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Reviewed: 01/18/06

From a Jedi Knight to a Sith Lord...

It's finally here...the fall of Anakin Skywalker. This has been the most anticipated Star Wars movie for myself and a lot of others. Who wouldn't want to see their favorite Jedi turn evil and become a Sith Lord? There are many things I could say about the film, but I'll sum it up in one word. Fantastic! The story was very intense and touching throughout the movie. I wish I could have as many wonderful things to say about the game as I do the film, but as most of you already know, not many(if any) movie to game or game to movie creations are the best. Enough with the ramble though, on to the review.

Graphics-8/10: The gameplay graphics are a nice touch to the game. The visuals are sharp and clear, and the characters look exactly like they do in the film. The environments also look crisp and clean. You can tell that developers didn't rush in their attempts to create a graphically pleasing experience. The only complaint I have is that they used actual film footage instead of creating CG cutscenes. IMO, it would have been better to see CG scenes instead of film footage. All in all, the graphics are great.

Sound-7/10: Lightsabers, gun shots, and voice acting all sound true to the Star Wars legacy. All the voice acting in the game is done by the actors from the movie, so that helps a lot. There are a lot of things going on at one time during the game, but you hear it all. I don't have much else to say about the sound, so on to the next segment of the review.

Story-5/10: You're wondering how I could give the story such a low score if I liked the movie so much, right? Well, the big disappointment with the story is that it doesn't tell enough. Sure, it shows Anakin going to the darkside, but it doesn't inform you very good on why Skywalker chooses the path he does. It tells that Chancellor Palpitine lies to and confuses Anakin about the true wishes of the Jedi. He informs Skywalker that the Jedi are traitors and are planning to kill him and overthrow the government. But, it doesn't tell you why Anakin really wants to practice the Dark Arts. He does it all to save his beloved wife Padme(which the game leaves out). Chancellor Palpitine actually tricks Anakin into believing that he can save Padme's life with powers that a normal Jedi cannot possess, so he turns to the Dark Side for assistance. If you plan on playing the game, I highly recommend that you watch the movie first, for if you don't it will be ruined.

Gameplay-10/10: Here is the cream of the crop for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Throughout the game you will switch between playing as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Each of the 17 missions gives you a chance to improve your characters Jedi powers by gaining experience points. You add these experience to a number of different Jedi powers and battle skills to enhance your characters. You can get each of these up to a peak level of III. You also start out with the rank of Jedi for both Anakin and Obi-Wan. If you get enough experience points in a mission then you will go up rank(3 ranks). The first rank is Jedi, then Jedi Knight, and finally Master Jedi. There are a ton of different moves to unlock after powering up your characters. During battles you can use all your lightsaber and force skills to bring your foes down with ease. The boss fights are great, and pretty much true to the movie. Master your lightsaber and force abilities and no one will be able to withstand your onslaught. The biggest gripe I have about the game is that it's super short. Sure, 17 missions sounds like it could turn out to be a long game, but these missions are short. First time through will take you anywhere from 5-8 hours, no more. Also, it's pretty **** easy too. But, the gameplay is fantastic and worth trying this game just for it.

Extra Content-4/10: There are art galleries, 5 bonus missions, and characters to unlock for multi-player. The art galleries aren't much to look at, the bonus missions are short, tedious, and repetitive, but the multi-player can be pretty good if you have a friend to play along your side. But come on Lucas Arts, if you're going to make such a short game for us to play, at least give us some bonus content to keep us interested.

Replayability-2/10: After you beat it once, you've unlocked everything there is to unlock. The only point in playing more is to max out your characters and get a few secrets you may have missed in the missions. But, as for starting a new game, pretty much pointless since the it's so short. I only play multi-player anymore.

Final Score-6/10: This could have made out to have been a great game, but the shortness and lack of information on Anakin's decent is what killed it. I wouldn't buy this game if I were you, because you will only have wasted $50. Just rent it for one night and you will have done everything there is to do in the game. Also, watch the movie BEFORE you play the game...please!

I thank you for reading my review and hope it helps you out on your decision whether to play this game or not.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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