Review by InitialDrift86

"Pretty good, not better than the first one though."

Okay, i'm gonna try to rate every aspect of the game here.

The game has great graphics, very colorful and very smooth. The sense of speed though seems to have been dropped a little. The roads aren't as glossy and wet anymore and there is less motion blurr. The game to me seems to run anywhere from 30-60 fps. It can slow down to 30 at times.

The engines sound great. All racing games should sound like this. The crashes sound realistic and make you feel like there was an actual crash. The shifts sounds very nice too. You can hear the blow-off valve, nitrous, and engine revs from other cars that are close to you. Very realistic.

The music is one of the things that disappointed me personally. I didn't like the fact that it had no custom soundtrack. The EA trax that are included are ok though. There's a little something for everybody: Techno, Hip-hop, n Rock. The EA trax are atleast fully customizable letting you listen to specific songs at certain points.

The handling of the cars are a lot like the first game. The cars feel loose and still feel arcady no matter how much you customize the setup of your car. But the setups atleast DO change the handling.

This is where the game shines. There are THOUSANDS of options available. Body kits, lights, doors, neons, paints, vinyls, performance parts, spoilers and even audio! The game's rice-ness surpasses any other previous street racing game. Car settings are also customizable allowing for some-what of a "sim" feeling. There's something for everybody here.

The game's online feature is pretty good. There is no free roaming mode but all the moads from the offline play are available to race in. The only downside to the whole online play is the fact that you get kicked out of a lobby after every race (unless you choose to restart it with same track and cars).

The game is definatley worth $50. If your looking for an arcade racer, this is great. If you're looking for a sim racer, you'll find a little of that in here although it still feels a bit too arcadey. If you're not into the whole street racing scene and absolutely hate people who mod the exterior of their cars...then stay away at all costs.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/18/04

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