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"Want some candy? Because this game is sweet."

•Introduction – Predator: Concrete Jungle starts in the 1930's. “Scarface” The predator you will be controlling is on a hunt. He has taken out many mafia bosses on the way to taking out the biggest boss in town, Bruno Borgia. After the trophy is claimed “Scarface” runs into some trouble and earns his name. After getting shot in the face, he tries to return to his ship but is unable to make it. He sets off the bomb planted in his ship and destroys the city. However, he goes against his code of honor he survives the explosion.
This sets off the elders in his clan. Predators are not supposed to survive if they fail their mission. “Scarface” is banished to a planet for 100 years, and after 100 years had past his clan returns to find him still alive. Over that period of time humans on earth have found predator technology that “Scarface” left behind. He now has a new mission; right all of his wrongs.

•Gameplay – Predator C:J is fun, enjoyable ,and easy. You will control “Scarface” from a third person view. He will roam about many multi-tiered environments. The level design is a bit simple but very functional. “Scarface” comes with a multitude of weapons and abilities. Most of the standard weaponry from the movies is available. The variety gives him a lot of options in killing his enemies. Each weapon along with his health and energy are upgradeable. The camera angle might be hard to control but it is fully customizable to fit your needs.

•Story – For the first time in the modern gaming era the predator is the sympathetic character. The game is about his revenge and his quest. “Scarface” failed in his previous mission to Earth. It is his determination and will that prove him worthy of a shot at redemption. The story is brutally true to the AvP comic book universe. Anyone who ridicules the story does not appreciate the universe as a whole. (See AvP: Eternal)

•Graphics/Sound – The predators design is grade A+. While you can play as many different versions (Predator, Predator 2, AvP ect) of predator the “Concrete Jungle” design is far superior. Laced with chain mail and a far greater amount of body armor, this predator becomes a greater visual warrior than previous designs. He also has some color, red, that adds more passion and attitude into his design. His animations and VA is top notch. The sounds are solid. The visual world design is average. There are some nice tones that amplify the personality of the level but there is a lack of detail throughout. The NPC's are the games poorest element. There is very little design and no real detail in them.

•Play Time/Replayability – I played the game for around 15 hours. The game does offer a new game plus that allows you keep all your upgraded weapons and armors. This makes the game even easier and faster. There is no new content to entice another play though.

•Final Recommendation – If you are a predator fan this game is for you. If I were not such a fan of the series I would fault it setbacks for a score of 8/10. However, its steps forward (sympathetic predator lead, solid series title) are enough to garner a 10 from a fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/26/06

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