Review by Soth_O3

"Real nice WW2 Shooter with great squad system"

When I first read about this game I didn't like the idea of controlling squads because I like old fashioned FPS where you shoot everything that moves without any other concerns than your own survival, but I actually liked this game's squad system a lot.

Graphics 8/10
You wont be thinking about them a lot because they arent neither good nor bad. Your first impression will be that this isn't a Halo 2 but after you get in the game you won't remember this at all. There are no slow downs or freezing, Guns and units are well modeled but the stages specially the tall grass and other vegetation aren't all that good.

Gameplay 10/10
Simple, easy to learn and play. The squad's control is really great because you set an area of action for the team and the IA makes them find cover and shoot the enemy. It also allows you to order Supressing fire on an enemy unit making your whole team shoot it so it keeps down. When the enemy unit is pinned down you can order other team to assault the enemy making them run towards it to finish it off. Your character's control are also good using the normal FPS controls on consoles. The gameplay is really good and it is what makes this game great.

Sound 8/10
Like the graphics they do their job well. The menu and loading music is well chosen (during the game there's no music), the sound effects are perfect as you won't even think about them at all and they make you feel there in the war.

Story 8/10
Story is the usual for a shooter: do this, destroy that. There are some dialogs and monologues that make you go deeper into the WW2 atmosphere but its all. (If are expecting something like Halo you can forget it). The stages are not very different from one another so it can be somewhat repetitive but no too much (the gameplay saves the day on this one).

Overall 8/10
Good game are all round, that I enjoyed playing. Graphics, music and story do their job to get you in WW2 and the gameplay makes you want to play to the end the game. Most important if you dislike the idea of having to order people around don't worry because its actually fun and the IA is clever enough for you not to think much. Or you can always leave them in some courtyard or swamp and go lone wolf style (you probably won't make it past the first German barricade but you can always try =P ). If you like first person shooters get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/04/05

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