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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by shyty02

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                           Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo
    Hello there, my name is Norgor. Welcome to my second FAQ. I'll be providing you
    with general tips about the Battlefield 2: Modern Combat demo. This guide is
    based on the XBox version of the demo but I would assume the PS2 version is
    similar except for the controls. Why right a FAQ about a demo? Well, since the
    demo has online capabilities and the game isn't coming out till October, I
    thought a general purpose guide with controls and strategies would be a welcome
    addition for anyone who might need a little help. This game is a copyright of
    EA and Dice. For official information, go to http://www.battlefield.ea.com/
    This FAQ is hosted on multiple sites but the latest version will always be on
    GameFAQs. If any other sites want permission to host it, email me and I'll let
    you as long as you don't change the FAQ in any way.
    Contributed by: Tyler McGrew a.k.a. Norgor
    Email for questions, comments or suggestions: shyty02@hotmail.com
    Version History:
    Version 1.02 - Additions to Spec-Op strategies and artillery respawn times
    Version 1.01 - Minor Corrections to helicopter info and repair crate locations
    Version 1.00 - Completed the guide and all of the sections
    -------------------------------Table of Contents-------------------------------
    BF1  Getting Started
    	BF1.1  Controls
    	BF1.2  Armies
    		BF1.2.1  Assault
    		BF1.2.2  Sniper
    		BF1.2.3  Spec-Ops
    		BF1.2.4  Engineer
    		BF1.2.5  Support
    	BF1.3  Vehicles
    BF2  Conquest
    	BF2.1  Map
    	BF2.2  Flags
    	BF2.3  Rules of Engagement
    BF3  General Strategies
    BF4  Class Specific Strategies
    	BF4.1  Assault Strategy
    	BF4.2  Sniper Strategy
    	BF4.3  Spec-Ops Strategy
    	BF4.4  Engineer Strategy
    	BF4.5  Support Strategy
    BF5  Frequently Asked Questions
    BF6  Conclusion
    To search quickly between sections, press Ctrl+f then type in the BF# next to
    the section you are looking for and press enter.
    BF1-----------------------------Getting Started--------------------------------
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a console owner's answer to the popular PC
    series. In this latest incarnation, the game has moved into the 21st century
    with modern locales, weapons and vehicles. While not exactly the most realistic
    first person shooter based on modern warfare, this game is easily the most
    accessible to beginners and hardened veterans alike. For the demo version, the
    game has been limited to one map featuring two armies each with the ability to
    have 24 people on a server at once. The full game is slated to have more than
    10 multiplayer maps, four armies and more than 30 vehicles for your
    driving/flying pleasure.
    Here is a list of basic controls for the game found through trial and error
    Standard Controls:
    A: Jump if standing, raise to a crouch if prone (lying down), raise to standing
       if crouching, menu select
    B: Menu cancel, use artillery computer, enter/exit a vehicle
    X: Crouch if standing, go to prone if crouching, raise to standing if prone,
       double tap while standing to perform a dive
    Y: Manually reload, place additional C4 while spec-ops
    WHITE: Hold down to communicate to entire team
    BLACK: Open parachute if falling, pick up item pack when near one
    UP on D-pad: Zoom in Mini-map
    DOWN on D-pad: Zoom out Mini-map
    RIGHT on D-pad: Toggle flag and alignment markers
    LEFT on D-pad: Toggle large map
    BACK: Display scores
    START: Pause menu (Personal, Options, Suicide, Quit)
    L TRIGGER: Hold down then use right analog to select weapon/item
    R TRIGGER: Fire weapon, use item
    LEFT ANALOG: Movement
    RIGHT ANALOG: Camera, click to toggle weapon scope if available
    Controls while in a jeep or tank:
    B: Exit the vehicle
    BLACK: Switch position in vehicle
    R TRIGGER: Fire weapon if available
    LEFT ANALOG: Accelerate, brake and turn
    RIGHT ANALOG: Rotate turret, click to toggle 3rd person and 1st person view
    Controls while in a helicopter:
    B: Jump out of the chopper
    BLACK: Switch position in chopper
    R TRIGGER: Fire missiles or 30mm gun depending on position
    LEFT ANALOG: Pitch (forward and backwards movement as well as side-to-side
    RIGHT ANALOG: Height control (up raises the chopper and down lowers it),
       rotate left and right, click to toggle 3rd person and 1st person view
    The full game is slated to include four major armies: United States, Europe,
    China and the Middle East Coalition(MEC). However the demo features only two of
    these, the US and the MEC. These armies are nearly identical in soldier classes
    but not in vehicles. First up will be a soldier class breakdown with complete
    equipment specifications. Both armies feature similar classes so they will be
    discussed in terms general to both armies.
    The assault class is the standard soldier layout that is highly recommended for
    beginners. Don't assume this means the class is only for beginners, it is just
    the most straight forward class and the easiest to learn with. The assault
    class is equipped for basic troop combat and doesn't specialize in any battle
    skills. While holding the left trigger, the layout breaks down as follows:
    CENTER: Assault rifle 30/150 (bullets in clip/total bullets)
    UP: Smoke grenade x3
    DOWN: Pistol 15/30
    LEFT: Grenade launcher attachment with 3 grenades
    RIGHT: Frag grenade x3
    The sniper class features skilled marksmen that specialize in dropping troops
    from far distances. This class thrives on wide open spaces or discrete windows
    to pick at anyone unfortunate enough to enter their crosshairs. In addition,
    this class also features an anti-vehicle item and one of the most useful items,
    the GPS. The sniper layout is as follows:
    CENTER: Sniper rifle 5/15
    UP: GPS with 3 charges
    DOWN: Silenced pistol 15/30
    LEFT: Laser target designator with 1 charge
    RIGHT: Smoke grenade x3
    The special operations class is equipped for stealth combat and is reserved for
    missions requiring a little finese in real world situations. But this is a game
    so these guys are out in the thick of battle like everyone else. Much like
    their real counterparts, the spec-ops class uses stealth as its main weapon.
    The spec-ops layout contains:
    CENTER: Silenced assault rifle 30/150
    UP: Combat knife
    DOWN: Silenced pistol 15/30
    LEFT: C4 x12
    RIGHT: Stun grenade x3
    The engineer class is the essential vehicle/anti-vehicle personnel. Skilled at
    repairing vehicles as well as taking them down, the engineer can be a real
    lifesaver when a tank comes rolling into town. Despite his useful skills,
    beginners may want to stay away from the engineer for awhile because he lacks
    a distance weapon suitable for man-to-man gunfights. The engineer's layout:
    CENTER: Automatic shotgun 8/32
    UP: Blowtorch repair kit with 1000 fuel units
    DOWN: Pistol 15/30
    LEFT: Rocket launcher with 5 rockets
    RIGHT: Vehicle mines x3
    The support class is a combat medic with a Rambo mindset. While it is true that
    the support units are packing some considerable firepower, they are most useful
    as backup for other soldiers. This is perhaps the most overlooked class despite
    its apparent teamwork potentials. I predict this class will make a large impact
    when the game ships especially among clans. The support layout has:
    CENTER: Machine gun 100/200
    UP: Health injector with 3 cartridges
    DOWN: Pistol 15/30
    LEFT: Mortar strike radio with 1 usage
    RIGHT: Frag grenade x3
    While the troop classes are great in their own rights, the vehicles are where
    the Battlefield series separates itself from every other war game. The game is
    reported to contain over 30 vehicles when it is released but in the meantime,
    the demo contains no less than 6 unique vehicles. The vehicles fall into 3
    basic catagories: tanks, transports and helicopters. In addition, each side has
    vehicles uniquely their own which defines the strengths of each army. Here is
    a list of the vehicles along with basic information:
    Tanks - the tanks come in two flavors, one has a 120mm cannon with a machine
      gun turret while the other has a 30mm cannon with a rocket laucher turret.
      Both tanks can carry two personnel, one driver and one turret support.
    Helicopter - unique to the MEC army in the demo, the helicopter can fit up to
      four men: one pilot, one machine gunner and two passengers. The pilot has the
      ability to fire missiles at targets while the machine gunner utilizes the
      vulcan cannon (probably a 50 cal) mounted on the bottom of the cockpit.
      Thanks go out to J.VanLuven for the mounted cannon correction.
    Transport - there are 3 different transport vehicles found in the demo. The US
      transport features a driver, a machine gun turret and a place for a third man
      in back. The MEC transport is similar except it lacks the spot for a third
      passenger. And a vehicle not specific to either side is the car that can be
      found in the city. So far, I have found the car to carry only a driver and a
      passenger who shoots via the sunroof. The first two transports are moderately
      armored while the car is not.
    This section details exactly how to play in online Battlefield 2 games. The
    gametype is called conquest and it was made famous by none other than the first
    game in the series, Battlefield 1942. Conquest is played with flags placed
    around the map that each side must contend with each other for control of. On
    the demo map, there are 5 flags that can be fought over plus 1 more for each
    army. For each flag under your army's control, you and your fellow troops can
    spawn at that location when you die. Also, if you control 5 or more of the
    total flags, the enemy will slowly lose reinforcement points. In addition, for
    each troop killed, that army loses 1 reinforcement point. The ultimate
    objective of conquest is to make your enemy lose all their reinforcement points
    or have more points than your opponent when the time runs out.
    The final game will have over 10 multiplayer maps but for now the demo only
    contains one map amptly named Backstab. This map contains a Middle Eastern city
    with bases to the north and south as well as lots of dirt roads and sparce
    foliage. Most notably the town contains a large mosque, a town hall with a
    tall tower and a river running through the middle of it with only 1 bridge
    across. Most of the buildings seem to be destroyed but a few of the remaining
    ones can be entered to find good vantage points. Perhaps the most important
    building is located on the eastside of town with an artillery computer inside. 
    While a majority of the fighting will occur in the city limits, the map itself
    is rather large if you consider just how far you can venture out before
    reaching the map limit (shown as the yellow striped areas on your map).
    Exploring the map and its many facets will reveal many useful areas.
    As I stated earlier, there are a grand total of 7 flags. 5 of these flags can
    be converted by either army while the other 2 are reserved for their respective
    armies. Flag 1 is located to the south and serves as the MEC base. Flag 2 is
    called the supply depot and is located south of town and east of the MEC base.
    Flag 3 is called the edge of town and is on the southwest corner of said town.
    Flag 4 is across the river on the northside and is called the mosque. Almost
    directly east of the mosque is flag 5 located on the second floor of the town
    hall. To the north of town is flag 6 at the anti-air base. And finally, to the
    utmost north of the map lies the US base and flag 7. Also of note but not a
    flag is the artillery building slightly east of flag 5. I would provide you
    with a map but you don't really want to see some inadequate ASCII art so simply
    push the d-pad left and the game will pull up a full screen map for you. Flags
    will be numbered and colored based on whose army controls them and the
    artillery building will look like a white bomb dropping but only when the
    artillery is ready.
    BF2.3------------------------Rules of Engagement-------------------------------
    Here are some of the inherent rules for conquest that are built into the game.
    --To take a flag, you must stay near the flag pole until the bar at the bottom
      of the screen fills up completely
    --The more troops trying to take a flag for the same army, the faster the bar
      will fill
    --Enemies in the area near a flag being taken will NOT stop a flag from being
      captured without having to kill you first
    --If you are capturing an enemy flag, the enemy can still spawn there until the
      bar is filled halfway which means the flag becomes neutral
    --Troops can spawn at any flag under control of their army but not at enemy
      flags or neutral ones
    --Both army's reinforcements are listed on the rightside of the screen
    --After your team has 5 flags out of the 7, the enemy's reinforcements will be
      slowly reduced at a rate of about one per second or two
    --If your team has 6 flags out of the 7, the enemy will lose reinforcements at
      a faster rate
    --Neither of the base flags can be captured by the enemy
    --Each death will cause that player's army to lose 1 reinforcement point
    --No matter which side you choose, your allies will be blue on the map and will
      have blue icons above their heads
    --Your enemies will always be red on your map and will have red icons above
      their heads
    --Artillery is available again 4 minutes after it has been used (thanks to
      B.Wartick for this information)
    --Voting to kick a player takes a certain number of votes or a majority vote
      (I'm also unsure how this works so email me if you know the answer)
    BF3---------------------------General Strategies-------------------------------
    Now that you know the basics of the game and have acquanted yourself with the
    controls, we can discuss strategies that will help you win the game. This
    section describes basic strategies that applies to every character class and
    the next few sections will go into in-depth strategies for each class.
    The first priority for any match is to take and hold as many flags as possible.
    This may seem like common knowledge but try telling that to the guy on the
    losing team with 50 kills and no flags taken. This idea is essential for the
    start of each round. The MEC army should send one transport each to flags 2
    and 3 while the helicopters drop troops near flags 4 and 5. The US army should
    let their tanks move towards flag 6 while their transports should hurry to
    flags 4 and 5. An early advantage over your opponent will often lead to an easy
    Though taking flags is important, many players overlook the importance of
    holding their flags as well. Many times, a singular player can hold off many
    attacks on a flag with a little planning. Set some traps or wait in a hiding
    spot for troops to enter are just some of the ways to keep those flags for
    yourself. In addition, taking flags in groups will help you take them faster
    then a few group members can break off to protect the new flag.
    When your enemy starts to slowly take control of the map, sometimes it is best
    to take a step back rather than rushing into things. Instead of spawning at the
    very flag that the enemies are rushing at, try spawning at another spot so you
    can regroup without all the pressure of fending off advancing troops. You may
    lose the flag but you will be less likely to lose the war.
    If the enemy should pin you in your base with no other flags to spawn at, don't
    try to push them back as this will most likely lead to your death, many many
    times over. A better plan would be to try to sneak away from the incoming
    troops and grab a flag in town. The enemy forces will be so busy trying to
    attack your base that you will find little or no opposition at the other flags.
    This following statement holds true for any vehicle. If you are the driver or
    pilot and there are other people around, try to fill your vehicle completely or
    as much as possible because rushing off into battle. This will prevent your
    teammates from having to walk on foot and they may even be able to help you out
    when you get to your destination.
    Along with filling your vehicle, if you are a driver/pilot you should never
    abandon your vehicle unless you are the last one inside. This specifically
    applies to the helicopter since the entire thing will go down if the pilot
    bails. Nothing upsets your team more than when a full helicopter goes down
    and kills 3 teammates when the pilot decides to parachute onto a flag himself.
    Though it may appear otherwise, certain flags hold better strategic values
    when compared with others. Flags 4 and 5 in particular have the best placements
    for taking other flags and defending yourself. Next comes flag 3 since it is
    only walking distance from flags 4 and 5. Lastly are flags 2 and 6 which are
    outlying flags that hold very mild importance besides for regrouping or for the
    next paragraph's tip.
    Since the map is named Backstab, why not take this idea to heart? If your team
    controls only part of the town and you are having trouble taking any more
    flags, try flanking the outside of town and taking the flag behind the enemy.
    The flags I'm talking about are 2 and 6. Once you secure the flag that lies
    behind the enemy, your team can spawn behind them and take the fight to them
    from both sides.
    Notice those crates that have little symbols above them? Those crates are where
    you can recharge your health, your ammo supply and some recharge your vehicle
    energy. The red plus sign crates refill your life and are located by flags 2,
    3, 4 and 6. The blue bullet crates will refill your ammo and are located near
    the same flags. The green wrench areas will refill your vehicle health and can
    be at every flag. The green wrench for flag 2 is located directly north by the
    edge of town. I'm unsure why they put it there but that is where it is. Thanks
    go to an email I received that stated each flag has a repair station which I
    overlooked in my initial version (I'm sorry but can't remember your name so
    email me again and I'll be sure to fix this transgression).
    A little known fact is that the river is very shallow on the east side by the
    artillery building. The MEC army can make full use of this shallow area by
    following a trail that leads east towards the river. The shallow part can be
    easily spotted since there are rocks lying inside the river. Only MEC vehicles
    can cross because they can clear the rocks to get to the other side while all
    US vehicles will simply crash on the rocks. I believe this shallow area was
    designed so the MEC army can get to the artillery building quicker so make full
    use of it.
    Turrets are strategically placed around the map and can provide excellent fire
    against ground troops and vehicles. The machine guns will make short work of
    enemies on foot but the best turrets are the rocket launchers since they can
    take out tanks and ground troops effectively. Also, flag 6 has a surface to air
    missile launching turret that can lock onto helicopters who approach the flag.
    Finally, my last piece of general advice is about team killers. Rather than
    trying to kill them or getting upset, just remember about the vote to kick
    option. Simply push the back button and find the offending player in the list
    of players (you may have to scroll down to see all the names). Push A then
    pick vote to kick from the menu. One person doing so will not be enough but if
    you can get your entire team to vote to kick the team killer, that should be
    enough votes to get them kicked off the server.
    BF4-----------------------Class Specific Strategies----------------------------
    Keeping all of the general strategies in mind, each class has their own ways to
    further their army's goals. These strategies will allow each soldier to better
    serve their team by best utilizing their strengths while, hopefully, avoiding
    a misuse of any class. Both armies will be covered at once but I'll remark on
    any differences within the appropriate sections.
    BF4.1--------------------------Assault Strategy--------------------------------
    The assault layout is best for, you guessed it, assaulting enemy flags. The
    assault rifle is probably the best unit gun based on accuracy, rate of fire and
    damage dealt so use it to its full potential. Be sure to use the rifle's scope
    to deal with enemies from afar before they become threats. When advancing on a
    flag, the grenade launcher is best to clear out large groups of enemies but
    it should be used with caution as it will kill you if shot too close. Moreover,
    it is better to fire a grenade into a room before entering to prevent killing
    yourself and to clear out a room effectively. Once you finally reach the flag,
    use a smoke grenade to provide a little cover so you don't get spotted or
    picked off by a sniper so easily. And those frag grenades? Relatively useless
    unless you run out of grenades for your grenade launcher. After taking the flag
    be sure to rely on your regular rifle rounds to defend the flag because a
    grenade launcher explosion near you and your friends will not be thought of so
    fondly. As far as vehicles are concerned, the assault class cannot do anything
    to a tank, even with the grenade launcher, but transport vehicles and
    helicopters can be disposed of if you shoot them enough.
    Pros: 	Best unit rifle
    	Room-clearing grenade launcher
    	Beginner friendly class
    Cons:	Frag grenades? We don't need no stinking frag grenades
    	Grenade launcher suicide
    	Useless vs. tanks
    BF4.2--------------------------Sniper Strategy---------------------------------
    Snipers are in their element with a well concealed position and time to pick
    their targets. Though not as useful inside of the town, snipers are excellent
    out in the fields near flags 2 and 6. Specifically, try using the rock
    structures on the edge of the map as your sniping nest as you overlook these
    flags. These places are good for providing cover fire for your advancing allies
    or for defending the flag if you already control it. If you need to deal with a
    vehicle, pull out your laser target designator, point it at the target and hold
    the R trigger till the box turns completely red. Soon a missile will be
    launched from your given base and will hit the vehicle without fail. I don't
    recommend using the laser's one charge on a transport so save it for a tank or,
    if you are a US troop, target an incoming helicopter with it for best results.
    When choosing a target for your rifle to take down, remember that it is deadly
    accurate and will often drop people in one shot. It is also highly accurate and
    doesn't require that you lead the target unless you are at extreme distances.
    Make full use of the two levels of scope to best aim at targets as well.
    However, try to keep shots to a minimum because the rifle takes a very long
    time to load the next bullet so troops may have time to charge your position.
    The sniper is useless up close and will almost always lose versus any other
    class type. Finally, the most important piece of equipment is the GPS which
    gives away the enemy positions on the map for your whole team to see. The
    effect doesn't last long so warn your team before you use it so they can all be
    ready to look at their maps. And, an enemy who happens to look at the map when
    you use it can see a single radar blip come from your position so they can
    pinpoint you but the odds of this are minimal. Also, the GPS takes forever to
    reload but be sure to do so if you aren't under fire because your team may need
    a quick GPS.
    Pros:	Strong, accurate rifle
    	GPS, most useful item in game
    	Laser never fails to hit target
    Cons:	Useless in close combat
    	Long timespan between shots and GPS usage
    	Very little ammo for everything
    BF4.3-------------------------Spec-Ops Strategy--------------------------------
    Stealth is your best friend with the spec-ops class but it is suprisingly not
    as useful as you would think. The spec-ops soldier doesn't hold a real
    advantage when moving in on targets despite what his entire layout suggests.
    Since your rifle and pistol are silenced it will keep from alerting other
    nearby enemies of your recent kill but observant opponents will notice the man
    they just passed in the hall died based on the screen text so don't expect
    great covert runs. I find the spec-ops class to be best for defending flags
    from a short distance away. Use your C4 to rig the flag or the hall leading
    the building then move to a location overlooking your trap. Fire on any enemy
    that approaches the trap so you don't waste it on weak enemies but if he breaks
    through your cover fire, then switch to your detonator and blow him to pieces.
    Another useful strategy for the spec-ops class also involves the use of C4.
    Place a stick or two on the hood of a transport vehicle then drive it towards
    the nearest tank or enemy group. Drive at full speed towards that area then
    jump out of the vehicle before you reach it and use the detonator for instant
    carbombing action. A well placed car bomb can take out a tank easily but
    remember to be the only man in the vehicle when you take off to avoid friendly
    casualties. Also, don't use other people's vehicles as car bombs since this too
    will not make you popular amongst your team. Though a car bomb can take out a
    tank, it takes many C4s to take out a tank conventionally so don't rely on it
    unless as a last resort. As far as your other equipment is concerned, stun
    grenades will help for infiltration since it temporarily blinds a foe who sees
    it go off and the knife is the only melee weapon in the game but is relatively
    useless since you will not often get close enough to use it.
    In addition, BurningPhoeniks has these helpful tips to offer:
    The Spec-Ops class is strangely phenomenal for flag captures. A car bomb
    leading into hostile flags can net 3-4 kills and a capture. And if you are
    being pursued by an enemy, simply creep around a corner and plant some C4.
    Pros:	C4 is great for traps and car bombs
    	Stun grenades make wimps of the enemy
    	Rifle is like assault's except silenced
    Cons:	Stealth is not as useful as it could be
    	Tanks laugh at your C4 attempt to destroy them
    	C4 explosions are large, suicide and team kills can occur
    BF4.4-------------------------Engineer Strategy--------------------------------
    The engineer class is the best anti-tank personnel in the game and doesn't do
    too bad with other vehicles as well. The rocket launcher can drop a tank in
    about 2 shots and only 1 shot for transport vehicles but takes expert aiming to
    hit helicopters. However, the best strategy for those pesky tanks is to lay
    strategic land mines where you think enemy tanks will tread. One mine will take
    out any ground vehicle but is completely useless against ground troops since it
    won't trigger for them. You can always shoot the mine as troops walk by but
    since your gun is a shotgun designed for close combat, don't expect to survive
    the mine blast encounter. The engineer is a better class for the MEC army
    because of the vehicles given to them. Since the MEC army gets helicopters, the
    US is limited to ground vehicles which will fall prey to MEC engineer mines.
    If you are a MEC, plant your mines on the roads leading from the US base and
    on the bridge in the center of town since vehicles are most likely to go there.
    If you are a US troop, your job is to NOT mine the bridge since this is the
    only way across for your vehicles. Never expect your teammates to avoid your
    mines despite the red sign above your mines and the fact that they can see your
    team's mines on the map as little white triangles, your team will still be
    driving way too fast and will most likely trigger your mines. However, the
    engineer is not all about blowing up vehicles because he carries a blowtorch
    that can repair damaged vehicles. I have yet to attempt this but I believe it
    is possible for the engineer to repair vehicles while in them like the 3rd seat
    of the US transport or in the 3rd and 4th seats of the helicopter. Please email
    me if you know whether this is true or not. Aside from that, the engineer's
    shotgun is worthless at a distance and is often beaten by faster guns at close
    range making it the worst starting gun in the demo. Keep the engineer inside
    the city where he can launch his rockets and plant his mines in preparation for
    Pros:	Mines drop tanks in one explosion
    	Rocket launcher is really powerful
    	Repairing vehicles keeps them in the fight
    Cons:	Mines don't affect ground troops
    	No distance shooting with shotguns
    	Great for vehicle combat, lousy for ground troops	
    BF4.5--------------------------Support Strategy--------------------------------
    Support troops are the most misused class so far in the short lifespan of the
    demo. This class has great potential for teamwork and may lead to strategies
    like squad based combat once the full game is released. Currently, most people
    pick the support class for its large machine gun. This gun is useful because of
    its oversized clip and its high rate of fire but the weapon is fairly
    inaccurate at great distances. To combat this fault, use short burst of fire
    for distant targets to get the most out of every shot. Another fault with this
    gun is the extremely long reload time associated with a 100 round clip. However
    it is not the large gun but the health injector that is the most useful part of
    picking the support class. When working alone, the health injector can keep you
    alive after a brutal firefight by using it on yourself. When working with other
    teammates, the health injector can be used to keep everyone alive and fighting.
    The frag grenades provide a nice explosive addition to the arsenal but the
    mortar strike is a whole other story. Though the mortar strike sounds really
    useful, don't be fooled because it is rather weak, takes a lengthy period of
    absolutely no movement in order to properly aim and the strike is delayed as
    well as short. The best idea for the support troop is to group up with other
    classes and stick close to them. Watch the group's back for flanking troops and
    heal any wounded when you have cover to do so.
    Pros:	Lotsa bullets in that big gun
    	Mobile health for you and allies
    	Best teamwork class available
    Cons:	Long reload time for machine gun
    	Mortar strike is the artillery strikes worthless little brother
    	Less effective as a solo soldier
    BF5-----------------------Frequently Asked Questions---------------------------
    Here I shall try to answer any questions that you readers frequently ask me
    about. So far it is a small list of questions that I thought up but please feel
    free to email me if you have additional ones.
    Q: There is a team killer on my team, is there any way to get the offender to
    A: Though killing him back may seem like a simple solution, this only fuels the
       tker's desire to get everyone angry. It is much better to convince everyone
       on your team to vote to kick the person off the server. Do this by pushing
       the back button, finding the offenders name in the list of players then
       selecting vote to kick from the menu. If a sufficient number of players vote
       to kick them, they will be automatically kicked off the server by the game.
    Q: How does the artillery work and where is it located?
    A: The artillery strike is activated by using a computer located on the eastern
       edge of town by flag 5. When the artillery strike is available, a small
       symbol that looks like a dropping bomb will appear on the map where the
       artillery is located. Use the computer by pushing B next to it then
       selecting the location that you wish to drop the strike. The computer
       provides you with a GPS view so you can drop the bombs in the most
       appropriate location. Thanks to B.Wartick, we now know that the artillery
       will respawn after 4 minutes so astute players can get there right when it
       comes back.
    Q: I've seen missiles home in on the helicopter before but my rocket launcher
       won't home. What am I doing wrong?
    A: The reason your rockets aren't homing in on the helicopters is because they
       aren't the right kind of rockets. The engineer class comes with standard
       rockets that don't home. The only rockets that do home are the ones that
       come from the stinger missile turret located at flag 6. You may also be
       mistaking the sniper's laser target designator for a homing missile. Try
       those out if you want a homing missile.
    Q: Why does I mysteriously die sometimes when I use the artillery computer?
    A: I believe this is a bug in the demo that has yet to be fixed. The game text
       pops up saying you died but it looks like a suicide death. This does not
       happen everytime but I still hope they fix this before the game is released.
       NEW INFO - This might only occur when you place the strike on flag 5 in
       which case it means that the arty is what is killing you. Hopefully this is
       the case but I have yet to confirm (Thanks go to B.Wartick for the info).
    Q: Why don't some servers let me in especially ones with my friends inside?
    A: Yet another problem that I have no answer for. Seems the demo isn't perfect
       but that is why they call it a demo. I'm more than confident that EA will
       fix this sort of thing before the final release (at least they better).
    Q: Why can't I type a space into my messages to friends?
    A: I guess they forgot to enable the spacebar to work for in-game messages or
       something. I also hate having to type out those messages. If the game
       already supports voice-communication, why can't my messages do that? We'll
       just have to see if they put that into the final game.
    Q: When I do a particular event, why do I hear this boing sound then see some
       text pop up on my screen?
    A: Certain events in the final release will cause you to gain ranks based on
       specific actions specific to each class. These don't serve any purpose for
       the demo however besides a simple pat on the back for doing something well.
       So far, I have seen messages for sniping so many targets, killing so many
       enemies with the assault layout and C4ing so many enemies. If anyone has
       any more info on these messages, please email me. NEW INFO - Killing so many
       enemies while flying a helicopter nets you an Airforce Cross event. Thanks
       to ClownDEVIL for this info.
    This concludes my FAQ on the demo for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. I hope this
    guide was helpful to you and will help you win many more games (just not versus
    me). If any part of the guide is unclear or you have more information regarding
    anything I've talked about, please email me at shyty02@hotmail.com
    I will post your submission verbatim and give you full credit for the
    contribution. Currently I'm looking for information on the following subjects:
    Rank events
    Vote to kick rules (majority or amount of votes)
    Anything else you know that I don't
    Thank you:
    Justin Nguyen for convincing me to write this FAQ
    GhostlyTaunt for the many great games and those to come
    J.VanLuven for the correction to my helicopter cannon info
    BurningPhoeniks for the additional Spec-Ops information
    B.Wartick for artillery respawn time
    ClownDEVIL for the helicopter kill event info
    A reader for informing me about the repair crates at all flags
    Official XBox Magazine #47 for having the online demo
    EA and Dice for bringing the Battlefield franchise to consoles
    And you for reading my second guide
    Till the Next
    Copyright 2005 Tyler McGrew

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