AnimationBryan Gillingham
AnimationSteven Hickcox
AnimationDouglas Pakidko
Animation DirectorMike Dietz
Character ArtPeter Han
Character ArtAllen Kerry
Core Gameplay ProgrammingJason Boyle
Core Gameplay ProgrammingDavid Mark Byttow
Creative Director VPRichard Hare
Environment ArtDavid Robert Donatucci
Environment ArtThomas Hamilton
Environment ArtMatt Olson
Environment ArtBobby Rice
Environment ArtJon Tucci
Lead AnimatorPaul Belmore
Lead ArtistDan Mycka
Lead Character ArtistKye-wan Sung
Lead Combat Design & ScriptingAnthony Doe
Lead Combat Design & ScriptingDavid Winstead
Lead Level DesignAntonio Barnes
Lead ProducerIsa Anne Stamos
Lead Tools ProgrammerJason King
Level DesignJonathan Dumont
Level DesignLisa Hoffman
Level DesignRick Huenink
Level DesignDaniel Jacobs
Level DesignCarl Lavoie
Level DesignNick Parde
Level DesignTemara Schulze
Level DesignerIan Miller
Level DesignerDon Sielke
ProducerCordy Rierson
Sound DesignerChris Hegstrom
Visual EffectsMark Bergo
Voice Actor:Anakin SkywalkerMat Lucas
Voice Actor:Darth SidiousNick Jameson
Voice Actor:Darth VaderScott Lawrence
Voice Actor:Jedi LeaderTom Kane
Voice Actor:Neimoidian GuardTom Kane
Voice Actor:Obi-Wan KenobiJames Arnold Taylor
Voice Actor:YodaTom Kane


Data and credits for this game contributed by Ecstacy2003, BostonFuse51, akeboshi, Mookiethebold, AWing Pilot, oliist, ccurcillo, and MuddyMaestro.

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