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"I really urge you to rent it first because this game won't impress the hardcore gamers!"

Wow, where to start... Need for Speed Underground was a great game, and it kept up with the Need for Speed series wonderfully, wonderful gameplay, decent graphics, and something most racers don't have, a story.Need for Speed Underground also opened a new kind of genre.I was surprised when Need for Speed Underground 2 was announced shortly,now its been here over 7 months so lets see it lives up to the original by reading my review.

Gameplay: 6/10

The gameplay is pretty similar to Need for Speed Underground, you race, earn customizations to your vehicle, and as you progress along thorugh the game you unlock more and more specialty items and upgrades. The gameplay in NFSU2 is pretty decent at best, there are no slowdowns but sometimes the repetitive environments and neighbourhoods of Bayview (The city you race in) really get to you. One place where EA Canada went wrong in NFSU2 is when they implemented the free-roam feature, and at that, they implemented it horribly. A game should be fun, it shouldn't feel like a chore, after I completed about 25 percent of career mode, travelling around the city became a major chore because the environments are all very similar, that, and the free-way system is a pain in the rearend to navigate. The place where this game really shines is in the customizations to your vehicle, there are thousands of parts available and you can spend hours tweaking your vehicle, after everything is unlocked though it gets boring fast, although there are new vehicles to mod.

Graphics/sound: 5/10

The graphics in Need For Speed Underground 2 is very lacking.. I thought that the first Need for Speed Undergrounds graphics were much better,see people this is why you shouldn't rush games.The city of Bayview looks colorful and vibrant with all the Neon covered buildings;but this isn't GTA the city doesn't feel diverse.It literally felt like a ghost town all it had was moving cars;also it didn't have night or day.Wow, again no custom soundtrack, and that was just one of the many fatal mistakes EA Canada made with this game... horrible mix of rap, rock, techno in this game. Now I like rap, but I must even admit, the rap, and other various music types in this game really were bad. Hopefully they re-think the idea not to put custom soundtracks in for the next NFS series. You can turn the music off, but who plays a racing game without music?

Overall: 6/10

With the chore of trying to get around the city, and navigating the freeways, and the very repetitve city areas, and race tracks I have to give this game a 6/10 at the most. Every race is very similar to the other, tracks are just run in reverse or they throw in a extra turn here or there.. it seems really sloppy. Now this game does have it's bright spots... you can now get on DVD's and more Magazines, and a really neat little feature is you can take a picture of the vehcile yourself with some of the mags. The customization is amazing, but like I said, it get's boring after everything is unlocked. EA tried, but they failed, and NFSU 2 has turned me away from the Underground franchise atleast.

Final reccomendation:

Buy or rent? I really urge you to rent it first because this game won't impress the hardcore gamers.But if you want game with some eyecandy then get Need for Speed Underground 2.Lets just hope EA can redeem themselves with Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/03/05

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