Review by d0x

"Could have been great"

Graphics 5/10

Don't get me wrong here the graphics aren't as bad as you might think given my score. The reason it gets a 5/10 is simple, this is 2005, Xbox has been out along time and many games have considerably raised the bar. This game is very generic in its look.

There are no Xbox specific effects, the animation is very basic, but not bad, of course some of the animations are downright funny. The texture work is kind of flat, not very much detail, but not bad enough to really complain. The models themselves are decent enough and you can get quite a few on screen at once but the overall look of the game is 2nd Gen PS2.

Sound 7/10

To be honest the sound effects are fairly average, the voice over work is good enough for a game, and the sound effects themselves are pulled from the various movies. The music isn't anything you will find yourself whistling but it serves it purpose and never makes you wish it wasn't there.

Control 6/10

The controls are a bit weird. It seems like they don't always want to respond, and they could have been a little tighter. I have never died because of them but they aren't quite up to par with today's games. Moves can at times be difficult to pull off and the camera is pretty bad.

Gameplay 6/10

This game has the basic framework of an amazing Predator game, and I think a more dedicated publisher with more money then Vivendi can offer would have pushed this game to AA status with ease. You have all the moves the predator uses in the movies which is nice, but some are a bit awkward. The Predator is very powerful which I like, but at times it kills the gameplay because most things can be killed in one hit.

I really don't know what to think about this game, I'm sort of in the middle of the road here. I'm very picky about what I play since games are so expensive, and Predator gets some of the basics right and at times can be a fun game, but overall it's a letdown…but not a huge letdown.

Overall (not an average) 6/10

The game is worthy of a rental, even more so if you're a big fan of the Character like I am. You can look past some of its flaws but for $39.99 you might not want to buy it without giving it a test run first. It has some good elements but at times they are overshadowed by its obvious flaws. The groundwork for a great game is here but it wasn't explored far enough, and enough time wasn't put into the title to make it really shine.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/21/05

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