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    FAQ/Walkthrough by neonjam

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    |  _ \          | | | |                   |_   _|      
    | |_) |_ __ ___ | |_| |__   ___ _ __ ___    | |  _ __  
    |  _ <| '__/ _ \| __| '_ \ / _ \ '__/ __|   | | | '_ \ 
    | |_) | | | (_) | |_| | | |  __/ |  \__ \  _| |_| | | |
    |____/|_|  \___/ \__|_| |_|\___|_|  |___/ |_____|_| |_|
       [Brothers In Arms]         /  \   _ __ _ __ ___  ___ 
          [Road to Hill 30]      / /\ \ | '__| '_ ` _ \/ __|
                                / ____ \| |  | | | | | \__ \
                               /_/    \_\_|  |_| |_| |_|___/
    FAQ/STRATEGY GUIDE by NeonJam (Dougie Howser)     V. 1.00
    Section A: Guide Intro
    	Part 1: Intro
    	Part 2: Version History
    	Part 3: Overview
    Section B: Weapon Guide
    Section C: FAQ
    Section D: Guide
    	Chapter 1: Brothers In Arms
    	Chapter 2: Rendezvous with Destiny
    	Chapter 3: Silence the Guns
    	Chapter 4: Ambush at Exit 4
    	Chapter 5: Objective XYZ
    	Chapter 6: Foucarville Blockade
    	Chapter 7: Rommel's Asparagus
    	Chapter 8: Action at Vierville
    	Chapter 9: Dead Man's Corner
    	Chapter 10: The Crack of Dawn
    	Chapter 11: The Fall of St. Come
    	Chapter 12: Buying the Farm
    	Chapter 13: Alternate Route
    	Chapter 14: Purple Heart Lane
    	Chapter 15: Cole's Charge
    	Chapter 16: Ripe Pickings
    	Chapter 17: Push into Carentan
    	Chapter 18: Tom and Jerry
    	Chapter 19: No Better Spot to Die
    	Chapter 20: Victory in Carentan
    Section E: Legal, Contact, and Credits
    	Part 1: Credits
    	Part 2: Legal & Contact
    Section A, Part 1: Intro
    This guide is my second guide, A guide to the excellent WWII shooter
    Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30.
    Section A, Part 2: Version History
    Version .70 - 3/10/05 Initial release.
    Version 1.00 - 3/7/05 Final release.
    Section A, Part 3: Overview
    Baker wasn't ready to lead his squad, but you should be. The only way
    you can survive in Brothers In Arms is by using your squad effectively.
    You alone are an easy target, and you'll quite frequently notice this
    when you pull off a lone assault on a nest of krauts.
    The biggest thing to remember in this game is cover. Without cover, you
    are an easy target, and so are your squads. You need to make sure you
    move with cover and keep your team near cover. You
    The basic tactic tought in the game is to have your firing squad, which
    is represented by the (_-_) logo, take cover behind something and fire
    upon the enemy to supress him while you and your assualt squad, 
    represented by the ( ^ ) logo, strike the pinned down enemy. This is an
    effective tactic in most cases.
    Other tactics include the full rush, which is a double team assualt,
    which is impractical unless you have armor, which will lay supressive
    fire as it moves while your other squad moves in for the kill. You can
    also camp, taking both squads to cover and supressing side threats and
    sniping another target by yourself, which is effective, but slow.
    Remeber that your assault squad is always best at assaulting and the
    firing squad is always best at covering. While they both can do either,
    it's best to keep your firing squad behind a bit to cover yourself and
    the assault squad's advance.
    It's best to pick your own tactics for the general situations, and get
    used to what you like doing. It's generally best to snipe from cover or
    lead an assualt on a suppressed enemy.
    Section B: Weapon Guide
    A decent pool of weapons were used in WW2, and the well known American
    and German weapons are represented here in BiA. This section is a run
    down on the weapons available to use in the game and their strengths,
    weaknesses and best uses.
    ****American Weapons****
    M1911 Colt .45
    The Colt is the standard American pistol, and the first gun in the game
    that you receive. The colt is most useful for close range assaults, but
    due to the seven round clip, its not useful against larger groups. The
    best use is when you receive it fairly early in the game, but it's best
    to ditch it for an SMG when you get the chance.
    M1A1 Thompson
    The Thompson is the standard American SMG. Powerful at close ranges, but
    innacurate. Good for suppressive fire and assaulting. Watch the clip, the
    20 round clip runs out extremely fast. Reload before a major assault.
    M1 Garand
    The so called "The rifle that won the war", and the american 
    infantryman's best friend. Powerful, quick, and accurate. Can be used for
    supressive fire, sniping and assaulting. My only complaint is the
    unrealistic reload; In WW2 soldiers would generally just fire off the clip
    because the shutter that covers the bullet ejector is well locked into
    place and could cause you to lose a finger trying to pull it open by force
    instead of allowing the gun to do it.
    M1 Carbine
    The multiuse compact rifle. It's best to think of it as an extended
    pistol. Good, quick fire, best for medium to short ranges. Good for
    supressive fire and assaulting.
    M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, AKA BAR
    A portable machinegun. Great weapon, powerful, and great for
    suppressing. Best at medium to close ranges, but the clip is severely
    short, only 20 rounds.
    M1903 Springfield
    The american bolt action sniper. Amazing for sniping, obviously, but
    little use anywhere else. Slow firing and powerful.
    M9A1 Bazooka
    Used only once in the game, great against tanks, and can carry extra
    rounds unlike the Panzerfaust.
    M1919A4 Browning Light Machine Gun
    Fixed machinegun, found in very few places, but always on the back of
    allied tanks. Generally useful when found, but the tank version isn't
    useful due to the fact that it leaves you completely exposed and
    limits your range of movement for ordering your soldiers.
    Mk. II A1 Fragmentation Grenade, AKA Pineapple Grenade
    The underused grenade in BiA. You start with 0-5 of these, usually 3,
    and never recieve more in a chapter. Best for clearing out hard to
    assualt positions such as MG42 nests. Also used for destroying certain
    tanks. The fuse is 4 seconds, and Germans can and will toss your nades
    right back at you. Ricochet off walls or keep the Germans supressed to
    avoid this issue.
    ****German Weapons****
    Walther P38
    Similar to the Colt 1911, its use is limited to close range encounters.
    Ditch for something better when you can.
    German SMG. An amazing weapon, accurate and powerful. Best for close
    range encounters and assualting, and for supression.
    Mauser K98
    The standard German rifle. It is bolt action, so it has a slow firing
    rate, but it's exceedingly accurate and very powerful. Best for long
    range and can be used for supression.
    MP44 Sturmgewehr
    One of the earliest assault rifles, the MP44 is possibly the best
    weapon in the game. Accurate and powerful with a decent sized clip,
    the only role it cannot play is a long range one.
    Great fixed gun that is often employed against you. Generally not
    useful due to the fact that it's mostly positioned where your
    assaulting from and not where you need to go.
    Panzerfaust 60
    The more common rocket launcher, the panzerfaust is found a few times
    in campaign. Great against tanks, but single shot, and hard to aim.
    Don't keep it unless you have tanks close by.
    Stielhandgrenate 24 AKA "Potato Masher" Grenade
    The german grenade. Roughly the same as the American grenade, just
    with a more interesting shape.
    Section C: FAQ
    Q: Is this game really based on a True Story?
    A: Yes, it's based on various people in the 101st Airborn Infantry,
    although most have had their names changed. All the events are based on
    true events. As you beat the game, you unlock historical materials that
    show how based in reality BiA really is.
    Q: I can't shoot right, there's no crosshair!
    A: Options > Game menu. You can turn on various styles of crosshairs.
    I encourage you to not do it for the sake of realism. Once you get used
    to where the rought center of the screen is, the lack of a crosshair
    just encourages you to use the really nifty iron sights.
    Q: This game is hailed as so realistic..but why do I see red circles
    above the krauts and names over my soldiers? I'm sure that's not right.
    A: Options> Game menu. You can turn off all of those features to make
    it much more realistic.
    Q: What are the best weapons to carry?
    A: It's mostly to your own personal preferences, but I recommend you
    always take an smg or assualt rifle and a rifle. My personal preference
    is a Kar98 (accurate and powerful) and a BAR (fast and powerful). The
    rifle is for sniping targets, the assualt rifles/smgs are great for
    assualting and cover.
    Q: I just lost a guy..what now?
    A: He's dead. He's not coming back...until the next chapter. Yeah,
    unrealistic, but all you can do is not let him die and then it's 
    realistic enough..Also, healing your squad brings back your buddies
    from the dead.
    Q: How do I heal?
    A: You don't. No magic medpacks. However, if you die three times at
    the same checkpoint, you are given the option to heal yourself and
    your squad. You can choose to or not to. Healing your squad DOES NOT
    heal your tanks though.
    Q: I keep dying for no reason!
    A: You're being killed by an MG42 machinegun. Machineguns kill you 
    almost instantly once you get in range of them, and some of them are
    hidden until you get into range. If you die for no reason, check your
    overhead view.
    Section C: Guide
    NOTES: When I tell you to have someone cover, it means to supress the
    closest german team while you or the assault squad charge. The guide
    will start specific, but will dwindle a bit to more details on hard
    parts and assuming you can handle the grunt squads.
    Chapter 1: Brothers In Arms
    Mostly Cinema, one part where you control Baker. You can't do anything
    besides figure out the controls, and then it ends.
    Chapter 2: Rendezvous With Destiny
    As soon as you hit the ground, start following the path. Follow the
    basic instructions, until you meet Mac. Follow him and listen to his
    Chapter 3: Silence The Guns
    Follow Mac and Legett up to the bushes, and take cover. Listen to Mac's
    command and either snipe and supress the germans or assault them your
    self, then move up and take one of their K98s. Snipe or assault the
    germans that rush over to you, then keep following Mac. Go along the
    left side of the house and assault the germans that are under fire
    by Mac and Legett. Keep following Mac. Go along the left side of the
    AA gun and assault the germans on it. WAIT for Mac's command to destroy
    the AA gun, or else you may destroy it before it's an objective and
    force the game to be stuck there till you reload. Take out the germans
    in the right farmhouse, making sure to kill all three before being able
    to move on. Take out the german on the right, then move up to cover
    before either sniping or assaulting the last AA gun position. Again,
    wait for Mac's command before destroying it.
    Chapter 4: Ambush At Exit 4
    Welcome to the team, Hartsock. Remember that he's a firing team
    man, and is more suited to covering you than you are for covering
    him. Move up and take out the small german team, using hartsock
    to cover your assualt or sniping. Pick up a k98 for better sniping power
    and ditch the Carbine because of the depressingly low clip count. Move
    up to the stone walls on the left, and have hartsock cover you on the
    right while you move along the well defended left side to take out
    the germans from the side. Keep moving, taking out the easy targets
    as you go. Move hartsock up to the stone wall in the open field, and
    have him cover you as you snipe or move along the right side again.
    Keep moving till you meet Alan and Garnett. Move up to the M1919A4
    and take control. Take out the germans with the MG until no more
    come, then either have your firing team assault while you cover or
    go yourself and mop up any stragling germans.
    Chapter 5: Objective XYZ
    Move up then left into the area behind the house. Station Hartsock
    by the barrels, then take out the germans. Move to the left of the
    road and into the yard of the house. Move through, taking out the
    germans behind on the cart on the right, then when you get to a
    fence with a shed behind it, have hartsock move to the fence, and
    go into the shed. Sneak up behind the german stationed there, and
    smack him. Take of the rest and continue to take out the MG42 nest
    past there. Grab the gunner's MP40 and keep moving. Park Hartsock
    by the truck, and have him cover you while you move around the fence
    to the right and either go behind the house and suprise the germans
    or snipe them from the fence. Advance up the field, one at a time,
    him covering you then you covering him until you get within range
    of the germans. Keep advancing this way until you hit the house.
    Move through the breakfast club, then stay by the cover by Alan
    and Garnett and take out the Germans as they come.
    Chapter 6: Foucarville Blockade
    Now you've got a three man firing squad to cover you. Move up the
    path, taking the M1 Carbine on your way if you want, and move your 
    mento the right side building. Take out the german on the left, then 
    cover the advance of your men. Once they get into position, have them 
    cover you while you run into the house on the left. Take out the other
    german in here and snipe or assault the remaining germans your squad
    has covered. Round up the troops and head out the back of the house 
    and take out the group of germans in the back. Go back through the 
    house and head inbetween the buildings the germans were at. Follow the 
    path, taking out any germans on the way, until you hit a little alley
    with 2 sets of sandbags. Toss a nade over to the germans on the other
    side, then advance and take out the MG42 nest. 
    Head south and send your troops over the yard across the street,
    covering them, then head over yourself. Move up and take out the MG.
    Head into the church fields and position your men at the first mound of
    dirt. Take out the germans in the field as you please. Move into the
    graveyard and take out the germans, using the graves as cover. Head back
    into the field area and take over the MG to defend your newly secured
    territory. The germans will start advancing through the field when they
    realize running to your MG is a bad idea. Get off the MG and take them
    out. Head into the field to the North, keeping a bit to the left. Take
    out the MG nests with nades or a full on assault.
    Chapter 7: Rommel's Asparagus
    Move with your squad to then entrance to the fields. Go out the little
    break in the wall, and head to the right, staying in the water. Move
    your squad up to the stack of poles by the water, and go around the
    right to take out the MG nest. Move your squad to the MG nest and leave
    them there while you take out the 3 poles close to you. Move back into
    the water, leaving your squad at the MG nest to prevent a german
    respawn, and move to the left side of the field. Go behind the bushes
    and take out the germans and the MG nest over there. Take out the last
    germans by the woodpile across from the MG nest, and then destroy the
    asparagus and move out of the way to avoid an accidental glider death.
    Head into the West field with your squad, moving to the left to hil
    the cover over there. Take out the nearby germans, then head up the hill
    infront of you and take out the 2 german squads there. Head back to your
    first cover, and use the trench there to sneak up to the german team at
    the end of the field.take your team and finish off the last germans at
    the AA gun, then blow it up along with the rest of the asparagus. Avoid
    and link up with the last glider.
    Chapter 8: Action At Vierville
    Head up the path and take a right. Move to cover and watch the right for
    a special surprise. Risner becomes part of your squad, your first time
    having two squads and your first time with the tank. The tank is a mobile
    cover for your troops, and is extremely tough. Just watch the anti-tank
    stuff. Move east to your next objective, having Risner go first. You don't
    have to worry about anti tank stuff yet, so he makes for a good scout.
    Move into the fields, with Risner moving forward and plowing through the
    german troops. Once you get to the church, look to the field to the north
    and have the tank fire on them. Move up to the rightside building, heading
    to the far door. Park your squads outside of it and run in quick and plant
    a bomb on the panzer tank inside. Run back to your squad and take the tank
    to the soldiers left in the panzer courtyard. Move back to the church
    courtyard and position your troops on the wall to defend against the
    german counter attack. Have your tank go on the left side and assault the
    incoming panzer tank. He should easily kill it. Mop up the rest of the
    germans in the area using your squads.
    Chapter 9: Dead Man's Corner
    Move your tank up first into the middle of the road ahead, and have him
    attack the germans on the right. Try to take out as many of the other 
    rushing germans as you can. Move your firing squad up to the tank, and 
    have them supress the farthest enemies on the left. After Risner takes
    out the guys on the right, move him to take out the closest ones on the
    left. You can either take cover and have the tank finish off the rest of
    the infantry, or you can work with the tank to finish them off. Once
    the infantry in the area are dead, move to the next area. Park Risner at
    the entrance to the grassy area to the left, then have your cover team
    take the closest cover spot and supress the closest enemies. Move to the
    left and flank the enemies, then move and flank the few more close by.
    Rally the firing team and assault the far left MG then move and assault
    the anti tank squad across the road. Take cover and send Risner after the
    large MG nest the germans have set up in the field near the anti tank
    nest. Resupply at the nest if you need to then move on.
    Send Risner through the tree barricade on the road and have him pull
    forward and attack the MG42 on the road. Keep Risner in place, due to
    an antitank nest at the end of the road, and move up with your firing
    team. Position them to the right and move on to the left, the antitank
    should leave you alone. Move all the way up to the last entrance on the
    right and attack the MG nest. Use the MG to clear the way for your firing
    squad, and move them up and attack the antitank nest. Sometimes Risner
    will get a lucky shot, if you leave him near the MG nest, and take out
    the antitank nest for you, and you can then use him against the MG nest.
    Either way, Send the tank up to the MG nest far down the road and go right
    with your squad to clear the field. Continue through the tree barricade.
    Move to the left and into the little field, using the cover at the far end
    for your squad. Take out the close group of germans, then head down the
    field and finish off the last of them.
    Chapter 10: The Crack Of Dawn
    You've got two teams now. Head up the alley and set up your fire team on
    the first cover infront of you. Send your assault team and yourself to
    the left building area, infront of the germans. Have your assault team
    supress the germans infront of them and have the fire team supress the
    germans down the road. Assault the germans infront of the assault team
    once they're supressed, then move to the left field and take out the 
    germans in there. Head up the field to the cover and have your assault
    team take out the germans up there then attack the supressed germans
    from earlier. Rally up both teams at the top of the road.
    Take the path to the right, past the gruesome scene. Take your fire team
    to the left cover and have them supress the enemy. Move to the right with
    your assault team and flank them. Rally the troops and head over to the
    AA gun and take it out. Set up your cover team on the cover next to the
    AA gun and move with the assault team to the left walls and take out
    the enemies that come up. Move down the back and have your assault team
    supress the enemies by the brick wall while you assault the house. After
    the house is secure, move both teams to the brick wall and attack the
    incoming germans with the MG42.
    Chapter 11: The Fall Of St. Come
    Batman would win. Have both squads supress the two teams of germans, and
    flank the teams yourself. Bring both squads up and into the left field
    and move into the road. Set up your cover team and assualt team to
    supress the germans infront of you, then go to the far left to flank.
    Send both teams after the MG42 while you cover them. Move up and set up
    your firing team on the brick wall infront of the german controlled
    building and head with your assault team to the right to flank the
    germans. Assault the building and move through. Set up your cover team
    near Leggett and Mac and take your assault team to the left to flank.
    Now comes the hard part. My strategy is a very simple hit or miss. Move
    your fire squad up to the right and have them cover you and the assault
    squad who will move to the panzerfaust on the left. Move the assault 
    team to where the germans spawn in the back, and duck by the
    panzerfaust, grab it, get up, shoot at the tank, duck down, grab
    another panzer, shoot and etc.
    Chapter 12: Buying the Farm
    Assault and tank you say? This is a faster mission. Move up to the cover
    directly infront of you with your assault squad. Take out the nearby
    germans and start surppressing the ones farther back, having your tank
    move forward and take them out for you. Stay back with your assault
    team at the river in the field, and have your tank move up and take out
    the MG nest overlooking the field. Move up a bit further when it's out
    and have the tank take out the MG nest on the road. After that's out,
    head up to the farm. Take out the incoming guys, then position your
    assault team on the small cover to the right, and clear out the far left
    nest. When it's clear, move the tank up and clear the rest. Head down 
    to the mortar valley, and park your tank in a safe spot next to the
    building. Head with the assault team to the mortar team. Stay to the
    left and follow the bushes, taking out germans on your way. Take out
    the panzer if you have a nade, if not sick your tank on it and continue
    to the mortar and clear that out.
    Chapter 13: Alternate Route
    Move your tank up the path first, and have it take out the guys to the
    right. Meanwhile, head to the left with your assault squad. Keep heading
    to the left until you find a wrecked train car and a brick wall. Have
    your assault squad and tank if it's available take out the infantry that
    come out while you rush the tank to the right and take it out with a
    grenade. Help your men finish taking out the nearby troops. For a slower
    but safer approach, reverse the roles of the men and the tank. Either way,
    Move to the right quick and take out the small group of germans shooting
    across the broken bridge. Head on the right side of the hedges and take
    out the small antitank emplacement. Continue down this path, moving your
    tank first. 
    When the germans start coming, look to the right and take out the soldiers
    who come over the hill in the background. Have your tank take out the
    germans in the area. Keep moving with your tank forward, and go around the
    right side of the line of two train cars. Take out the germans nearby, then
    either sick your tank on the other tank or rush it yourself. Keep moving,
    tank first, taking out the germans as you go. Once you get to the bridge,
    park your tank at your end of it. Have it fire on the MG nest across the
    bridge, NOT ASSAULT. Move back to the building and pass through it with your
    assault squad. Take out the germans on the walk way and move across it. Head
    up the hill and take cover at the truck. Take out the men on the MG42 then
    either take the easy route and just run to the plunger, ignoring everything,
    or move up and take out the germans on the antitank. Move your tank up and
    attack the enemy reinforcements behind you and mop up anything that remains.
    Chapter 14: Purple Heart Lane
    Look to the right and have both your squads supress the germans over there.
    Move along the right and take out the supressed germans. Snipe the other
    set of germans. Take your squads and move up. Take out the germans on the
    left, and keep moving. Move up to the cover closest to the beach head with
    both teams and fire with them on the approaching germans. When you take
    them out, move to the broken bridge. Ignore Cole's supressing fire order
    and just run to the end of the causeway as quick as you can. Once you reach
    the end, move both squads back away from where you need to go. Head into the
    bushes and start sniping the germans to the right. Once you get them all,
    move up and take out the germans to the right of the MG nest. Once they are
    down, move along the fence to the right, and take out the MG nest from behind.
    Chapter 15: Cole's Charge
    Rally with Cole. Charge with Cole, following him through the smoke until you
    hit some cover on the far right side of the field. Once you get there, move
    up with your squad and attack the nearby MG42 from behind. Move along the
    alley and take out the germans down it. Move up to the farm house and clear
    it, then mop up around the area. Meet with Cole, and take his orders. Move up
    to the closest cover and take out the incoming germans from the right, then
    move up both squads to the last cover before the little gap. Have the teams
    each supress a squad of germans, then move up to the small cover on the right
    and attack the closest squad of germans. Have a team supress the new squad
    further down the hill, then move along the wall to the left to flank the other
    squad. Have your assault squad assault the last squad of germans while you
    and the fire team cover them. Rally the squads and keep moving.
    Take both squads and park them at the nearby cover, then move along the other
    side of the cover to get closer to the germans on the left. Take out the
    germans nearby, then keep moving to the left to the tree stump. Take out
    the germans from there, then take out the germans manning the MG42. Move 
    forward to the lakeside, sniping the germans on the peninsula, then take out
    the two germans taking cover nearby. Head along the shore to end of the
    field, then take out the last kraut on the MG42.
    Chapter 16: Ripe Pickings
    Move up with your squad, through the familiar field, into another area that
    might be familiar to you if you've seen the E3 video (If not, you unlock it
    eventually as a bonus). Either way, move to the right into the grassy little
    area and park your men behind the stacks of boxes and barrels. Head over to
    the far left, keeping your men on suppressing duty. Get along the bring wall
    to the very far left and snipe the germans infront of the MG42. Once you've
    gotten as many as you can, keep heading behind the house, making sure to hug
    the wall farthest away from the MG42. Check the bottom floor to take out any
    germans that snuck in, then assault the gunner on the top floor. Rally your
    squad and move into the now open field. Set up your squad next to combs, and
    pick off the closest germans from there. Move to the right, into the road
    and take out the germans from behind. Head back into the field, rally your
    fire team, and position them on the other side of where the germans were.
    Move up across the road, then move to the right to take out the germans from
    behind. Have your fire team assault the mortar position with you, then meet
    with combs. Move up your squad to a nearby wall, then go up to the MG42 and
    suppress the germans. Once they're suppressed, have your fire team assault
    them, covering them with the MG. Once you've cleared the area, meet with
    Combs again, then move to the farmhouse. Move both squads up forward, and
    take out the germans as they come.
    Chapter 17: Push Into Carentan
    Move to the right with both squads, behind the closest building. Leave your
    assault squad behind the building, then place your fire team on the fence
    nearby. Have them suppress the further away germans, and take out the close
    by ones yourself. Move forward, finishing off the rest of the germans, and
    position both squads to the farther cover on the right. Have your teams
    suppress the two teams of germans, picking off the ones to the left easily.
    Have both squads then supress the close team, and flank them. Move with both
    squads up the alleyway. Assault the closest germans, then move cover to cover
    closer to the germans in the debris until you are close enough to flank or
    snipe them out.
    Move both squads to the shack. Here you have the option of assaulting both
    german positions head on if you have good, healthy squads, or moving to
    the left and taking cover by the pazerfaust. If you head to the left (which
    I recommend), the germans will assault you, so make sure to keep an eye on
    them and take them out when they come. Once they're down, move both squads
    behind the furthest wood pile, and take the panzerfaust. Hide behind the
    box of panzerfausts and stand up, shoot the tank, duck, stand up, take
    another panzerfaust, shoot and so on. Once it's dead, take another
    panzerfaust and look behind you. Move your squads to the woodpile next to
    you and destroy the incoming tank. Move up on the left wall, and position
    your fire and assualt squads there, having them supress the germans down
    the road. Either move along the right and assault them, or grab a
    panzerfaust and blow em away. 
    Head across the road, and take out the incoming germans. Head into the
    warehouse, taking out the germans in the warehouse you're in. Once it's
    clear, set up your ment along the windows, and have them cover you. Head
    out the door to the extreme left, taking out a couple of germans that come.
    Head up the stairway into the left warehouse. Take out the germans in the
    area. Once it's completely clear, hop out of the left warehouse, and walk
    underneath the MG42's firing position and move into the right warehouse.
    Clear out the MG42 nest, and rally your troops. Move through the warehouse
    and finish clearing it out.
    Chapter 18: Tom and Jerry
    Mostly scripted. Once you have control, face south and start shooting at
    the germans. Listen for the cues of your teammates, and snipe until Legget
    yells that panzers are coming. Head downstairs. Once you get down there,
    head to the end of it and look behind you for some ammo if you need it.
    Start sniping the germans as they come. When the thank breaks through, head
    to the northern side with Legget and Mac. Take out the germans infront of
    you, then pick up the Bazooka infront of you and immediately shoot at the
    tank to the left. DUCK when you reload, because the tanks generally can't
    hit you unless you're standing. Stand up and fire another volley and duck,
    and repeat until you take out the tank. Reload, and head to the right. Take
    out this tank as it arrives. Reload, then take out the tank coming from the
    Chapter 19: No Better Spot to Die
    Move up your fire team to the cover directly infront of you, then your
    assault squad to the cover past that. Have the assault squad suppress the
    germans to the left, and take out the ones to the right. Move to the right,
    taking your assault squad with you. Set up your fire team where the assault
    squad was, and have your assault squad cover the closest germans. Flank
    those germans to the right. Keep moving to the right side, taking out the
    germans as you go, finishing up by taking out the MG42 from behind.
    Once you're in the bunker, fight for your life through cinemas until you
    regain control. Move up the right. Take out the german who comes at you,
    then move up to the corner where he came from, and snipe the germans in
    cover ahead of you. Move up to where they were, and keep moving along the
    left wall, ignoring everything. Keep moving past the tanks, hugging the
    left side, until you reach the bridge. Hide behind the tree stump infront
    of it, then wait for the tanks to come down. Have them both assault the MG.
    Once it's dead, move up where it was, then sick both tanks on the tank you
    passed earlier. Once it's dead, move up the right side, using the tanks to
    take out targets as you go. Once you hit the right side alley, it's best
    to move single tank up at a time to prevent them from getting stuck, then
    have them attack the tank at the end of the alley. Move the tanks to the
    left once it's dead and take out the final tank. Move into the hill area
    with your tanks, and have them assault the german teams, taking cover by
    the rock where the single german was. Let the tanks finish off the Germans.
    Chapter 20: Victory In Carentan
    Ending Cinema! You're done. Check out your new bonuses in the bonus section,
    then move on to the next difficulty or hit multiplayer.
    Section D, Part 1: Credits
    Not much of anyone to thank, just anyone who has read this FAQ, Our
    armed forces stationed all over, Microsoft for making the Xbox, Gearbox
    software for making BiA, Ubisoft for publishing it and CjayC and
    gamefaqs.com for hosting this.
    Section D, Part 2: Legal Info & Contact
    (C) 2005 NeonJam (Dougie Howser). All rights reserved.
    		Date originally created: 3/8/05
    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is a registered trademark of Gearbox
    Software and Ubisoft. Microsoft Xbox and the Microsoft Xbox logos are
    Registered trademarks of Microsoft.
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
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    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
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    Brothers in Arms, the BiA Logo, the Microsoft Xbox logo and all
    related Characters are copyright and property of Gearbox Software and
    Ubisoft and their respective owners. The author of this document
    is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Gearbox Software or Ubisoft.
    * To contact me, e-mail me at neonjam2k1 (at) yahoo (dot) com. *
    					*End of FAQ*

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