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"Best Military Scenario Game for Home Consoles -- Period."

If you are a World War 2 buff .... If you are a First-Person Shooter fan .... If you enjoy Multi-player games .... or better yet are a combination of these three, then Brothers In Arms -Road to Hill 30 is for you. It sets a new standard for the Military Scenario Genre, and other titles that have been released for home gaming consoles, such as Medal of Honor and Call Of Duty to name a few, should be studying this game for insight into improving their own franchises.


The attention to detail is superb, with realistic explosions and character models. The gameplay mechanics such as looking down your barrel's sights or using the sniper scope just look fantastic. The towns are recreated in vivid and uncannily accurate detail ( a guilty pleasure for those players who have a fanatic obsession that their video games recreate the actual sites ). The bullet physics are dead-on as well, and many a soldier will find his Maker because that rifle was pointed just a tad above the enemy's heads. My only fault here was a graphical glitch whenever the game apparently was placing the enemies into the environment. Not a fatal flaw, but caused slight disorientation at the beginnings of some levels.


The sounds of the game are superb overall. Your teammates give you verbal clues when they are out of firing position on the selected enemies, as well as tossing in some realistic chatter during the missions. Likewise, the sounds of bullets whistling by your head actually sound just that way ... adding another touch of realism to the game environment. The Voice acting is pretty standard fare for this genre, and given the standard storyline seems appropriate. The only problem in this department was an audio glitch the game had during the first tank mission of the game. When my tank fired its machine guns, the sound of the guns would not turn off even after the tank stopped firing. This happened one a subsequent replay of that portion of the mission as well, but not when I played that mission on a harder difficulty setting later on. This was so annoying I had to turn off the in-game audio when it happened ... but apparently doesn't happen every time this mission is played.


What else can I say other than 'superb'. The layout of the missions, the myriad ways that you can approach each mission using your teams, the simple, yet effective, way that you can control your teams and their actions, the way the weapons feel and react while you're playing .... just amazing. A special mention must be made about the A.I., both your teammates and the enemy. After a frustrating session of "Medal of Honor - Rising Sun" where the enemies are running around in circles , it is refreshing to see enemies try and flank your positions, actually take cover when it's necessary ( and not behind a fence where 2/3 of their body is showing ) and then use their weapons. This is not a game where you can go in, guns blazing, and expect success. In fact, that is a sure recipe for a quick bullet to the noggin of either your teammates or yourself. The only feature I'd like to see in a subsequent game ( and PLEASE Gearbox & Ubisoft ... make one!!!) is the ability to split up your squadmates into varied objectives. Also, the machine gun on the tank was very 'wonky' and hard to aim ... but that might be how hard they are actually to use in real life.


I firmly recommend this game as it is the best in this genre that I have yet played. The flaws are minor and (except for that one audio glitch) have no effect on the superb gameplay. It can be beaten on a rental ( probably about 12-15 hours ), but the replay value is really high due to the superb multi-player ( which on split screen is only faulted by the fact that the 2 players cannot be on the same side offline) and the multitude of ways you can complete each mission.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/10/05

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