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"1 part Robotech, 5 parts Sci-Fi FPS"

Robotech: Invasion is a FPS that takes a great deal of steps away from the previous Cel-shaded game representations of the Robotech universe. This game, powered by the Havok engine, looks and plays very much like the myriad of generic FPS sci-fi shooters that have come the way of the Xbox console. Recognizing that it is more FPS than Robotech-inspired game, one should have more enjoyment keeping that in mind. Robotech fans will be disappointed as there really isn't much that makes one feel a part of that universe. Sure, you have the armour that can morph into a motorcycle, and the all too familiar theme does show up once in a while, but no, this doesn't reek of Robotech. Not at all.

What it is, is a capable, yet slightly flawed FPS.


Robotech: Invasion falls pretty much down the middle as far as graphics go. The textures are not great, yet not terrible, the effects are decent, not fantastic, and the variation in levels is decent but not groundbreaking. Weapons effects are nicely done. The game does suffer from some slow down at times, mostly when in sniper mode, but doesn't seem to occur too often.


This is a tough category to comment on. On one hand, the game has some excellent audio cuts, but at the same time, some of the audio cuts are terrible. I would have to describe the soundtrack as good and bad all in one. These music loops reoccur throughout the entire game and leaves you hoping for a good cut instead of a bad one whenever a battle ensues. Weapons sound excellent and powerful, and the sound effects are more than competent.


The Invid have attacked Earth. You have to stop them. Your identity is somewhat in question, and you do have to make some interesting choices near the end of the game that will determine the way the final scenes get played out. The story is barely enough to grab you and you'll probably want to skip these at times in favour of moving ahead.


Part of what was supposed to make Robotech: Invasion an appealing title was the ability to morph from wearing battle armour into a motorcycle. This transition is implemented terribly and will leave the player electing to stay in FPS/regular mode all the time. For one thing, you automatically morph into your battle armor if you move indoors, and while in cycle mode, you have no shields. As well, the bike mode speed is ridiculously slow, so there really isn't much of a point at all to it.

In FPS mode, you'll find yourself matching up with waves of enemies most of the time. These waves trigger themselves once you reach a certain point. At times, you'll be asked to defend a fellow fighter or to provide some simple escort. These are not hard, so fear not. they are not game killers. There are a couple of on-rails levels that provide a fair deal of difficulty and are quite nerve-wracking and enjoyable.

Weapons are well balanced and you will not feel underpowered in this game. The auto aim feature (left trigger) is well implemented and lets you target your intended enemy at leisure. It isn't necessary to use, but in pitched battles can become very helpful. Grenades however are completely useless. You will end up getting upgrades to your Gollant weapon, which in truth is about all you need for the game. It is more powerful once upgraded than any other weapons, and there is so much abundant ammunition that you will never run dry. Never.

Damage modelling is also well implemented. Arm shots to enemies will shear off arms, foot shots will shoot off armour. "Eye" shots are the way to take enemies down quickly as they often result in one-shot kills.


This game is not hard at all, save for a few on-rails levels that provide a formidable challenge. Beyond that, the game throws a lot of enemies at you, but you will not often feel overwhelmed. Having the ability to double jump helps you get out of some sticky situations.


Robotech: Invasion is really 1 part Robotech, 5 parts Sci-Fi FPS. It will not appeal to fans who are looking for throwback cel-shading and immersion into the Robotech universe. However, it is a competent FPS and will give the player about 6-8 hours of fun FPS gaming. There's nothing to rave about in this game (aside from a couple of excellent soundtrack tunes), but there's nothing to really complain about either. Pick this one up for a weekend rental or get it on the cheap. If you're a sci-fi FPS fan, it's probably worth getting at a reduced price.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/04/07

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