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Reviewed: 12/21/05 | Updated: 01/26/06

They came, they saw, they got their actress stolen by a 25 foot tall monkey

Not only is King Kong probably the most famous Kong out there, next to Donkey Kong of course, he is probably the most famous monkey to. He has destroyed buildings, he has kidnapped blond chicks, and he has fought dinosaurs. But he has never had a great game. Well that time is now, because Kong King is getting a complete redo for his new movie.

Let’s start with the game play. A major part of the game will have you behind the eyes of Jack Driscroll. While playing as Jack, you will be in first person from the moment you start. Everything from shooting, to solving puzzles, to cut scenes, will be in first person. It is a lot like The Chronicles of Riddick, just not as deep. Fighting as Jack, is a little difficult, it’s not complex at all, but just the fact that he dies so easy is frustrating. You will be able to fight with multiple objects though, spears and bones can be used to kill enemies far away, or you can put a bug on it, and watch as your foes go to eat it, as you run away to safety.

Shooting though is probably the most annoying thing. You have to constantly hold the L button, to keep your weapon up, and fire with the R at the same time. And when running away from dinosaurs and trying to hold the L and fire all at once, is very annoying. The puzzles are very easy to understand though. Nothing really brain blistering. Pretty much it’s just, find the missing stick to put into the gate opener, or throw a piece of meat so the spiders will leave. Not to complex for four year olds.

But of course, a King Kong movie wouldn’t be the same without, of course, Kong himself. The big monkeys’ button layout is a little more difficult than Jacks. You must have very quick reflexes, finger wise, to do some stuff, like climbing from branch to branch, or chasing a giant dinosaur bird through the jungle to save your prize. But fighting is a lot easier than Jack at least. It’s pretty much just punch, punch, throw something, and punch. You can make Kong get really beefed up by pressing just one button, so his attacks are heavier. Plus, it’s nice to have a break from the constant fear of T-Rex’s while playing with Kong, as you will be running from them when Jack.

The story for Kong surprised me a lot. It actually grabbed more than I thought it would. The game starts telling all the events that lead to you going to Kong’s island. Your friend, Carl, is a down on his luck movie producer. He has one more chance to do something right, or he is done. Now Carl isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, he is greedy, and I don’t think very educated. So in a desperate attempt, he grabs a boat, its crew, Jack, and the cheapest actress he could find, and goes off to find an island that supposedly doesn’t exist. The actual game starts as you, Jack, Carl, Ann the actress, and some crew members, going off of your large vessel, and into a group of small row boats, to get onto the islands.

Well you are all separated, while heading towards the islands, and wash up on shore, but thankfully Jack, Carl, Ann, and a war veteran, Hayes, all survive, what are the odds? So now, the four of you have to get some footage for Carl’s crazy movie idea, and get the hell off the island. It is full of twist and surprises, and keeps you interested pretty much the whole time. There were some parts that seemed really out there and had nothing to do with anything, but oh well.

Sound wise, King Kong made me jump for joy. All of the monsters on the island sound wonderful. Great voice acting done by Jack Black and Niomi Watts, and Kong of course sounds so real, it’s scary. Sound plays a large role in King Kong, everything from distant dinosaur steps, to the scratchy quick steps of spiders.

Music didn’t play as big of a role really. During some of the big scenes like the T-Rex chasing you, or Kong fighting, it was really fast and strong and got you ready to go, but during in between the big action, not so much. Not to say it was bad, because listening to the sound s of the island were magical, I just thought it was needed to keep the flow going in some areas.

Probably the biggest thing in the game though, besides Kong, is its breathtaking graphics. Character models, are not that great to tell the truth. They were in detail for the most part, but while talking, their mouths didn’t move, and they always made the same kind of weird movements while walking, taking Carl for example, why he always had to grab his camera while running was beyond me. All enemies are in spectacular detail from start to end. The environments will leave you amazed where ever you go. Unfortunately, while playing as Kong, I felt the graphics took a huge step back for some reason. In the eyes of Jack, they were wonderful, but as Kong they weren’t into as much detail and cool.

King Kong is defiantly one of the better movies to game, games. It looks spectacular, and the sounds of the jungle and characters will leave you stunned, literally, see what happens the first time you come faced to face with Kong or the T-Rex. But I will not say buy this game first. Rent it. It is a great game, but I didn’t feel it was either long enough, or just replayable enough to spend fifty dollars on. But Kong has finally made it to the big city, and his games are finally getting good.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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