can be regarded as a bad thing, it adds to the immersion of actually being in these events. You feel as if you are Mitchell(to some degree), and you will not want him to die, where as in GR1 you could be alittle more lax with your characters life.

Gameplay in GR2 is now more simplistic. Instead of choosing characters and making fireteams, you go in the mission with one team. You can give this team orders, or just have them follow you, which ever you prefer. They are fairly competent at doing their jobs, and will get it done. Although, when you give orders to your teammates, all three of them will carry it out, leaving you alone.

For replay value, you can also redo the missions with different objectives(like hold this location), random enemy placement, or play it lone wolf. Lone Wolf is a game type where you play as a soldier, equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, and sent in a mission solo.

Sound: 4 out of 10
Sound in GR2 is really weak. All the guns sound like they shoot paint balls or BB's. None of the guns really pack that punch or umph we are all use too. Grenade explosions are amazing, and the voice acting is decently done.

Graphics: 7 out of 10
Graphics in GR2 are pretty good. Character models look nice, and the environments look pretty detailed, although they just don't feel amazing. There is no blood in the game, unlike in GR1 where downed tangos would leave a nice puddle of blood. Although some character motions and animations could of been done much better, and more response from firing your gun would of added a whole other level. As it is, it looks like your character only twitches or has no reaction when shooting.(Combine this with the horrible gun sounds, and GR2 turns into a game of paint ball.)

Story: 4 out of 10
The games story is really weak, like most Tom Clancy games. The good thing though, is before every mission, a cut-scene explains what will happen and why in the mission. The story is real weak in GR2. Don't come into this game expecting something made by Peter Jackson.

Replayability: 9 out of 10
GR2's campaign is interesting enough on some levels for a desire to go back and play it again, while the undesirable levels can be put on a different mode to make them appealing. All in all, replay value is high, if your into replaying games.

Multiplayer: 7 out of 10
Despite some problems, GR2's multiplayer is one of the better ones out there. For competitive, always play with first person only servers, so you don't have people exploiting third person view looking around corners and such. Online co-op is amazing with alot of good people.

Rent or Buy: Like all Tom Clancy games, they are usually worth a buy. Tom Clancy games are usually high in quality, while they lack mainly in story and other minor aspects. If your more into shooting dudes in the face, then getting a amazing story, this is probably a good shooter for you.

In closing, Ghost Recon 2 is a good shooter. You do have a squad, but their is not enough options and you don't use them enough to call it a full fledged squad based shooter. Its a competent shooter, and despite small sound and visual problems, it makes for a great game. If your into squad shooters, check out Rainbow Six 3. If your itching for more Ghost Recon 2 after this, check out Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike, only on the Xbox.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/05/06, Updated 03/20/06

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