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Reviewed: 04/01/05

A True-Story Based War Game Worth Buying!

From start to finish, "Brothers-In-Arms: Road to Hill 30" is a fast-paced, FPS packed with blood, violence, and more importantly, fun!

You are Sgt. Matt Baker, in charge of a team of 13 men that you weren't ready to take charge of. These men depend on you to bring them home safely to their families...

The whole point of the game is to kill those nasty Germans. But to do it, you must firstly learn suppress and flank. Suppressing an enemy means keeping them pinned in one spot by shooting as much as possible at their position. Flanking is attacking the unknowing enemy from left, right, or behind. To do this easily, BIA has given you two teams.

Fire Team - These guys stand back and suppress the Germans, keeping them trapped behind a wall, car, etc.

Assault Team - These nifty soldiers are usually armed with Sub-Machine Guns, Thompson Rifle (Tommy gun, YAY!), and Carbine Rifles (Strange but powerful.) So, the Assault Team gets the opportunity to rush the enemy or flank with you, while your Fire Team keeps the bad guys pinned.

Fun, eh? Well, let's see the boards.

Storyline/Campaign Mode: 9/10
Wow. Just wow. In the beginning, you must assemble your team, one by one, (And who doesn't like that?) and as the game progresses, make your way to Hill 30. You'll battle tanks, MGs, and of course, wave after wave of German troops. With an insanely wide range of weapons, this game will never go boring even though it's actually relatively short.

Multiplayer/Online: 5/10
While the game itself is something to worship, multiplayer leaves you wanting more. Playing 1 on 1 with your buddy is barely and fun! Maybe it's because of the lack of missions, or the lack of killing, or maybe everyone's been playing too much Halo 2. Some mission types include Delivering Orders, Finding Valuables, Destroying Trucks, etc. From as far as I can see, there are no flat-out killing matches. To me, that's a big letdown.
As for online play, it's pretty much the same except for one MAJOR problem. Why does it take so long to load? You can find yourself sitting there for 5 minutes only to tell you that a party is full. It takes so long to load that the LOADING SCREEN needs to load! Yeesh! However, once you DO get past the loading parts, the game seems more fun than usual because you have been anticipating it.

Controls: 10/10
Has anyone played Halo 1? Remember that Gearbox helped make it? Well, they made this, too, with the exact same controls (Except "Throw Grenade", which is Black Button) I absolutely LOVE this controller setup! You feel like you're actually firing your weapon! Moving your Teams and giving them orders is a breeze. I see nothing wrong, so I gave this category a 10 out of 10!

Graphics/Sound FX: 10/10
Though the graphics could be slightly better, I'm not complaining, by a long shot! The sounds effects, on the contrary, make up for this. These sounds are the real sounds from real guns and tanks. Throw a grenade. Listen to it explode. Sound odd? That's how a real grenade sounds. Ever hear a tank firing a rocket, that's how a real tank sounds. From massive explosions down to the quiet footstep, Brothers-In-Arms gets a 10/10.

Overall: 9/10 (A low nine, as the Multiplayer drags it down)
Being short like it is, it offers great rental value. Someone can easily beat it in 5 days. The reason to buy it, though, is that every time you beat another level on a higher difficulty, you gain bonus material. This could be anything from photographs of the actually war, movie clips, or just historical info. I feel that it's great to play such an enticing video game while in the meantime, it has a lot of educational value, too.

Ultimately, either way you look at it, this game is going to be realistic, in your face, and out-of-this-world fun.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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