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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Falktrue

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 12/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    N  E  E  D    F  O  R    S  P  E  E  D    U  N  D  E  R  G  R  O  U  N  D   2
    * FAQ/Guide version 0.3
    + Features a new common questions section
    + More data on the cars section
    + Small improvements
    Written by Luiz Gustavo Lisbôa (that's me, Falk)
    email: falk85@uol.com.br         MSN: falkvesa@hotmail.com
    I'm not in anyway afilliated nor associated with Electronic Arts, nor EA 
    Games, THX Game or any other company mentioned in the game, such as a car 
    manufacturer. I just made this FAQ to help out other players around the 
    All trademarks here belong to their respective owners.
    So please, don't sue. If I still did legal crap, I apologize, and please 
    tell me via email and I shall correct as soon as possible. Keep in mind that 
    messing up trademarks or game companies IS NOT my purpose here.
    (wait till the guys from Brasília check out my HOT HOT NFSU logo)
    + Intro   (read this first!)
    + Copyright Data
    + General Overview
    + Car's Awareness Systems
    	. World Map
    	. GPS
    	. SMS
    + The events
    	. Drag
    	. Street X
    	. URL
    	. Drift
    	. Sprint
    	. Circuit
    	. Out Run
    + NFSU 2 Cars
    + Visuals and car upgrades
    	. The stars system
    	. The visuals shops
    	. A word about car visuals
    	. Performance upgrades
    + Strategic Driving
    	. The nitrous-refill techniques
    	. Observations about the nitrous gauge
    	. the "hidden" races
    	. Car Lot transactions
    + Game continuity issues
    + After you finish NFSU 2
    + Known Glitches
    	. Rachel's SMS glitch
    + Common Questions (and their answers)
    + Special Thanks
     ***   ========== ***
    ***  /  Intro   /  ***
     *** ==========  ***
    This FAQ is not supposed to be an ultimate or final version or something. It 
    just contains data of my gaming experience that I think may be useful for 
    others, but as a player, I might have skipped some parts. Because this game 
    has been released very recently, few actually have deep knowledge like one 
    can have after a game has been released after a long time. And that includes 
    me. I think I just have enough knowledge to build a fairly informative 
    guide, but not 100% comprehensive as it should be. So, if you feel like 
    there's some crucial information missing, be patient because this document 
    may be updated with these new contents.
    The data herein is directed to the game's career mode and attempts to soothe 
    player's most common difficulties. I hope you find this guide helpful in 
    some or all ways.
    DO NOT email me asking how to unlock "car X", how to get past 34% of the game
    or anything stupid in a general way, SPECIALLY WITHOUT READING THE ENTIRE
    DOCUMENT. If you consider adding me to your MSN contact list, please first
    send an email so I can know what do you want. Depending on your intentions,
    you may be added or not. It is valid to remember that stupid questions will be
    If you choose to email me, PLEASE, CHOOSE ONE FREAKIN' EMAIL AMONG THE 3 I
    The reason I made this FAQ is because I truly enjoyed playing this game, and 
    I sincerely wish you a good gaming experience.
    Thank you for reading.
    Let's ride!!!
     ***   ================== ***
    ***  / Copyright Data   /  ***
     *** ==================   ***
    Copyright © 2004 Luiz Gustavo Lisbôa. All rights reserved.
    This guide belongs to me. Do not post it in your website, do not copy and 
    paste, nor sell it in any ways. If this FAQ is found in your site, you could 
    actually be sued.
    This FAQ is also only and VERY ONLY supposed to be found at the following 
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    - http://neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.nfsu2.com.br
    - http://dlh.net
    And that's all about it.
     ***   ================== ***
    ***  / General Overview /  ***
     *** ==================   ***
    Welcome to the world of Need for Speed Underground 2, the realm of hot cars, 
    high speeds and cute chicks! You will be driving into the city of Bayview, 
    battling to become the new king of the streets. But be aware, it may be the 
    case that something(s) get in your way until that happens.
    Coming from Underground 1, you were involved in an accident caused by a 
    rival driving gang. So that means you lost your pimped-up vehicle, and that 
    you have to start all over again. At least you survived, and that's your 
    chance to show the bad guyz how to kick-some-ass!!!
    On the beginning of the career mode, you will be driving Rachel Teller's 
    car, and your first mission is to drive it back to her. If you listen 
    carefully to the in-game instructions, you should have no problems with 
    If you are experienced in the Underground series, the game's principles 
    should be no problem to you. But, in case you're a newcomer, this FAQ will 
    cover the basics to quickly get you on your way.
    The game goes like this: by participating of races, you get paid if you win. 
    This money can be used to enhance your car's visuals and performance parts. 
    These upgrades will not only allow you to be more competitive, but will play 
    a major role when it comes to guarantee the game's continuity. The more 
    upgrades you get, the bigger the number of races you'll have access to.
    Depending on how you win a race, you are also awarded reputation points,
    which are supposed to help unlock new parts for further car enhancement.
    If you make much more points or finish many seconds earlier than your
    opponents, you gain reputation points, that can vary according to your
    performance. However, since there are no explicit locations in the game
    telling that reputation points are used for new unlocks, this is still
    only a theory. Despite it seems to be just what it happens.
    Mainly, this version brings 3 new racing modes: Urban Racing League or URL, 
    Street X and Out Run, which will be explained further.
    This game is fairly long, has a decent story line, and of course, plenty of 
    speed an action. It comes with a variety of car models that come with 
    complete sets of stock parts that can be changed for others, in order to 
    upgrade it. The game will also feature some occasions where you are called 
    to take pictures of your car for a magazine cover or a DVD.
    Anyways, I strongly suggest you to play Need for Speed Underground 2: it is 
    a great game that will keep you entertained for many hours to come.
    Note: after you return Rachel's car, you'll be able to choose a car for you 
    to start your carreer. There are quite a few available, but I strongly 
    recommend you to pick either the Mazda Miata or the Peugeot 206.
     ***   ========================= ***
    ***  / Car's Awareness Systems /  ***
     *** =========================   ***
       The World Map
    By pressing "M" into exploration mode, you can access the game's World Map. 
    A new window will be displayed showing a map of Bayview, your car, rival 
    cars, shops and events. These are represented by different types of icons: 
    shops are colored dots, events are little colored doughnuts, sponsored 
    events are "X". Your car is the green arrow and the opponent's is the orange 
    arrow. To the left part of this window you'll learn more about the events 
    and its respective colors in the map.
    As Rachel says, you can change many options of the map along the game's 
    menus. This one's particularly useful: by clicking on an event name of your 
    choice be the left part of the window, you can choose to prevent it from 
    being shown on the map. It is a good thing to remember when your map is like 
    a Christmas tree. This way you can see events that are drawn below others. 
    It's called "filtering" the map. As you advance in the game, you'll realize 
    that new areas will be unlocked for you to visit in search of new races. 
    When these areas are not yet available, you'll see a red wall with a lock 
    drawn into it preventing you to go further in that street. It's funny to see 
    that the wall actually only works against the types of you, since other AI 
    controlled vehicles can come and go as they please =)
    An easy way to find out what areas have been unlocked is to use the tiny 
    arrows located at the top of the World Map window. As you pan through the 
    options, the map will zoom into that particular area, so that you'll know 
    what he's talking about.
     Using the GPS System
    Your ride comes equipped with a GPS system (as well as thousands of other 
    gadgets) that allows you to quickly find a specific event or shop on the 
    map. To activate it, Press the "M" key to open the map subsystem, then use 
    your mouse to click at the point you want to go. The game'll ask you if you 
    really want to enable your GPS, and if you answer yes, you’ll notice that 
    after a few moments scanning for a connection, a blue arrow appears above 
    you. Be aware that the arrow will not just point directly at the target - 
    it'll actually teach you what streets you should get into in order to reach 
    your goal.
    Sometimes the blue arrow will seem like it's jumping and as if it is pretty 
    indecisive about which way to get, but never worry - since there's normally 
    more than 1 route to choose from, when you get into split ways and wide 
    roads, it might be the case that your current alignment causes the arrow to 
    act like that. Just pick the street that seems to please you the most.
    Even if you completely miss an entrance and the arrow points the opposite 
    way, it will re-draw another route and point into a new direction after a 
    while. At the expense of some time, sure.
    You can rely on it to get to places within a limited time, when the game 
    demands such thing (like when there's a magazine willing to take a picture 
    of your car).In this case, you might not want to go against the GPS system, 
    cause you'll very probably waste time. So, be extra-careful to make sure 
    that you're going to where the arrow tells you to go.
    There are quite a few regions along the city where the GPS will stop 
    responding, and a "searching satellite" message will show. Generally, this 
    occurs when you drive into a parking lot or a pull-over spot or something. 
    But never worry, these signal failures are hardly ever going to make your 
    life harder. If you engage your GPS and the arrow still won't show up, try 
    driving along the city for a few meters. It never fails =)
        The SMS System
    SMS stands for Short Message System and it does just what it says. From time 
    to time, under certain circumstances, someone of the game will send you an 
    SMS telling you of something good. There'll be an icon of a letter envelope 
    and a warning sound to tell you got new messages. Press Tab to open the SMS 
    window and read them. You can access many other options there.
    The color of the envelope will vary depending on the subject, which can be a 
    new component to tune up your car, new visuals, or new cars. Additionally, 
    if you drive into red "i" located along the city, a green SMS envelope will 
    be sent to you - these are hints given by the game, most of them pretty 
    obvious, some others quite useful, telling you about new shop locations.
     ***   =================== ***
    ***  / The Racing Events /  ***
     *** ===================   ***
    One of my personal favs. Your objective is to speed up as most as you can in 
    a pre-determined straightway in order to reach the finish line. You don't 
    have to worry about reducing speed to enter a curve or numbers of laps and 
    the usual. In this mode, even if you use automatic shifting, you'll have to 
    shift gears by yourself, because a good timing when it comes to shift gears 
    is also one of your missions.
    This is a rather different racing mode and a race ends pretty quickly. No 
    time for mistakes or crashes. The screen is also divided differently: to the 
    left will be located your now huge RPM indicator, and to the right, the N2O 
    and Turbo pressure indicators, when installed in your car. Don't worry, 
    they're also huge now =)
    The reason for the gauges to be so big is that now you really have to pay 
    close attention to 'em, especially to your RPMs. Here's how it goes: when 
    you accelerate, you'll notice that the RPM indicator's needle will change 
    colors depending on how fast the engine's spinning. These colors represent a 
    few basic shift periods, shown in the screen when you change to a higher 
    <	Short Shift!	 >
    You have prematurely changed to a higher gear when your engine was running a 
    low RPM level. This is one of the cases you'll lose most time until the 
    engine gathers energy again. The RPM needle should be tinted white or 
    <	Good Shift!	 >
    You switched to a higher gear in a fairly good moment. The waste of power 
    can be quite smaller that when you short-shift your car. The RPM needle 
    should be tinted with a darker blue.
    <	Perfect Shift!   >
    Hey hotshot! Nice reflexes, you just shifted gears in the perfect moment. 
    This is the optimum shift when it comes to the time your engine will take 
    until it gathers rotation to perform the next shift. The RPM needle will be 
    tinted green, but it just remains green for a few moments. That's your 
    chance to achieve a perfect shift!
    <	OverRev!	>
    You took too much time to shift gears and the RPMs went too high. It's not 
    good to shift at low RPMs, but it's not good to change when they're 
    excessively high, either. You'll lose time and power in both cases. The RPM 
    needle should be tinted red.
    Notice that if you remain too much time in the OverRev zone of your RPM 
    indicator without shifting gears, a red bar will begin to increase to the 
    left of your RPM  indicator: this is your temperature, so be careful: never 
    let it grow too high or  you'll get a blown engine message and your car will 
    shutdown. Definitely, your worst chance of reaching 1st place.
    The controls are pretty different too: you sort of drive within pre-defined 
    lanes, so that your main concern is to remain accelerating and shifting in 
    the proper moment. The car will even make slight curves by itself when the 
    drag raceway is not perfectly straight. But don't rely on this too much: you 
    still have to avoid traffic by yourself. To do so, press your steering key 
    until the car changes lane. This can be pretty fancy since the car's 
    response will decrease at higher speeds, but don't give up until it changes 
    its lane.
    Don't worry about performing small corrections on your path, because it'll 
    only tell your car to change a whole lane each time you press a key. This 
    will cause it to lose stability.
    At higher speeds, the camera will begin to shake and the world will become 
    blurry, transmitting to the player a strong sensation of speed, despite some 
    players find it quite confusing sometimes. Turning off the motion blur in 
    the game's options can be a simple workaround.
    Equip turbos to enhance your horse power and acceleration, and use nitrous 
    intelligently. Don't spend it all at once, wait for the proper moment to let 
    go some N2O: if you use too much when the race begins, it might be the case 
    that you'll not have any to the end of the race. But if you're too late, the 
    N2O will not make a miracle to you. Your sense of judgment will develop in 
      Street X
    One of the toughest. The drivers must race through a quite-frequently narrow 
    circuit, pushing each other in order to obtain the best alignment to 
    successfully enter a curve. It can be very frustrating sometimes, because 
    once you couldn't achieve a good position, it might be the case that you'll 
    not quite be able to reach the opponent or other racers until the end of the 
    This means that the Street X mode will quite often not forgive your 
    mistakes. To ensure better chances, give special attention to your ride's 
    handling, since you'll need to make very sharp curves. Sometimes when you're 
    supposed to make a U-turn, you'll actually need to perform a near full stop, 
    and then spin your car around, and accelerate again as fast as you can. To 
    keep the gas pedal down during a curve may not be a good idea, since higher 
    speeds will make your curve arc bigger.
    Desperation and bad positioning at start are your worst enemies. But you can 
    always remain calm, restart the race, and give it another shot =)
    U.R.L. - Underground Racing League
    It's actually the less underground-looking event, since it'll take place in 
    closed circuits without any traffic, and you'll have to accumulate points 
    after each race to win. Sort of a mini-championship thing. An URL event 
    consists of 2 or more races, where 4-6 drivers compete. By the end, the one 
    with the highest score wins.
    Not much to say about this one - just keep an eye on the AI rival cars on 
    the final lap, because they can become REAL nasty to you, popping out from 
    nowhere at ridiculously high speeds through nitrous.
    In this mode, your objective is to achieve points by drifting. Depending on 
    your speed, number of wheels involved in the drift and the multiplying 
    factors, the score is affected accordingly. Mainly, if you drift pretty fast 
    with rubber being burnt from your 4 wheels, you'll score better than a slow, 
    controlled drift.
    To drift, gather some speed and try to de-stabilize your car by steering 
    from one side to another quickly.
    By the top-left corner of the screen there is a panel in which you can see 
    how many points you'll need to increase the score multiplying factor. Make 
    sure to keep it high to ensure that your drifts will be properly rewarded.
    But watch out: if during a drift you hit a wall, none of the points you were 
    accumulating nor the multiplying factor will be kept. They'll all return to 
    their original states and you'll have to start another drift move. This can 
    be very frustrating, especially when you scored some serious points.
    To give priority to the car control and trajectory is strongly recommended. 
    It's best to keep what you already reached then to risk yourself and lose it 
    all. Basically, there are 2 categories of Drift stages: the circuit-like 
    drift stages, and the downhill stage. On the circuit-like, the road is 
    mostly flat, you'll find stripes on the edges of the road all along the 
    circuit and you race against other cars in real time. When you drift over 
    these stripes located on each side of the road, you score many more points 
    than drifting over a regular surface. But be careful, since they are very 
    close to the walls.
    The downhill stage is a little different: you don't actually see your 
    opponent's cars; you're supposed to beat pre-determined scores. Let us say 
    the AI car that ranked 1st scored 100.000 points - to win the race, you are 
    supposed to score at least 100.001 points. You get the idea. In a downhill 
    stage, there are no side-road stripes: instead, the super-score areas are 
    located in some parts where there's some sort of gravel or sand. Also, 
    another super-score condition is when an AI-controlled traffic car is 
    nearby. Stay alert for these opportunities, and take double caution not to 
    hit the traffic cars - their effect is the same of the walls. Another known 
    super score area are sidewalks found in certain parts of the downhill stage. 
    Very difficult to take advantage of them because of their proximity to the 
    guard rails.
    In some downhill stages, there are also some sorts of shortcuts where the 
    pavement is not quite asphalt, and act as super-score areas. These are 
    actually quite wide, so they are supposed to be considered as top-priority 
    if you want to score some serious points! If done correctly, one can easily 
    score 40-50 thousand points in a single drift in these areas. Generally, 
    these shortcuts are located to your right, and their pavement is stone-like. 
    You can also sense a fairly strong change of grip when you drive through 
    The usage of the handbrake is very important; with it, you can achieve 
    higher curve rates, so you will also be able to perform better drifts.
    This mode consists of driving in a free-style course from point A to B. To 
    the upper right part of the screen, it is possible to see the course 
    completion in %.
    These courses offer a variety of shortcuts, so you can save valuable time 
    using them. Looking at your mini-map can be a nice strategy to judge how 
    fast you're supposed to go if you desire to turn safely through sharp turns. 
    Balance things well, you're still supposed to actually drive by visuals, not 
    only by your map =)
    The circuit events take place in the middle of the city, along a course that 
    one can drive a number of times around it. Like the URLs, but with traffic 
    and no guard-rails or specific things you'd expect to see in a formula 
    something circuit.
    Along the course, you'll see that there are plenty of virtual walls with 
    arrow-like polygons drawn into them, in order to make sure you'll grab the 
    right path. Remember that since it's actually inside the city, without these 
    virtual walls you'd have very nice chances of getting completely off course. 
    Which somehow could be funny for others to watch. For others =)
     Out Run
    Talk about freestyle. In this mode, you pick the race anytime, anyplace, and 
    the course is yours to invent. Surely, under a few circumstances...
    The out run races go like this: you spot an opponent car while you're 
    cruising in the exploration mode (the orange arrows in the map). Then you go 
    after him. These cars are normally modified as well, so it's not that hard 
    to differentiate from traffic. Stick right behind it and wait for a signal: 
    when the opponent's ready, your mobile phone by the top-left part of the 
    screen will ring, and you'll also hear a mobile ringing.
    You'll also notice that the opponent's brake lights will become blurry, 
    depending on the graphics card settings (the mobile thingy is more 
    dependable). If you press your "enter race" key (default: Enter), the rival 
    car will accept your challenge to out run it.
    You are supposed to trespass it and set 300 meters of distance between you 
    and the opponent in order to win. The same goes on the contrary: if you get 
    300 meters away from it while he has the lead, you're basically screwed. 
    There is a distance gauge in the top-left part of the screen that indicates 
    that distance.
    If you're behind him big time, a GPS-like arrow will show up (only it's 
    golden) so you can see where it is when you lost visual contact. If you have 
    the lead, try to out run your rival as much as you can: as said before, you 
    are free to create your own course in real time, so drive into sharp turns, 
    be unpredictable and you may increase your chances of winning.
    Out Run races can also be used as a source to obtain unique parts for your 
    car: if you keep winning out runs one after another, after some time you'll 
    receive an SMS telling you that you acquired the right to get an unique part 
    - this part can be either a visual upgrade, an Engine upgrade, weight 
    reduction kit or nitrous upgrade. Further details about the uniques 
    management will be given later on.
     ***   ================ ***
    ***  / Available cars /  ***
     *** ================   ***
    Between the UK and US versions of the game, there are 31 cars. In this
    section, you'll find their names, manufacturers and performance data.
    The data herein has been obtained by putting all cars into the Dyno, then
    reading their numbers. Notice that these numbers are read when the cars
    have not received any kind of upgrade - they're in their complete-stock
    1. Acura RSX Type S
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 192 Nm @ 6600 RPM
    Power : 149.3 kW @ 7550 RPM
    2. Audi TT
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 320 Nm @ 2600 RPM
    Power : 185.7 kW @ 6200 RPM
    3. Audi A3
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 318.8 Nm @ 3350 RPM
    Power : 186.2 kW @ 6650 RPM
    4. Cadillac Escalade
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 515 Nm @ 4050 RPM
    Power : 257.7 kW @ 5350 RPM
    5. Ford Focus ZX3
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 181.9 Nm @ 4700 RPM
    Power : 97.2 kW @ 5500 RPM
    6. Ford Mustang GT
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 424.4 Nm @ 4350 RPM
    Power : 223.6 kW @ 5800 RPM
    7. Honda Civic Si
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 151 Nm @ 6600 RPM
    Power : 118.3 kW @ 7550 RPM
    8. Hummer H2
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 522 Nm @ 3400 RPM
    Power : 242 kW @ 5350 RPM
    9. Hyundai Tiburon GT
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 239 Nm @ 4000 RPM
    Power : 135.5 kW @ 6250 RPM
    10. Infiniti G35
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 364.8 Nm @ 4950 RPM
    Power : 208 kW @ 5850 RPM
    11. Lexus IS300
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 294.3 Nm @ 3900 RPM
    Power : 159.8 kW @ 5450 RPM
    12. Lincoln Navigator
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 479.3 Nm @ 2750 RPM
    Power : 224.1 kW @ 5350 RPM
    13. Mazda Miata MX-5
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 148.4 Nm @ 5800 RPM
    Power : 95.5 kW @ 6650 RPM
    14. Mazda RX-7
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 292.7 Nm @ 5650 RPM
    Power : 190.7 kW @ 6600 RPM
    15. Mazda RX-8
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 215 Nm @ 5950 RPM
    Power : 177 kW @ 8000 RPM
    16. Mitsubishi 3000GT
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 426.8 Nm @ 2500 RPM
    Power : 238.4 kW @ 5800 RPM
    17. Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 290 Nm @ 3350 RPM
    Power : 155.8 kW @ 5850 RPM
    18. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 368.9 Nm @ 3350 RPM
    Power : 201.7 kW @ 5850 RPM
    19. Nissan 240SX
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 215.6 Nm @ 4700 RPM
    Power : 115.8 kW @ 5450 RPM
    20. Nissan 350Z
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 369.7 Nm @ 5000 RPM
    Power : 214.1 kW @ 5850 RPM
    21. Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 243 Nm @ 3900 RPM
    Power : 130.4 kW @ 6250 RPM
    22. Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 298.8 Nm @ 6550 RPM
    Power : 206.2 kW @ 6600 RPM
    23. Peugeot 106
    Unknown (non-UK gamer)
    24. Peugeot 206 GTI
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 192 Nm @ 3900 RPM
    Power : 102.9 kW @ 6250 RPM
    25. Pontiac GTO
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 495 Nm @ 3900 RPM
    Power : 260.2 kW @ 5450 RPM
    26. Subaru WRX Impreza
    Type : AWD
    Torque : 404.5 Nm @ 4200 RPM
    Power : 223.5 kW @ 5850 RPM
    27. Toyota Celica GT-S
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 175.9 Nm @ 6550 RPM
    Power : 134.5 kW @ 7850 RPM
    28. Toyota Corolla GTS
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 129.9 Nm @ 5000 RPM
    Power : 83.6 kW @ 6650 RPM
    29. Toyota Supra
    Type : RWD
    Torque : 285 Nm @ 5000 RPM
    Power : 168.1 kW @ 5850 RPM
    30. Volkswagen Golf GTi
    Type : FWD
    Torque : 234.7 Nm @ 2350 RPM
    Power : 134.4 kW @ 5800 RPM
    31. Vauxhaul Corsa
    Unknown (non-UK gamer)
    Notice that the Peugeot 106 and the Vauxhaul Corsa are only available in the 
    UK version, and that Acura RSX and Honda Civic are only available in the US 
     ***    ==========================  ***
    ***   / Visuals and Car Upgrades /   ***
     ***  ==========================   ***
    This is what NFSU 2 is mostly about: car tuning. In this section, you'll 
    learn about what parts can be added to your car and their effects to it. 
    During the game, you will receive SMS messages to inform about unlocks; that 
    is, new parts are available for you to purchase and pimp your ride, man.
    These parts can be obtained in various shops along the city, each one of 
    them represented by a specific color on your map. By collecting "i" SMS 
    messages (the ones that are spread through the city and you drive over to 
    get), some of them inform you about the positions of these hidden shops. For 
    this purpose, I have generated a map from the screenshot of my own game. I 
    didn't copy anyone else's map, and you can actually see it's been taken from 
    my game. And I ain't nobody's bitch. There are 2 versions of my map: one 
    with descriptions on it, and one without them. Here are the links:
    http://www.falk.gratishost.com/NFSU2/nfsumapdescyes.JPG   (With 
    http://www.falk.gratishost.com/NFSU2/nfsumapdescno.JPG    (W/O descriptions)
    Just copy and paste. If you mistype, it won't go right (even rhymes and all 
    that). The most important part is that the .JPG extension must be in 
    upper-case because of my bastard server. Still, if you're sure you typed it 
    right and the images won't show up, mail me and tell me about the broken 
    Remember that, by visiting new shops, you also unlock a big number of new
    parts and that the reputation points are supposed to play a role on
    The shops have different lights close to them, so you'll know when you're 
    coming close to these. An example of different light is the purple light 
    close to your garage, the one Rachel tells you to drop her ride. The shop 
    lights are just like that, only they are in colors such as yellow, blue, 
    cyan, red and green. Below, a brief cover about the star rewarding system, 
    and about the shops and their respective lights.
      Visuals: The stars system
    In this game, you can actively change the way your car looks by installing 
    visual parts or changing other properties such as its paint or adding 
    decals. Depending on how cool your car looks, you are awarded stars that 
    will call other people's attention and increase the amount of cash you earn 
    when invited to take pictures for a magazine cover.
    Some shops offer options to personalize your colors; others will install 
    other parts such as spoilers or underglow neons.
    Down below there's a list of what parts each shop will offer, depending on 
    how many parts you have unlocked in the game:
    <	Body Shops (green light)	>
    In body shops you can find skirts, spoilers, roof scoops, mirrors, hoods, 
    headlights and backlights, wide body kits and carbon fiber parts. You can 
    find anything in carbon fiber except for the lights, sure. Carbon fiber 
    parts are considered "cooler" than regular parts.
    There are also options to convert your trunk and body kit to carbon fiber. 
    This will increase your stars for sure.
    <	Paint Shops (red light)		>
    In these shops, you can change the base-color of your car and paint many 
    other parts, like spoilers, roof scoops and all that. Depending on the paint 
    type and on how many parts have been painted in non-stock colors, your stars 
    will increase accordingly.
    Carbon fiber parts cannot be painted, so you have to decide whether you'll 
    install a regular part or a carbon fiber part, and which of the two will 
    look or feel better.
    In a paint shop, you can also apply vinyls and decals to your car; however, 
    you cannot apply these to a carbon fiber surface, like a hood, for example.
    <	Car Specialties Shops (yellow light)	    >
    This is where you can install neons, new gauges, nitrous purge systems and 
    modify other structures like your trunk. Here, you can also install 
    hydraulic suspension kits, car audio and LCDs, and doors.
    The finishing touch for any ride.
        A Word About Car Visuals
    The game offers a ton of options to personalize your car, and sometimes the 
    player may find it difficult to decide which part to equip, since some parts 
    that will look better may not always reward with more stars, or vice-versa.
    For example: carbon fiber parts offer much higher star ratings, but may not 
    look as good as a pretty decent vinyl artwork. These parts will also limit 
    your car painting. But the coolest thing in the game is that you don't 
    necessarily have to equip the highest-rated parts in order to be able to 
    build a 10-star car. Here's why:
    There are so many visual parts available and so many options to personalize 
    these parts that the star rating may reach its maximum without forcing you 
    to always use the parts that have the highest ratings. Specially when the 
    percentage of unlocks is fairly high.
    I have had a tough time myself trying to increase the number of stars when 
    there were not many unlocks, and I had the impression I'd have to end up 
    building a completely carbon fiber-based car. But when I advanced more 
    through the game I realized it was not necessary.
    Later on, I even managed to build a 10-star Honda Civic without really 
    needing to use carbon fiber at all, nor engine neons, or other things that 
    do not exactly please me.
    Keep in mind that it is important to get more stars, but even more is to 
    have a car that you're glad to ride because of the way it looks. And that 
    fortunately, the game allows you to do that ;)
      Performance Upgrades
    These upgrades will take care of the actual strength attributes of your car, 
    which are: acceleration, top speed and handling. They can be found in 
    performance shops:
    <	Performance Shops (blue light)      >
    Sells upgrades for your engine, ECU, suspension, brakes, turbo, nitrous, and 
    also offers weight reduction kits. Their relation to the attributes are:
    Engine - acceleration and top speed
    ECU - acceleration and top speed
    Suspension - handling
    Brakes - handling
    Turbo - acceleration and top speed
    Nitrous - acceleration and top speed
    Weight reduction - acceleration and handling
    3 graphic bars to the bottom of your car inform you about your ride's 
    current status. Depending on which parts have been installed, one or more of 
    the attributes will increase.
    When you are about to install a performance upgrade, the game will ask about 
    which manufacturer you would like the part to be. It is up to you to choose 
    one brand for each part, but I don't think it actually affects the evolution 
    of your car in any way. Maybe it is a way to find out how much one loves one 
    brand or another.
       Unique Upgrade Parts
    As said before, you can get unique upgrade parts if you keep winning Out Run 
    races. The uniques, as well as other upgrades, can be found in 2 categories: 
    the visual or the performance uniques. Then, when you get the SMS, follow 
    the instructions in it then head to the shop where it's supposed to be 
    found. Remember that for visual upgrades, you must head to a specific Body 
    Shop, and for the performance uniques, you must head to a Performance Shop 
    that is also specific to this occasion. Don't worry, the correct shops are 
    displayed on your map and can be tracked by GPS.
    The visual unique installation demands a little less attention, because only 
    one is distributed at a time: it can be a spoiler, or a wide body kit, for 
    example. However, something different goes with the performance uniques: 
    when you reach the performance shop to get your special part, there will be 
    3 upgrades available to choose from. You can pick either an engine upgrade, 
    a weight reduction kit or a nitrous upgrade. Decide which of the 3 suits you 
    However, if you enter Out Runs regularly, you may be called enough times to 
    actually get all 3 upgrades for one car of your choice. Just remember what 
    was the upgrade you chose last time so you can make sure to always get a 
    different one. It may sound pretty obvious, but you can't actually see 
    anywhere in the game whether your performance part is an unique or not; you 
    can only feel like your car's become more powerful. So it is important to 
    remember which ones you already got.
     ***   =================== ***
    ***  / Strategic Driving /  ***
     *** ===================   ***
    In this section, you will read about some strategies to make sure you are 
    the first to cross the finish line, and about some tactical information that 
    is quite convenient to know, but you'll find them nowhere else but here. 
    (I'm not too sure about that last part =)
      The Nitrous-refill techniques
    Yeah, you read it right: you don't have to buy a new bottle of nitrous oxide 
    to keep bustin' out there in the streets: in this game, there are a few ways 
    to keep you filled with N2O's power. By driving in a stylish way and 
    performing sets of moves, you gather points that are quickly converted to 
    Above your RPM indicator, there is a blue gauge: it's your nitrous level 
    indicator. It has 2 levels: one represented by a dark-blue color, and level 
    2 is represented by a cyan-like color. Directly above these indications, the 
    stylish driving points mentioned above show up when you perform a move. 
    These nitrous-refill events are listed below:
    <	Avoided Accident	>
    Offers you 100 points, which can be obtained when you swiftly avoid 
    colliding with another car, generally coming the opposite way. It is also 
    possible to receive points by evading cars going the same way as you are, 
    but that will demand that you are at higher speeds.
    It can be made in most racing modes, more frequently in the ones that 
    there's traffic; and also in the exploration mode.
    To perform an avoidance, drive real close to an AI traffic car, for example. 
    Line yourself parallel to it and then make sure you won't touch yourselves. 
    Soon, there should appear that 100 points were obtained, followed by a small 
    increase on your nitrous level.
    These points have a multiplying factor if the maneuver is performed 
    correctly in a row. The multiplier can go as high as 5X.
    <	Clear Section/Lap	>
    Can only be made inside a race. If you drive smoothly, without hitting any 
    guard rails or walls, at some locations the game will reward you with 150 
    points. This nitrous refilling tactic also has a multiplier, that increases 
    each time you clear one of the race's sections without bumping around.
    About achieving a clear lap, the same goes: don't hit any guard rails/walls
    during the whole lap. Also has a multiplyer, and is worth 500 points. WAY
    tougher to do.
    <	Hydros / Bounce		>
    Can only be made with cars that have hydraulic suspension. Press and hold 
    "H" and then use an arrow key to lift a specific part of your car. For 
    example: the up arrow lifts your car's front, the left key lifts the wheels 
    to the left of your car.
    Try to add some rhythm to your car's dance and the nitrous points will 
    gradually increase. A simple example of a dance is to press sequentially 
    down-up-up-down, and repeat this over and over, while the "H" key is 
    You'll also receive nitrous points by bouncing with hydraulics: press and 
    hold the "J" key and then press another arrow key to bounce off a little. 
    You'll be rewarded nitrous points after a while.
    <	Reverse		>
    Driving backwards can ensure you some nitrous points. Depending on how long 
    you drive without bumping into anything else, you receive points 
    <	Drafting	>
    By entering another car's vacuum region, you are awarded nitrous-points, 
    depending on how much time you remain in this region. To do this, stick to 
    your opponents’ rear and watch your points increase. Surely, there are 
    minimum speeds for an area of vacuum to be formed, so don't expect to get 
    nitrous just by chasing a 30 km/h turtle.
    <	Lead Lap / Position gain	>
    Can only be done in racing events that involve either one or both of these 
    (laps and positions), which sounds pretty damn obvious to me.
    Every time you cross the start line as the race leader, you are awarded 150 
    points, multiplier-possible. Also, when you gain positions you receive 
    points, depending on the position you got.
    <	Spray show	>
    As weird as it may sound, if you purge some nitrous away from you, you are 
    awarded nitrous points shortly after. To perform a spray show, simply press 
    the N2O key while letting go on the gas pedal. Do not do it with the gas 
    pedal down because it will just speed you up, no spray show thingy.
    You are then rewarded with 100 nitrous points, quite often more than you 
    wasted by throwing N2O away. Of course, if you pressed the nitrous key 
    quickly. You always have the option to keep it pressed all day long, but 
    that's not my business.
    It's convenient to remember that if you modified your nitrous purge system, 
    the N2O cloud that is dispersed will look different from one car to another.
    <	Power Slide	>
    By performing a power slide (a sort of drift), you receive points, too. 
    Depending on how long you spent drifting, the points vary accordingly. Like 
    the drift stages, if you touch a wall or bump into someone, the power slide 
    reward will fall back to zero.
    <	360s	  >
    Not very fancy to do, not so easy to explain. Basically, consists of 
    spinning around drawing a circle in the ground with your car. Each 360 is 
    worth 400 nitrous points, so they're definitely something to try.
    <	Head Start	>
    If your car's got enough horse power and acceleration, you may be rewarded 
    with head start points quite often. Only supposed to happen in races, except 
    When the 3-2-1-go lady (I should work on this name too) tells you to lift 
    off, and you have accelerated very quickly, you'll advance further than your 
    opponents; that is when the game gives you 200 nitrous points. Remember the 
    horse power and acceleration attributes.
    <	Burnout		>
    Doesn't always happen, and is by far the most temperamental nitrous-refill
    technique. It's based on how much time your tires get spinning without
    pushing your car forward - that is, they spin so fast that they can't
    generate traction.
    It also depends on how much power your car can generate, your drivetrain
    settings and all that. To do it, you can either push the gas pedal and hold,
    while in automatic shifting, or accelerate to maximum in Neutral position, 
    then engage the 1st gear, while in manual shifting.
    Remember that it does not always happen, and by the times you perform it,
    it only happens once. If there is some formula to always perform a burnout,
    I really don't know.
    <	Shortcut	>
    It happens when you, during a race or in exploration mode, find and enter a 
    shortcut. Normally these feature different pavement and are quite a bit
    tricky to be found, but still do-able. You'll then be rewarded with 200
    nitrous points.
    <	Hang Time	>
    You are awarded nitrous points depending on how much time you spent on the
    air during a jump. While in flight, "Hang Time" will be displayed and the
    nitrous points will begin to count, until you land once again.
    <	J-Turn		>
    This maneuver is performed by driving in reverse, then quickly performing
    a 180 degree turn, and accelerating forward. To do this, drive in reverse
    up to 70 km/h (don't let the reverse nitrous points begin to count) then
    turn you car around and accelerate. If done correctly, you should gain 500
    nitrous points.
    Remember that 70 km/h is the minimum speed for the maneuver to be considered.
    (Thanks for Wong Su Kun for this technique.)
    <     Cleared Accident    >
    By far, the less frequent. To make this maneuver, you are supposed to
    drive above an AI traffic car. The more cars you overfly, the higher
    your multiplier will be. Definitely some technique to watch out for,
    since you get 1000 points for each car you drive above!
    (Thanks for Wong Su Kun for this technique.)
      Observations about the nitrous gauge
    The nitrous gauge represents graphically how much N2O you have stored inside 
    your tanks. Well, since the stylish-driving points are given numerically, 
    wouldn't it be convenient if you could numerically know how much can be 
    stored in your tanks?
    Sure it would. According to my calculations, each level of the Nitrous gauge 
    holds approximately 1475 points, and since there are 2 levels, a total of 
    2950 points. Not really, really useful, but it was something nice to know, 
    and something I could do =)
    As well as your nitrous level can be increased, some amounts of N2O can be 
    taken away from you in case you hit traffic directly and cause an accident 
    for example. The situations of increase/decrease nitrous listed above are 
    the ones known by me, and some others were contributions from the readers
    of this guide.
      The "hidden" races
    Well, they are not quite hidden, they are just not displayed explicitly on 
    your map. Sometimes, especially when you drive from one district to another, 
    you are subject to receive a phone call of someone telling you something 
    like this:
    "Yo man, have you heard about the rumors of racing on the <name of the 
    district goes here>? I heard they were noobs and should be easy pickings, if 
    you're near, can you check it our and let me know? Thanks!"
    "Hey dog, there's some racing going on the <name of district goes here>, I 
    haven't been able to pinpoint the exact location, but you should be able to 
    find it without much problem. That's it, cya, peace."
    Then the guy hangs up the phone. Sometimes he says he's headed that way, and 
    the voice message may vary a little, but the important thing to get is the 
    name of the district in which he said the race was on.
    It seems to be important to enter these races regularly, because there are 
    cases of players stuck at a certain point of the game with no events to 
    enter. When you enter these races, you reduce your chances of running out of 
    I didn't really get looking for these races, myself. What I've done was to, 
    when enroute to a GPS-mapped event, stay alert for "enter race spots" that 
    weren't displayed on the map. My priority was to enter them, because since 
    their position was uncertain, I couldn't afford to race them later on. Since 
    you can't track them with GPS, it's easy to forget where they'll be some 
    next time.
    This is a simple tactic that may ensure a better gaming experience, cos no 
    one really wants keep riding through the city without an objective.
       Car Lot Transactions
    Once in a while, you'll receive SMS messages telling you that some new cars
    are available for you to get on the nearest Car Lot. That sounds nice, since
    the sponsors are the ones who pay them for you. And you can hold up to five
    cars, depending on how many sponsorships you got.
    But be aware: if you already reached your maximum number of cars (which may
    not necessarily be 5), AND you want to get another one, you have to get rid
    of one. Take extra attention not to trade-in a car that you have already
    tuned, bought upgrade parts and spent serious money on it. THERE ARE NO 
    REFUNDS. For that purpose, choose some car you haven't even touched or some
    you modified very little.
    When you chosse a new car and you have no space to keep it, the game will ask
    you if you want to get rid of the car you are driving at the present moment or
    some other. Be cautious to make your choice accordinlgy.
    In NFSU 2, you can't sell cars either. The car trade-in and subsequent money
    loss almost happened to me once, and happened to a friend of mine. So keep in
    mind that losses on the Car Lot are possible and quite frequent.
    The same concept is valid for getting cars when you still have space in your
    garage: the parts you have will not transfer to your new ride. And you can't
    sell them for the money.
     ***   ======================== ***
    ***  / Game Continuity Issues /  ***
     *** ========================   ***
    In Need for Speed Underground 2, it is known that a large number of people 
    usually get stuck in a certain percentage of the game. This can be a 
    particularly big problem, because being stuck means:
    a) No races
    b) No cash
    c) No action
    d) Anger, impatience and a will to uninstall the game
    e) A will to throw your computer through the nearest window
    f) All choices above
    Most of us know that option "F" is quite often the most common found out 
    there. I do not disagree with these players, since the game lacks, in some 
    way, a feedback to warn players about what to do to keep going. Mostly, 
    players will become careless since they can rely on their map and GPS to go 
    after races, but what to do when there are no more races displayed?
    To avoid these situations of inactivity, there are a few things that can be 
    done to keep you away from this. This explanation will be given based on my 
    own gaming experience on NFSU 2, since I never really got stuck in any part 
    of the game.
    Please, understand that there are no specific ways to get things moving for 
    "Player A who is stuck on 15%" or "Player B who got stuck on 43% of the 
    game". The apparent solutions for cases of inactivity are somewhat quite 
    generic, but appear to be effective despite of that. If still, after reading
    and fully accomplishing the demands listed below, you can't get past some
    point, DO NOT EMAIL ME asking what to do. This game has some glitches and
    facts without explanation for which I CANNOT be held responsible.
    The synthesis of this knowledge will be listed below, in a few rules:
    1- Keep your stars shining in the sky
    Always try to keep your stars as high as possible. It is known that the 
    magazine photo opportunities cause the game to keep going and new races to 
    be displayed. This situation may represent a quite unpleasant problem: ugly 
    Sometimes, one may not have many visual unlocks to equip their cars with; as 
    a consequence, not too many choices to make, and very easily the car will 
    not look as the player really, really wants. But you're stuck in the game, 
    doesn't know what to do, and is about to make a frisbee out of your graphics 
    card - who could stop this mayhem??
    It happens that installing the visuals that are currently available just to 
    increase your star points are a way out. Yeah, carbon fiber everywhere, even 
    carbon fiber tires, just to make more stars and then some freakin' magazine 
    calls you out of the ashes.
    Only if you're very lucky, in such cases your car won't look like kitchen 
    laminate paper or a walking circus. But remember it's for a noble cause: 
    they will call you for some photos, the game will go on and you can get rid 
    of these horrible visuals as soon as you think.
    However, it's not all like gloom and doom out there. It's possible to don't 
    have a circus ride if you care about the unlocking tactics covered below. 
    And even if you passed the point you were stuck, congratulations, but keep 
    in mind that you can't relax until you're the king - therefore, never stop 
    enhancing your vehicle. By doing this, you will prevent this from happening 
    2- To Unlock, hit the shop
    Always get to visit new shops as soon as you can. By visiting new shops, the 
    game will unlock quite a few new parts for you. After a number of races, you 
    should receive SMS messages telling about a new part or two. But going to 
    new shops are also very important and must be considered as a high priority 
    Remember going to new shops especially when the computer gives you access to 
    new parts of the city. Every new area has its shops, each one of them will 
    bring you new parts.
    3- Disappearing stars that don't become supernovas
    When you get called by a magazine to take pictures of your car or to show up 
    on a DVD cover, a star will appear on the map as usual. However, there are 
    cases that when one of these stars are displayed, and you decide to enter 
    some race before taking the picture, the stars simply disappear. And that 
    can be pretty dam nasty.
    I also took this risk quite a few times when on my way to take a picture, 
    found a hidden race and decided to enter it before talking to the magazine 
    guys. The reason why the star never disappeared might have been pure luck.
    But I recommend you to don't take any chances: in this game, the cases where 
    players get stuck are for real. Give the stars high priority and get there 
    as soon as you can.
    4- You are elle? No way, I'd rather stick to URLs.
    Not so commonly known to players is that the Underground Racing League 
    events are quite possibly the ones of biggest importance. They are also 
    quite attractive because of the payouts. You can earn a lot of money if you 
    win. Plus, they are rather cool.
    However, in case you're some drag freak that cares about drag races more 
    than anything, be advised that, in order to finish the game, you have to 
    complete all the URL events, PLUS you have to build a 10-star car. Only 
    after that, and only then, you will be allowed to face Caleb himself, the 
    motherf***a who ambushed you out 6 months ago.
    My opportunity to race Caleb happened when I was at 65-66% percent of the 
    game complete and entering URLs like crazy. Then I noticed that there was a 
    new circuit event available. When I entered, there was a short comic-like 
    animation where Caleb called you out to compete with him face to face. And 
    that's what happens:
    The circuit is very long, starts out near the airport, has 5 laps and it's 
    the only 1 vs. 1 circuit in career mode. If these are the characteristics 
    you see, then you've done everything right in the game and is ready for the 
    ultimate showdown.
     ***   ========================= ***
    ***  / After you Finish NFSU 2 /  ***
     *** =========================   ***
    Raise a hand and wave to the crowd... you finished the game!!! However, it 
    is known that if one finishes the game, it's quite possible that the game's 
    completion rate never exceeded 65-66%. That's probably because of the way 
    the game was built. This section was written to provide you a little more 
    hours of fun on career mode.
    As you finish the game, you'll receive an SMS message from Rachel Teller, 
    telling you (well, that's normally what tellers do =) that you finished the 
    game, and that by acessing the option "World Map" from you garage, you can 
    re-race any event. And that's where the remaining 34% of the game can be 
    In any moment while you're in exploration mode, hit Esc and then choose 
    "Jump to Garage". In there, press right once then select "World Map". By the 
    new window that appears, press the left or right arrow keys to select one of 
    the 5 game stages. Then, press up and down to select an event. Select the 
    ones marked as "Not Completed", then enter them.
    And this is how you race the remaining 34%! However, you may notice that 
    just by doing what was mentioned above will not award you with points or 
    cash after the end of a race. But I noticed something pretty strange, and 
    somewhat quite useful: if you hit Esc when inside a race, then choose to 
    restart and win, you'll get the cash! It was something that happened to me, 
    but then I confirmed with other fellow players. I wasn't really trying to 
    discover this; I think I just restarted because I messed up some race and 
    then noticed this occurance.
    I believe this is a glitch from the game or something. I don't really know 
    if there are patches to prevent you to exploit this, but who cares? Racing 
    for free is not quite my style, especially on Underground 2 ;)
     ***   ================ ***
    ***  / Known Glitches /  ***
     *** ================   ***
    As far as I know, besides the "Restart for cash" glitch described in the 
    previous section, the Out Run races have proven quite buggy sometimes.
    I believe it's hard for the computer to actually determine who is winning or 
    when one car trespasses the other when it comes to a freestyle race course. 
    So it happens that, sometimes when the AI opponent crashes and you trespass 
    him, theoretically gaining the Lead... you just keep in second place, and 
    since your speed is quite often very high, you push the knife against you - 
    the distance increases dramatically, making it easier for the nutty bot to 
    score his 300 meters of distance.
    Or sometimes when you nitidly have the lead, and then the computer takes a 
    wrong path. Apparently he's behind you, but then you lose the lead from 
    nowhere. And you're basically screwed. Also, there are cases that the 
    distance indicator seems to be uncertain of your actual distance from the AI 
    car when you're leading - it happens that the distance gauge begins to jump, 
    and once I could even defeat my opponent without reaching 300 meters. I 
    still had like 70 meters to go, but I think the AI just gave up ;)
    I'm not certain if there are correction patches or any effort to correct 
    these at all. Anyways, it's nice to know that something spooky doesn't only 
    happen to you. Don't blame yourself and/or your computer. It might be the 
    game... just don't always use this excuse =)
       Rachel's SMS glitch
    (VERY famous glitch)
    It is also known that, at a certain point, Rachel sends you an SMS message
    telling you to give back her car - NOW! Only one problem: You're on 47% of
    the game, or in some cases you have even finished it. Here's how it happened
    to me:
    After I finished the game, I began to race the events that were still
    remaining. After some race from stage 1, I received this message. But,
    before freaking out, I remembered that I created a new account a short
    while ago, to feel Rachel's car power compared to mine. I realized there
    were 2 races you could enter with her car, on the meantime before you return
    the car. Then, after completing these 2 races, I received the EXACT SAME SMS
    I received after I finished the game!
    Here's an explanation: most players (like me) feel like giving the car back
    to her before anything else, and don't enter these races. But they are still
    there somewhere. If, on some moment other than the car returning, you finish
    these races, the game will keep on sending you the SMS in any ways. This is
    a spooky glitch that confuse most players, but not something to be worried
    about. I could still get 100% even after receiving this.
     ***   ===================================== ***
    ***  / Common Questions (and their answers)/  ***
     *** =====================================   ***
    In this section you'll find an ever-increasing database of questions I receive
    the most via email. Since they are very stupid questions in general, I open
    this section also as a method for idiocy avoidance. That is: make sure you
    also read this, because the question you *might* ask may already be answered
    here (I'm beginning to repeat myself, no?). The reason I used might is because
    I don't necessarily think you're dumb enough to ask me one of these. Not really.
    Seriously. Here we go:
    Q: Where can I get the european version of the game?
    A: In Europe.
    Q: I'm in 20,735% of the game and there are some cars I wanna get, but I'm not
    sure which I'm gonna pick. What do you think?
    A: I think you should learn to make decisions. Plus, 20,735% of the game is
    a very early stage and you should worry about improving the ride you already
    have, not buying parts over and over every time a new car appears.
    Q: How can I see the magazine/DVD covers again?
    A: Someone with such amazing menu navigation skills should have no problem
    with this little... task. However, if you DO want to hear my explanation
    about it, I'll give you one: in carreer mode, enter your garage then choose
    "View Rewards". It's as simple as that.
    Q: I'm stuck in 9,25% of the game and I don't know what to do, I called my 
    parents and they said I should see a psychiatrist, what should I do? Do you
    have any ideas?
    A: Not really. Most of what I could've said about the game continuity issues...
    was already said. So if you can't go any further, double-check my advices and
    if you still can't do anything about it, start your game over again and 
    seriously follow the rules herein. It can't be THAT hard to finish the game
    without getting stuck, since I did it without problems, and it was the first
    time I EVER played the game, and I'm almost finishing it a second time. Oh,
    and treat your parents well, they are far more experienced than you are =)
    Q: I can't find any outrun rivals in town!
    A: Geez, how do you ppl get to achieve this? For pete's sake... anyway, this
    may be solved after you enter and finish a racing event.
    Q: But there aren't any racing events available, what should I do?
    A: What the... well, take a spin around the city and see if someone appears.
    If they still don't show up, it might be a glitch. But still, the outruns'
    importance for the game continuity is dubious. Don't totally expect the outrun
    races to get the game going for you.
    Q: Where can I find Megalow Parts Shop?
    A: I can't believe I'm hearing this. No, really!!! How can someone NOT be able
    to find the only performance shop that is shown on the map since the beginning?
    If you can use the GPS, you can find Megalow Parts. I really, really tried very
    hard to see if I could see any difficulty with this shop, but I couldn't, I'm
    sorry. I even made a map with all the shops in the game, if you still can't find
    it, look in the map.
    Q: I have finished the game but I can't go any further than 97-98%. I ran all
    races via the "World Map" option, but I'm still in trouble. What's wrong?
    A: Not sure. The ones responsible for the percentage system must have been
    smoking crack or something. There are cases where people can't run the last
    2% or 3% of the game, but I don't know why. Really. Anyways, you shouldn't
    worry too much - 100% just for bragging is not something to write home about.
    Personally, I think you did a great job racing all the way through 97%.
    Q: Are you gonna put more in-depth Dyno settings on your FAQ?
    A: Yes. Very soon.
    Q: Are you Brazilian?
    A: Yes, I am. And Brazil is in South America. And we speak portuguese, not
    spanish. Born in Brazil I was.
    Q: Can I add you to my MSN?
    A: Man, thank you for asking before actually adding me to your contact list.
    Well, if you plan to maintain a neat conversation with me, and you are not only
    doing it because you have to ask a (stupid) question that has already been 
    answered a thousand times in this guide, then you may add me. Again, send an 
    email first and tell me what do you want.
     ***   ================ ***
    ***  / Special Thanks /  ***
     *** ================   ***
    Well well, this is it... the FAQ is finally done. In this section I'd like 
    to thank some people who made this FAQ possible:
    + The guys at EA Games/THX for making such a neat game.
    + My family, specially father, mother, cousins and sister.
    + Christian Wall for helping me out with the Copyright and Legal Stuff part 
    of the FAQ. =)
    + Felipe Rijo for the advices about the reputation points, and the car
    + Wong Su Kun for the missing nitrous refilling techniques.
    + The people from SENAC, great friends and unique figures =)
    + Special Thanks to Mano Ayram, for getting me the game and for letting go 
    on my delays on the college duties (sorry for getting addicted to this game, 
    bro =)
    + Special thanks for Hawk, my only official beta tester.
    + Special thanks to Guga, for motivating me on the initial stages of 
    development of this guide.
    + Pegasus, my beloved computer =)
    and.... YOU! Thanks for choosing and reading my FAQ!!!!!
    And I guess it's all...

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