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"The one game that does the predator justice."

Wow. I mean it. I have always LOVED the predator and alien movies. The games though, are a different story. To sum it up, they suck. I got this game saying that this was the last predator game I get unless it's good. I will be getting the next game.

Story: 9.5

The story starts in 1930 with the predator without a mask. Turns out that he lost it and after a couple of little side missions, he is hurt and decide to blow his ship up. BAD IDEA. It is a bad idea because he left is mask after being shipped to a desert planet for 100 years for his bad idea. So after 100 years the other predators come and find him and show him what he caused by leaving his mask there 100 years ago. Total destruction. The other predators can't hunt because the humans have to many of the weapons based on the predator tech. So guess who gets sent on a suicide mission to stop them, our predator.

Controls: 10

I know most people hate the controls on this game but it takes about 2 seconds to adjust them. But I think the controls really fit with the game, you really don't have to sit and read the game manual for an hour to figure them out they are pretty simple.

Graphics: 7.5

This is where the game lacks. The in game graphics are about on tone with GTA: Vice City for the PS2. And this is the Xbox, they could have been great and set yet another bar for graphics but they just made them pretty much average. The graphics in the movies are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. They almost look like you are looking at a real movie with all the special effects.

Gameplay: 9.8

The gameplay on this game has you following you enemies to man slaughtering them after running through thousands of bullets to get them. There are some stealth- based missions where you can't raise an alarm and there are missions when you couldn't care less about alarms. The mechanics and physics are really good to, when you jump you jump almost 20 feet in the air just like a predator could in a movie.

Fun: 9.6

The game is really fun. You get this all-powerful feeling when you stalk someone and then when they go into and ally just rip the guys head right of his shoulders.

+Very good gameplay.
+Good movie graphics.
+Good controls and good story.
+Fun game

-Can be really frustrating at times.
-The in-game graphics are sub-par.


Any hard core predator fan should get this game. For everybody else, at least rent it to see if you really don't like it or if you really do. I would give it a 9.7 but I had to round it to a ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/30/05

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