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Reviewed: 11/23/04

Could it be the best racing game of all time? I think not...

Need For Speed Underground 2 is the sequel to the game Need for Speed Underground 1, made by EA Games which was the first major hit underground racing game. Underground 2 features over 30 cars, all great looking with tons of possibilities with everything to customize from spoilers, spinners, light colors, headlights, taillights, doors, hoods, front and rear bumper and much more!

Game-play(8/10) - The game is quite a fun one and contains many a dozen or two things for you to customize which you unlock by beating races which you get by completing stages. There are 5 areas in this game. You start with one area and slowly start to unlock more. You have to complete anywhere from 20-35+ races to go to the next stage. Anyway, basically what you do is find a race on the map which you want to race in. Then, you have to simply drive around to the place where you want to go. You can either use your mind, which is more challenging, or use the GPS to find the way.

Controls(9/10) - Many people have never had trouble with the controls. Some may not like them because of how they are made, such as looking back being the black button instead of the 2nd analog joystick. They may also not like how hydraulics are wired being that you have to hold the emergency break(A) and then move your control sticks to the direction you want to change them to.

Graphics(10/10) - The graphics are perfect! There are not many games with better. The degree of speed is great, as you get higher into speed, it will start to blur the screen and when N20(Nitrous) is engaged, the screen blurs to give you a real sense of speed. All of the car parts look great and the city is just plain detailed.

Story/Career(5/10) - The story/career mode could have been better but then again, this is a racing game, so did you really expect it to be that great? Basically all you do is go around on the open road finding hidden challenges and advertised races. Then, you also have the Underground Racing League(URL), which is a compilation of some of the best Underground racers around going on a circuit track, but they are a pushover.

Types of Races(9/10) - Some games have one or two more, but not many. There are 6 modes in NFSU2 which are: Circuit, Drift, Drag, Sprint, Underground Racing League, and Time Trial. Each of them is special in their own unique way. Circuit is like your basic NASCAR racing. Drift is where you run around a track trying to go sideways to get you high points in the game. Drag races are what they are - drag races. You basically try to outrun your opponents going in a straight line. Sprint races are from point A to point B against other opponents. The Underground Racing League is a circuit race which you can do to earn big bucks and more reputation and finally Time Trials are where you have a set amount of time to get to a point from where you are.

Sounds(6/10) - The cars sound real, however, I was quite mad that they still did not include custom soundtracks in NFSU2. The in-game music is perfect for you rap or hip-hop lovers but if you want something like pop, country, or something similar, your not going to find it in the EA Trax.

Play-time and Replayability(9/10) - This game should keep you occupied for about a week completing career mode's stages. After that, you can go back and customize the cars which you have gotten during the game, which should keep all of you car modifiers quite busy.

Final Recommendations - I suggest that you buy the game if you are a fan of racing games. If you just want a great game with a bunch of customizing, buy the game. If you just want a game with great graphics, buy the game. Otherwise, just rent it and decide on your own if you want to buy it.

I give this game an eight out of ten.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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