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"Is this game illegal!!!!"

Game modes- 8/10

There are many race types in the game which everyone one is very fun. The are a some new modes, I will name them. Street X is mainly regular racing on drift tracks you can use nitro through. There is also URL which is you mainly racing on regular tracks, this is where most of the cut scenes take place, it usually shows street racers breaking into a track, you will race at the airport too. The is a new mode for drifting, it is called downhill drifting, the name tells it all. All you do is race on a street with turns that goes downhill. Just watch out for traffic.

Graphics- 8/10

The graphics are smooth and show nice color. All the colors for the cars are shown beautiful in the game. The game runs at 30-60 fps. It can slow down to 30 at times. The speed sense is not there as much as it was in the first game, but you can see it some times. The roads aren't that glossy or wet as there where in the first game, but it all come through.

Sound- 7/10

The sound in the game is all right. The engines in the game sound different at times but they don't sound like they would in real life. You can tell the difference when you put different parts on the car and that's always good. The music in the game is ok, but I would like it if we could put our own music in the game, but EA does have a feature in the game which allows you to change the songs when you want to hear them.

Handling- 7/10

Now I know this is an arcade racer but come on you should have a better view of handling. The handling is much like the first game. The cars are lose and feel arcadey. There is some change in the handling when you put on the after-market parts.

Customization- 9/10

This is a great part of the game. There are thousands of parts to choose for and you can have different styles of your car. You can even have a stereo system in the back of your car. On the SUV's you can have up to 8 slots of stereo in your car. Now that's cool.

Online- ?/?

I have never played online.

Final- 8/10

This game is a good buy for any racer fun and is worth the $50.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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