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"Amazing Racer"

I was very thrilled when I heard that NFSU2 Would be coming out. The first was great, a bit short I thought, but great. I knew exaclty what would have to be fixed in the sequel, and after playing it, i must say its far surpassed my expectations. I have played many racing games in my day and this is just one that keeps me going, keeps me addicted, and keeps me pumped and intrigued. Ready for my review? Well plunge in because I've got great reasons why this is a smart investment for any racing video game fan. I am in no way shape or form connected to EA Games, I could care less who makes this game because it is stunning.

Presentation: 10/10

This aspect of the game makes it shine alot brighter than many other racings games out on the market. After being submerged into this underground world of elite racing, you will notice that the presentation of the game is stunning. Every single car is authentic, the menu's are easy to use but at the same time do not mimick a kiddie game, the area you are put into looks authentic and like alot of fun to race in. From the moment you pop this game into your system, you are fed non stop action. Dont believe me? Coffee and NFSU2 is all you need baby.

Gameplay: 9.8/10

Gameplay is off the hook what more can I say? Unlike the first NFSU you are in your own world, connected by highways, bridges, airports, etc. You start off like you do in most racing games, stock, bare, naked, and poor. But thats where you get motivated, as you start winning races your funds go up, your skills go up, and best of all the cars get better and better. The races are fast paced, exciting, and will have you whizzing through the streets like non other. The game flows ridicoulously well, there is never a dull moment. When your not upgrading, your racing, when your not racing, your at photoshoots, when your not doing that your working on a sponsorship, sure the whole "routine" gets a bit dull, but your doing what the game is made for... RACING! so for all the critics that say that the whole cycle gets boring, well it doesnt, because each time you are open to a new part of the map, better and longer races, faster cars, more upgrades for your car, more cars to choose from, etc etc etc. !!

Sound: 9.1/10

All of the cars sounds great and the environments as well. The voice acting is a tad dull if you ask me, and very "hollywood"ized. But what can you do? As a publisher you have to make sure your appealing to the masses of people so no big deal. The music selection is pretty good, however it does get repetitive. A bit too much rock music for my liking. The cars roar when your blow by them and shift gears, the turbo sounds perfect, everythign sounds top notch for a racing game.

Graphics: 9.7/10

This is one of the games that makes XBOX what it is today. Remember the day XBOX was announced and we were promised those magnificent games that would jus take the industry by surprise? Well I can honestly say that this game truley shows what the xbox is capable of. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay flows amazingly well, there are literally no load times, Its just an incredible expierence on the XBOX. Im not giving it a perfect score because I'm leaving the window of opportunity open for other games, and of course we all know that graphics can always get better, but for what we have here there is surely no dissappointment.


This game keeps you going. There is nothing I look forward more than to playing this game for hours upon hours from midnight to the early mornings. This game gives you adrenaline, and at the same time slows you down and lets you customize the crap out of your ride, just to swing you back in to that adrenaline rush you had 5 minutes ago. Sure this game isnt as realistic as many would like, but thats what you got Forza for and Grand Turismo, this is a non stop fast paced crazy customizable arcade/sim racer that does its job, and does it well let me say. You will definatly not be dissappointed if you are a racer fan and pick this game up. It blew me away and I now have a whole new respect for EA games. Cant wait for NFSU3!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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