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"Big, Hairy, Smelly, and AWESOME!!"

Today's review will be about a big, powerful, and smelly monkey named Kong, and his adventures with his co-star, a small, insignificant, , but still very smelly human named Jack. Let's dig right in shall we?

Carl Denham is a fat, greedy, egotistical, and completly lovable director from New York in the good ol' 1930's. He wants to make a movie to help his carreer on a mysterious island that isn't supposed to exist. Did I mention that our dear friend Mr. Denham isn't too bright either? However I guees no one else is either as he has a motley crew of hapless followers including desperate (and attractive) actress Ann Darrow, poor simple young'n Jimmy, completley awesome but gullible war veteran Hayes, Screen Writer with expansive knowledge of firearms Jack Driscol (that's you), and a captain named Englehorn (Teehee! His name makes me chuckle).

Upon Arriving on the Island you find yourself attacked by giant crabs. Yes. No I am not joking. You are attacked overly ambitious, and large, crabs. What would any intellegent man do? Run Away! What do our heroes do? Press on! After surviving all kinds of nasty beasties, you and Ann are promptly captured by natives. Ann is offered as a sacrifice (YAY! Your saved!) and you are left on a stake to rot (BOO! Your not). Then a giant monkey comes for Ann (YAY!) and a giant director comes for you (BOO!). Fortunatly he unties you (YAY!) unfortunately he wants to chase the monkey (BOO!). And that is where the silliness continues.


Aight, here goes. Most of the time you play as Jack. How does a wrighter know how to use guns? Not too sure but it's fun! There is no health bar but one isn't needed. If you're hit you flash red. If your hit while flashing, you're a dead man. There is no cursor (although one can be turned on in the option menu) but again you don't need one. Point the shooty end of the gun at the scary monsters and shoot and the monster goes down. To shoot the gun you must hold the L trigger first, and then press R to go nuts with the bullets. You can also find various spears to kick butt with. There are wooden spears which light fires, impale cute critters to use as distractions, and kill most enemies in one throw. Bones are more plentiful and have unlimited grabs at a certain spawn point, except they are weaker and can't catch fire. Occasionally the game throw's a little puzzle at you, but it is easily dealt wit and is more of a hindrance than a fun challenge. Levels are fairly straight forward and you seldom have difficulty figuring out which way to go next.

Now playing as Jack takes up the vast majority of gameplay and don't get me wrong, it's a blast. But the real treat that comes of playing this game is being the King. As Kong you can jump, swing, climb certain surfaces, throw objects the size of a Luxury cruiser, and of course, fight like a monkey! This may seem overwhelming at first but the jumping and climbing is mostly contolled with the X button used at certain areas and requires little or no effort on you part. The fighting is just plain awesome as you savagley lay the smack down to the badguys. The whole gameplay actually looks like a large cinema scene as occasionally the camera focuses on Ann doing something while Kong kicks but in the background. This is disorienting but is easily overcome.

Outstanding. The monsters all look big and scary, the characters look fairly realistic, and the environment and backgrounds would make you want to move there if it wasn't infested with... you know, giant centipedes and cannibals, or dinosaurs.

Heres a goody. All the voice actors are excellent, Jack Black especially makes for a great self-absorbed lunatic. You even hear your own character panting for breath at certain points in the game. And as for Kong, if you were to aproach a ledge you couldn't jump from or a dead end, you would hear the great beasty give an aggravated growl. The music is also good but not as catchy as the Lord of th Rings Theme.

Some of the monsters will haunt you in your nightmares, and eventually, I can assure you that you will be saying "I am so sick of you stupid centipedes!". Overall, the game leaves you with a deep satisfying feeling that makes you want to come back and play some more.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/09/05

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