Review by Dark Warrior 0

Reviewed: 11/07/05

Maybe next year they can come up with a working Franchise Mode.

I am not going to argue with the greatness that is this game. The controls are great, the graphics are good and playing this game was a great experience. However getting the game to actually work to get to the playing part is one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had trying to play a game.

Because of this I am not going to review the game from a gaming stand point but from a technical "Why can't this thing work properly standpoint?"

The franchise mode simply stops functioning much like the actual NHL when you do not have enough dressed players on your team. Sounds like a simple glitch to fix right? Wrong. Because no matter how many times you edit your roster or put enough fresh skaters on the ice it still will not play. You can trade for different players, cut injured players and do all the like but guess what you still can not progress to the next game. It freezes the music loops and no matter how many times I try the glitch fix put out by SEGA the game will not work. The most frustrating thing is the one time it did work the next game froze. If you have to go through this much frustration just to get to the actual gameplay what is the point in playing? Also the game has frequent errors and profiles typically freeze while saving and get destroyed.

In the game if you simply stop moving in certain "dead spots" on the ice opposing skaters won't pursue you. Therefore if you score one goal you could theoretically sit there and go make your self a sandwich. This is irritating as well because at the same time your players typically don't do anything if the opposing team pauses for too long.

The Live and Multiplayer aspect of the game are beautiful but it is simply not worth the frustration of trying to get the game to play properly. If you are looking for a working franchise mode or profile system look elsewhere. If you want this just for the multiplayer experience I say go for it. The actual gameplay is very good but getting to it, is the actual challenge.

Final Verdict: 5/10

Seeing as it is only actually half a game it only gets half a score.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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