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"Such a realistic, chaotic game. Even the multiplayer..."

Brothers in Arms is Gearbox's latest game release. It is a First-Person-Shooter set in WWII. It uses real locations, actual battles(although some didn't involve the 101st), and a combination of real and fictional characters to bring you the most realistic World War II experience ever seen since Saving Private Ryan. The combination of sound effects, graphics, and complete chaos bring a war-like feel, closer to the real thing than any other game. FPS veterans, this game is much different than any other FPS you have ever played. Even the online multiplayer seems realistic.

Gameplay - 10/10

Brothers in Arms is a first person shooter. The core gameplay revolves around you controlling your two teams, your fire-team and your assault-team. Each is made up of several members who will always stick together. Using these teams, you use supression and assault tactics throughout the team, strategically placing yourself, and both teams throughout every firefight against the Nazis. There are points in the game where it will vary from your fire + assault team to just one of them, neither of them, and at some points a tank will replace one of them. That is just the strategic part of the game.

One interesting gameplay note - it is amazingly realistic. If you're caught in the open by a nazi, chances are you'll die or be injured to near death... from just a few shots. There is an option to turn a crosshair on, but it really doesn't make a difference. The only true way to aim is to use the sights that were built on the actual gun, and the guns react realistically as well. It sounds difficult, commanding your two squads, supressing and flanking an enemy, taking cover, taking note of the surrounding germans, and trying to aim your rifle at the same time. It sounds tough, but the way the gameplay is controlled, it is easy to do.

Graphics - 9/10

The graphics in this game are half-decent. There are moments you'll notice problems, but overall the graphics work for the game. They help immerse you into the world around Normandy and Carentan. The graphics suit the game well. The character models are smooth, and the environment fits in with it.

Sound effects - 10 / 10

The sounds in this game are amazing. They sound completely realistic. The sound of planes firing from above, tanks rolling by, mortarr shells impacting and exploding nearby. The sound of an MG42 even sounds realistic. They help make it seem like you're really in France. The explosing sounds are amazing. When a bullet grazes by your head, I once found myself ducking... the sound was so realistic.

Multiplayer - 10 / 10

The multiplayer is tons of fun. It even manages to keep the realism in multiplayer, the crosshair is yet again not as useful as iron sights.

This multi is different than from any other FPS seen before. Instead of standard deathmatch, it is objective-based. It only has 4 players, but there is something different. Each player controls a squad of three, which makes some situations intense, and some large battles can take place.

Overall, if you buy one war game this year, make it Brothers in Arms. It is a realistic sounding, looking, and playing experience. The extras in the game are actually worth looking at, the multiplayer is amazingly fun, and it is overall the best war game I have ever played.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/07/05

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