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"Good game, just what had expected after reading the previews."

I'm not a Robotech fan, I have never seen one episode that I'm aware of and I have never played Battlecry so this review is just based on the game alone without comparing it to the related story or previous game.

First off I bought this game after watching the gameplay video's and reading the previews on ign and teamxbox so I knew what to expect and I would say that the game is well worth it.

The gameplay is fun once you get a hang of the motorcycle handling and see just what you can do with it (for example: holding the A+X buttons down will let you turn left or right in 360 degree turns without having to back up).

The jet pack jumps are something I'v always liked in these types of games like Unreal 2, and Battlefront. Depending on the type of cyclone armor you are wearing you will be able to jump higher or longer I think. Overall I would have liked to be able to jump higher with the jets with either an additional tap of the A button or something but hey, at least I get a jet pack!

Melee is killer! Cracking one of those stupid barking human rebels in the head and watching them fall limp in singleplayer made me giggle! The melee combat is actually useful in multiplayer also. It will take one or two hits to take someone out in multi and you can upgrade your melee with sabers for a definite one hit kill!

Three different views and they don't even feel like they were just slapped on like Star Wars: Battlefront's first person view! I find myself switching views from 1st to 3rd depending on what I'm doing. There is a 1st person view and a close or far 3rd person view.

There are 8 button configurations but only 2 seem to be useful. Configuration 1 seems to work the best for this game but config 5 seems to be the best for someone wanting a similar button layout to Halo. You can change your look from normal to inverted and X/Y look sensitivity also.

You can also customize your HUD. For some reason I hate using the navigation part of the hud so I always disable it so it doesn't obstruct my view. You can also change the transparency which is a neat lil feature.

Single Player
The good-
-Targeting is made easier with the lock-on feature on the L trigger, I hope more games follow this trend.
-Meleeing the stupid human rebels and laughing about it!
-Ripping through levels on your motorcycle running over a few invid punks along the way
-Multiple endings and unlockables

The bad-
-Voice acting is kind of cheesy, maybe it's keeping true to the cartoon, hah!
-Not enough enemy variety. I would have liked the humans to be given some vehicles to help their attempts at taking me out and it would have been cool to see the invids act more aggressive like they hated me rather than looking at me like just another AI person to kill.
-I think the human characters could have been made about twice as big to give them more personality.

The good-
-The game runs smoothly online when connected to a good server
-Melee combat and grenade usage is effective and satisfying, which reminds me of one of the things I liked about halo's multiplayer
-You can switch game types without having to boot everyone and remake the server. Just go to game options and make change and hit restart. ohhh, niiiice!
-You can customize a few things in the game like allowing only rockets or rifles and either put on a time limit or kill limit or both.
-Each weapon is useful, there doesn't seem to be a "bad" weapon in the game.
-You can send a voice message when sending a friend request.

The bad-
-There is nothing really "bad" because everything thats really needed is there. It would have been nice to have a clan feature just to be able to keep track of your friends that do own this game. Then you could easily see who is online to send a mass invite.

Presentation 8.5/10
The cover art looks cheesy like an old comic book. The instruction manual is easy to see what the controls are and it also gives a detailed history of the series to the game along with detailed info on the guns and armor types. The in-game interface looks slick and is easy to use even though there are a few superfluous prompts requiring you to "Press A" when something has successfully loaded or has been saved.

Graphics 7.5/10
The in-game graphics remind me of Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. Metal Arms did have more detail and more of an expansive feel to its levels though. If this game had that amount of extra detail I would have given it an 8.5+ probably. Also, when you are playing in 1st person view the lack of polish shows in single player when you go up to a person and they are talking but their mouth doesn't move. hah!

Sound 9.5/10
The only thing I don't like is that the voice acting is kind of silly. Most of the time the electronic music is playing and it is excellent and every once and a while there seems to be some "classic" Robotech music thrown in thats pretty cheesy but hey, its mostly the cooler music that is playing so that's good. The sound effects are also solid and clear with some guns getting a "power on/up" sound when you just equip them or charge them to fire so that is cool too.

Gameplay 8.0/10
The single player and multiplayer is fun. The cycle mode takes 1-2 hours to get used to it so you can find out some tricks to use it well. There could have been some additional elements added to the single player to add variaty like giving the rebel humans some vehicles rather than making them fodder, even though going up to a few and getting some melee only kills put a smile on my face!

Lasting Appeal 9.0/10
Since this is Xbox Live/system link enabled it automatically has lasting appeal (given that you have people to play against). You have 3 different levels of difficulty and multiple endings in the single player, you can find items in the single player that unlocks multiplayer skins and there are "Extras" that are still locked in the options menu that I haven't figured out yet.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/12/04

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