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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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                                     ,-'''  ''-,,
                ,,              ,-'''    ,,,     ''-,,,
               |  \     ,,,-'''     ,-''',,, '',,      ''-,,,
         |\    /    \,-'        ,-' ,-''' ||''-, ''-,,      '',,
         |  '''      \    ,.''',,-'/ \    || /\ '---'''',,,     '-,_
     ---/ ,''''''',',,,''',,--'-,,' ',\   ||/ /\\-'''''', ','',,,-'_,,'',
     \   //         \ \ ,'     '      \\  |',/  \_\  _     \\ ,'.'     '-,\
      | //           ///  _,,_  \       \,./    //  | '\    \|/            \\
     / ||           //|   ||  |  '\           ,'/   || |    ||     ,--,     \\
      \||      ,',,'/ |    |,'     ,\       ,' |    |,'    ,'/    /    \    | |
       |\\     |  |/  |    '      /  ||   |   ,|       ,,-' |    | ,,   |    ||
        ','     \     |         ,'  ,|,   | ,' |       '',,,|     \  \/ /    ||
          \\     '\   |     ,--'  ,' |,   ||   |     ,     ','-    -,,-'     //
            \      \  |     ||,,''   |    ||   |     |\      / /            //
      \',,, |'',    \ |     |\       /    ||   |     |\ \\  / /\          /'/
      \    ''|  |    | |   ,,\\     /   ,,'',  |,,,  | \  \//, '',,_____,'/'
       \    ''''/     ||_--    \   /,,'' ,,'   ',,,,,'  '\,/  \,_    ,,,''
        \,,',        // \,,-'''     \,,'' ||    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  ''''  |
             ',,__,,''  /              ,,,,,''''   ,,,,,,,     '''',,,,|
              | ',,__,''       ,,,'''''     ,  ,,  | ||  |,,''   ..     '',
              |   |      ,,,'''         ,''',''' '   ||   \ /|   |/ '',    '',
              |   |  ,,,',,'    , ,''',|    \ '',,   ||    /-|   |  /       /
            ,'|  ,,',''  ''  ,''' \\,'' \   / ,__/  '''' '/   \ ,|  |      '
          ,',,''' ,  \\ ,' \ \','  \\''\,'''                        '''    /
         |''    ,|\   \\'  \\ \\_,'''         ,,,,''''''''''''',,,,,      /
          \     '|'\   |   ,'''       ,,,,''''                   /  '',,//
           \     /  ''||        ,,,'''    ||                    /   /  \/
           \      ',_,' ,,,,,'''          ||                   /   / '''
            \        ,,',                .'',                ,'   /
             \  ,.'''    '',,,,,,,      '____'      ,,,,,,,''    /
                    ',,           '',,,|      |,,,''         ,,''
                       ''',,,,,         \    /       ,,,,,'''
                               '''',,    \  /  ,,''''
                                      ',  '' ,'
                                 Spyro: A Hero's Tail
                                   Author - dark52
                                    Version - 1.01
                                  Updated - 17/03/05
                                  Started - 11/01/05
                         Email - dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
                          Website - http://www.darkspyro.net/
    WARNING: This guide is likely to contain major plot spoilers, so read on with
    caution if you dislike such things. Though quite what plot there is to spoil...
    WARNING: To prevent your savegame from being corrupted, please manually save
    before shutting off your console and exit to the main screen. Reports of
    corrupted savegames is not something you want to happen to you, this method is
    the safest way of ensuring your save remains intact.
    |                              Table of Contents                              |
    1. Introduction............................[0000]
         i - Introduction......................[0001]
         ii - Controls.........................[0002]
         iii - Story...........................[0003]
         iv - Moneybags........................[0004]
    2. Walkthrough.............................[1000]
         i - Dragon Village....................[1001]
         ii - Crocovile Swamp..................[1002]
         iii - Dragonfly Falls.................[1003]
         iv - Gnasty's Cave....................[1004]
         v - Coastal Remains...................[1101]
         vi - Cloudy Domain....................[1102]
         vii - Sunken Ruins....................[1103]
         viii - Boss: Ineptune.................[1104]
         ix - Frostbite Village................[1201]
         x - Gloomy Glacier....................[1202]
         xi - Ice Citadel......................[1203]
         xii - Frostbite Village...............[1204]
         xiii - Boss: Red......................[1205]
         xiv - Stormy Beach....................[1301]
         xv - Molten Mount.....................[1302]
         xvi - Magma Falls Top.................[1303]
         xvii - Magma Falls Bottom.............[1304]
         xviii - Dark Mine.....................[1305]
         xix - Red's Laboratory................[1306]
         xx - Completionism....................[1307]
         xxi - Boss: Mecha-Red.................[1308]
    3. Collectables Lists......................[2000]
         i - Dark Gems.........................[2001]
         ii - Dragon Eggs......................[2002]
         iii - Light Gems......................[2003]
    3. Frequently Asked Questions..............[3000]
         i - Boss Fights.......................[3001]
         ii - Save Corrupt.....................[3002]
         iii - Moneybags Glitch................[3003]
         iv - Abilities........................[3004]
         v - Strong Doors - Frostbite..........[3005]
         vi - Unlocking the Unlockables........[3006]
    4. Version History.........................[4000]
    5. Contact.................................[5000]
    6. Thanks..................................[6000]
    7. Copyright...............................[7000]
    | [0000]                         Introduction                                 |
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [0001] |-----------|                     Introduction                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    Spyro: A Hero's Tail, the fifth major console version of the 'Spyro the
    Dragon' series orignally created by developer Insomniac Games, but who moved on
    after the third game leaving VU Games with the Spyro license. Unfortunately the
    fourth Spyro game was awful, full of glitches and generally not fun to play.
    Thankfully VU have used an experienced developer this time, bringing in Eurocom
    to make A Hero's Tail. Released on the PS2, GameCube and Xbox on November the
    3rd 2004 (NA) and November the 12th 2004 (EU), Spyro: A Hero's Tail brings
    Spyro back to his platforming best.
    This guide was written by me in order to help out those of you stuck in certain
    parts of the game. And since it's generally tough to know exactly where and
    when anyone will get stuck, this guide will cover the entirity of the game from
    the beginning right up to the end. Use whatever parts you require in order to
    get through the game, though I wouldn't recommend just following the guide all
    the way through as that would really reduce your enjoyment of the game as a
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [0002] |-----------|                       Controls                         |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
                                |  SPYRO THE DRAGON  |
    |  Action         |  PlayStation 2    |  GameCube         |  Xbox             |
    |  Jump           |  X                |  A                |  A                |
    |  Double Jump    |  X + X            |  A + A            |  A + A            |
    |  Glide          |  X + X Hold       |  A + A Hold       |  A + A Hold       |
    |  Horn Dive      |  X + X + O        |  A + A + X        |  A + A + B        |
    |  Breath Attack  |  Square           |  Y                |  X                |
    |  Projectile     |  R1               |  R                |  Right            |
    |  Breath Select  |  D-Pad            |  D-Pad            |  D-Pad            |
    |  Wing Shield    |  Triangle         |  B                |  Y                |
    |  Dive/Charge    |  O                |  X                |  B                |
    |  Paddle (Swim)  |  Hold X           |  Hold A           |  Hold A           |
    |  FP Target      |  Hold L1          |  Hold L           |  Hold Left        |
                                   |  SGT. BYRD  |
    |  Action         |  PlayStation 2    |  GameCube         |  Xbox             |
    |  Fly            |  Hold X           |  Hold A           |  Hold A           |
    |  Turbo Boost    |  Square           |  X                |  X                |
    |  Fire Missiles  |  R1               |  R                |  Right            |
    |  Drop Bombs     |  L1               |  L                |  Left             |
                                 |  BLINK THE MOLE  |
    |  Action         |  PlayStation 2    |  GameCube         |  Xbox             |
    |  Jump           |  X                |  A                |  A                |
    |  Double Jump    |  X + X            |  A + A            |  A + A            |
    |  Butt Bounce    |  X + O            |  A + X            |  A + B            |
    |  Claw Attack    |  O                |  X                |  B                |
    |  Dig            |  O (cracked)      |  X (cracked)      |  B (cracked)      |
    |  Shoot Lasers   |  Square           |  Y                |  X                |
    |  Throw Bomb     |  R1               |  R                |  Right            |
    |  FP Target      |  L1               |  L                |  Left             |
    |  Crouch         |  Triangle         |  B                |  Y                |
                               |  HUNTER THE CHEETAH  |
    |  Action         |  PlayStation 2    |  GameCube         |  Xbox             |
    |  Jump           |  X                |  A                |  A                |
    |  Double Jump    |  X + X            |  A + A            |  A + A            |
    |  Pounce Stomp   |  X + X + O        |  A + A + X        |  A + A + B        |
    |  Punch          |  O                |  X                |  B                |
    |  Bow Swipe      |  X + Sqaure       |  A + Y            |  A + X            |
    |  Shoot Arrow    |  Square           |  Y                |  X                |
    |  Flaming Arrow  |  R1               |  R                |  Right            |
    |  FP Target      |  L1               |  L                |  Left             |
    |  Bow Spin       |  Triangle         |  B                |  Y                |
    |  Slide Attack   |  X + O            |  A + X            |  A + B            |
                               |  SPARX THE DRAGONFLY  |
    |  Action         |  PlayStation 2    |  GameCube         |  Xbox             |
    |  Shoot          |  X                |  A                |  A                |
    |  Fire Missiles  |  O                |  B                |  X                |
    |  Smart Bomb     |  Square           |  Y                |  Y                |
    |  Turbo          |  R1               |  R                |  Right            |
    |  Brake          |  L1               |  L                |  Left             |
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [0003] |-----------|                         Story                          |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    Since Spyro's last adventure, the Dragon Realms have enjoyed a long period of
    peace and prosperity. However, a shadowy figure from the distant past has
    returned to disrupt the serenity of the land - the evil dragon, Red! Now he has
    come back for vengeance!
    There is but one dragon who has the courage and strength to battle Red and foil
    his diabolical plan - the mighty Spyro!
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [0004] |-----------|                       Moneybags                        |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    You'll find his shops in every level of the game, except boss levels, and he'll
    charge prices depending on where you are. Unfortunately he doesn't have exactly
    a wide range of items to sell, and all can be bought at all shops, it's just a
    matter of being able to buy or use them.
                                |            Prices            |
    |  Item                     |  Realm Shop  |  Remote Shop  |
    |  Lock-Pick                |  500         |  625          |
    |  Extra Health Unit        |  5000        |  6250         |
    |  Fire Bomb                |  50          |  62           |
    |  Ball Lightning           |  250         |  312          |
    |  Aqua Bomb                |  50          |  62           |
    |  Ice Missile              |  100         |  125          |
    |  Fire Bomb Magazine       |  500         |  625          |
    |  Ball Lightning Magazine  |  1000        |  1250         |
    |  Aqua Bomb Magazine       |  250         |  312          |
    |  Ice Missile Magazine     |  750         |  937          |
    |  Keychain                 |  5000        |  6250         |
    |  Butterfly Jar            |  1500        |  1875         |
    |  Double Value Gems        |  1000        |  1250         |
    |  Shockwave                |  10000       |  12500        |
    |  Teleport Pass            |  100         |  100          |
    That's a extra markup of 25% for items bought at the Remote Shops, so I'd
    suggest buying the expensive items back in the Realm's main shop.
    There are also limitations on how much ammo you can hold at a time. You can
    hold eight magazines for each Power-Up, with a different boost to the total
    number of Power-Ups you can hold for each breath Power-Up.
    Maximum of 50 Fire Bomb
    Maximum of 10 Ball Lightning
    Maximum of 100 Aqua Bomb
    Maximum of 20 Ice Missile
    | [1000]                         Walkthrough                                  |
    As soon as you either select your save slot or continue without saving, you'll
    be treated to a short introduction cutscene that doesn't really tell you much
    apart from showing you that Gnasty's back and a mysterious Red dragon who seems
    to be in control.
    Once Gnasty is safely locked away, Professor will introduce the story for
    proper. He tells all about Dark Gems and mentions Red rather vaguely. Then,
    you're off!
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1001] |-----------|                    Dragon Village                      |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
                               |  |
                             __/  \_____
                            /   L       \
                           |             )
                           |            /_______
                            ''\           _     \
                               |    D    / / \\  \__--_           __----,--,
                               \       _/  --- \-,    D|__,------/       _  \
                                \  ___/          \___/\               __/ /  '',
         ____      __           / /_     __    _  _____>        __----   |      \
        / D E\____/ /   _/\     \  /  __/  \__/L\/E         // /  _----\ \      /
       |            \__/   -----\\ \_/                     / \ |_/      \_\    |
      .-              ____//L   //                     _---   |     __   E   |\|
      \/\EL          /_ ___\    |                     |_       \___/  \__/\__|
          \____L      |/E                    __--_     /
               \  /\__          L           |     \___/
                \/    \    _______        |\ \__
                       \__/       \____---/ |   \_
    +-------Items and Tasks------+
    | 3 Dark Gems                |  A rather annoying help feature will be
    | 6 Dragon Eggs              |  displayed straight away. Trina is a small fairy
    | 6 Light Gems               |  that will  popup at random points to tell you
    |----------------------------|  about things, mostly only useful if you're
    | Visit Moneybags            |  brand new to the Spyro series though some of it
    | Collect Gems               |  will be useful for those of you who have.
    | Buy Lock-Pick              |
    | Open Gate                  |  [ ] - Visit Moneybags
    | Visit Elder Tomas          |
    | Destroy Dark Gem           |  While the game recommends you go talk to
    | Retrieve Dragon Egg        |  Moneybags, I recommend that you don't as it can
    | Collect 8 Light Gems       |  cause a glitch to occur which means that you
    | See Nanny                  |  can't access his shop properly once you do get
    | Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway |  500 gems. Therefore, collect at least 500 gems
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems  |  before talking to Moneybags just to be safe. It
    | Defeat Gnasty Gnorc        |  won't always happen, but there are reports of
    | Activate Teleporter        |  it.
                                    [ ] - Collect Gems
    After talking to Moneybags (though do it before talking to him) you'll need to
    collect at least 500 gems and then go back and talk to Moneybags  again. In
    this part of the level, gems can be found in a variety of places.
     - Just lying around on the floor
     - Inside Wicker Baskets, flame to open
     - Inside Metal Chests, charge to open
     - Inside Dark Gem Shards, charge to get them
    And there is a possible total of 545 gems you can get before talking to
    Moneybags. Once you have enough, go talk to him over by his shop.
    [  ] - Buy Lock-Pick
    Not the most difficult of challenges, just talk to Moneybags, he'll lead you
    into his shop and it'll activate itself automatically. The Lock-Pick looks like
    a key with Sparx on one end. And it costs 500 gems.
    [ ] - Open Gate
    Just walk (or charge) over to the locked gate just to the left (west) of
    Moneybags' shop. Sparx will open it up for you.
    [ ] - Visit Elder Tomas
    Continue along this newly opened tunnel and Zoe will give you the usual speech
    about saving your position, but in this game that's exactly what it does so
    watch out for that auto-saving icon if you're going to be switching off your
    console anytime soon. Always Quit to the 'Front End' before turning off this
    game as that auto-save feature can screw up your save if you turn off while
    it's still going on.
    Anyway, go over to the dark gem and Ember will start talking to you. She'll
    'give' you this task even though you already had it. Ah well. Get some more
    gems here if you want, then head over to the closed gate, step on the switch
    and go into the cave. Just to the right of the inside of the entrance you
    should see a cracking wall. Charge into it to find some extra gems. Nothing
    special this time, but other cracks in the wall like this one can hide
    important items such as Dragon Eggs or Light Gems.
    At the end of the tunnel, you'll find the blue coloured Elder Tomas who'll give
    you the power to both Double Jump and Horn Dive.
    [ ] - Destroy Dark Gem
    [ ] - Destory all the Dark Gems
    That second task will popup now, though you won't complete it for a while since
    there are other levels involved in that one.
    The scenery will lighten up and vines  o------------DARK GEM 01/40------------o
    will retract, as well as opening up    | Simply double jump up onto the ledge |
    and exit for you. Jump up to that      | opposite the Elder Tomas and perform |
    exit and follow the tunnel along out   | a Horn Dive right next to the large  |
    to where you'll meet up with Hunter    | Dark Gem there attempting to get it  |
    for the first time this game.          | as dead on as possible.              |
    [ ] - Retrieve Dragon Egg
    Hunter offers to open the door for you if you find a Dragon Egg and get back to
    him safely. This'll involve a lot of Double Jumping and gliding, some of which
    is more difficult then others.
    If you like gems, head down to the floor beneath the platforms where Hunter is
    standing and collect all you can. There are a few places down there that if
    Horn Dived, they will smash open and give you gems. These look like rocks but
    have a circular pattern on top. Anything that has a circular pattern on top is
    almost always Horn Diveable.
    On the way back up to Hunter, you'll notice a Strong Chest. This will need
    something strong in order to open it up. You can ignore it just for now though
    as you can't reach the thing that'll smash it open just yet.
    Once you're ready to go, glide onto the series of platforms leading away
    eastwards and as you reach the end of this section you'll come across the first
    ever enemy of the game. An un-armoured Gnorc. As you glide over towards it,
    flame. This should hit it upon you landing next to it and thereby killing it.
    Gems will then explode out of him. This is the cause of unlmited gems in this
    game, all enemies will keep giving you gems each time you kill them, though
    they won't respawn until you either die yourself, or re-enter the level, though
    those that won't give gems usually won't respawn either but they sometimes do.
    At the end of this short tunnel, you'll find a large open chasm with platforms
    in. Same as before, except that if you fall you'll die. Though having Zoe right
    at the entrance and having unlimited lives does help a lot. The second platform
    will again have a Gnorc on it, flame and land. A slightly more difficult glide
    next, but it shouldn't be too much of a trouble if you press jump the second
    time at the highest point of your first jump forwards.
    Stand on the button and go inside. In the next room you'll find another new
    enemy. The Gnorc with a Sword. This one can either be charged or flamed, your
    choice, though it will still try to attack you either way.
    Dragon eggs are similar to Dark Gems   o-----DRAGON EGG 01/80 - Ember Set-----o
    in that you'll need them to complete   | The first of the dragon eggs in the  |
    the game to 100%, but they aren't      | game. This one is pink with daisy    |
    quite as important as they aren't      | designs on it and is found in the    |
    needed for just completing the         | room just after this one.            |
    storyline. There are eighty dragon     o--------------------------------------o
    eggs in the game, each of which
    belongs to one of eight sets, with each set having ten eggs. Once you complete
    a set of eggs, you'll unlock a special something from the Front End.
    Your current sets can be viewed by going to the map, and pressing the button
    for the Status Screen.
    Head out the door to an area with one single Gnorc in, and a few gems. As well
    as the first Horn Dive chest. Also, there are two Fire Bombs here for you to
    use. They are 'powerups' for your fire breath, very limited and overall not
    that useful unless you have a lot of them and enjoy using them as well as
    spending lots of gems on getting more.
    The first armoured Gnorc is waiting just around the corner. As you go into the
    tunnel now, charge into the armoured Gnorc and then flame him. This will take
    care of him, and is how you'll be taking care of Gnorcs like him throughout the
    game. Right at the end of this tunnel, you'll find a firework to light. Light
    it and it'll destroy that Strong Chest you met earlier. That's right, we're
    back at Hunter again. Collect the gems and talk to Hunter again.
    [ ] - See Nanny
    He'll open the door for you now, and so go through. Wander on along here, and
    take out the first armoured Gnorc there. Behind him is a locked chest, which
    you'll have to come back a bit later to open up as you won't have a Lock-Pick
    on you at the moment.
    [ ] - Collect 8 Light Gems
    Carry on past here, and talk to the hologram Professor. He'll yatter on about
    collecting things. Eight Light Gems will be what he finally settles on, he'll
    also open up the door to the nursery too. This task, like the Dark Gem task,
    won't be completeable for a while.
    Head through the door the Professor    o-----------LIGHT GEM 001/100----------o
    just opened up and you'll              | Once you're done talking to Nanny,   |
    automatically see a bunch of Egg       | turn around and straight ahead       |
    Thieves stealing some Dragon Eggs.     | you'll see the first of the Light    |
    Nanny will explain about eggs here.    | Gems. As with Dragon Eggs, just walk |
                                           | into it to collect it.               |
    Head out the door the thieves opened,  o--------------------------------------o
    and you'll find yourself back out at
    the start of the level with Moneybags  o--DRAGON EGG 02/80 - Character Viewer-o
    on your right. Buy a Lock-Pick off     | Inside the locked chest just before  |
    him and head back through to the       | Nanny.                               |
    locked chest you couldn't open         o--------------------------------------o
    Head back through the Nursery again    o-----------LIGHT GEM 002/100----------o
    and over to the far side of the        | Inside the chest at the entrance to  |
    opening part of the level to where     | the west-side of Dragon Village.     |
    there was a ledge that required        | Double Jump required.                |
    Double Jump. And suprise suprise,      o--------------------------------------o
    you've got it now!
    Make sure to have a Lock-Pick here, as the chest straight away contains
    something very nice.
    Go through the tunnel here, kill the   o------------DARK GEM 02/40------------o
    armoured Gnorc and out into the large  | Once you activate the switch in the  |
    open area at the end. To the right of  | far-west area of Dragon Village,     |
    the entrance, you'll find a round red  | several platforms will raise up.     |
    and white target just at the right     | Jump up onto the nearest one as it   |
    height for charging into.              | goes up, and then onto the next      |
                                           | highest. Then jump off to the side   |
    Jump back down to ground level, and    | where this dark gem is awaiting.     |
    talk to Sgt. Byrd over by the purple   o--------------------------------------o
                                           o----DRAGON EGG 03/80 - Flame Model----o
    [ ] - Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway       | Just inside the small opening made   |
                                           | visible by destroying Dark Gem 02.   |
    Say yes. Basically what you need to    o--------------------------------------o
    do here is get all of the targets as
    specified at the start in the time limit given. Easy Mode is for a Dragon Egg,
    and Hard Mode is for a Light Gem. With Hard Mode you just get less time to
    start with really, though the things are also spread out differently too.
    Here you'll be getting Rings, Time-Gates, Targets, Gnorcs and Vultures. You'll
    also be given a 3 minute time limit in which to get all these, though going
    through Time-Gates gives you +5 seconds, so you could count that as 3:40.
    First off, take off and head down towards the time-gate on the right. Fly
    through it and along through a few more, shoot anything that gets a target to
    appear on it. Go through the rings at the end here, and then through another
    Time-Gate, a ring and then shoot a Gnorc. In a short while when you get to an
    island with several Gnorcs on, make sure to get all four.
    Right ahead, you should get the last two remaing Time-Gates as well as the last
    couple of Gnorcs, then head off towards the flock of Vultures and take all
    eight of them out. Just past the Vultures you should find the last of the
    Targets to blow up. If you're still missing anything, then fly around the level
    looking for it/them.
    Once you've completed it on Easy, go   o---DRAGON EGG 04/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    onto the Hard setting in order to get  | Complete Sgt. Byrd's Mini-Game in    |
    the Light Gem. This requires faster    | the far west part of Dragon Village  |
    shooting and better tracking down of   | on Easy setting.                     |
    things to shoot, the above strategy    o--------------------------------------o
    is useless as the things are all in
    different places now. There are now    o-----------LIGHT GEM 003/100----------o
    Gnorcs up on top of the towers in      | Complete Sgt. Byrd's Mini-Game in    |
    case you wanted to know.               | the far west part of Dragon Village  |
                                           | on Hard Setting.                     |
    After getting this Light Gem, charge   o--------------------------------------o
    into the switch you used earlier, and
    follow the platforms all the way up    o-----------LIGHT GEM 004/100----------o
    to the opening in the wall. Also up    | Inside at the top of a series of     |
    there you'll find a firework to        | platforms in the far-west section of |
    destroy a Strong Chest on one of the   | Dragon Village.                      |
    platforms. Now, just to the left of    o--------------------------------------o
    the entrance to this whole area,
    you'll see a cracked wall, charge into it.
    Through the tunnel, in the area at     o-----DRAGON EGG 05/80 - Blink Set-----o
    the end, you'll find a couple of       | Just at the end of a short stream in |
    archer Gnorcs who will appear as you   | this area just after the aread with  |
    get near to where they are. A simple   | Sgt. Byrd's Mini-Game.               |
    flame will do, but you should avoid    o--------------------------------------o
    their arrows.
    Jump up to the open window of the      o-----------LIGHT GEM 005/100----------o
    building on your right.                | Just above a hole that leads down    |
                                           | into the Professor's Lab.            |
    Talk to the Professor and he'll now    o--------------------------------------o
    let you out of his lab. You'll once
    again be back at the start. Go through the doorway that you unlocked first off.
    All the way back to where Ember is
    still standing next to that Dark Gem.  o------------DARK GEM 03/40------------o
    Bring a Lock-Pick with you though.     | Right next to Ember just after the   |
                                           | first locked gate of the level.      |
    Horn Dive it to destroy it. The        o--------------------------------------o
    bridge and surroundings will heal,
    talk to Ember again and she'll talk about you going over the bridge to a swamp.
    Ignore her pleas and go on over. There'a firework just over it
    which opens a Strong Chest with some gems inside.
    And that's all for Dragon Village.     o-----------LIGHT GEM 006/100----------o
    There is still one Dragon Egg left     | The last Light Gem of the level.     |
    unfound though, but you won't be able  | Found locked in a chest just inside  |
    to get that before you've opened up    | the entrance to Crocovile Swamp      |
    the pathway to Gnasty Gnorc. So on to  | which is over the bridge fixed by    |
    Crocovile Swamp! The path to get       | Dark Gem #3.                         |
    there is along behind the chest where  o--------------------------------------o
    you found Light Gem #6.
    The journey there is very simple, just follow the tunnel along, and make sure
    not to fall off where there is a large gap. Jump onto the platform there and
    it'll take you over to the other side.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1002] |-----------|                    Crocovile Swamp                     |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +--------Items and Tasks-------+
    | 3 Dark Gems                  |  [ ] - Find Blink the Mole
    | 8 Dragon Eggs                |
    | 10 Light Gems                |  You get three brand new tasks upon entering
    |------------------------------|  the level. Each of which is done one at a
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems    |  time, but altogether, if you get what I mean.
    | Visit Elder Magnus           |  The one above is the one you'll get completed
    | Use Pole Spin                |  first.
    | Find Blink the mole          |
    | Let Blink explore            |  Upon reaching Zoe at the start of the level,
    | Visit Fredneck the Frog      |  there's a Dark Gem Shard right in front of
    | Clear Fred's Critter Problem |  you. Destroy it and follow the path down to
    +------------------------------+  another tunnel, there's a piece of fire ammo
                                      on the left if you want it, watch out for the
    vines though.
    A simple tunnel with moving spikes coming out of the walls. Once you get to the
    end you'll see Moneybags with his shop, walk up to it and he'll tell you about
    his remote shop. You'll now be able to use his teleport passes which can
    teleport you to any one of his shops
    across the realm, providing you've     o------------DARK GEM 04/40------------o
    walked over it at least once.          | To the north-west of the first of    |
                                           | Moneybags remote shops in Crocovile  |
    Follow those newly created platforms   | Swamp. This dark gem raises up three |
    up to a cave where Zoe is waiting.     | large platforms which will allow you |
                                           | to get to the western section of the |
    Charge into the cracked wall on the    | level.                               |
    right of the entrance.                 o--------------------------------------o
    Continue along the main tunnel now,    o-----------LIGHT GEM 007/100----------o
    and follow it out into the large open  | Instead of going to the left in this |
    area here. If you go over to the       | tunnel at Zoe, charge into the wall  |
    lefthand side of this place, you can   | on the right to open up a secret     |
    find a firework that will destroy a    | tunnel with a large spider in. At    |
    Strong Chest over to the right. Once   | the end is a locked chest with this  |
    you've flamed it, head over to where   | light gem inside.                    |
    the chest was, and then follow the     o--------------------------------------o
    platforms just to the west of it.
                                           o---DRAGON EGG 06/80 - Character Set---o
    Don't fall in the brown swamp, it'll   | At the end of the set of platforms   |
    kill you straight away. Also watch     | in the far west section of Crocovile |
    out for the large swamp tentacles      | Swamp.                               |
    which will pop out and try to knock    o--------------------------------------o
    you into the swamp.
    That's all for this section of Crocovile Swamp, you won't ever need to come
    back here if you don't want to. Anyway, head back to Moneybags shop again.
    Follow the steps upwards on the pyramid with the spikes moving on it. Make sure
    to jump over the gaps as they contain the same deadly swamp water as the swamp.
    Once you get right to the very top of
    the pyramid, glide over to the cannon  o-----------LIGHT GEM 008/100----------o
    to the north-west.                     | Use the cannon to destroy the top of |
                                           | the pyramid next to Moneybags' first |
    Jump back down to ground level, and    | shop, and the Light Gem will appear  |
    follow it around to the north-east     | there.                               |
    now. Keep along the edge of the        o--------------------------------------o
    swamp, and go down to where the
    Professor's hologram is waiting.
    [ ] - Collect 40 Light Gems
    He'll tell you about his Supercharge Gadget, one that requires 40 Light Gems to
    be powered. You won't be able to do this for a while, so ignore it right now.
    Continue on past here, and as you      o-----DRAGON EGG 07/80 - Ember Set-----o
    reach a large doorway into a tunnel,   | Past the temple, just before an      |
    go off to the right of it and follow   | entrance to a tunnel guarded by      |
    a short path up to a locked chest.     | dragon dogs, go off to the right up  |
                                           | to a locked chest which contains     |
    Now go into that tunnel you just       | this egg.                            |
    avoided. Follow it round all the way   o--------------------------------------o
    to Zoe. Once out in the open, follow
    the large plants along (flame them) up to a switch on the ground. Horn Dive it
    to open up the front gate of the temple permanently.
    Head down to Moneybags' shop, then go upto the temple itself, making sure to
    kill everything that gets in your way. On the right is another switch to Horn
    Dive. It'll open up the temple fully.
    Now go into the tunnel dead ahead of   o-----DRAGON EGG 08/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    the entrance. Another pressure button  | In the left-hand room of the temple  |
    will open it up. Inside is a series    | near Moneybags' Shop 'Forgotten      |
    of platforms, all above a bottomless   | Temple', simply walk over the        |
    expanse, with swinging axes as well    | pressure button to open it. It's     |
    as Gnorcs on several of the            | also inside a locked chest.          |
    platforms. You'll need to time it      o--------------------------------------o
    right, jumping just as the axe gets
    out of the way, and flaming whilst jumping so as to avoid getting knocked
    backwards by the Gnorcs, or you could probably use the ammo if you wanted to be
    On the way there, there is only one    o-----------LIGHT GEM 009/100----------o
    Gnorc and two swinging axes, however   | At the end of a series of platforms  |
    on the way back, there is a Gnorc on   | in the room dead ahead of the        |
    each platform and all the axes are     | entrance to the 'Forgotten Temple'.  |
    swinging as well as some falling       o--------------------------------------o
    rocks too.
    The path to the right of the entrance is currently unavailable due to the fact
    that you don't have electric breath just yet. You'll probably want to come back
    here once you've gotten that in order to get what's behind the door there.
    Now, out of the temple and continue    o-----------LIGHT GEM 010/100----------o
    on along to the south-west, follow     | At the major curve around in the     |
    the windy path along killing Gnorcs    | path, you should be able to see a    |
    as you go.                             | slightly different coloured stone in |
                                           | the wall, charge into it and the     |
    Finish up the tunnel to where Zoe is.  | wall will open up to this Light Gem. |
    To the left you can go along a couple  o--------------------------------------o
    of platforms to get to some gems, but
    there's nothing else so there's little point.
    Instead, go off and follow the path    o-----------LIGHT GEM 011/100----------o
    of platforms ahead of Zoe, and since   | Take the right path of platforms,    |
    you can't Pole Spin, just yet, keep    | which rise and sink, and work your   |
    following them until there's a split   | way up and around to place above the |
    in the directions again.               | Zoe, which was just after Light Gem  |
                                           | #10.                                 |
    Step on the small button in front      o--------------------------------------o
    of where the Light Gem was, and
    jump back down to Zoe. Follow the platforms along again, this time going left
    at the second split.
    And here, you should easily see Blink locked inside a wooden cage. Quite why
    it's never said, but step on the small button infront of him to release him.
    [ ] - Let Blink explore
    Say yes. This is the first of many increasingly difficult mini-games for Blink.
    First off to get a Dragon Egg, you'll need to get five Dark Shards, then on the
    second run through to get a Light Gem, there'll be more dark gems to get, ten
    in fact.
    Read the Help if you want to know how to control him, or just refer to the
    controls section of the introduction to this walkthrough. Wooden Crates can
    simply be shot or punched, Horn Dive chests require you to perform Blink's
    equivalent to Horn Dive, except that you don't need to double jump. Blink's
    bombs can be thrown a short distance and will stick to certain things. They are
    required for blowing up the Dark Shards as well as larger obstacles.
    Instead of Zoe everywhere, there are Blink Bomb rechargers which will save your
    progress in the current Mini-Game, so if you die and continue you'll go back to
    the last one you walked over with the amount of Dark Shards you had then.
    There are also several points that will require Blink to dig, these are in
    walls for getting around, and at certain points in the floor which will dig up
    a few gems. Trina will introduce all these things as you go along the level,
    eventually and in an annoying fashion.
    Anyway, with the level. Head straight ahead, and when you get into a pit with
    several green vines in, dig at the far wall which when looked at through your
    goggles, appears a light pink. Collect some bombs, and then proceed to use one
    on the cracked door on your right if you want some gems, and in HARD mode,
    there'll be a Dark Shard in here.
    Next, jump up onto the ladder type thing, and use Blink's wall kick ability
    (even if Spyro doesn't have it yet). At the top, shoot the large spider and
    drop a bomb next to the first Dark Shard.
    Jump down just past this (HARD: Dark Shard next to the bomb dispenser), and
    blow up a large stack of metal crates, you'll need to blow them up twice. And
    just beyond them are a couple of spiders and the second Dark Shard. Use the
    wall kick section here to get back up, shoot the spider at the top too. Jump up
    to the next level and then use the wall kick thing there too.
    At the top, shoot the two spiders across the large gap with dragon dogs in and
    then when the moving rock gets closer, jump onto the bottom of it and Blink
    will hold on. Wait for it to reach the other side and then drop a Blink bomb on
    the Dark Shard over there too.
                                           o-----DRAGON EGG 09/80 - Blink Set-----o
    Drop back down the wall kick place,    | Complete Blink's mini-game on Easy   |
    and dig through the wall to a new      | Setting.                             |
    area. Straight away on the left is     o--------------------------------------o
    the fourth Dark Shard. Jump onto
    the stone platform nearby and wait     o-----------LIGHT GEM 012/100----------o
    for another one to swing by, jump      | Complete Blink's mini-game on Hard   |
    onto the vertical surface and again    | Setting.                             |
    Blink will hold on. Wait for it to     o--------------------------------------o
    get over to another platform and jump
    off. (HARD: On the platform just ahead is another Dark Shard to destroy) Wait
    for another, then do the same again.
    On the platform at the end (HARD: Use stone platforms to get up really high
    where there is another Dark Shard), jump down to the left where the fifth Dark
    Shard is waiting. (HARD: In the middle of the swamp water is another Dark
    Once you've done both of those, head off to the left of his cage to where
    another Moneybags' shop is, Elder's Tree.
    [ ] - Visit Elder Magnus               o------------DARK GEM 05/40------------o
                                           | Just past Moneybags' Shop, 'Elder's  |
    Head inside the treehouse and talk to  | Tree' is this Dark Gem, it will open |
    the Elder Magnus. He'll explain a      | up Elder Magnus' treehouse.          |
    little more about Red, and then give   o--------------------------------------o
    Spyro the ability to Pole Spin.
    [ ] - Use Pole Spin
                                           o-----DRAGON EGG 10/80 - Flame Set-----o
    Use the pole over to your right on     | Charge into the wall just on the     |
    the wall to swing to a higher pole,    | right on the first platform of the   |
    then again to a platform.              | Elder's treehouse.                   |
    Also light the firework if you want.
    Turn around and go back into the       o-----------LIGHT GEM 013/100----------o
    treehouse again.                       | Jump up to the third level platform  |
                                           | in the Elder's treehouse.            |
    There are a couple more uses for pole  o--------------------------------------o
    spin around here, but none of which
    lead to anything more than gems. So off back to where Blink was. Follow the
    platforms away to the left, and then onto the green land on the second fork.
    Pole Spin up to the top.
    Follow the platforms in here, to the   o-----DRAGON EGG 11/80 - Blink Set-----o
    second Crocovile. Jump up to where he  | Behind a small fence in the far      |
    is.                                    | south-eastern area of Crocovile      |
                                           | Swamp which can be destroyed with a  |
    Continue on through and you'll appear  | small charge.                        |
    with Blink directly infront. Glide     o--------------------------------------o
    over to the platform above him, or
    just use the poles next to him if you  o------------DARK GEM 06/40------------o
    don't make it. Watch out for the       | Right at the end of the tunnel above |
    spiders of this tunnel.                | Blink's cage.                        |
    [ ] - Visit Fredneck the Frog
    It'll open up the entrance to where Fredneck is sitting. You'll need to talk to
    him to get further on.
    [ ] - Clear Fred's Critter problem
    You'll once again be needing to        o-----DRAGON EGG 12/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    complete this twice. Dragon Egg for    | Complete Fred's turret mini-game on  |
    the first go, Light Gem for the        | Easy.                                |
    second. In order to win, you'll need   o--------------------------------------o
    to get the green side of the bar to
    full, you'll lose if the red gets to   o-----------LIGHT GEM 014/100----------o
    full.                                  | Complete Fred's turret mini-game on  |
                                           | Hard.                                |
    Shoot the critters as they appear on   o--------------------------------------o
    your radar before they can get to the
    food in front of you. Just hold down shoot and wave the turret around for a
    bit. It will get more difficult as you go along.
    Now go off to the left using the lily pads.
    And that is the last of the            o-----------LIGHT GEM 015/100----------o
    collectables in this level that you    | On the second lilypad after Fredneck |
    can currently get. Once you've got     | the Frog, turn to the right and jump |
    both electric breath and 40 light      | up to the Light Gem on the shelf.    |
    gems, you should come back here in     o--------------------------------------o
    order to gather up the last remaining
    Light Gems and Dragon Egg.
    Glide down to the lilypad again and continue on the same way you were before.
    You should recognise the place, now work your way back to the beginning of the
    level and through to Dragon Village again.
    Find the Ball Gadget near to where the nursery is, and get into it ready for a
    trip to Dragonfly Falls. There's very little to do inside the Ball Gadget,
    simply work your way to the other end of the short path to get to the next
    level. Select No when you fall into the hole at the end.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1003] |-----------|                    Dragonfly Falls                     |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks------+
    | 4 Dark Gems               |  After getting out of the Ball Gadget, you'll
    | 6 Dragon Eggs             |  appear next to Zoe inside a brown earthy cave.
    | 9 Light Gems              |  No new tasks just yet, so head forwards taking
    |---------------------------|  out the Crocovile as you see fit, either for
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems |  lunch or a barbecue, your choice.
    | Collect 70 Light Gems     |
    | Clear Sparx Shooter       |  Couple of self-raising spikes ahead, make sure
    | Retrieve Dragon Egg       |  to jump over the one that just went down.
    | Retrieve Light Gem        |  Continue on the short journey until you reach
    +---------------------------+  Zoe up a couple of 'steps'. You'll notice a
                                   crack in the wall ahead, there's only gems in
    there so pick them up if you want. Now turn  around and look back the way you
    came, you should see a Crocovile on a ledge with a locked chest behind him.
    Simply glide on over there, and kill the Crocovile.
    Once you've got that, jump back to     o-----------LIGHT GEM 016/100----------o
    Zoe and continue down the path         | In the locked chest by a Crocovile   |
    outside. Once you get into the large   | near the start of the level,         |
    green open-ish area, go over to the    | opposite a secret gem cave.          |
    left and jump up onto a platform with  o--------------------------------------o
    a Crocovile on, smash into the
    cracked wall behind him. Some bats     o------------DARK GEM 07/40------------o
    will fly out, flame them as they do    | At the end of a 'secret' tunnel in   |
    or they'll hurt you.                   | the first outside area of the level. |
    That Dark Gem will cause the place to
    lighten up a bit and will open up another small area.
    Head out of this tunnel now, and       o-----DRAGON EGG 13/80 - Ember Set-----o
    continue along with the level.         | Inside the small area opened up by   |
    Moneybags' shop 'Steep Canyon' is      | Dark Gem #7.                         |
    right ahead.                           o--------------------------------------o
    Continue on past it, buy another Lock-Pick if you need one, and as you get to
    them, flame the goats/rams that charge at you. Very similar to those of the
    first game, they even have a shephard behind them. Now, when you reach the
    shephard, turn to the right and glide over to the platform with a button on it.
    Horn Dive it to activate it.
    Go up the platforms and use the cannon on the top to destroy the large metal
    door over to the other side, it should already be perfectly lined up for you.
    Take that Light Gem, and smash the     o-----------LIGHT GEM 017/100----------o
    cracked wall on the right if you want  | Through a strong door destroyed by a |
    some extra gems. If not, head back     | cannon near the start of the level.  |
    out again and once again it's back on  o--------------------------------------o
    with the level. Watch out for the
    spikes here, they hurt.
    If you need some free gems, go left and explore the region below and around
    here as you get out of the tunnel. Else, just continue on along the path to
    another tunnel with moving spikes in, though take the path that doesn't have
    Zoe'll zap you. Jump and glide over    o------------DARK GEM 08/40------------o
    to the first of the platforms above    | Over to the left of a series of      |
    nothingness, and then head off to the  | bendy platforms, it opens up a       |
    left.                                  | cannon for use.                      |
    Jump aboard that cannon, and shoot
    the large boulders across from you. Then, make your way over to where they were
    and use the cannon there to smash another boulder, you can also, and should,
    shoot the birds circling overhead.
    Use the newly cleared platform to get  o---DRAGON EGG 14/80 - Character Set---o
    over to the green part, and go to the  | Over a bottomless chasm on the left  |
    left end of it.                        | near Dark Gem #8.                    |
    [ ] - Collect 70 Light Gems
    Now head off to the other end of the place where you landed and go through to
    the 'right'. Just before you exit the tunnel here, jump onto the boxes and then
    up onto a ledge on the left. You'll find a few gems as well as a door locked
    until you collect 70 Light Gems. You won't have enough just yet, but you'll
    need to come back later if you want to complete the game to 100%.
    Now head back to the tunnel again and
    out the end. You should appear in an   o------------DARK GEM 09/40------------o
    area with a large stone Elder statue.  | Over to the right of where the       |
    Explore the area for gems if you       | Dragon Elder statue is looking, just |
    want.                                  | before a pool of water.              |
    The pool will fill up further, jump
    in and smash open the cracked wall.    o-----------LIGHT GEM 018/100----------o
                                           | Through a cracked wall which is only |
    Head back out again. Jump to the       | smashable by swimming into it.       |
    left of the entrance to this area      o--------------------------------------o
    again and around the corner a bit to
    land on a place with a small knee-deep pond on it. Then glide over to a
    mysterious floating platform in front of the Dragon Elder statue. Jump up to
    another and then glide on over to the signpost with a picture of Sparx on it.
    [ ] - Clear Sparx Shooter
    This is the first of the Sparx minigames. As with all other mini-games, you'll
    go through once to get a Dragon Egg and a second time for a Light Gem. The
    minigame here involves you controlling Sparx and flying him down a tunnel with
    loads of bugs and things flying at you and attacking you. Sparx will appear on
    screen sort of like a cross-hair, but larger and gets in the way of your view
    occasionally, though you get a cross-hair too.
    Shoot continuously if you want, I highly recommend it. You'll want to kill the
    spiders that drop down as they will hit you if you don't, though the rest of
    the bugs can generally be avoided.
    Once shot the spiders will sometimes   o-----DRAGON EGG 15/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    drop powerups, and the bugs will       | Complete Sparx Shooter on Easy mode. |
    either drop gems or very rarely a      o--------------------------------------o
    butterfly to heal you. Your blue
    gauge will slowly regenerate so use    o-----------LIGHT GEM 019/100----------o
    it if you want to slow down or speed   | Complete Sparx Shooter on Hard mode. |
    up at any point. Oh, and shoot the     o--------------------------------------o
    web when you get to it.
    Just get to the end to win. The only difference with Hard mode is that there
    are a few creatures on the floor who will attack you much like the spiders do.
    Now jump down to the right onto a platform with a Crocovile on it. Go down the
    tunnel, flame the bats as they
    appear and out to the large open area  o-----DRAGON EGG 16/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    at the other end. Glide down to the    | Inside a cracked wall in the large   |
    right and land on a platform with      | watery open area after the Sparx     |
    Wicker Baskets round a palm tree.      | mini-game. Reachable by using Wall   |
    Charge and flame the Gnorc as it       | Kick.                                |
    appears. Then charge into the cracked  o--------------------------------------o
    Jump down to Moneybags' Shop, 'Tropical Cove'. Beware of the water, if is
    infested with piranhas. I don't believe that you can kill the piranhas here and
    I don't recommend trying.
    Over to the left of the entrance to    o-----------LIGHT GEM 020/100----------o
    this area, on a small island with a    | To the left of the entrance to the   |
    tree, you should find a locked chest.  | piranha infested water area, inside  |
                                           | a locked chest.                      |
    Collecting this 20th Light Gem will    o--------------------------------------o
    solve a task you've yet to get, so
    don't worry about it too much when the task icon appears but nothings changed.
    Use the floating wooden platforms to   o-----------LIGHT GEM 021/100----------o
    get across to the other side of the    | On the western side of the piranha   |
    lake.                                  | infested lake, it's on a short       |
                                           | treetrunk.                           |
    Now work your way over to the north-   o--------------------------------------o
    western side of the lake. On the left
    up the first step you should be able to see Hunter standing there. This is his
    first playable level.
    [ ] - Retrieve Dragon Egg
    That's the whole point of this, though there is a Light Gem too. Unlike the
    other extra characters, Hunter isn't a mini-game guy, his levels are parts of
    levels and are just a simple change of character rather then being Spyro. If
    you want, you can turn around and shoot Spyro a few times. You've got Sparx so
    it won't hurt.
    Jump up the ledge here and go through a tunnel. Follow the platforms around,
    shooting Gnorcs as they appear. Try not to fall into the water below, this cat
    can't swim. Trina will give you some helpful pointers at controlling Hunter,
    though for the most part it's just common sense.
    On the ledges with Gnorcs that shoot at you, shoot them and then shoot the
    baskets if there are any, the gems will fly towards you so there's no need to
    try the impossible jump over to them.
    Once you reach Zoe again, go forwards a short way and then jump through the
    waterfall to a tunnel. In here you'll find a whole load of gems, a few Gnorcs
    and a couple of explosive arrows, similar to what Spyro has for a fire powerup,
    but more useful as they are required to be used if you want to get everything.
    Head back out again, and jump onto the climbable surface at the end of the
    path. This is really just a demonstration of what you'll need to do in later
    Hunter levels as there are only gems to be gotten this way. Head back again.
    Now continue along the platforms, take the path to the right and land on the
    ledge with some fodder on it. Use an Explosive Arrow on the cracked wall for
    some gems and another explosive arrow.
    Now back to the main track again.      o-----DRAGON EGG 17/80 - Flame Set-----o
    Quickly take care of the three birds   | Work your way to the Dragon Egg in   |
    flying around, and make the large      | Hunter's portion of the level.       |
    jump to the dragon egg you can see.    o--------------------------------------o
    Carry on past the egg, shoot the       o-----------LIGHT GEM 022/100----------o
    three Gnorcs left and work your way    | At the end of the Hunter portion of  |
    over the platforms to your prize.      | the level.                           |
    Now just drop down, you're back at
    the start of the Hunter part, and walk back to where Spyro is waiting.
    Glide over to the green steps ahead and go up them to where an armoured Gnorc
    is standing, kill it of course. Wander along the path, you can drop down to the
    water level if you want, and into a large area, the last part of the level.
    There's a Light Gem in here which is unreachable due to the fact that you don't
    have Wall Kick right now. So instead, head over to the top of the first
    platform you get to in there area.
    Wait for a moving platform to arrive, jump aboard and let it carry you to its
    destination, though you will need to jump as it doesn't quite reach where you
    want to go. Remember I mentioned a
    Light Gem you couldn't get yet? Well,  o-----------LIGHT GEM 023/100----------o
    I lied. You can. At the end of the     | Reachable via a Wall Kick, near the  |
    journey of this moving platform, jump  | Dark Gem #10.                        |
    off to the left and towards the Light  o--------------------------------------o
    Gem. You should be able to make it if
    you're lucky, Spyro will most likely
    grab on to the side.
                                           o------------DARK GEM 10/40------------o
    Now go back up onto the moving         | After a moving platform in the       |
    platform again and jump forwards this  | central area of the level.           |
    time.                                  o--------------------------------------o
    The wall will collapse and a task will be completed. You now have all ten Dark
    Gems of this realm collected, opening up the way to fight Gnasty Gnorc.
    Collect the gems and jump into what is now known as a 'thermal', it's basically
    just the same as a whirlwind from previous titles though, except Spyro looks
    like he's about to sneeze whilst he uses it. You'll also need to jump off from
    the top yourself.
    You might recognise the place now, you're at the place with the spikes coming
    out of the ground. You'll now want to be heading all the way back to the start
    of the level and getting back into the Ball Gadget to get back to Dragon
    Village, as the remaining Light Gem and Dragon Egg can only be obtained once
    you've opened the 70 Light Gem door. It's basically just left now and continue
    along until you get there.
    Head off to the entrance to Gnasty's   o-----DRAGON EGG 18/80 - Flame Set-----o
    lair, the vines will disappear         | Just after Flame and before Gnasty.  |
    sharpish. Head in and you'll meet a    o--------------------------------------o
    small red dragon who goes by the name
    of Flame. As with Ember, this is the only time you'll ever see her/him apart
    from when you get all the eggs of her set. I'm not sure whether Flame is meant
    to be male of female really.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1004] |-----------|                  Boss: Gnasty Gnorc                    |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +---Items and Tasks---+
    | 0 Dark Gems         |  [ ] - Defeat Gnasty Gnorc
    | 0 Dragon Eggs       |
    | 0 Light Gems        |  Continue on past the egg and you'll get to a place
    |---------------------|  where the game will take over for a short time, but
    | Defeat Gnasty Gnorc |  shortly before that, you'll be able to see Gnasty in
    | Use Electric Breath |  the distance.
    | Activate Teleporter |
    +---------------------+  Sporting a new look, similar to the picture of him on
                             the front of Spyro the Dragon, Gnasty has returned
    (properly) for the first time since the original game. No long chase sequence
    followed by one flame this time however.
    Gnasty's bar will appear onscreen with his little face on the right. He'll slam
    his club down to the ground, jump over the shockwave and go up behind him to
    flame his rear. He'll then smash the ground three times in quick succession, no
    chance to flame him yet though. Another slam which sends out mini tornados, and
    you can flame him a second time. Again he'll do the three smashes followed by a
    larger one, this time with more tornados, jump over them and flame him for a
    third time.
    This'll 'beat' him and save your progress against him. Talk about making it
    Another burst of three, followed by a smash which starts rocks falling around,
    avoid them. He'll eventually do another single smash which will again leave him
    vulnerable to flaming. This will repeat the first part again, but with rocks
    falling around, flame him two more times to get to another save point.
    He'll do the three burst, and then turn his club into an electrical weapon,
    charge round him keeping just ahead of it, then once he stops he'll do a single
    smash again, and he's a ripe for a flaming. He'll now instead of having the
    thing chase after you, he'll smash one at floor level to jump over, and another
    at jump level to go under, make sure not to mix them up. Flame again. Next
    he'll change it to short bursts all the you will need to jump over. Flame him
    one last time to defeat him properly.
    [ ] - Use Electric Breath
    A fairy called Amp appears out of Gnasty's club and gives you the ability to
    breathe electricity now. Press Up to switch to it, Left to switch back to fire
    breath. Jump onto the platform ahead and use the electricity to power the metal
    thing on it. The platform will now start moving along out of the cave. It'll
    require a second burst about halfway and a third too. Once you get to the end
    jump off and head back through to Dragon Village.
    The Professor will start yattering on about his Teleporter and how it's better
    then Moneybags'. You'll appear on the teleporter, simply press to activate it
    and you'll be given a screen with Dragon Kingdom on it, press R/R1 to select
    Lost Cities, then press to teleport there. The usual teleporter loading screen
    will appear.
    A short cutscene with Red will play out, introducing the new boss for the
    Realm. The Professor will again start talking and introduce you to the realm.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1101] |-----------|                    Coastal Remains                     |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks------+
    | 4 Dark Gems               |  Straight ahead you'll notice Moneybags and his
    | 7 Dragon Eggs             |  shop here in the Lost Cities Realm, he charges
    | 9 Light Gems              |  the same prices as his shop in the Dragon
    |---------------------------|  Kingdom. The locked chest on the other side of
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems |  his shop only contains 200 gems, so it's
    | Access the Cloudy Domain  |  basically a ripoff since keys, err Lock-Picks,
    | Collect 20 Light Gems     |  cost 500 gems.
    | Access the Sunken Ruins   |
    | Activate 1st Water Wheel  |  Once you're done with this area, head over to
    | Activate 2nd Water Wheel  |  the forcefield protecting the boss, Ineptune,
    | Collect Reward            |  from Spyro until you've destroyed another ten
    | Let Blink Explore         |  Dark Gems. Just to the right of the forcefield
    | Save the Turtles          |  is a passageway up a short jump. Follow it
    | Defeat Inteptune          |  through to a small tunnel. You'll notice a
    | Activate Teleporter       |  couple of large blue crabs. These can be killed
    +---------------------------+  in either of two ways at the moment, either zap
                                   them with your electric breath (sustained) or
    charge into them after its attempted to claw you, it'll turn over leaving you
    to Horn Dive the round circle on its underbelly.
    Just after them you'll meet a few tribe-like creatures, flame these as
    electricity takes too long on each
    and they'll quickly attack you. Try    o---DRAGON EGG 19/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    to avoid going into the water here as  | At the end of a short tunnel after   |
    there are piranhas, they can be        | some floating seashells above a      |
    killed but it's more trouble then      | piranha infested pool.               |
    it's worth. Use the floating           o--------------------------------------o
    seashells to get across to a ledge on
    the far end of the lake.
    Once you've got that Dragon Egg, head on back to the first area of the level.
    When you get to the end of the path which you followed into the area with the
    piranhas, turn right and follow the path there along. You'll find some more
    crabs and things along there before getting to Otto. He'll want you to fill his
    [ ] - Activate 1st Water Wheel
    Jump down into the shallow water and head to the other end smiting crabs as you
    go. You should see some green platforms at the end with an armoured Gnorc
    standing a bit back, head up there. Kill all the Gnorcs and things down this
    path, and then as you reach a large waterwheel, go over to the lefthand side.
    Get up to the highest point of the wall and then jump onto one of the poles
    sticking out of the waterwheel, if you have the Tail Spin ability you'll attach
    to it. Jump forwards to the other pole, this will turn the wheel and so turn
    you, repeat this process as many times as you can as quickly as you can.
    There's no need to wait for you to stop moving, you can jump as it's still
    going backwards in order to speed up the process.
    Once the red bar reaches full, the water outside will rise up half-way.
    [ ] - Activate 2nd Water Wheel
                                           o------------DARK GEM 11/40------------o
    Head back out to the pool again, and   | Next to Moneybags' Shop 'Waterfall   |
    go straight ahead to go through a      | Walkway', it creates two green       |
    hole in the side of a small tower. Go  | bridges  one of which leads to the   |
    through the very short tunnel to come  | second waterwheel.                   |
    out in an area with Moneybags' Shop    o--------------------------------------o
    'Waterfall Walkway' and Blink
    standing behind it.
    Head along the left bridge, watch out  o-----DRAGON EGG 20/80 - Blink Set-----o
    for the archers, and along through.    | At the end of the section after the  |
                                           | left-hand bridge created by Dark Gem |
    Next, take the bridge to the right,    | #11, jump on the second of the       |
    the second waterwheel is found here.   | electric platforms aim downwards and |
    To activate it, you'll need to jump    | use electric breath on it.           |
    on one three platforms attached to     o--------------------------------------o
    it, the one required to start it
    moving is the one on the right. In the same way, jump from one to the other in
    order to get the wheel spinning faster. The water will now fully fill up.
    Back down the bridges again and over to Blink.
    [ ] - Let Blink Explore
    Another of Blink's underground missions, and as before it's basically the same.
    First time through for a Dragon Egg, second for a Light Gem.
    Jump down the ledge in front of you, and there's the first Dark Shard, though
    of course you don't have any Blink Bomb's just yet, you'll find a dispenser
    just a fraction away. Jump back up to the start again and then onto the
    platform infront, it'll move down towards you. Use the moving grabby platforms
    to get across to the second Dark Shard. Jump down off that platform and then
    dig through the wall here.
    Head to the right and throw one of your bombs at the large mine sitting on a
    platform. Then jump onto the freed up platform and get aboard the platform that
    moves down to you. Wait till it gets you to the top and then jump onto the
    monkey bars. Follow them along, you'll need to jump down and up again about
    halfway, all the way to the other end. There are a couple of spiders here,
    shoot them and then jump over to where the third Dark Shard is.
    Now simply jump down to the large      o-----DRAGON EGG 21/80 - Blink Set-----o
    platform below, look before you leap,  | Complete Blink's mini-game on Easy   |
    and shoot the spiders. Then destroy    | mode.                                |
    Dark Shard number four. Throw a bomb   o--------------------------------------o
    at the nearby mine, use the platform
    to get over to the fifth Dark Shard, and relax.
    For Hard mode, you'll need to now dig through the wall here. Collect any extra
    bombs you need and drop down to a shelf below the place you're standing on,
    make sure not to fall into the water. Dark Shard #6 is here. Once it's taken
    care of, a rock will fall allowing you to get over to a spider and continue on
    with the level.
    Next to this spider is the seventh Dark Shard. Jump across a couple of
    platforms and then shoot a couple of spiders in an area below you. That area
    also houses Shard 8. Use a bomb on the cracked wall here, shoot a spider and
    then get over to where it was, which is where the ninth Shard is found.
    A platform comes down which will take  o-----------LIGHT GEM 024/100----------o
    you a short way up to a Wall Kick      | Complete Blink's mini-game on Hard   |
    thing, use it to get up higher. There  | mode.                                |
    are some monkey bars up the top which  o--------------------------------------o
    you'll need to use, then wait for a
    moving platform to arrive and take     o-----------LIGHT GEM 025/100----------o
    you to a second set. Shoot the         | In the most northern part of the     |
    spiders before dropping down and       | most western part of the level, go   |
    taking care of this final Dark Shard.  | into the bottom of a cracked tower.  |
    Back in Spyro's world, go to the
    right (west) and through a short tunnel to a large open cove. Watch out for the
    swinging seashells and tribesmen things.
    Note that you can jump over the
    fencing at the edge of this area, I just don't recommend it as you will die
    upon touching the water for some reason.
    Now head to the opposite side of the   o------------DARK GEM 12/40------------o
    area and work your way up to the top   | On top of a blackened tower in the   |
    of the blackened tower.                | far west region of the level.        |
    [ ] - Access the Sunken Ruins
    This will cause a large dome to rise up out of the water nearby and for you to
    get a new task, one which isn't immediately needed to be completed, but you
    should probably do the first part of it now. Go towards the dome and use the
    pillars circling it as steps, get right to the middle of the dome and perform a
    Horn Dive on the circle there. This gives you access to a lift which will take
    you to Sunken Ruins. If you want you can go there now, but for the purposes of
    the walkthrough, I'll do that later.
    [ ] - Collect Reward
                                           o-----------LIGHT GEM 026/100----------o
    About time to go get what Otto         | On a platform in Otto's pool.        |
    promised. Head back through the caves  o--------------------------------------o
    to the pool area. On your way back
    through the pool though, jump up onto  o-----------LIGHT GEM 027/100----------o
    the platform with a Horn Dive chest    | Collect your reward from Otto for    |
    on it and then glide over to the       | filling his pool up.                 |
    Light Gem.                             o--------------------------------------o
    Once you've got that one, head back to where Otto is still standing.
    Now head all the way back to the starting area, and go through the path
    opposite the one you just came out of. This should be leading to the eastern
    section of the level.
    Here you will find a couple of buildings which spawn tribesmen, Horn Dive them
    to stop this, much like you may have done in Year of the Dragon with Sheila.
    Head into the far left corner of the area and go through to where there is a 20
    Light Gem door, and luckily, you
    should have 27 by now if you've kept   o----DRAGON EGG 22/80 - Concept Set----o
    up with the walkthrough. Walk up to    | Chase down the thief in the 20 Light |
    it and the doors will swing open.      | Gem area.                            |
    In the main part of this area is a
    thief. Much like the thieves of the    o-----------LIGHT GEM 028/100----------o
    first game, he's carrying an egg.      | In a cave at the far end of the 20   |
                                           | Light Gem area.                      |
    Now head down the far end of the area  o--------------------------------------o
    and jump up into the cave.
    All the way back out of the area now, go along the first path to your left as
    you get back out. Make sure not to fall into the browny green stuff on the
    floor, it will kill you. Continue through the area with a couple of platforms
    in, and into a second here.
    Go over to the large red and white button and Horn Dive it. This will raise the
    two platforms you saw previously. Race back to them and use them to get up to
    the slightly higher solid platform. Then jump and glide over to a pole spinning
    pole which is used to get to a solid bit of land. It looks over a set of poles
    and windmills.
                                           o-----------LIGHT GEM 029/100----------o
    This will require some good timing.    | At the end of a series of pole jumps |
    Wait for the windmills to go round     | and windmill avoids.                 |
    and jump as it passes the point when   o--------------------------------------o
    you'd get hit. If you're lucky you
    should be able to make it to the final pole with little trouble. You will need
    to do a jump and glide from this final one in order to reach the target Light
    Another tunnel with the same swampy killy stuff in is at the bottom of this
    platform which you'll need to jump off now. Go through to where the shop
    'Domain Doorstep' is. Jump across
    to Zoe and then up to the armoured     o-----------LIGHT GEM 030/100----------o
    Gnorc. Then use the electricity        | Use a few electric platforms to get  |
    powered seashell to get across to      | to this one near 'Domain Doorstep'.  |
    another part of this area. Kill the    o--------------------------------------o
    large crabs here and then use the two
    powered seashells here to get up to a Light Gem. It's easier to just use the
    second one, aim downwards at it and activate it with your breath.
    Another seashell nearby will take you almost all the way back to where the shop
    was, though you'll have to do a bit of gliding yourself. To the right now, and
    you'll find yourself by the entrance to Cloudy Domain. Again, you can use it if
    you want, though for the walkthrough I won't be just yet.
    Head back out of this area again all the way past the windmills and the swampy
    bits, once you're back in the area that leads to the Light Gem door as well as
    the path you just came out of, go to the left and follow a third path out of
    here. Make sure to kill the armoured Gnorc right at the start of it.
    You'll emerge in a large pool area     o------------DARK GEM 13/40------------o
    with a Dark Gem on a platform          | On a platform which causes another   |
    directly in front of you.              | platform with a cannon on to rise    |
                                           | out of the water.                    |
    Now jump back to where Zoe is, and     o--------------------------------------o
    then use the poles that go along the
    wall. The first three are easy and just require a bit of timing. The fourth
    pole moves away and so requries you to jump slightly before it reaches its end
    point nearest you, then again to jump off right at its other end. The next
    requires the next one to be at the top, then jump and glide off this one to get
    to a solid platform. Jump to a
    second and then to a third.            o-----DRAGON EGG 23/80 - Spyro Set-----o
                                           | On top of a platform in the water    |
    The easiest way of doing the next      | filled area with a cannon.           |
    part is to go all the way back to      o--------------------------------------o
    where Zoe is, getting onto the
    platform where the Dark Gem was and gliding over to the whirlwind near the
    Strong Door. Use it to get to the cannon platform.
    Use the cannon to shoot several things, though the only one required is the
    Strong Door. Jump over to where the door was and go through the tunnel. Dodge
    the swinging seashells and charge
    into the cracked wall at the end.      o------------DARK GEM 14/40------------o
                                           | After a cracked wall which is down a |
    Glide down to a green platform         | tunnel after a Strong Door.          |
    sticking out of the water and jump     o--------------------------------------o
    over to a second which is closer to
    some moving seashells. Use these to    o---DRAGON EGG 24/80 - Character Set---o
    get across to a tower at the far end   | On a tower in the south area of the  |
    of the cove.                           | level. Use a series of floating      |
                                           | seashells to get to it.              |
    [ ] - Save the Turtles                 o--------------------------------------o
    Drop down to the beach nearby and you'll be next to a piece of cracked wall.
    Smash it to reveal a short tunnel to the Turtle Mother.
    This is another of Spyro's Turret Mini-Games, not really what would first
    spring to mind of a mini-game designed for Spyro, but whatever, it hardly
    matters who's doing the shooting. First Person here, and the task is to protect
    all the baby turtles from being stolen by the birds or crabs so that they can
    get into the water safely.
                                           o-----DRAGON EGG 25/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    Your best bet is to concentrate on     | Complete the Turtle Mother's         |
    the birds if you see any as these get  | shooting task on Easy.               |
    away much faster then the slow         o--------------------------------------o
    crabs, there's basically nothing more
    to it then shooting them as they try   o-----------LIGHT GEM 031/100----------o
    to take them away, once 20 turtles     | Complete the Turtle Mother's         |
    have gotten into the water, it's       | shooting task on Hard.               |
    complete. Hard mode requires you to    o--------------------------------------o
    save 27 of the little mites.
    Level nearly complete. You'll only be able to get that last Light Gem above the
    waterwheel in this area once you've gotten Water Breath, and you won't be
    getting that until you beat this realm's boss. Onwards to Cloudy Domain!
    Located in the far east part of Coastal Remains, use the fan to access it.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1102] |-----------|                     Cloudy Domain                      |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks-------+
    | 3 Dark Gems                |  After what is basically a loading screen,
    | 7 Dragon Eggs              |  though you can wander around and flame and
    | 8 Light Gems               |  stuff, you'll arrive in the Cloud Domain, famed
    |----------------------------|  for being cloudy. On your right you'll
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems  |  imediately spot Moneybags' hologram with the
    | Visit Elder Titan          |  usual banter as well as a nice strong chest
    | Use Wing Shield            |  infront.
    | Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway |
    +----------------------------+  Go down the path covered with gems and flame
                                    the large Gnorc wandering it. Into the room at
    the end and charge into the target on the wall to your right. Back out of the
    room again and jump onto the target on the right (north) onto the platform that
    lowers and fly towards the winged
    Gnorc flaming it as you pass. Go       o-----------LIGHT GEM 032/100----------o
    round to the left and glide over to    | Just to the right of where you start |
    where another winged Gnorc is waiting  | is a locked chest with this inside.  |
    to attack.                             o--------------------------------------o
    Out the other end and another Horn     o-----DRAGON EGG 26/80 - Flame Set-----o
    Dive switch. Follow the series of now  | In a locked chest found along the    |
    moving platforms along until you       | path to the left right from the      |
    reach a blue circle platform. If you   | start of the level.                  |
    stand on a part of it that part will   o--------------------------------------o
    turn white and then vanish, if you're
    still on it when it vanishes you'll    o-----------LIGHT GEM 033/100----------o
    fall, so get moving over this one      | Right at the very end of the path to |
    quickly. Through another room and to   | the left at the start of the level.  |
    a firework which will destroy a        o--------------------------------------o
    strong box as per usual. Jump
    Jump down to the start of the path and back to near the start of the level. You
    could go across and Horn Dive the other switch, but there'd be no point at the
    moment as you will need a new skill in order to get all the way.
    Go left and into the room with the     o------------DARK GEM 15/40------------o
    two switches, Horn Dive the one in     | After a couple of moving platforms   |
    the middle this time. Glide over to a  | quite near the start of the level.   |
    moving platform and flame another      o--------------------------------------o
    blue flying Gnorc, followed by
    another platform and Gnorc.
    Destroying this Dark Gem will fix a fan and cause a thermal to turn back on
    again, very useful if you want to get any further. If you happen to want three
    pieces of free ammo, jump over to the now fixed platform and go around the
    other side where a firework is sitting. It will destroy the strong chest next
    to Zoe for you. If you don't have enough room for them all, they'll turn see-
    through and not let you pick them up,
    you will still be able to pick them    o-----------LIGHT GEM 034/100----------o
    up at any later date though so don't   | Just after a thermal which was       |
    fret about it.                         | created by Dark Gem #15.             |
    Time to use that thermal. The usual
    Gnorcs are up here, charge and flame and err flame again.
    [ ] - Visit Elder Titan
    Glide forwards next and you'll be at the second Moneybags Shop of the level,
    'Elder's Homestead'. Wander around to the other side of the building, charge
    and flame the Gnorc, and ram into the red and white switch on the wall. This
    will open up the door to Elder Titan who will promptly teach you Wing Shield.
    Very useful for this level and parts of others.
    [ ] - Use Wing Shield
                                           o---DRAGON EGG 27/80 - Character Set---o
    The door behind Elder Titan will open  | At the start of the Wing Shield      |
    after talking to him and some steps    | course behind Elder Titan's house.   |
    will rise up.                          o--------------------------------------o
    After grabbing the egg, move closer to the Gnorc being held up by a balloon and
    he'll throw a boomerang at you. Quickly hold Wing Shield and the boomerang
    should rebound off you and hit his balloon, giving you the gems. This will be
    required for killing all Gnorcs like him.
    Glide to the platform behind where he  o-----------LIGHT GEM 035/100----------o
    was and then follow them around to     | At the end of the Wing Shield test.  |
    the other end. The path is littered    o--------------------------------------o
    with balloon Gnorcs and those green
    flying Gnorcs which tend to get in the way a bit.
    Jump down to the start of the mini-course again and back through the Elder's
    house. And all the way back through
    to the start of the level again. Horn  o-----------LIGHT GEM 036/100----------o
    Dive the other switch now that you've  | At the end of the right-hand path at |
    got Wing Shield, use it against the    | the start of the level, take the     |
    balloon Gnorc straight away. When you  | right path of that path and you'll   |
    get to a split in the path, take the   | find this at the end of a few blue   |
    right-hand direction.                  | circle platforms.                    |
    Head back to the split again and take
    the left direction this time. Defeat   o---DRAGON EGG 28/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    a couple of balloon Gnorcs.            | At the end of the right-hand path at |
                                           | the start of the level, take the     |
    Watch out though as the egg is on a    | left path of that path.              |
    blue circle platform and the only way  o--------------------------------------o
    off it is to jump onto another
    platform which likes to go upwards, so time your stay there right. It'd
    probably be best to wait for your current platform to raise high enough to get
    onto the platform above the egg, then use the other moving platform to quickly
    grab the egg and jump back onto it.
    Either way, go to the top of the platform where Zoe is. Then jump onto one of
    two small circular platforms a little off to the south-east of you. These will
    act as your transport for getting to another platform further along. Standing
    on one will cause the other to orbit you can so manouvre it into a position
    ahead, then jump onto the moved platform and repeat all the way to the other
    Once you finally reach it, head round  o----DRAGON EGG 29/80 - Concept Set----o
    the back of the building and you       | A thief on the far south island has  |
    should notice a thief with an egg.     | this egg.                            |
    For some reason if you don't go into   o--------------------------------------o
    the building he won't run much
    leaving you to simply flame/charge him easily.
    Now, head off to the right where you'll find a new set of platforms to use.
    This should lead to a platform north-east of you, there are several gems
    floating along the way. At the end you should find a platform with Zoe and a
    Dark Gem Shard on it. Go past where
    the shard was and glide over the gap   o------------DARK GEM 16/40------------o
    to another platform with another       | Shortly after the end of the moving  |
    shard on it. Go into the building and  | platforms, use another similarly     |
    jump up onto the platform sitting      | styled vertically moving platform to |
    there in the middle.                   | get to it.                           |
    Another fan will be fixed and a new
    path will arise a short way away. Jump over to it and continue on to
    Moneybags' Shop 'Tallest Tower'. Use the large thermal over to the left and
    you'll be up by Sgt. Byrd.
    [ ] - Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway
    Fly through the rings straight ahead all the way, shoot anything you can along
    the way but don't worry too much at the moment. Once all eight rings are
    collected, fly through the archway right near the last one, then down to the
    right for the next, continue on through these arches, through a tunnel and out
    to another arch with a couple of turrets nearby, destroy all those and fly
    upwards, you should see another platform in front of you now with another
    couple of turrets on. Off to the left and destroy the turret on a large
    circular platform before continuing on to the right where there are a couple
    more as well as the final two arches. Head over to the other end of the level
    where you should hopefully find the
    Balloon-a-rangs all lined up nice and  o---DRAGON EGG 30/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    neat for a quick finish. If you still  | Complete Sgt. Byrd's level on Easy.  |
    have any birds or turrets to get then  o--------------------------------------o
    I suggest searching the level for
    Hard Mode is basically the same as     o-----------LIGHT GEM 037/100----------o
    easy but harder. The part that's easy  | Complete Sgt. Byrd's level on Hard.  |
    to miss is the last of the turrets,    o--------------------------------------o
    it's found on top of one of the
    platforms, just under the outer rim so you have to be close and higher to see
    Once you're done with Sgt. Byrd's part, walk down the walkway behind you
    leading away from Byrd. At the end of it you should find yourself standing over
    a glass pane with a Light Gem beneath you. You can't get it yet, you'll need
    Wall Kick in order to do so. Horn Dive the nearby switch anyway, it doesn't
    really make a difference. Glide forwards to the blackend platform ahead. Try to
    keep level with the line of gems and once you land, go around to the left and
    activate a switch. This isn't especially useful except that it opens up a path
    back to where the as yet unusable
    supercharge gadget is still sitting    o------------DARK GEM 17/40------------o
    near the Elder's house. Anyway, turn   | On top of a platform after Sgt. Byrd |
    around and go inside the place here    | and his maxi-game.                   |
    and use the platform inside to get up  o--------------------------------------o
    to the top.
    The Dark Gem will heal the final fan of the level and cause yet another set of
    stepping stones to appear. Follow those steps over to the Ball Gadget.
    You'll be better off holding down speed and forwards for most of the duration
    of this task, as the timer is very unforgiving. Make sure to watch out for a
    couple of bumpers that rise up a
    short way in, and don't use or do      o---DRAGON EGG 31/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    anything when you're being bumped      | Complete the Ball Gadget on Easy.    |
    along by the large red bumpy things.   o--------------------------------------o
    'Hard' mode is just a different path   o-----------LIGHT GEM 038/100----------o
    with slightly more time. Though I've   | Complete the Ball Gadget on Hard.    |
    found it to actually be easier, but    o--------------------------------------o
    since the game doesn't actually call
    it Hard mode I'll forgive them.
    Once you get the Light Gem, select No to exit the Ball Gadget. This brings you
    out on the opposite side of the level and a single firework to destroy the
    strong chest at the very start of the level. With 1 Egg and 1 Light Gem still
    left in the level, there's nothing you can do to get them right now so head on
    down with the same thing you used to get into Cloudy Domain.
    To complete this level when you come back, you'll require 40 Light Gems and the
    ability 'Wall Kick'. That won't be for a short while now so head on over to the
    entrance to Sunken Ruins (far west inside dome that rises out of the water). Or
    you could just buy a teleport pass to Moneybags' Shop 'Waterfall Walkway'
    instead of using the fan. This is very close to Sunken Ruins and saves a lot of
    unnessacery walking.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1103] |-----------|                     Sunken Ruins                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks------+
    | 3 Dark Gems               |  Directly ahead you should spot a Dark Gem Shard,
    | 6 Dragon Eggs             |  smash it and go on through to a room with a
    | 8 Light Gems              |  trident Gnorc and three dogs. As well as that
    |---------------------------|  there's a nice locked chest for you to open. It
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems |  has a couple of Lightning Breath power-ups,
    | Collect 24 Light Gems     |  definately not worth the 500 gems if you ask me.
    | Clear Sparx Shooter       |  The door on the left is locked at the moment and
    +---------------------------+  won't open for quite a while. Head down the
                                   other passageway with another Shard in. You'll
    find Moneybags' Shop 'Atlantian Entryway' here. Go through the large doors on
    the left.
    Jump into the water here and swim
    through following the line of red
    gems. It's not exactly a maze down     o-----DRAGON EGG 32/80 - Ember Set-----o
    there so go collect other gems whilst  | Inside a locked chest after the      |
    you're down there too. When you        | water section which is right after   |
    emerge from the water, you should be   | Moneybags' first shop here.          |
    in a small room with another trident   o--------------------------------------o
    Gnorc in as well as a locked chest
    and a large door on the other side, most likely the way you'll be facing.
    Once you've picked up that egg, head   o------------DARK GEM 18/40------------o
    through the large doors to a room      | Inside a room after the first water  |
    filled with several metal chests, a    | section of the level. It turns on a  |
    few strong chests, quite a few Dark    | series of thermals.                  |
    Gem Shards and one large Dark Gem.     o--------------------------------------o
    Smash it!
    Jump into the thermal that just got    o-----DRAGON EGG 33/80 - Ember Set-----o
    switched on and wait a short period    | At the top of a set of four thermals |
    before gliding forwards to another     | in the room with Dark Gem 18.        |
    thermal that will appear. Repeat this  o--------------------------------------o
    process with another two thermals.
                                           o-----------LIGHT GEM 039/100----------o
    If you glide around up here you        | Up near Dragon Egg 33 at the top of  |
    should find a whole load of gems ripe  | a series of four thermals. It's      |
    for a collecting as well as a          | inside a locked chest.               |
    firework to destroy the strong chests  o--------------------------------------o
    below, oh and a locked chest too.
    Jump back down to the ground again     o-----------LIGHT GEM 040/100----------o
    and collect those gems, then go up     | In a locked chest behind the mermaid |
    the nearly invisible stairs to a       | Lily.                                |
    large keyhole shaped doorway on the    o--------------------------------------o
    opposite side, you'll find a
    passageway with a Shard in it as well as a mermaid sitting at the edge of a
    pool of water.
    Talk to Lily and she'll tell you to follow some markers, I believe she's
    referring to a line of gems, but I'm not sure. But whatever, follow the line of
    gems if you need guidance of getting through this underwater section, it's not
    all that difficult really it's just full of gems and a few enemies.
    [ ] - Collect 24 Light Gems
    Once you get out the other side, kill the large blue crab and talk to the
    hologram of the Professor. If you have enough Light Gems (24) then you'll be
    able to power the Invincibility Gadget. It's only temporary and runs out quite
    quickly, if you want to proress all the way through the level I believe that
    you need to use this at some point, though the reason for it being here is a
    completely optional Light Gem.
    Use the gadget and dive into the       o-----------LIGHT GEM 041/100----------o
    green water which would otherwise      | In a small room after the first      |
    kill you, and will do if you don't     | green water section, use the         |
    make it out the other side in time.    | invincibility gadget to swim through |
    Quickly turn around and swim along     | to it.                               |
    past a couple of turning fans, and     o--------------------------------------o
    jump out of the water as fast as you
    can as the gadget is designed only to last this long giving you the minimum
    time to get through.
    Don't worry about swimming back though as the Light Gem will open the window
    next to you back to where the gadget is. Now go along the tunnel on the left of
    the green pool, guarded by a trident Gnorc. You should fall down to where
    Moneybags' Shop 'The Depths' is.
    Through the door and you'll emerge in an area with several Dark Shards as well
    as an invincibility gadget, a wall kick that also requires the use of the
    invincibility gadget, and a Sparx level which is in the far left corner. If you
    accidently fall down to the layers below, there's an electric platform you can
    use to get back up again.
    [ ] - Clear Sparx Shooter
    Another one of those shooting levels.  o-----DRAGON EGG 34/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    The only real difficult part of this   | Complete Sparx Shooter on Easy.      |
    level is figuring out how to open the  o--------------------------------------o
    large circular door things, simply
    shoot at the chain next to them, it    o-----------LIGHT GEM 042/100----------o
    should spin round opening it, make     | Complete Sparx Shooter on Hard.      |
    sure to get through before it closes   o--------------------------------------o
    again though. Also getting past the
    closing doors, slow down to wait for it to close and then as it opens again
    speed through. Also use the same sort of tactics for getting past a fan near
    the end of the level, though you should obviously avoid the blades.
    Hard Mode is just more of the same but more. Also with a couple of things on
    the ground and one room full of spiders, other then that it's basically the
    same as before.
    Once you've gotten them both, or one or none, jump down to the bottom of this
    place and collect up all the stuff down there, smash about a bit and ignore the
    strong chests, they're related to the currently impossible Wall Kick.
    Go through the passageway at the end   o---DRAGON EGG 35/80 - Character Set---o
    of this area, and go through into      | Inside a locked chest near the set   |
    another large room, destory all that   | of fishheads spurting out green      |
    is on the ground and then hop up a     | flames                               |
    couple of steps at the end that you    o--------------------------------------o
    came in at.
    Make your way to the other end of the  o-----------LIGHT GEM 043/100----------o
    fishes, jump over the green 'flames'   | At the other end of the room with    |
    and get to the other end. Once you've  | the large fishheads flaming green.   |
    picked up that Light Gem, get onto     o--------------------------------------o
    the electric platform and power it
    This will take you to an opening in the wall above the fishes. Jump onto the
    fan powered elevator at the end just past a Dark Shard and let it take you to
    the bottom, failing that just jump down to the bottom and go on through the
    passageway/door there. Now comes the first bit with required Invincibility
    Gadget to continue on, so it you don't have the 24 Light Gems required by now,
    you'll have to turn around and go search for them in previous levels.
    If you do have access to the gadget,   o-----------LIGHT GEM 044/100----------o
    simply use it and swim to the other    | In the long green water tunnel with  |
    end of the green pool. There's not     | debris that falls through it.        |
    much you can do down there, just       o--------------------------------------o
    avoid the large objects that appear,
    collect the Light Gem and swim out the other end.
    Head into the corner of this room and jump up onto a pole spin pole. Activate
    the button up after the first couple and it'll release a few more, though
    unfortunately they're back at the other end of the green water. Head back
    through, remember to use the gadget first, and then make your way up to where
    the couple of poles now are.
    Activate another switch after them,    o------------DARK GEM 19/40------------o
    and then head all the way back         | After a few pole spins which need    |
    through the water again.               | activating by a couple of switches,  |
                                           | this is paired with a green water    |
    This should all finally bring you up   | section too.                         |
    to where a Dark Gem is planted.        o--------------------------------------o
    Smashing this will fix an archway      o---DRAGON EGG 36/80 - Character Set---o
    below, allowing you to get on with     | Inside a locked chest in the area    |
    more of the level, though of course    | with a compulsory invincibility      |
    there's a bit more to do before doing  | section.                             |
    that. Go through the passage next to   o--------------------------------------o
    you and you'll end up in the first
    area again, flame the firework to free a load of gems, and then glide over to a
    locked chest nearby.
    Now head back through to the area with the newly created doorway, and go on
    through. You should eventually find yourself at Moneybags' Shop 'Toxic Rise'
    before a large door. In case you were wondering whether that referred to the
    previous section, you're wrong. Head through the door to see why.
    Over to the left of the large pool you can see another crumbled doorway that
    you'll need to get fixed. Go around to the opposite side of the pool where an
    electric platform is sitting. Jump off it to the site, either left or right,
    you'll have to do both ways, and Horn Dive the switches on them. These will
    partially rise a statue out of the pool. On the lefthand one, electrify an orb
    thing on the wall and then jump over
    to the now moving pole inbetween you   o-----------LIGHT GEM 045/100----------o
    and another place with another switch  | Inside a locked chest in the large   |
    on, this will allow you to get over    | green pool area.                     |
    to it easily. Then head further        o--------------------------------------o
    around, this time however you can
    just stand on top of a locked chest to get up to the place with the switch on.
    This will again solve a task you haven't been given yet.
    [ ] - Destroy all the Dark Gems
                                           o------------DARK GEM 20/40------------o
    And once all four switches have been   | On a statue that rises out of some   |
    pressed, glide over to the now         | green toxic water after pressing     |
    emerged Dark Gem and smash it.         | four switches.                       |
    As before, this will fix the archway
    all ready for you to complete the      o-----------LIGHT GEM 046/100----------o
    level back to the start and to go off  | Inside a locked chest in the final   |
    and fight Ineptune. Anyway, head       | room of the level.                   |
    through that archway and kill the few  o--------------------------------------o
    enemies through it. When you get to
    the deadend, you should look up and see a fan elevator that will come down to
    you eventually. Use it to get to a level higher.
    Head over to the other end of the room and jump up to an opening. Horn Dive the
    switch there and the door will open leading to the very start of the level. Use
    the elevator to get back to Coastal Remains and go on over to the start area of
    the level, or just use Moneybags' Teleporter to take you to his main shop which
    is right near it anyway and is overall just simpler to do.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1104] |-----------|                    Boss: Ineptune                      |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +---Items and Tasks---+
    | 0 Dark Gems         |  Walk over to the purple covered entrance to her cave
    | 0 Dragon Eggs       |  and it'll all recede into nice entrance if you have
    | 0 Light Gems        |  collected all 20 Dark Gems that you're supposed to
    |---------------------|  have done. And unlike Gnasty's Cave's entrance which
    | Defeat Ineptune     |  had a dragon and egg, Ineptune's Watery Tomb has
    | Use Water Breath    |  neither and is just a passageway with a few crabs
    | Activate Teleporter |  along the way. Onto the boss fight then!
                             Nice subtle hint as to her weakness in the opening
    scene, it's her belt if you were still wondering.
    Wander around and keep as far away as you can from her, she'll breathe some
    green stuff which doesn't reach very far and then yawn, charge into her belt
    buckle to injure her. One of the sections will now go underwater with her so
    just stand in the middle part to make sure you're safe, and then an electric
    swipey thing will appear on the part that just went under, calmly jump over the
    electricity a few times and wait for Ineptune to return.
    She'll throw a couple of green bombs in your direction, simply charge a little
    out of the way and then she'll repeat her breathing exercises. Again just the
    one section will go under, this time appearing with what is probably slightly
    faster and reaches further quicker. Just a simple jumping routine will suffice.
    Another couple of bombs, another breath another hit and she's 'defeated'. Fear
    not she'll still continue on, it's just that the place will sink a little
    further for no reason.
    She breathes first so just keep back for that, it's no different any time so
    the distance required is always going to be the same. Two sections will go
    under this time so stand on the third and await both to return with electric
    lasers on. A few double jumps will be all that is required to avoid them, just
    time it right to jump over both in the same jump. She'll arise again and throw
    a single large bomb and then breathe again. 'Nother two sections will go, same
    double jump routine as before. She'll next send two single bombs at you not
    immediately one after the other but a while after each other, then again with
    the breathing, another 'victory' is upon you.
    Single bomb and breathe in quick succession. Still just the two platforms going
    under again. And use the same jumping tactics again, though now it doesn't
    really matter if you're hit as you should have enough hits left to survive to
    the end as she gets injured when you hit her. A couple of small bombs and then
    a breath attack. She'll be down to just the one hit now. The two will go under,
    but this time with a twist. One of them will have a top laser as well meaning
    you have to time your jumps not to hit it. She'll now bombard you several times
    with bombs, a mixture of the two and one variety. Then as usual it's breathing
    time. Charge into her one final time and she's properly defeated at last.
    [ ] - Use Water Breath
    Aqua, a fairy, will now give you the power of Water Breath. You'll need it to
    get out. The water has also turned blue meaning you can now swim in it, though
    there's little reason to. Go through the exit door and use the water breath on
    either of the two water wheels there.
    Before going to the next realm you
    can get one more Light Gem in Coastal  o-----------LIGHT GEM 047/100----------o
    Remains to finish it off. Head to the  | Above a waterwheel, it requires      |
    southern water area of the level and   | Water Breath to be able to get it.   |
    jump up onto a platform next to a      o--------------------------------------o
    waterwheel with a Light Gem above it.
    Use the water breath on the wheel and the platform you're standing on will spin
    [ ] - Activate Teleporter
    Now head over to the Professor's teleporter and use it to get to the Icy
    Wilderness Realm.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1201] |-----------|                   Frostbite Village                    |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks-------+
    | 5 Dark Gems                |  Upon arriving, a short cutscene involving Red
    | 6 Dragon Eggs              |  and a giant mammoth will occur. Then the
    | 9 Light Gems               |  Professor will introduce you to the level and
    |----------------------------|  tells you to find an Elder in Icy Citadel.
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems  |
    | Turn on the Electric Nodes |  [ ] - Turn on the Electric Nodes
    | Let Blink Explore          |
    | Peggy's Playground         |  As soon as you gain control, turn to the left
    | Collect 95 Light Gems      |  and saunter towards the penguin there. Phil'll
    | Defeat Red                 |  tell you to activate his security system to
    | Main Teleporter            |  open his gate. Six switches to use your
    +----------------------------+  electric breath on, and all in this area.
    1. Right next to Phil
    2. Behind the teleporter
    3. Inside giant blue crystal
    4. Behind fence next to Moneybags
    5. On top of fountain
    6. Behind a blue crystal on opposite side of the area
    [ ] - Peggy's Playground
    Once all six are activated, go through the now opened gate behind Phil. When
    you get out of the short tunnel, ignore the waterwheel for now and jump down to
    where Peggy is standing on the ice. She'll give you a Spyro Shooter challenge
    to protect Peggy's playground from Eskimoles and Yetis.
    As with previous Spyro challenges,     o-----DRAGON EGG 37/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    keep an eye on the radar as well as    | Complete Peggy's challenge on Easy.  |
    the shoot button pressed down, though  o--------------------------------------o
    at the start it begins slow with a
    few Eskimoles popping up in the ice. After a while they'll stop appearing and
    then Yetis will start appearing on top of the ledge ahead. When they pause in
    their appearances, the next wave will me a mixture of Yetis and Eskimoles
    concentrated on the righthand side of the playground, the Yetis are behind some
    trees at ground level this time.
    Hard Mode is much faster paced at the  o-----------LIGHT GEM 048/100----------o
    start then Easy was, immediately they  | Complete Peggy's challenge on Hard.  |
    appear in large numbers in the ice     o--------------------------------------o
    and as well a load of Yetis will also
    attack you, leaving little time for aiming. Keep shooting! You can destroy
    their projectiles once they've thrown them so don't just stop shooting if you
    see a barrel flying at you. Very quick shooting and swivelling is required.
    Upon completion, jump back up to the   o-----------LIGHT GEM 049/100----------o
    waterwheel and use your water breath   | Behind a gate in the icy area with   |
    on it. A platform will spin up         | Peggy the penguin.                   |
    allowing you to get to a button next   o--------------------------------------o
    to a snowman. Horn Dive the button,
    and also kill the Eskimole hiding inside the snowman. A moving platform is what
    is required to get over to what you
    just saw.                              o------------DARK GEM 21/40------------o
                                           | Inside a tunnel off the ice rink     |
    Jump back down to the ice and head     | next to Peggy.                       |
    left into a tunnel.                    o--------------------------------------o
    Go down the newly formed steps and     o-----DRAGON EGG 38/80 - Flame Set-----o
    into an area filled with Eskimoles.    | At the end of the area after Dark    |
    Flame them all and get to the other    | Gem 21, next to a locked chest.      |
    end where you'll find a locked chest   o--------------------------------------o
    and a Dragon Egg.
    The Locked Chest itself holds nothing more then four pieces of Lightning Ammo.
    Great. Head out of this area now, it's useless. Two doors to the left, the one
    with a large switch infront of it. Horn Dive it to activate it. The tunnel has
    a giant snowball that rolls through at intervals, follow along after it to
    avoid being squashed.
    There's not that much to do in this    o------------DARK GEM 22/40------------o
    part, head over to the opposite side   | By a snowfall across from the        |
    of the area where there are a few      | entrance to the area. Once destroyed |
    Dark Shards as well as a big ol' Dark  | it leads to Blink.                   |
    Gem.                                   o--------------------------------------o
    [ ] - Let Blink explore
    You'll find Blink in the area that Dark Gem opened up. He's all ready to go
    exploring again. You start off on a Bomb dispenser, so there's no need to worry
    about that. This starting area has a few gems, and if you look up at the top of
    a wall above an ice pond, you can see a digging section, you can't access this
    now and I don't recommend using it when you can as it's one way taking you from
    the end of the level right back to here, the start.
    Anyway, wander along and go down the tunnel here, avoid the snowballs as you
    go. Go over to the left and go down into an area full of skeletons and bear
    traps. The traps need to be destroyed with a bomb, the skeletons just take a
    single shot however. (HARD: There's a Dark Gem Shard up at the top of the left-
    hand platform, kill the large bug to get to it). Use a nice bomb on the metal
    door at the end to destroy it. Blow up the Dark Shard in here and go up to the
    right. Bomb the couple of green things and then the large blue bug as it
    appears. Jump down to a floating ice platform and head off to the right.
    Back in the previous area, go to the left and jump up the wall kick thing. Kill
    a couple of vines with your bombs and then use another bomb on the ice wall,
    step back, wait, and go past (HARD: There's a Dark Shard next to the three
    vines here). Jump to the crumbly platform and jump past the swinging axe to a
    solid platform. Jump past a second axe, make sure to time it right again. Jump
    exactly as the axe swings back. Then a simple jump to a dispenser solves all.
    Go to the right-hand edge of this platform and shoot an Eskimole and large bug
    over on the left, repeat for the opposite side in order to avoid getting shot
    at whilst you use the bars. Go and collect the gems if you want, but as always
    it's entirely optional whether you do or not. Either way, avoid the large bugs
    crawling around on the bars as they are impossible to kill here. Continue on
    along the bars all the way to a platform with a Dark Shard on at the bottom.
    Destroy the Dark Shard and then go through the diggable exit.
    Go to the right and blow up the metal  o-----DRAGON EGG 39/80 - Blink Set-----o
    door with a crack in, inside you'll    | Let Blink explore on Easy.           |
    find a Dark Gem Shard and a couple of  o--------------------------------------o
    large bugs to kill. (HARD: Go up the
    steps and throw a bomb at a mine       o-----------LIGHT GEM 050/100----------o
    covering a platform, repeat for a      | Let Blink explore on Hard.           |
    second mine. Then use the three        o--------------------------------------o
    platforms to get up to where an
    Eskimole is standing by a Dark Gem Shard). Head back out and go along the ice
    the other way. Go through a whole field full of Eskimoles with TNT, shooting
    all the way (HARD: Dark Gem Shard in the middle of the ice field). At the end,
    shoot a couple of skeletons and a Yeti, next to him is the next Dark Gem Shard.
    Turn and face the tunnel off to the left now. Shoot the two Yetis at the top
    before proceeding along it. There's a couple more Yeti to shoot around the next
    corner (HARD: Dark Shard at the corner), once they're dead, up you go and grab
    the final Dark Shard.
    Ahh. 50%. Isn't that nice? Halfway there already. Get used to Spyro again and
    get moving. Go into the middle of the area and up onto the top where you'll
    find a switch to Horn Dive. This'll open up an interesting gate, but don't go
    there just yet. Go as if you were going there, but when you get on the same
    platform as it, go to the other end and jump over to another entrance in the
    side of the wall.
                                           o----DRAGON EGG 40/80 - Concept Set----o
    Jump down into the area below you now  | Chase an Egg Thief in the eastern    |
    and chase after that Egg Thief.        | area of the level.                   |
    Get back out of the area by way of a
    thermal, turn around and jump to a     o-----------LIGHT GEM 051/100----------o
    small platform across a few to the     | Inside a cave near the Egg Thief.    |
    other side, into the cave, avoid the   o--------------------------------------o
    green spikey spinny thing and then
    kill another large armoured Gnorc.
    Head back out and now you can go to that gate that you opened previously.
    There's a reasonably tricky jump with two swinging spiked logs in here. You
    need to time it so that as the first log is swinging to the left you jump, but
    hold back so as to get past the second as it swings back to the left. You'll
    eventually arrive out at Moneybags' Shop 'Icy Camp' which has all the usual
    Unfortunately as you still don't have the Wall Kick ability, you can't do much
    here besides going through. Flame all the Eskimoles along the way and walk
    through the tunnel at the end. The game will take over a short way in. Meet
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1202] |-----------|                    Gloomy Glacier                      |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +-----Items and Tasks------+
    | 0 Dark Gems              |  Now playing as Hunter, wander down the corridor
    | 6 Dragon Eggs            |  and talk to Bentley. He looks and speaks
    | 8 Light Gems             |  completely different from what you may remember
    |--------------------------|  of him from Year of the Dragon. He'll give you a
    | Find Ice Citadel         |  task to clear out his cave of Yetis.
    | Clear Bentley's Cave     |
    | Complete Sparx challenge |  Anyway, go to the left and follow the path along
    +--------------------------+  to the end. Jump onto the wall on the left which
                                  is climbable. Use it to get up Bentley's door. In
    the room to the right is the first Yeti. Quick shot while he's not watching.
    Then along the other passageway to where a second Yeti is standing with a
    barrel. Shoot him and then grab a fire arrow, smash the strong chest for
    another, though you'll need to use up the one you have in order to get that
    other one so I really don't know why it's there, unless it's just an example
    for later on of course.
    Walk onto the blue liquid on a slope down to some more of Bentley's house. You
    should straight away see the third Yeti as well as a locked chest with gems
    inside. Continue on, and just up the
    next slope is the fourth Yeti to       o-----DRAGON EGG 41/80 - Ember Set-----o
    kill. Inside Bentley's bedroom is      | Inside a locked chest in Bentley's   |
    another locked chest as well, this     | bedroom.                             |
    one with an egg inside.                o--------------------------------------o
    In the next room, just off the passageway on the left is the fifth Yeti as well
    as another fire arrow. Either use it on the strong chest to get a free key, or
    use it on a cracked wall a bit
    further along, or both of course if    o-----------LIGHT GEM 052/100----------o
    you have enough left. Now wander       | Clear out Bentley's cave.            |
    along past the watery slope back to    o--------------------------------------o
    where Bentely was. He'll open up the
    rest of the level for you as well as giving you a nice shiny new Light Gem.
    Jump over the two spikes and climb up the newly opened ledge. Quickly shoot the
    yeti behind a piece of ice and grab the key if you need/can carry it. There are
    a couple of Dark Gem Shards after it, but there aren't any Dark Gems in the
    entire level, those are for Spyro's eyes only. Jump and stomp down onto each of
    the four switches beneath the moving hammers, avoidance is best. Once the gate
    is open, jump past another two spikes, shoot another Yeti and grab another key
    if possible.
    Dodge a few simple purple air vent     o-----------LIGHT GEM 053/100----------o
    things and get into a larger cave      | In the middle of an area just after  |
    with a Light Gem directly ahead of     | the swinging hammers with switches.  |
    you.                                   o--------------------------------------o
    Upon grabbing the Light Gem, the room
    will lock up and several enemies will  o-----DRAGON EGG 42/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    appear. Mostly skeletons but also a    | Inside a locked chest after the      |
    solitary wizard inside the cave to     | first wizard guy who summons         |
    the left. There's little point         | skeletons.                           |
    attacking him as he seems to be        o--------------------------------------o
    invincible. Kill twelve skeletons in
    order to reopen the doors outta here. Once it's done, he'll vanish and the door
    will open. Just along the corridor is a locked chest.
    Just ahead is a series of jumps. You   o-----DRAGON EGG 43/80 - Ember Set-----o
    need to wait for the snowball to       | Inside a cracked wall just after     |
    fall, then jump and the axe should be  | Dragon Egg 42.                       |
    perfectly time for another jump, the   o--------------------------------------o
    next jump you need to watch out for
    falling rocks before using a fire arrow on the cracked wall there.
    One more jump over an axe and then shoot a Yeti and a target in order to bring
    up another platform in order to allow you to go further. Wait for the green
    thing to stop spinning to get past it. Go past another and then aim up at some
    bats. If you're close enough to the edge they'll fly towards you allowing you
    to aim better, though they will hurt you if you don't shoot them in time. Also
    shoot a Yeti over the pass. Jump along the platforms to where that Yeti was.
    You'll arrive at another green spikey  o-----------LIGHT GEM 054/100----------o
    thing, jump past it and then fire a    | Inside a ribcage with a Yeti.        |
    fire arrow at the rib cage with a      | Destroy the ribs with a fire arrow.  |
    Yeti behind, quickly shoot the Yeti    o--------------------------------------o
    as well. If you happen to screw up
    and he still lives, just go around the corner a little so that you can see him,
    but his snowballs hit the side, you should be able to shoot him from there.
    Head out the tunnel now to where you   o---DRAGON EGG 44/80 - Character Set---o
    should find Zoe. Go to the left side   | Underneath a ribcage bridge, just    |
    of the small platform and you will     | after Light Gem 54.                  |
    see a series of cracked platforms      o--------------------------------------o
    leading down. Jump along these.
    Wait for the platforms to reappear then go back up. Shoot the far-away Yeti and
    then proceed along the bridge. Shoot a few more bats and another Yeti over to
    the left before traipsing over there, the midsection will crumble so don't walk
    slow there. Punch the skeleton and jump over the small gap in the next bridge.
    Quickly punch the skeleton there and shoot the Yeti.
    Off to another section, Zoe starts it  o-----------LIGHT GEM 055/100----------o
    off again. Avoid the large rolling     | On a ledge with a Yeti just after a  |
    stone and punch the skeleton as you    | couple of ribcage bridges with       |
    land before jumping over and punching  | rolling stones on.                   |
    the other one too. Jump forwards and   o--------------------------------------o
    onto a crumbling platform to the
    right and then onto a platform with a Yeti on, quickly punch him.
    Again with the waiting. Jump over to   o-----DRAGON EGG 45/80 - Flame Set-----o
    the crumbling platforms again and      | Just after three turning ribs.       |
    this time off to the right. Land on    o--------------------------------------o
    the first of the turning bones. Wait
    for it to turn closer to the second before jumping to it, same with the third.
    [ ] - Complete Sparx challenge
    Shoot the Yeti ahead and wander ahead  o-----DRAGON EGG 46/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    to a Sparx challenge section. Unlike   | Complete Sparx's challenge on Easy.  |
    all the others, this is just a plain   o--------------------------------------o
    run right to the end, no obstacles
    apart from plenty of bugs. It's not    o-----------LIGHT GEM 056/100----------o
    really a challenge that requires more  | Complete Sparx's challenge on Hard.  |
    then the occasional use of the         o--------------------------------------o
    generously given weapons, though
    they're barely needed either. Just shoot and dodge things that get too close.
    Hard Mode is just a little more onslaught with ground units like Eskimoles and
    Yetis which require more than one hit to kill. Basically the same though, if
    you can't hit it, zoom past it.
    Once you've completed that Sparx challenge, move on down the corridor a little
    further, right to the end where Zoe is. Jump forwards onto a small platform
    that is moving in an arc towards (or away) from you. As it's moving, aim and
    shoot at a Yeti in front of you
    before jumping to where he was,        o-----------LIGHT GEM 057/100----------o
    quickly punch the skeleton there as    | In the area with the long climbing   |
    well. If you follow the backbone       | wall, at the far west side of the    |
    along a bit further you'll find an     | area jump up a series of crumbling   |
    extra fire arrow. Jump to the left     | platforms to get to this Light Gem.  |
    onto a crumbling platform and          o--------------------------------------o
    continue up these several jumps to
    the top.
    Head back to Zoe now, jump onto the platform with the climbable wall and climb
    up. You'd be best shooting a fire arrow at the bug crawling around first
    though. Make your way as far to the right as you can, you'll come across a
    second bug which you should avoid by following it anti-clockwise around a
    central piece of rock. Once you get
    off the rockface, go straight into     o-----------LIGHT GEM 058/100----------o
    aim mode and look opposite where you   | Inside a locked room above the       |
    are standing, you should see a Yeti,   | climbable wall, shoot a target       |
    shoot it and the target behind him.    | behind a Yeti to open the gate.      |
    Also you should shoot a fire arrow at  o--------------------------------------o
    that previous bug as you now need to
    go up to above where it was patrolling.
    From here you can shoot the couple of gem containers where the Yeti and target
    were, a fire arrow is required for the strong chest, the gems will fly towards
    you when you destroy their containers. Back down to where you shot the target
    and go through the tunnel. You'll almost straight away wander across an
    unstable floor, make sure not to stand on it for too long as it will crumble
    and fall and there's another patch
    right after it. If you want to kill    o-----------LIGHT GEM 059/100----------o
    the bear traps, just stomp on them.    | Right at the end of the level.       |
    Jump up the gap after them to some     o--------------------------------------o
    more and a Light Gem, the last of the
    Walk a short way past and the game will take over again. Level complete.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1203] |-----------|                      Ice Citadel                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +--------Items and Tasks--------+
    | 5 Dark Gems                   |  As Hunter leaves, you take control of Spyro
    | 7 Dragon Eggs                 |  again, right at the start of Ice Citadel. Go
    | 8 Light Gems                  |  through to Zoe and a couple of bear traps
    |-------------------------------|  right away. Turn right and take down the
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems     |  gnorc infront of some more traps and a
    | Free Elder Astor              |  locked chest, which has three fire ammo
    | Relight the Boilers           |  inside. Continue on to another Gnorc and
    | Collect Reward                |  exit the area through the large door at the
    | Power the Supercharge Gadget  |  end.
    | Complete Sgt. Byrd's Speedway |
    +-------------------------------+  Moneybags' Shop 'Cool Courtyard' should be
                                       directly infront of you. Use the pair of
    moving, spiked platforms ahead to get up to above. Once up by the waterwheel,
    flame the firework behind it and then
    go over to the opposite side of this   o-----------LIGHT GEM 060/100----------o
    platform where another moving          | Above a small platform in the centre |
    platform should be. Ride it up to      | of the room with Moneybags' Shop     |
    where you can jump onto a platform in  | 'Cool Courtyard', use a couple of    |
    the middle of the room.                | other platforms to get to it.        |
    Once that's been grabbed, jump back
    down to the same level as the shop     o-----------LIGHT GEM 061/100----------o
    and charge along to where the          | Turn on the first boiler located at  |
    firework flew off to. Kill the Gnorcs  | the end of a tunnel near Moneybags'  |
    as you meet them. At the end, other    | first shop in this level.            |
    then the large amount of gems, behind  o--------------------------------------o
    the last Gnorc is a boiler. Use your
    fire breath on it to turn it on.
    There was a door along the tunnel, but it's currently locked and so you can't
    go through it. Go back to the waterwheel and activate it with water breath.
    This'll slide open a stong bar which now allows you to go through the door.
    Here you'll find a few bear traps as well as a partially sleeping Yeti, though
    he'll wake up as you get near. Just carry on through this tunnel until you get
    to the usual Horn Dive switch, you know what to do.
    A room full to the brim with bear      o-----DRAGON EGG 47/80 - Flame Set-----o
    traps arrives. Destroy them all and    | Behind a wall just after the second  |
    fire up the boiler (no Light Gem this  | boiler, it's also inside a chest.    |
    time) before Horn Diving another       o--------------------------------------o
    switch to get out. Go past Zoe here
    and at the turn to the right, go left and charge into the wall.
    There are a few more Gnorcs and a      o------------DARK GEM 23/40------------o
    couple of traps before the next door   | Directly above the Elder, once       |
    to go through.                         | destroyed you fall through.          |
    [ ] - Free Elder Astor
    Destroy the Dark Gem, there's nothing else to do as it's a dead-end. Though not
    once you destroy it. You'll fall down to Elder Astor. Talk to him and he'll
    give you the ability to Wall Kick. The final ability that Spyro will get from a
    Dragon Elder. As the door in here is
    locked, it is a prison after all,      o-----------LIGHT GEM 062/100----------o
    Wall Kick up the wall kick wall up to  | Inside a locked chest just after the |
    Zoe and a Dark Gem Shard or three.     | Dragon Elder.                        |
    Also, you should note a locked chest   o--------------------------------------o
    just around the corner.
    [ ] - Power the Supercharge Gadget
    Just kinda wander a bit further through the tunnels to the exit where Zoe and
    Moneybags' Shop 'Supercharge Central'. The shop's name refers to the
    Professor's Supercharge gadget, which should be available to you to use if you
    have the 40 Light Gems required, you do have enough don't you?
    Jump on the supercharge and charge straight into the large strong door ahead,
    don't stop as otherwise you'll fall to Spyro's death. Charge along the green
    tunnel, you'll just slide back down
    if you run out of supercharge but      o------------DARK GEM 24/40------------o
    most likely fall into the hole at the  | At the end of the first supercharge  |
    start, and get to the other end,       | green tunnel, on top of a platform.  |
    there's little to get lost in. You     o--------------------------------------o
    should find yourself on a second
    supercharge with a Dark Gem on a platform infront of you.
    This will open up a tunnel ahead of    o-----DRAGON EGG 48/80 - Ember Set-----o
    you, grab some more supercharge from   | At the end of the supercharge tunnel |
    behind you can glide over there,       | opened by Dark Gem 24.               |
    charge along the tunnel to the end     o--------------------------------------o
    above the first of the supercharges.
    Once you've got all those tunnels cleared, go through the cave entrance over
    the ice. Inside you'll find an armoured Gnorc guarding a locked chest with some
    fire ammo inside and round the corner an archer and some traps. Exit the tunnel
    at the other end where you should see a large ice giant, flame or electrify
    him. To the left of you is another locked chest, with electric ammo inside this
    time, and to the right; Sgt. Byrd.
    [ ] - Complete Sgt. Byrd's Speedway
    Same as usual, this time with Rings,   o---DRAGON EGG 49/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    Time-Gates, Yetis, Gem Thieves and     | Beat Sgt. Byrd's challenge on Easy.  |
    Albatrosses. This one is just the      o--------------------------------------o
    usual, the only things to mention are
    that there are a few Time-Gates and birds inside the large island and on top of
    the island is a thief and a Time-Gate.
    For Hard mode however, you will also   o-----------LIGHT GEM 063/100----------o
    need to visit the lighthouse which     | Beat Sgt. Byrd's challenge on Hard.  |
    will house several Yeti.               o--------------------------------------o
    After that, as Spyro, head back to     o-----DRAGON EGG 50/80 - Ember Set-----o
    the supercharge and use it to go       | Behind a strong door in the area     |
    through to where you were and smash    | near Dark Gem 25.                    |
    into the strong door on the left.      o--------------------------------------o
    Speaking of Dark Gem 25, use the       o------------DARK GEM 25/40------------o
    supercharge again to go up the icy     | In the middle of a bridge covered in |
    bridge next to the place with the      | slippery ice.                        |
    strong door.                           o--------------------------------------o
    Go over the drawbridge and into an     o----DRAGON EGG 51/80 - Concept Set----o
    area with Moneybags' Shop 'Drawbridge  | A thief by the shop 'Drawbridge      |
    Drop-off' which is also home to one    | Drop-off'.                           |
    of the stupidest egg thieves of the    o--------------------------------------o
    game. Really easy to catch.
    Very little point going any further except to get gems as this passage will now
    lead all the way back to Frostbite Village. So, turn around and go back now,
    slide down the icy bridge to where Sgt. Byrd is and go through into the
    building on the left of him.
    Go through into a room with a boiler   o-----------LIGHT GEM 064/100----------o
    in the middle and plenty of Gnorcs     | Inside the boiler near to Sgt. Byrd. |
    around it, kill 'em all and flame the  o--------------------------------------o
    Right next to the front of that boiler is a metal cube, jump onto it and then
    up into a purple coloured tunnel which goes through to another boiler and Zoe.
    In the next room is Moneybags' Shop 'Royal Chamber' as well as the Ice
    Princess. She'll instruct you to light all the boilers around the citadel,
    luckily for her you've been doing that already though there are more to get
    still. Inside the locked chest here you'll get some gems.
    Go through the only open exit and out  o------------DARK GEM 26/40------------o
    into another open area. To the right   | Just after the Ice Princess, it      |
    of the exit is an armoured Gnorc who   | clears up the cannon here.           |
    seems to be guarding a few Dark Gem    o--------------------------------------o
    Shards and a Darm Gem itself.
    There are two major things to shoot with the cannon, both doors. One directly
    ahead, the other off to the right. Also destroy the strong chests if you want
    to, all gems fly towards you. Once done, head over to the left and into the
    entrance there. Kill the Yetis and
    traps to get through to Zoe at the     o-----DRAGON EGG 52/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    other end. On the right you will be    | After a couple of pole spins in the  |
    able to see a pair of poles to swing   | area off from the cannon.            |
    on, they move up and down so make      o--------------------------------------o
    sure to time the jumps so that you're
    above where you want to be going.
    Hanging around here is an electricity  o------------DARK GEM 27/40------------o
    powered platform, a quick jolt should  | After Dragon Egg 52 and a couple of  |
    get it going over to the Dark Gem.     | pole spins.                          |
    A snow covered path will appear which
    will lead to a Gnorc infested tunnel, kill 'em all and power up a small orb by
    the door at the end, which leads all
    the way back to the Ice Princess.      o---DRAGON EGG 53/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    Head back out to the area with the     | Above an upwards moving platform in  |
    cannon and go around to the opposite   | the same area as the cannon.         |
    side and go inside there.              o--------------------------------------o
    From here, glide down to the circular  o-----------LIGHT GEM 065/100----------o
    entrance that you smashed open with    | Behind a circular strong door in the |
    the cannon earlier.                    | area with the cannon.                |
    [ ] - Relight the Boilers
    Jump out and round to the right and    o-----------LIGHT GEM 066/100----------o
    onto the last remaining entrance of    | Flame the final boiler just off the  |
    the area. Work through to a room with  | area with the cannon.                |
    the final boiler and several sword     o--------------------------------------o
    wielding Gnorcs. Flame the boiler to
    complete the task.
    Using the moving platform in here      o-----------LIGHT GEM 067/100----------o
    will take you to a point where you     | Collect off the Ice Princess after   |
    can go through the locked door near    | relighting all the boilers.          |
    the start of the level should you      o--------------------------------------o
    require to go back there or come
    through from there in the future. Either way, head back to the Ice Princess to
    collect your reward.
    That's this level completed. You'll never ever need to come back here again.
    Just gotta go finish off Frostbite Village and you can go fight this world's
    boss. Go all the way back to the icy bridge, use the supercharge to get back up
    it and work your way through, getting a new supercharge boost along the way.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1204] |-----------|        Frostbite Village - Unfinished Business         |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    Back here after being interupted       o-----------LIGHT GEM 068/100----------o
    previously.                            | Next to a strong door in the tunnel  |
                                           | from Ice Citadel.                    |
    Use your supercharge on the strong     o--------------------------------------o
    door next to that Light Gem and
    you'll find another supercharge gadget inside there too. Powerup and continue
    your charge through to the main part of the level, go through another strong
    door and you're there. Keep charging however, and go across the area to a
    strong door on the opposite side which should require just a little tap when
    you're charged up.
    Quickly go past the spinning spikey thing and then avoid a couple of swinging
    spikey logs followed by another of
    the spinning green twigs that you      o------------DARK GEM 28/40------------o
    need to go around. Once you do so,     | Right next to 'Eskimole Village'.    |
    you'll be in an area with the shop     o--------------------------------------o
    'Eskimole Village' as well as a Dark
    Gem dead ahead.
    On the left of the shop is a Wall Kick feature to use with an Eskimole at the
    top waiting for you. Proceed up another Wall Kick to where a secret area door
    is located. You'll require 95 Light Gems to get through it, and you probably
    don't have anywhere near that just yet. Jump down to the cannon that was
    cleared up by the Dark Gem and use it to destroy the strong door covering an
    entrance and for much later on, destroy a strong door up on a platform to your
    left. Go through the large circular one.
    Avoid some falling pieces of ice through this tunnel and as you get into a
    large room with a pool, you'll notice
    some large falling icicles in the      o-----DRAGON EGG 54/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    water, as they pop back up out of the  | Inside a locked chest to the right   |
    water use them as stepping stones,     | of a pool with large icicles that    |
    quickly! Go to the platform over on    | fall into it.                        |
    the right.                             o--------------------------------------o
    Now, head along the icicles again and  o------------DARK GEM 29/40------------o
    over to the Dark Gem by a large ice    | In the room with the large falling   |
    block on the opposite side to the way  | icicles.                             |
    you came in. Smash it.                 o--------------------------------------o
    Go over the bridge and take out the igloo to stop the Eskimoles from respawning
    every time you kill 'em. Then go to the lefthand side of the bridge and drop
    down underneath it to a locked chest under there which contains some gems. Use
    the thermal to get back up again.
    Now, use the two pole spins to get up  o-----------LIGHT GEM 069/100----------o
    to where a large armoured Gnorc is     | One a platform after a couple of     |
    standing, keep spinning until he       | pole spins, all after Dark Gem 29.   |
    attacks and then jump, making sure to  o--------------------------------------o
    avoid his weapon as you land. Same
    goes for the next one.
    Now, all the way back through to the centre of the level where Moneybags' Realm
    Shop is. Buy a ticket to Moneybags' Shop 'Icy Camp' to save a lot of hassle
    though. Now with your Wall Kick
    ability, you can do more here then     o-----DRAGON EGG 55/80 - Blink Set-----o
    wander through. Over to the left, go   | Behind a snowy wall up a Wall Kick   |
    up the wall and turn to the left.      | wall in the area by 'Icy Camp'.      |
    Jump up onto a platform ahead, turn a  o--------------------------------------o
    bit and charge into the cracked snowy
    wall there.
    Now, go over to the opposite side of the area and go up the Wall Kick area to
    the top there, watch out for falling icicles on the way up. At the top flame
    the Gnorc and jump onto the floating platform with a switch on. Activate it and
    glide down to the now raised cannon. Shoot the large spherical strong door
    straight ahead of you, then glide over towards where it was and use the wall
    kicks to get to it. Go through the tunnel all the way to Zoe at the other end
    in a large icy area.
    [ ] - Destroy all the Dark Gems
    Head over to the right where you       o------------DARK GEM 30/40------------o
    should be able to see the last Dark    | In an icy area in the south-east     |
    Gem of the Realm.                      | corner of the map.                   |
    Upon destroying said Dark Gem,
    several platforms will begin circling the centre pillar. Jump onto the lowest
    one, then glide to the next highest whilst still on there. Wait for you to get
    to a point where there is a slightly
    higher solid platform behind you and   o-----------LIGHT GEM 070/100----------o
    wait for the third one to arrive so    | In the middle of the icy area in the |
    you can jump on that and then jump     | south-eastern corner of the map.     |
    onto the middle where a Light Gem      o--------------------------------------o
    Go back out and glide down to the      o-----------LIGHT GEM 071/100----------o
    left to the tunnel which previously    | At the bottom of the steps before    |
    you lost control of Spyro in. You can  | where Hunter waits in the south-west |
    continue on down it now though, go     | of the map.                          |
    past Zoe and straight up to the Light  o--------------------------------------o
    Gem there.
    And that is that for now. The last remaining egg and Light Gem are both behind
    the 95 Light Gem door. Off to fight Red now. Head back to the central area of
    the level and approach the entrance to Red's Chamber just off to the right of
    Moneybags' Depot.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1205] |-----------|                       Boss: Red                        |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +-Items and Tasks-+
    | 0 Dark Gems     |  The one you've been waiting for. The big bad boss battle
    | 0 Dragon Eggs   |  begins! Just wander down the corridor and you'll
    | 0 Light Gems    |  eventually arrive at the battle scene. This time you're on
    |-----------------|  ice so charging is out of the question here.
    | Defeat Red      |
    | Use Ice Breath  |  [ ] - Defeat Red
    | Main Teleporter |
    +-----------------+  The battle begins straight away with Red firing ice
                         blasts. First strike should go either side of you, but his
    second will go straight at you. Use your flame breath to counter it. Keep
    pressing every time he makes the blast sound. After a short time he'll stop and
    several boxes will appear around him. Switch to water breath and knock as many
    boxes into him as possible, each does one damage. Three will get you to the
    second stage, just repeat until you've gotten him down three if you don't get
    it first time.
    He will conjure some dragon dogs for you to flame as well as some falling
    rocks, quickly dispense of these and get ready for some more ice attack
    countering. Again, he'll get tired and spawn some boxes, push as many as you
    can into him, three at best. If you fail to get all three in one, he'll spawn
    some more dogs and start fire breathing. Take out the dogs and avoid his fire,
    then do some more countering before finishing him off to three health.
    Once that's done, he'll get even madder and cause the stadium to start melting.
    Walk as fast as you can around him avoiding his breath as he melts it. Then
    avoid his ice attack as he refreezes it. He'll then set off some electric
    attacks, jump over the lower ones and stay on the ice for the higher ones.
    Almost as soon as they disappear he sends out another one, this time you need
    to jump between the two at the same time, so don't jump too high or too late.
    Then again he'll stomp causing some ice fall, and immediately start the ice
    attack again. Flame to counter it. It's unlikely you'll hit him more than twice
    here, so he'll once again repeat the process of melt, reform, electric then ice
    attack again with more boxes at the end until you defeat him to zero hits.
    Red quickly takes off leaving behind Freezia who gives you the power of Ice
    Breath. The final power of the game.
    [ ] - Use Ice Breath
    Charge along the corridor and at the end, use your new Ice Breath on the white
    steam vent next to some pole spins. This turns it into a temporary extra pole
    to spin on. Go up two solid poles, turn and go up again. Turn and glide to a
    platform with another steam vent to freeze. Now just work your way all the way
    to the top, twisting and turning a lot. Horn Dive the switch to get out of
    Red's Chamber.
    [ ] - Main Teleporter
    Back in Frostbite Village, make your way over to the Professor's Teleporter and
    go to the next Realm, Volcanic Isle.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1301] |-----------|                     Stormy Beach                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks------+
    | 1 Dark Gems               |  The usual introduction scene, with the Professor
    | 2 Dragon Eggs             |  asking you to go and go to Red's secret
    | 2 Light Gems              |  underground lair which he believes is in ths
    |---------------------------|  realm. He also mentions about going there
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems |  himself. As a side note, parts of the music in
    | Locate Molten Mount       |  this level sounds very similar to a level in
    | Stop the Gnorc Invasion   |  Crash Bandicoot 2, not the whole of the music,
    +---------------------------+  just parts.
    The water surrounding the teleporter is all but empty, a few gem vases but
    nothing of real value. Go over to the Dark Gem Shard to the left of where you
    get teleported in. Smash it and then kill a few bear traps nearby, going
    through repeating all the way through to the end.
    Jump over to the platform ahead of you, the water below is perfectly safe to
    fall into so don't worry 'bout that. There are also several barrels and crates
    around here that act just like Horn Dive chests and other related gem giving
    Horn Dive items. You can see a faint circular pattern on the top of them. Go to
    the left side of this place and glide forwards again. Kill the several Gnorcs,
    round here they've got a new purple armour and some like to respawn new Gnorcs
    upon dying, and cross the bridge to where a locked chest is (contains gems),
    and remember to kill the Gnorcs and traps as well though.
    Go up behind the locked chest to       o-----------LIGHT GEM 072/100----------o
    where a firework is sitting. Flame it  | Up a couple of platforms stuck on    |
    and then jump up onto the platform     | the wall in the north part of the    |
    held up by rigging to the side.        | west section of the level.           |
    Glide down to the Dark Gem Shard below, then over a short bridge to a house
    like building made out of half a ship. On one side of it are the gems from the
    strong chests that you destroyed with the firework and a locked chest with yet
    more gems inside. That's all for this part of the level. Head back to where the
    teleporter is.
    Go to the left as you come out of the  o----DRAGON EGG 56/80 - Concept Set----o
    tunnel and go up to Moneybags'         | The egg thief is underneath the      |
    'Stormy Depot'. From here you may be   | Stormy Depot.                        |
    able to here the usual laughter of an  o--------------------------------------o
    egg thief. Jump over the right side
    of the ship and charge along northwards, you should soon spot an egg theif to
    chase. He'll go around the inside and outside of the ship as you chase.
    There are also a few gems underneath Moneybags' but as with a lot in this
    level, there's nothing else. Go over to the opposite side of this area and jump
    up a box to get to a ship's deck with a large walrus on infront of a gate.
    [ ] - Stop the Gnorc invasion
    Same as it ever was. Kill 60 Gnorcs as they appear to get completion on Easy
    mode. At the start it's just a few Gnorcs charging towards you from seperate
    locations, the radar shows where but upon the next wave it's just a constant
    stream of as many Gnorcs as possible.
    They don't attack, they merely want    o-----DRAGON EGG 57/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    to get past you. Shoot constantly and  | Beat Wally's challenge on Easy.      |
    make sure to keep a wide area of       o--------------------------------------o
    shooting as too many Gnorcs past you
    means you lose.                        o-----------LIGHT GEM 073/100----------o
                                           | Beat Wally's challenge on Hard.      |
    Hard mode justs gives you a larger     o--------------------------------------o
    number of Gnorcs to kill. Nothing
    wrong with that, 75 shouldn't really be much more of a challenge if you've
    managed the 60.
    Turn right and go to the locked chest, more gems I'm afraid though. What
    exactly did you expect? You've got all the Light Gems and Dragon Eggs of the
    level already. Head back towards Moneybags, but on the way, just before his
    ship, you should see a few step-like boxes covered in a grey sheet. Use these
    to get up onto a canopy above. Go to the other end and jump to where another
    Shard is. You may need to jump again off the side of the edge of the place
    you're aiming for. Go down the tunnel here, avoid the locked chest unless you
    approve of getting less gems then the key was worth. And just after it, jump
    down to three more Dark Gem Shards.
    The room's full of gems, nothing more. Explore all you like in here but don't
    expect anything good. Just go through
    the exit at the other end when you're  o------------DARK GEM 31/40------------o
    done. This tunnel has yet more Shards  | Right at the end of the level before |
    in, though at the end in the second    | Molten Mount.                        |
    load of them is the Dark Gem of the    o--------------------------------------o
    [ ] - Locate Molten Mount
    Destroying that Dark Gem will create a few new platforms and open the way to
    the next level. Jump across and go into the giant mouth. Without much notice
    you'll arrive in Molten Mount.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1302] |-----------|                     Molten Mount                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +--------Items and Tasks--------+
    | 3 Dark Gems                   |  Shortly upon exiting the entrance, you
    | 5 Dragon Eggs                 |  should see a firework on top of a tree
    | 6 Light Gems                  |  stump. Light it to destroy a Strong Chest
    |-------------------------------|  stuck up in the wall. Carry on down the path
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems     |  to the end where Zoe and a supercharge
    | Climb the Volcano             |  gadget are. Use the supercharge to smash up
    | Destroy the Rock Monsters     |  the few strong chests that were on the path
    | Complete Sgt. Byrd's Speedway |  before, it runs out really quickly.
                                       Change to water breath and use it against
    the Fire Bird next to Zoe before gliding down to the platform there. Water
    another one and glide across when you can making your way to a series of step
    ups with a box of fireworks and a flaming man thing too. Water down the second
    one and continue on again to a hyena.
    Teena the hyena's house has been burnt down by some rock monsters and she wants
    revenge! Just around the tree ahead of you is Moneybags' Shop 'Destroyed
    Village' which you should visit if you ever feel the need to want to come back
    [ ] - Destroy the Rock Monsters
    Much like the Earthshapers of Fracture Hills, these rock monsters cannot be
    directly destroyed by you. To kill them, as with the Earthshapers, you should
    charge into them after them slam down their clubs. This will knock them closer
    to the edge and once they reach the
    edge, they die. Repeat for all four,   o-----DRAGON EGG 58/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    you'll need to do them all without     | Recieve from Teena the Hyena after   |
    dying as they would come back. Once    | defeating all the rock monsters.     |
    all four are gone, go back and talk    o--------------------------------------o
    to Teena again to get your reward.
    Go back to where the third rock        o------------DARK GEM 32/40------------o
    monster was and jump over to that      | On a platform next to the third rock |
    lovely looking Dark Gem.               | monster.                             |
    A nice new bridge of steps appears as
    well as a counter of fire cowboys. I have no idea why you get it, you just do.
    Anyway, equip water or ice breath and wander along the bridge dousing the
    cowboys as you go. After the first three, a wizard similar to that of the one
    in Gloomy Glacier teleports away.
    Jump onto the moving platform after    o-----DRAGON EGG 59/80 - Flame Set-----o
    where he was and as it moves along     | Under the small remains of a         |
    through the next three cowboys, douse  | building near to Sgt. Byrd.          |
    them too. Again, the wizard will       o--------------------------------------o
    teleport away.
    Jump onto the next moving platform     o-----------LIGHT GEM 074/100----------o
    and freeze yourself three more         | Inside a locked chest next to Sgt.   |
    cowboys before reaching the wizard     | Byrd.                                |
    who will promptly disappear again.     o--------------------------------------o
    [ ] - Complete Sgt. Byrd's Speedway
    Rings, Time-Gates, Targets, Gnorcs     o---DRAGON EGG 60/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    and Fire Birds. Nothing unusual here.  | Complete Sgt. Byrd's task on Easy.   |
    Just fly around going through things   o--------------------------------------o
    in the order they appear. All the
    Gnorcs are located behind things at    o-----------LIGHT GEM 075/100----------o
    the edges of the level and the birds   | Complete Sgt. Byrd's task on Hard.   |
    fly around everywhere. Hard mode just  o--------------------------------------o
    mixes stuff up a bit.
    Upon completion, turn around and go back to where that third rock monster was
    again and now head off towards the opening in the rock ahead. A large Gnorc
    should spring up as you approach it. I suggest using Ice Breath through here as
    you can use it offensively on both the cowboys and Gnorcs. Go on past the
    swinging axe. When you reach a set of
    poles, go to the left of them and      o-----------LIGHT GEM 076/100----------o
    glide down to a platform, getting rid  | On a platform next to some poles.    |
    of the fire cowboy as you do.          o--------------------------------------o
    Jump back and use the poles to spin on. Jump at times when the fire is either
    gone out or is just about to, hitting it hurts you know. Go past Zoe and jump
    down, spraying water at the fire bird as you do. A couple more jumps will get
    you to the shop 'Collapsed Bridge' next to some sort of broken structure, I'm
    not entirely sure what it was though. A little further ahead you'll find a
    cannon all lined up for a shooting, though you'll have to move it around a
    little to aim for the large cracked rock just a little to the left.
    Next, carry on forwards and to the left so you go up a set of pole spins. Keep
    going around jumping over platforms and wiping out the fire birds until you
    reach a much larger platform and a new 9 cowboy counter appears along with
    several cowboys surrounding the
    wizard. If you get close he'll fly     o-----------LIGHT GEM 077/100----------o
    off just a short way away and when     | After the second set of nine fire    |
    you destroy the first four cowboys     | cowboys in the area with the         |
    another five appear. On completion,    | 'Collapsed Bridge' shop.             |
    where the wizard was standing is now   o--------------------------------------o
    a Light Gem.
    Glide back to Moneybags' shop and go off to the right at the poles this time.
    Jump and freeze a lot here, charge
    into their frozen bodies to get their  o------------DARK GEM 33/40------------o
    gems if you feel so inclined. When     | Down to the left of Zoe in the       |
    you get to Zoe, glide to the left,     | middle area at the top of the map.   |
    this'll lead to a Shard and Dark Gem.  o--------------------------------------o
    Head through where the lava flow just stopped and go to the right of Zoe here.
    Glide down to the platform with a red and white switch on. Activate it the
    switch and glide to the right where
    another switch is. Activate and then   o-----------LIGHT GEM 078/100----------o
    activate the last remaining switch on  | Above a set of three platforms,      |
    the other platform before racing to    | raised individually by three         |
    get up those three raised platforms.   | seperate switches with a time limit. |
    And for a few more gems before
    leaving, make sure to glide around the right corner, hugging the wall as you
    go. Wondering what that invincibility gadget was there for? Well it's to get
    back up to Zoe and the rest of the level, as otherwise the jump is just that
    little bit short causing you to fall into the one-hit-kill lava. Anyway,
    proceed with the exiting of this area and go to the left as you get back out.
    This path will meander past the shop 'Lumber Storage' and lead you to a broken
    bridge with a lot of fire coming out of the lava. Glide over the second it
    subsides. Destroy the fire creatures here that like to popup almost as you walk
    over them then head up to Zoe and into the cave behind her.
    The almost mazelike area you find      o----DRAGON EGG 61/80 - Concept Set----o
    yourself in is home to an egg thief    | An egg thief in the north-east       |
    who will run around and around in      | corner of the map.                   |
    circles.                               o--------------------------------------o
    Once again, head back out of this
    area and continue on with the level    o-----------LIGHT GEM 079/100----------o
    to the left as you reach Zoe. Wander   | Inside a locked chest that's behind  |
    along past swinging axes and poking    | a cracked wall after some spikes     |
    spikes. Just after them, a wall to     | that rise and fall.                  |
    your right should be cracked and give  o--------------------------------------o
    way with a quick charge.
    And on you go! Just past Zoe again     o-----DRAGON EGG 62/80 - Ember Set-----o
    you will find another cracked wall     | Inside a locked chest behind a       |
    with another locked chest in.          | cracked wall just after the cracked  |
                                           | wall of Light Gem 79.                |
    And that's the last of the Ember Set.  o--------------------------------------o
    There's another cracked wall inside
    this area, but only leads to gems. Take a right out of the cave and go up some
    steps. Dodge the falling rocks as they fall, slightly off-centre should be
    safest. There's nothing much special
    to deal with for a while now. Just     o------------DARK GEM 34/40------------o
    carry on down the straight-forward     | Right near the end of the level.     |
    path until you reach the last Dark     o--------------------------------------o
    Gem of the level.
    This will bring up a wall kick feature just past it, go up it, glide over to
    Zoe and step onto the small elevator next to her before activating it to get
    down to Magma Falls, a level of three parts.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1303] |-----------|                    Magma Falls Top                     |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks------+
    | 1 Dark Gems               |  This level is special. It has two maps,
    | 5 Dragon Eggs             |  seperated by a Ball Gadget, but has the same Egg
    | 6 Light Gems              |  and Gem counter for both, slightly confusing but
    |---------------------------|  whatever.
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems |
    | Complete Sparx challenge  |  Go straight through the gap ahead of you, and
    +---------------------------+  follow the path around to the right. Take out
                                   the rock monster here in a similar way to
    previous ones, ie charge into it to knock it to the edge. Water the fire
    creature here and continue upwards and onwards. When you get to a split in the
    track, take the right, as the left leads to the Ball Gadget which leads to the
    next part of the level which takes you away from this part of the level which
    isn't finished yet! Straight away
    upon going right you'll reach          o-----DRAGON EGG 63/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    Moneybags' shop 'Crackling Cave' and   | Inside a locked chest in a hidden    |
    right next to that you should be able  | area right next to Moneybags' shop.  |
    to see a wooden set of planks          o--------------------------------------o
    covering a Gnorc behind it. Smash
    into said planks to get into the area there.
    There is another locked chest near the shop, but it has only got one piece of
    ammo in and isn't really worth opening. Continue on down the corridor to the
    room at the end. On the side with a
    piece of lava being fired at the wall  o-----------LIGHT GEM 080/100----------o
    kick, use the wall kick to get up      | Guarded by a fire bird in the        |
    above it. Jump onto a platform just a  | southern section of the level.       |
    little higher, water down a fire bird  o--------------------------------------o
    and glide over to the Light Gem
    behind it.
    Make your way back to where you went   o-----DRAGON EGG 64/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    right instead of left, and go left     | Take the first right in the BG.      |
    into the Ball Gadget. This thing       o--------------------------------------o
    requires either a lot of self
    sacrifice or for you to repeat the     o-----------LIGHT GEM 081/100----------o
    entire thing over again once you've    | Take the next right in the BG.       |
    gone through it once. You'll probably  o--------------------------------------o
    end up going through it twice really,
    one default track, the other a         o-----------LIGHT GEM 082/100----------o
    choice.                                | Take the next right in the BG.       |
    Unfortunatly the Ball Gadget is hard
    to describe without being really       o---DRAGON EGG 65/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    boring and missing out a lot of        | Take the left instead of the         |
    detail, as well as being difficult to  | previous right in the Ball Gadget.   |
    follow, so I'll just list the items    o--------------------------------------o
    you can get from it. Remember to take
    each and every alteration of direction at least once.
    And upon reaching the end, you'll be brought out at the bottom of Magma Falls.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1304] |-----------|                  Magma Falls Bottom                    |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    Straight ahead is Moneybags' Shop
    'Chains of Lava'. Straight ahead       o------------DARK GEM 35/40------------o
    you'll find a couple of stepping       | Above a Wall Kick at the start.      |
    stones with accompanying fire          o--------------------------------------o
    creature. Just jump and attack to get
    past them as usual, then take out a Gnorc and jump up the Wall Kick.
    That's the one and only Dark Gem in    o-----------LIGHT GEM 083/100----------o
    this level. It opens up a way to       | Inside a locked chest shortly after  |
    continue on as well. The only thing    | several firey blockades.             |
    of notice for a while is a locked      o--------------------------------------o
    chest just after the next Zoe.
    Again, shortly along the corridor a counter for fire cowboys appears and as you
    round the corner you will be able to see the familiar wizrd standing up on a
    platform above. Follow the fire
    creatures around and up towards said   o-----------LIGHT GEM 084/100----------o
    wizard, who will once again teleport   | Just below where the Wizard was.     |
    away upon the defeat of the final      o--------------------------------------o
    On with the level! The next area you arrive in should have a firey pit in the
    middle. On the left is the final Sparx challenge for you to play.
    [ ] - Complete Sparx challenge
    Finally they've made it different. No  o-----DRAGON EGG 66/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    more spiders, instead you've got       | Complete Sparx's challenge on Easy.  |
    those fire creatures to worry about.   o--------------------------------------o
    Avoid the flying pieces of molten
    rock and shoot as many bugs as you     o-----------LIGHT GEM 085/100----------o
    can be bothered to do. Right at the    | Complete Sparx's challenge on Hard.  |
    end you'll find yourself faced with    o--------------------------------------o
    something very similar to that of the
    speedways of Season of Ice. A large fire bird is surrounded by fire creatures,
    you need to destroy all the fire creatures around it before you can destroy the
    fire bird. Upon this destruction you win.
    Hard mode just adds a few more obstacles and falling objects to the mix.
    Just the one more Dragon Egg and this level's complete. Wander over to the shop
    'Sparx Can Fly' but don't go down the passageway behind it as that leads out of
    the level. Instead take the passageway that you didn't come in by, the northern
    one. You will eventually end up in a large room filled with lava and a
    structure with a path going around it. Unfortunately this is a thief chase
    area. You will need to chase it around jumping over a couple of gaps along the
    way, one of which spews fire every
    now and then. But as usual the thief   o----DRAGON EGG 67/80 - Concept Set----o
    is pretty dumb and you should catch    | The thief is in the north-west part. |
    it quite quickly.                      o--------------------------------------o
    Once you've gotten that, go back to Moneybags' shop and continue down the
    passageway behind it, leading all the way to Dark Mine.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1305] |-----------|                       Dark Mine                        |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks------+
    | 2 Dark Gems               |  As you reach the map, you'll immediately pass
    | 5 Dragon Eggs             |  the Collect 45 Light Gems task as long as you
    | 6 Light Gems              |  already have 45 Light Gems. Go past Zoe and
    |---------------------------|  destroy the Shards around 'Mine Mouth' the shop.
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems |  Oh, and the best breath to use around here is
    | Access the Laboratory     |  the Elecric Breath as the place is full to the
    | Let Blink explore         |  brim with robots though for the dog things, use
    | Collect 45 Light Gems     |  fire breath. Go on past the shop and take out a
    +---------------------------+  few of those dog things, as well as a couple of
                                   robots that will require two attacks with the
    electric breath as the first will just take off their legs. The locked chest
    here just has a few gems inside.
    If indeed you do have the 45 Light     o-----------LIGHT GEM 086/100----------o
    Gems required, go through the secret   | Second left in the green water,      |
    door next to that locked chest.        | which is in the secret area.         |
    Straight away you'll want to kill the  o--------------------------------------o
    robot getting ready to attack you, go
    through to a few dogs and Dark Gem     o-----DRAGON EGG 68/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    Shards. Carry on along taking out a    | First right in the green water,      |
    few more dogs, traps and a large       | which is in the secret area.         |
    robot until you reach a green pool     o--------------------------------------o
    with an invincibility gadget next to
    If you're running low on invincibility get out fast as you will die if you're
    down there and it runs out. Apart from the egg and Light Gem the place is only
    home to gems and a few shards, so upon getting them both, exit this oh so
    secret of areas.
    Along the main path again, avoid the   o-----------LIGHT GEM 087/100----------o
    several purple steam vents to get to   | Inside a locked chest just after the |
    a locked chest, within which resides   | 45 Light Gem door.                   |
    a Light Gem.                           o--------------------------------------o
    Go past another set of vents blocking a door to the shop 'Hidden Depths'.
    Attack the robot standing in the deadend, then charge into the rock wall he was
    guarding. Jump down to a Dark Gem Shard, light a firework, and then over to a
    hovering platform in the middle of the area before jumping over to where the
    firework went. There are a few moving barriers, go inbetween the first and
    third parts of this as they go back
    in, and when they come back out again  o-----DRAGON EGG 69/80 - Blink Set-----o
    use them as a wall kick feature to     | Inside a locked chest reachable by a |
    get up to that laser-wielding Gnorc.   | moving wall kick feature.            |
    Then glide over to a locked chest      o--------------------------------------o
    Now, go back to the top of the wall    o-----------LIGHT GEM 088/100----------o
    kick and glide to a high up platform   | In the area with a moving wall kick, |
    back along above the previous          | reachable by a high up platform.     |
    floating platform. Then jump over a    o--------------------------------------o
    short wall of pipes to a Dark Gem
    Shard and a Light Gem.
    Jump down and head back towards Zoe to get your progress saved, or just carry
    on past the laser robot. Watch out though as the floor in here crumbles, you'll
    need to be light on Spyro's feet jumping quickly all the way through before
    smashing down another rock wall. You'll arrive at another Zoe with some shards
    around her. Go into the next room and to take out the robots on the cannons,
    you need to just get side on and electrify them.
    You'll need to destroy the central     o------------DARK GEM 36/40------------o
    Dark Gem in order to get any further   | In the centre of the room with       |
    with the level.                        | robots on cannons.                   |
    This'll crumble a pipe so you can now
    go along it. A short way down it Zoe will zap you, turn and go towards the one
    and only, Blink.
    [ ] - Let Blink explore
    The usual setup, five for 'easy', ten for 'hard'. Grab all the gems you want
    and await a vertical platform to arrive to take you across to some monkey bars
    to use. When you get to the other end, drop off and then wait for a platform to
    arrive, you'll need to hang onto the bottom side of this one. It'll take you
    over to the first Shard, though as you don't have any bombs yet, dig through
    the wall at the end to get some, then come back to destroy it. Now drop down to
    the area below you. You'll find plenty of spiders here as well as a bomb
    dispenser and a Dark Gem Shard.
    You'll need to take the path along the lava. Jump to each of the stones, some
    are much more difficult to get to then others so jump as they're moving towards
    each other, also make sure not to jump as a flying rock flys.
    At the other end you'll get to an area filled with spiders as well as another
    Dark Gem Shard. Once cleared, jump onto the waiting platform to be whisked away
    right back to the start again. Head all the way back to where you dug through
    the rock, do so again.
    Jump down and kill the spiders before throwing a bomb at the cracked wall. Kill
    another couple of spiders and then go and destroy a Dark Gem Shard in the next
    room with another couple of spiders in. One of these returns quite quickly so
    throw a bomb at the shard fast.
    Once done, head back to where the cracked rock was and wait for a platform to
    arrive from above. This will take you up to another platform, drop onto it,
    shoot some spiders (HARD: There's a Dark Shard behind the top spider) and get
    up to a slightly higher platform next to you which allows you to grab onto the
    monkeybars above it. Swing across, dropping a bomb at the cracked wall below as
    you go. Drop down to where the rock was and use the couple of platforms to get
    across to a wall kick feature. Throw a bomb at the cracked wall ahead, then use
    the wall kick, use the platforms to get to the other end. Jump down to the
    spider filled area below. Quickly
    make your way over to the opposite     o-----DRAGON EGG 70/80 - Blink Set-----o
    end where the final Dark Shard lies.   | Complete Blink's challenge on Easy.  |
    End of Easy, the rest is Hard.         o--------------------------------------o
    Dig through the wall here and collect some more bombs from the dispenser. Make
    your way across the lava filled room, jumping from platform to platform right
    to the end where you use the wall kick to get up. Punch a couple of large blue
    bugs up there and destroy the Shard. On the left now, a moving platform should
    arrive down to take you to the platform above you where yet another Shard is
    sitting. Cross over the lava again but higher up this time, you'll find a shard
    right at the other end. Jump back to
    the platform just before it and then   o-----------LIGHT GEM 089/100----------o
    jump down to the layer below. Quickly  | Complete Blink's challenge on Hard.  |
    rushing towards the final Shard at     o--------------------------------------o
    the end.
    Go through to the right now, back as Spyro, and wait for the lift to descend.
    Go through the door at the bottom and
    take care of the shielded robot Gnorc  o-----DRAGON EGG 71/80 - Spyro Set-----o
    before jumping over to the Horn Dive   | In a cave underneath the path just   |
    chest. Turn and jump down to another   | after the elevator after Blink.      |
    platform with a wicker basket on it    o--------------------------------------o
    and then into the cave with a Dragon
    Egg in.
    The last of the Spyro set, and since you've got only nine eggs left to go,
    you'll be finishing off sets in quick succession now. Jump back up to the main
    path again. Continue along until you reach Zoe, there are a few gnorcs and
    things inbetween but they should be easy to take care of. Drop down and equip
    freeze breath. The platforms here will fall if you stand on them too long, so
    keep jumping, even if it's just jumping on the spot. To get anywhere really,
    you'll need to freeze the steam vents
    in order to turn them into poles to    o-----------LIGHT GEM 090/100----------o
    spin on. After the double frozen       | In the far corner in the area with   |
    poles you can either go left or        | all the vents to turn into poles.    |
    straight on. Go straight on at the     o--------------------------------------o
    moment and work your way down to the
    Light Gem in the corner.
    Now head back, freezing some vents this time to the solid platform, go to the
    right now unless you want to go get that load of gems, in which case go
    forwards and then come back here once you've got them. Carry on round and to
    above where that Light Gem was, take out the couple of robots here. The one by
    the rock wall isn't actually guarding anything as the rocks are solid this
    time, continue on down the path until you get into a room filled with rectangle
    platforms with a blue neon border.
    Go straight forwards, not down, and to the platform ahead with a robot
    wandering around on it. Kill the
    couple of robots here before going to  o---DRAGON EGG 72/80 - Sgt. Byrd Set---o
    the right when you reach the locked    | Right next to Moneybags' shop        |
    door. Follow the platforms over to     | 'Miner's Drop'.                      |
    Moneybags' shop 'Miner's Drop' and     o--------------------------------------o
    the last of the Sgt. Byrd eggs.
    Turn around and look down, you should be able to see a red and white switch to
    Horn Dive. Jump down to it and activate it. This will open up that locked door
    and start a 45 second countdown before it closes. Quickly make your way up the
    series of platforms back up to the door and go through. Go on down the path all
    the way to a switch. Activate it and use the now close together blocks to wall
    kick your way up. Jump onto the pole
    spins infront of you and get to the    o-----------LIGHT GEM 091/100----------o
    second set of them. Make your way up   | On a platform above the switch       |
    to a platform opposite where the Dark  | activated wall kick feature.         |
    Gem is and then glide over to the      o--------------------------------------o
    Light Gem.
                                           o------------DARK GEM 37/40------------o
    Once you've got that, head back and    | Right at the end of the level, after |
    pole spin to the Dark Gem.             | a series of moving pole spins.       |
    This brings in a few new platforms in
    order to get you around the rest of this area. Ignore the first one and glide
    to the second, then a third which is only visible by the yellow and black
    stripes on its profile view. Jump up to the platform and the game should bring
    up the Dark Mine level onscreen summary. Carry on down the rest of the level
    and into Red's Laboratory by way of another switch operated Wall Kick feature.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1306] |-----------|                   Red's Laboratory                     |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +------Items and Tasks------+
    | 3 Dark Gems               |  As soon as you get a sudden change in music,
    | 3 Dragon Eggs             |  you've arrived. Carry on down past Zoe and into
    | 5 Light Gems              |  an area with several robot Gnorcs. Take them out
    |---------------------------|  and go through the door on the right. The switch
    | Destroy all the Dark Gems |  in the corner activates and allows you to get to
    | Defeat Red (Again)        |  a few gems, no special items.
                                   Anyway, through the door, go along the corridor
    activating the pressure sensitive switch as you go into a larger room with four
    charge switches, activate all four within ten seconds to open up a wall kick
    feature. Go up the wall kick and glide over to the opposite side of the room,
    where at the other end you'll find a locked chest which houses 500 gems. Not
    exactly great.
    Jump back down and continue on through the door and go through an area with
    several unsteady platforms similar to those used in the previous level but they
    look like the tilting platforms, there's quite a long jump on the last one
    before reaching Red's Orrery which locks and unlocks all the doors in this
    room, talk to Mergatroid to hear all about it. Basically, the door with the
    light shining at it is unlocked. Step on the left switch to turn the light to
    the left, and the right to turn it to the right. Simple. Step on the left
    switch. But before you go through
    that door, you should chase a thief    o----DRAGON EGG 73/80 - Concept Set----o
    around the orrery, he's first just     | A thief in the orrery room.          |
    beyond the door that you just          o--------------------------------------o
    Clear the room of the couple of robots, and then get onto the small platform
    that goes up a short way. Jump onto the top of a machine closest to the door
    and use the green pole ahead as a
    pole spin. Glide to the other side of  o-----------LIGHT GEM 092/100----------o
    the room and then run along to the     | In the first room of the first left  |
    other end of this platform. Turn to    | part from the orrery.                |
    the right and glide over to where a    o--------------------------------------o
    large robot is standing infront of a
    Light Gem.
    Glide back to the previous platform and go through the corridor there and into
    another room. Activating the switch will open up a Dark Gem for destruction,
    though you need to get there first, and fast. Jump over the yellow lasers and
    through the flickering red laser.
    When you get to the green lasers       o------------DARK GEM 38/40------------o
    you'll need to ride a moving           | At the end of the first door to the  |
    platform. Make sure to jump over the   | left in the orrery.                  |
    moving green lasers as they move. Get  o--------------------------------------o
    to the end before the minute is up
    and Horn Dive the Dark Gem.
    Go through the door here next to Moneybags' Shop 'Laser Leaps' and fire up the
    boiler directly ahead. Once you've
    killed the several robot Gnorcs in     o-----------LIGHT GEM 093/100----------o
    here, use the now moving platform to   | In the room off from 'Laser Leaps',  |
    get up and then glide around to where  | light a boiler in order to get here. |
    the Light Gem was shown to be.         o--------------------------------------o
    Now use a couple of pole spins to get over to a platform across the room,
    follow a series of platforms around
    to where another Gnorc is shooting at  o-----DRAGON EGG 74/80 - Sparx Set-----o
    you, wait for him to shoot before      | Behind some green lasers in the room |
    jumping as otherwise he'll shoot you   | just off from 'Laser Leaps'.         |
    down in mid-air. When you get there,   o--------------------------------------o
    stand in the blue square.
    Sparx complete! Tread on the pressure switch to close off the lasers for a
    short period, rush through and then head back to the orrery via a door at the
    other end of the room which leads out to just before the laser jumps. Turn the
    light two more to the left to unlock the one leading west on the map, the one
    between them leads to Red which you can't get to just yet as you still need
    another two Dark Gems.
    Go through into the now open corridor and along into a room with several
    shooting robot Gnorcs. Wipe out all of them before jumping onto the first of
    the rising pistons. As it rises the larger one should start falling, use this
    to glide over to it and get on top. Then use some blue platforms around the
    edge of the room to get to the other
    end, activate a switch along the way   o-----DRAGON EGG 75/80 - Blink Set-----o
    though, where a Dragon Egg is          | In the top corner of the room first  |
    sitting. Watch out for the Gnorc next  | off in the west part of the map.     |
    to it though as he'll shoot at you.    o--------------------------------------o
    And yet another complete set, only three sets to go! You should have opened up
    the door with that switch, so go through it to where another Mergatroid is
    standing, no reason really. Carry on down the corridor into what is basically
    still a corridor. Destroy the few robots in here and near the door at the end
    is a fast moving platform that you need to get on. At the top, jump onto
    another platform. This will move along underneath some green lasers, however
    you will need to jump over these green lasers. Unfortunately if you fall off
    you'll have to wait for it to come
    all the way back again. Time your      o-----------LIGHT GEM 094/100----------o
    jumps so that you are in the air just  | At the end of a section of green     |
    long enough for the platform to get    | lasers in the western section of the |
    safely underneath the lasers so you    | lab.                                 |
    can land again.                        o--------------------------------------o
    After getting the gem, jump down to the ground again and go through the door at
    the end to get to Moneybags' shop 'Mechanical Mishaps'. You'll emerge in what
    is the most lablike room of the level. Drop down into the pit at the end of the
    room and activate a switch there. Quickly charge around the corner ahead and
    use a green neon bar as a pole spin. This will take you up to a platform with a
    machine slamming down onto it, avoid
    these and charge along making your     o------------DARK GEM 39/40------------o
    way up the platforms all the way back  | At the end of the western section.   |
    up to where the Dark Gem was           o--------------------------------------o
    Jump onto the green pole spin here
    and make your way up a few of them.    o-----------LIGHT GEM 095/100----------o
    At the top glide off to the left and   | Above the entrance to the same room  |
    land on a platform quite high up.      | as Dark Gem 39.                      |
    Jump over onto the top of the lab      o--------------------------------------o
    section and then over to the Light
    Gem above the entrance.
    Back out to the orrery now and open the next door, by pressing the left button
    once more. In the first room you come to, kill the Gnorcs, jump onto the
    electric platform and activate it. Jump over to the switch guarded by a large
    Gnorc and activate it to open up the ground door.
    You should arrive in a long room with
    an invincibility gadget at the         o-----------LIGHT GEM 096/100----------o
    lefthand end. Go into the gadget and   | Use invincibility to go along a      |
    charge along the conveyer belt         | conveyer belt and then use a wall    |
    straight through the lasers to the     | kick to get to this.                 |
    other end. Jump up the wall kick in    o--------------------------------------o
    here and meander around to the final
    Light Gem of the level.
    There are a few gems at the opposite end, use the poles to spin over there if
    you feel the need to collect them. Otherwise, head through the door below you.
    This takes you through to a room filled with yellow and red lasers. Double jump
    over the yellow ones, and just jump over the red ones all the way to the end
    door, go through to the shop
    'Pre-production'. Now just wander      o------------DARK GEM 40/40------------o
    along the rest of the way to the Dark  | At the end of the northeast section. |
    Gem.                                   o--------------------------------------o
    This will stop the final production line, and is the very last Dark Gem of the
    game and the last collectable of the level. You now have two choices. Either go
    and fight Red for the last time now, or clean up the mess left behind in
    previous levels and get 100% upon defeating Red. For the purposes of the
    walkthrough, I'll be doing the latter.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1307] |-----------|                     Completionism                      |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    Go back to 'Pre-production' and buy a ticket back to Stormy Depot. Then use the
    main teleporter to take yourself back to the Dragon Kingdom.
    +---Crocovile Swamp---+
    | 1 Dragon Egg        |  Teleport in to the shop 'Perilous Pyramid'. Right next
    | 1 Light Gem         |  to you, underneath the pyramid is a strong door. In
    +---------------------+  order to break it down you need to go along past the
                             pyramid and down the slope under a tree root. You
    should find the Professor's now activated supercharge gadget here. Smash the
    door down using this. Inside you'll
    find several strong chests and the     o-----------LIGHT GEM 097/100----------o
    Light Gem.                             | Inside the pyramid, smash the strong |
                                           | door to get in.                      |
    Now teleport to the shop 'Forgotten    o--------------------------------------o
    Temple'. Go inside the temple and to
    the right, you can now activate the    o----DRAGON EGG 76/80 - Concept Set----o
    electric nodes to open the door. You   | Inside the electricity powered       |
    should find an egg thief at the very   | section, the thief is right at the   |
    end of the section.                    | opposite end.                        |
    +---Dragonfly Falls---+
    | 1 Dragon Egg        |  Teleport to the shop 'Steep Canyon', and go straight
    | 2 Light Gem         |  forwards along the path until you reach an area with a
    +---------------------+  large drop beneath and several small platforms to get
                             across with. Jump over the platforms and take the path
    to the right. Just along here, jump up onto some boxes and then up onto a
    platform above them, the 70 Light Gem door is right here. In the following
    area, glide into the waterfall in order to get past to the shop 'Secret Area'.
    Carry on down the path and over the
    bridge to where an egg thief is,       o----DRAGON EGG 77/80 - Concept Set----o
    he'll run through paths around the     | An egg thief in the secret area.     |
    bridge.                                o--------------------------------------o
    After that, head a bit further along   o-----------LIGHT GEM 098/100----------o
    the path and smash down a cracked      | Behind a cracked wall in the secret  |
    wall. Along to the end is a Light      | area.                                |
    Gem, but watch out for the bats,       o--------------------------------------o
    flame them before they hit you.
    Another set and level completed. Now head back to the Village Depot and go to
    the Lost Cities Realm.
    +----Sunken Ruins-----+
    | 1 Dragon Egg        |  Teleport to the shop 'The Depths' in Sunken Ruins. Go
    +---------------------+  through the door and straight into the invincibility
                             gadget. Over in the corner is a couple of hot pipes
    that will allow you to wall kick on them whilst invincible. Once at the top,
    set off a rocket and then jump over
    to a trident Gnorc in the corner       o-----DRAGON EGG 78/80 - Flame Set-----o
    before running along to the egg.       | Use a set of hot pipes to wall kick  |
                                           | up to this, just after the shop 'The |
    Collect those gems and then head back  | Depths'.                             |
    to Moneybags' shop again.              o--------------------------------------o
    +----Cloudy Domain----+
    | 1 Dragon Egg        |  Teleport to 'Elder's Homestead'. Just off and around
    | 1 Light Gem         |  to the left you should find a supercharge gadget with
    +---------------------+  which to destroy the strong door on the platform just
                             to the left of the shop.
    Teleport to the shop 'Tallest Tower'   o---DRAGON EGG 79/80 - Character Set---o
    and at the nearby thermal, glide down  | Inside behind a strong door near the |
    to underneath a place on the right,    | Elder's Homestead.                   |
    it has a fan and thermal there. Use    o--------------------------------------o
    the thermal to get inside it. There's
    a wall kick feature in here to use to  o-----------LIGHT GEM 099/100----------o
    get up to the Light Gem.               | Inside a platform after Sgt. Byrd,   |
                                           | use a thermal and a wall kick.       |
    Now, jump back down to the thermal     o--------------------------------------o
    and wait for a moving platform to
    come down in order for you to get back up to Moneybags' shop. Teleport back to
    the Coastal Depot and then to the Icy Wilderness.
    +--Frostbite Village--+
    | 1 Dragon Egg        |  Both collectables are to be found behind the infamous
    | 1 Light Gem         |  95 Light Gem door, and with 99 Light Gems already
    +---------------------+  collected that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Go
                             to the shop 'Eskimole Village' either walk or
    teleport, doesn't make a difference. Use the wall kicks on the left to get up
    to the door. As you approach it, the door will swing open.
    Take the boxes to the right, defeat a  o---DRAGON EGG 80/80 - Character Set---o
    Yeti and go over the bridge to an      | Inside a locked chest in the area    |
    armoured Gnorc. Then glide to a        | beyond the 95 Light Gem door.        |
    platform on the right with a locked    o--------------------------------------o
    chest and a snowman next to it.
    If you're in need of a key then smash the snowman and kill the Gnorc that pops
    up. Go back a bit and take the path to the left this time. Just carry on down,
    use a few poles, defeat a few Gnorcs and you'll get to the last area. If you go
    down to the ground level here, don't fall into the trap of Horn Diving the
    cracks in the ice, it'll only kill you.
    Glide across to an invincibility      o-----------LIGHT GEM 100/100----------o
    gadget infront of a locked gate and   | At the end of the area beyond the 95 |
    jump onto some platforms hovering     | Light Gem door.                      |
    above the ice below. Follow these     o--------------------------------------o
    around all the way, past a second
    waterwheel and all the way to the other end of the area where the Light Gem
    To get out, just use the tunnel next to the second waterwheel. The waterwheels
    themselves would have only been useful if they had used a finite supply of
    gems, which was likely scrapped after creating this level and so they just left
    these in along with the invincibility gadget to get under the water which again
    is pointless otherwise, though of course they might just be there for fun.
    Teleport back to the orrery room, 'Celestial Show', and unlock the final door.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [1308] |-----------|                    Boss: Mecha-Red                     |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    +--Items and Tasks-+
    | 0 Dark Gems      |  Approach the Dark Forcefield and watch as it turns off.
    | 0 Dragon Eggs    |  Scamper along through the doorway to Red's Lair! Quick
    | 0 Light Gems     |  conversation with the Professor, with him blaming himself
    |------------------|  for the new better Gnorcs. Red wanders in and starts up a
    | Defeat Mecha-Red |  fight with Spyro, not without showing off his Mecha side.
    +------------------+  Luckily the Professor is there to help and enlarges
                          Mecha-Red. Battle Start! Note that if you die at any
    point, you'll have to start over with Red at full health.
    Red immediatly drops a few things at you, dodge them by charging to the left.
    Once they've all exploded he'll stomp, sending out a shockwave to jump over.
    He'll then start shooting a green laser out of his eyes, avoid that for as long
    as you can, don't go too close to Red though, and he'll eventually turn back
    into normal Red and several rockets will appear around him. If you didn't quite
    manage to get him to be hit by all the rockets you'll have to repeat that and
    do rockets again. Once he reachs 2/3 life left you'll move on to the second
    More bombs, and then another stomp. Then he'll send out a flame towards you
    from his rocket boots, charge to the side to avoid this. Some electric nodes
    and bombs will appear around Red, electrify the nodes and avoid the bombs. When
    the four nodes are charged it'll take quite a lot of health off Red, hopefully
    if you were fast enough it'll take a third off leaving him with 1/3 health
    left, if not again with the repeating.
    Again with the bombs and stomp. Shortly after that he'll start sending rockets
    at you. Charge away from them, changing direction when he does. Once all the
    rockets have hit the floor, Horn Dive a switch that pops up, avoiding the
    Gnorcs shooting. They'll then start shooting at Red instead. You'll probably
    need to repeat this section at least once as I don't believe that those Gnorcs
    can kill him in one session.
    Finally, with Red defeated the Professor finishes him off. Shrunk smaller then
    Sparx, Red seems his comeuppance.
    And if you got 100% you'll be 'treated' to a short 'hilarious' cutscene
    involving the Dragon Elders. If you didn't, you'll just see the credits and
    upon getting 100% you'll be immediately taken to the extra scene for your
    viewing pleasure.
    That's it. Spyro: A Hero's Tail is complete. Seeya.
    | [2000]                      collectables Lists                              |
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [2001] |-----------|                       Dark Gems                        |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    There are 40 Dark Gems littered around the Dragon Realms, ten in each of the
    four realms.
    | Dragon Village |
     1. Inside the room with Elder Tomas
     2. In the far-west section of the level
     3. Next to Ember
    | Crocovile Swamp |
     4. Near the first of Moneybags' remote shops
     5. Infront of the Elder's Treehouse
     6. Along a tunnel above Blink's cage
    | Dragonfly Falls |
     7. Behind a cracked wall near Moneybags' first shop here
     8. In an area with several wobbly platforms, it clears up a cannon for use
     9. To the right of a large Dragon Elder statue
    10. In the central area of the level
    | Coastal Remains |
    11. Next to Moneybags' shop 'Waterfall Walkway'.
    12. On top of a blackened tower in the far west section
    13. On a platform in the area with a cannon
    14. Through a cracked wall behind a strong door
    | Cloudy Domain |
    15. After a couple of moving platforms near the start
    16. After the two sets of orbiting platforms
    17. On top of a platform after Sgt. Byrd
    | Sunken Ruins |
    18. Inside a tall room after the first underwater section
    19. In the area with the second green water, use a few poles and switches
    20. On a statue that you cause to rise out of a pool of green water
    | Frostbite Village |
    21. Inside a tunnel off from the ice by Peggy
    22. By a snowfall in the southern area, leads to Blink
    28. Right next to the shop 'Eskimole Village'
    29. In the room with the large falling icicles
    30. In an icy area in the south-east corner of the map
    | Ice Citadel |
    23. Directly above the Elder
    24. At the end of the first supercharge tunnel
    25. In the middle of a bridge covered in ice
    26. Just after the Ice Princess
    27. Just after Dragon Egg 52
    | Stormy Beach |
    31. Right at the end of the level
    | Molten Mount |
    32. On a platform near the third rock monster
    33. Down to the left of Zoe in the middle area at the top of the map
    34. Right at the very end of the level
    | Magma Falls Bottom |
    35. Above a Wall Kick at the start
    | Dark Mine |
    36. In the centre of the room with robots on cannons
    37. Towards the end of the level
    | Red's Laboratory |
    38. At the end of a set of platforms with lasers to jump over
    39. At the end of the western section
    40. At the end of the north-east section
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [2002] |-----------|                       Dragon Eggs                      |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    There are eighty of these round bundles of joy located around the Dragon
    Realms. It's your task to find them. Seperated into eight different sets in
    order to give you some extra rewards for completing the game.
    (C) = Concept Art
    (V) = Character Viewer
    (E) = Ember Model
    (F) = Flame Model
    (B) = Sgt. Byrd Mini-Games
    (T) = Spyro Turret Mini-Games
    (S) = Sparx Shooter Mini-Games
    (M) = Blink Mini-Games
    | Dragon Village |
     1(E). At the end of the section after Hunter
     2(V). Inside a locked chest just before the Nursery
     3(F). In a small opening created by Dark Gem 2
     4(B). Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Easy
     5(M). In a stream just before the Professor's Lab's secret entrance
    18(F). Just after Flame in the passageway to Gnasty's Cave
    | Crocovile Swamp |
     6(V). At the end of some platforms in the far west section of the level
     7(E). Past the pyramid, to the right of the next tunnel
     8(T). In the left room inside the Forgotten Temple
     9(M). Complete Blink's digging challenge on Easy
    10(F). Behind a wall on the first floor of the Treehouse
    11(M). Behind a small fence in the far south-east
    12(T). Complete Fredneck's turret challenge on Easy
    76(C). A thief in the the electric node opened door in the Forgotten Temple
    | Dragonfly Falls |
    13(E). Inside the area opened by Dark Gem 7
    14(V). Take the left direction after Dark Gem 8
    15(S). Complete the Sparx Shooter on Easy
    16(S). Behind a cracked wall in the large piranha area, wall kick to get to it
    17(F). Part of the way through Hunter's section
    77(C). An egg thief in the secret area
    | Coastal Remains |
    19(B). At the end of a short tunnel near a small piranha pool
    20(M). Along to the left after Dark Gem 11
    21(M). Complete Blink's challenge on Easy
    22(C). A thief in the 20 Light Gem area
    23(T). On top of a platform in the same area as Dark Gem 13
    24(V). On a tower in the south area, use several moving seashells to reach it
    25(T). Complete the Turtle Mother's challenge on Easy
    | Cloudy Domain |
    26(F). In a locked chest along a path to the left from the start of the level
    27(V). At the start of the Wing Shield course behind the Edler's Homestead
    28(B). Just before the orbiting platforms
    29(C). A Thief on the far south platform
    30(B). Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Easy
    31(B). Complete the Ball Gadget for a first time
    79(V). Behind a strong door near the Elder, requires supercharge to be active
    | Sunken Ruins |
    32(E). Inside a locked chest after the first underwater section
    33(E). At the top of a set of four thermals in the room with Dark Gem 18
    34(S). Complete Sparx's Challenge on Easy
    35(V). Inside a locked chest near some laser shooting fish statues
    36(V). In a locked chest in the same area as Dark Gem 19
    78(F). Use a set of hot pipes with wall kick whilst invincible
    | Frostbite Village |
    37(T). Complete Peggy's challenge on Easy
    38(F). At the end of the path after Dark Gem 21
    39(M). Complete Blink's challenge on Easy
    40(C). A thief in the eastern area of the level
    54(T). Inside a locked chest to the right of a pool with large icicles
    55(M). Behind a snowy cracked wall up a Wall Kick in the area by 'Icy Camp'
    80(V). Inside a locked chest in the area after the 95 Light Gem door
    | Gloomy Glacier |
    41(E). Inside a locked chest in Bentley's bedroom
    42(T). Inside a locked chest just after the skeleton summoner
    43(E). Behind a cracked wall after Dragon Egg 42
    44(V). Underneath the first bridge after Dragon Egg 44
    45(F). After a set of three revolving ribs
    46(S). Complete Sparx's challenge on Easy
    | Ice Citadel |
    47(F). Inside a locked chest behind a wall after the second boiler
    48(E). At the end of the supercharge tunnel opened by Dark Gem 24
    49(B). Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Easy
    50(E). Behind a strong door in the area near Dark Gem 25
    51(C). A thief by the shop 'Drawbridge Drop-off'
    52(S). After a couple of pole spins
    53(B). Above an upwards moving platform opposite a cannon
    | Stormy Beach |
    56(C). An egg thief underneath the Stormy Depot
    57(T). Complete Wally's challenge on Easy
    | Molten Mount |
    58(S). Collect your reward from Teena the Hyena
    59(F). In the remains of a small building near Sgt. Byrd
    60(B). Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Easy
    61(C). An egg thief in the north-east corner of the map
    62(E). Inside a locked chest behind a cracked wall after Light Gem 79
    | Magma Falls Top |
    63(T). Inside a locked chest in an area hidden by planks near the shop
    | Ball Gadget |
    64(S). Take the first right
    65(B). Take the opposite path to Light Gem 82
    | Magma Falls Bottom |
    66(S). Complete Sparx's shooting challenge on Easy
    67(C). A thief in the north-western part
    | Dark Mine |
    68(S). First right in the green water in the secret area
    69(M). Inside a locked chest above a moving Wall Kick
    70(M). Complete Blink's challenge on Easy
    71(T). In a cave underneath the path just after the elevator after Blink
    72(B). Next to the shop 'Miner's Drop'
    | Red's Laboratory |
    73(C). A thief in the Orrery room
    74(S). Behind some green lasers in the room off from 'Laser Leaps'
    75(M). In the top corner of the first room in the western section
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [2003] |-----------|                       Light Gems                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    The largest collection, and one with the least rewards. Light Gems are required
    only for opening a few doors, operating a few gadgets and getting 100%.
    | Dragon Village |
      1. In the nursery
      2. Inside a locked chest by a beehive in the starting area
      3. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
      4. At the top of a series of platforms near Sgt. Byrd
      5. Above the secret entrance to the Professor's Lab
      6. Inside a locked chest just before Crocovile Swamp
    | Crocovile Swamp |
      7. Behind a cracked wall and in a locked chest after Dark Gem 4
      8. In the top of the pyramid next to Moneybags' first remote shop
      9. At the end of the middle room in the Forgotten Temple
     10. Behind a wall in a passageway just after the Forgotten Temple
     11. Above the Zoe right after Light Gem 10
     12. Complete Blink's digging challenge on Hard
     13. On the top floor of the Elder's Treehouse
     14. Complete Fredneck's turret challenge on Hard
     15. Just off to the right after Fredneck
     97. Inside the bottom of the pyramid, use the supercharge to open it
    | Dragonfly Falls |
     16. In a locked chest opposite a Zoe near the start of the level
     17. Behind a strong door destroyed by a cannon near the start
     18. Through a cracked wall which you need to swim into
     19. Complete the Sparx Shooter on Hard
     20. In a locked chest off to the left of the entrance to the piranha area
     21. On top of a tree stump across the pool from Light Gem 20
     22. At the end of Hunter's section
     23. Reachable with wall kick, near Dark Gem 10
     98. Behind a cracked wall in the secret area
    | Coastal Remains |
     24. Complete Blink's challenge on Hard
     25. In the bottom of a broken tower in the north of the west area
     26. On a platform in Otto's pool
     27. Collect your reward from Otto
     28. In a cave at the end of the 20 Light Gem area
     29. On top of a platform reached via several pole spins, avoiding windmills
     30. In an area reachable by electric platform near the shop 'Domain Doorstep'
     31. Complete the Turtle Mother's challenge on Hard
     47. Above a waterwheel in the south section, use waterbreath to reach it
    | Cloudy Domain |
     32. Inside a locked chest at the start
     33. At the end of the path you took to get to Dragon Egg 26
     34. Just after a thermal created by Dark Gem 15
     35. Complete the Wing Shield challenge
     36. At the end of the path to the right at the start of the level
     37. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
     38. Complete the Ball Gadget for a second time
     99. Inside a platform after Sgt. Byrd, requires wall kick
    | Sunken Ruins |
     39. In a locked chest near Dragon Egg 33
     40. In a locked chest behind the mermaid Lily
     41. In a small room reachable by swimming through the first green water
     42. Complete Sparx's Challenge on Hard
     43. At the far end of some laser shooting fish statues
     44. In the second green water tunnel with debris
     45. Inside a locked chest in the large green pool area
     46. Inside a locked chest in the final room of the level
    | Frostbite Village |
     48. Complete Peggy's challenge on Hard
     49. Behind a gate in the ice area next to Peggy
     50. Complete Blink's challenge on Hard
     51. Inside a cave near the Egg Thief in the eastern part of the level
     68. Next to a strong door in the tunnel from Ice Citadel
     69. On a platform after a couple of pole spins after Dark Gem 29
     70. In the middle of the area with Dark Gem 30
     71. At the bottom of the steps where Hunter is standing
    100. At the end of the area behind the 95 Light Gem door
    | Gloomy Glacier |
     52. Clear out Bentley's cave
     53. In the middle of the area just after the swinging hammers with switches
     54. Inside a ribcage with a Yeti, destroy it with a fire arrow
     55. On a ledge with a Yeti after a couple of rolling stones
     56. Complete Sparx's challenge on Hard
     57. At the top of a set of crumbling platforms
     58. Inside a locked room above the climbing wall, shoot a target to open it
     59. At the very end of the level
    | Ice Citadel |
     60. Directly above Moneybags' Shop 'Cool Courtyard'
     61. Light the first boiler down the corridor from the first remote shop
     62. Inside a locked chest just after the Elder
     63. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
     64. Inside the boiler nearest to Sgt. Byrd
     65. Behind a circular strong door near a cannon
     66. Light the final boiler
     67. Collect your reward from the Ice Princess
    | Stormy Beach |
     72. Inside a ship in the west portion of the level
     73. Complete Wally's challenge on
    | Molten Mount |
     74. Inside a locked chest next to Sgt. Byrd
     75. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
     76. On a platform next to some poles
     77. After the second set of nine fire creatures
     78. Above a set of three platforms raised by three switches with a time limit
     79. Inside a locked chest behind a cracked wall near the end of the level
    | Magma Falls Top |
     80. Guarded by a fire bird in the southern section of the level
    | Ball Gadget |
     81. Take the second right
     82. Take the right after Light Gem 81
    | Magma Falls Bottom |
     83. Inside a locked chest shortly after several firey blockades
     84. Just below where the wizard stood
     85. Complete Sparx's shooting challenge on Hard
    | Dark Mine |
     86. The second left in the green water in the secret area
     87. In a locked chest just after the 45 Light Gem door
     88. In the area with a moving Wall Kick, use it and glide to a high platform
     89. Complete Blink's challenge on Hard
     90. In the far corner of the area with several steam vents to use a poles
     91. On a platform above a switch to activate a wall kick
    | Red's Laboratory |
     92. In the first room of the south-east section
     93. In the room off from 'Laser Leaps', activate a boiler
     94. At the end of a section of green lasers in the western section
     95. Above the entrance to the room with Dark Gem 39
     96. Go along a conveyer belt with invincibility and use wall kick at the end
    | [3000]                  Frequently Asked Questions                          |
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [3001] |-----------|                      Boss Fights                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    How do I beat Gnasty/Ineptune/Red? And can I fight them again?
    Please refer to the boss section of the guide for all the advice about fighting
    that boss that I will be able to give.
    You can't refight a boss in this game without starting a new game.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [3002] |-----------|                     Save Corrupt                       |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    I was at XX% and I turned on my console this morning to see no saved game!
    This was probably caused by incorrect exiting of the game, ie by switching your
    console off while the game was auto-saving. Unfortunately there aren't any
    solutions to getting your saved game back, however to prevent it from happening
    again make sure to save and then exit to the Start menu of the game before
    switching off your console.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [3003] |-----------|                    Moneybags Glitch                    |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    I can't seem to access Moneybags shop in Dragon Village.
    This is unfortunately a glitch which is easily solved by just restarting your
    game from scratch, fortunately the point where this happens is right at the
    start. To prevent it from acutally happening, don't talk to Moneybags before
    you have the 500 gems that he'll be wanting.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [3004] |-----------|                       Abilities                        |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    How do I get Wall Kick/Wing Shield/Electric/Water/Ice Breath?
    Each ability is gained in a different way:
    Double Jump is given by Elder Tomas in Dragon Village
    Pole Spin is recieved from Elder Magnus in Crocovile Swamp
    Wing Shield by an Elder Titan in Cloudy Domain
    Wall Kick is given by Elder Astor in Ice Citadel
    Electric Breath is gotten by beating Gnasty Gnorc
    Water Breath from beating Ineptune
    Ice Breath by beating Red
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [3005] |-----------|                Strong Doors - Frostbite                |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    How do I open the strong doors in Frostbite Village?
    If you've been to Ice Citadel, travel to the north-east corner of the map,
    'Drawbridge Drop-off' and go along through to the northeast. You should find a
    supercharge gadget along the way, use it and after short time, still inside the
    tunnel, turn to the right and smash a strong door. Behind that is a second
    supercharge. This will power you long enough to exit the tunnel into Frostbite
    Village and across to the other strong door.
    o--------o            /------------------------------------------------------\
    | [3006] |-----------|                Unlocking the Unlockables               |
    o--------o            \------------------------------------------------------/
    I've gotten a full set of ten eggs, but how do I use the prize?
    From the start menu (New Game, Load Game, Options, Extras) select the bottom
    option, Extras. From there go down to Unlockables, and the game will go to a
    third menu this time with all your unlocked features. To play as the different
    characters, go to Character Select, choose which one you want to play as and
    then load your saved/new game up as normal, except you won't look like Spyro.
    | [4000]                       Version History                                |
    v1.01 - 17/3/05
    Just added a new frequently asked question about unlocking unlockables.
    v1.0 - 7/2/05
    Finished off the walkthrough and added a collectables section. Unless there are
    some minor changes to make, the guide is as good as complete.
    v0.5 - 29/01/05
    Reformatted, corrected and added a few things. Completed Cloudy Domain.
    v0.25 - 15/01/05
    Only managed one extra level. Won't be able to do more for two weeks now.
    v0.2 - 11/01/05
    Completed the first realm of the game as well as a few FAQs that I made up.
    | [5000]                           Contact                                    |
    Contact me at:
    dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
    I'll try to answer any and all questions asked but if you don't get a response
    within a week I'm afraid your email was either ignored for some reason, or I
    forgot to respond. I'll usually get a response back within a couple of days
    All submissions of strategies for mini-games and boss fights are welcome.
    | [6000]                            Thanks                                    |
    Here's where I thank everyone and everything that has helped towards the
    completion of this FAQ.
    Thanks goes to Eurocom for creating such a great Spyro game
    2005 for making me think it was 2004
    GameFLY for having a full list of controls for all consoles
    And finally to GameFAQs for hosting this guide
    | [7000]                           Copyright                                  |
    Copyright 2005 dark52
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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