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    FAQ/Walkthrough by venganz

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 12/10/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
    Guide by Vengan Anandan
    Email: venganz@yahoo.com
    AIM: theblobaoxguy232
    Gamertag: masterchief555
    Version Information:
    V. 0.75
    Single player campaign finished!
    More to come soon!
    Battlefield 2 Modern Combat Manual
    EA Games
    DICE Entertainment
    Copyright: Vengan Anandan 2005
    Next Update expected to be at: 
    1. Introduction
    1.05 What’s different?
    1.1 Controls
    1.2 Kits
    1.3 Vehicles
    1.4 Medals and Ranks
    2. Single Player campaign
    2.05 Single Player Basics
    {NATO Tier 1}
    2.1 In and Out
    2.2 Radio Silence
    2.3 Headshot
    {China Tier 1}
    2.4 Submerged
    2.5 Metal Island
    2.6 Heavy Tonnage
    {NATO Tier 2}
    2.7 Air Traffic Control
    2.8 Catching Flak
    2.9 Rolling Thunder
    2.10 Burning Bridges
    {China Tier 2}
    2.11 Beach Party
    2.12 Big Bang
    {NATO Tier 3}
    2.13 Hotel Alpha
    2.14 Top Man
    {China Tier 3}
    2.15 DMZ
    2.16 End of the Line
    {Last Missions}
    2.17 End Game (China)
    2.18 End Game (NATO)
    2.19 Flying the Flag (NATO/China)
    3. Xbox Live
    3.1 Xbox Live Basics
    3.2 Map Strategies
    3.21 Backstab
    3.22 DeadlyPass
    3.23 BridgeTooFar
    3.24 Honor
    3.25 MissileCrisis
    3.26 SpecialOp
    3.27 LittleBigEye
    3.28 RussianBorder
    3.29 TheNest
    3.220 Dammage
    3.221 TheBlackGold
    3.222 HarborEdge
    3.223 ColdFront
    4. Challenge mode
    Welcome to my Battlefield 2: Modern Combat game guide! 
    Battlefield 2 for the PC was an extremely successful hit and was wildly 
    popular for fans all around the world. It raised the standard for modern 
    military shooters. It introduced a very unique and entertaining modern 
    warfare experience. Now, EA has created a version of the great BF2 for the
    consoles. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat thus was created to showcase the 
    greatness of Battlefield for the console-only gamers. In my opinion, 
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is one of the best shooters out there. I believe
    it surpasses games like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and Socom. It even comes to 
    par with legendary shooters such as Halo. There are definitely many 
    differences between the two games. For those of you who have played the 
    original BF2 for the PC, keep on reading this intro for the changes 
    between the two games. For those of you who haven’t, you can skip ahead to 
    the controls.
    1.05 What’s different?
    > There is a single player campaign
    > There is a new multiplayer only faction, the EU (European Union)
    > There are only 5 kits compared to 7
    > In single player there is a hotswap feature (can switch to any other allied 
    > There are no jets
    > Music plays at every point in the game except during loading
    > The graphics are changed drastically (worse models but better environments; 
      slight glow)
    > Lots of various gameplay and interface changes
         /|1.1 Controls|\
    General Gameplay:
    Right thumbstick – Aim/Look (Click to zoom)
    Left Thumbstick – Move/ Drive
    Right Trigger – Fire weapon
    Left Trigger – Change weapon (pull and hold, the move right thumbstick)/
    Default weapon (pull)
    X – Stand/Crouch/Prone/Dive to prone (tap twice when standing)/Jump to 
    feet (tap twice when prone)
    B – Enter/exit (or eject from) vehicle/stationary weapon
    A – Jump (when standing)
    Black button – Open parachute (when falling)
    Click right thumbstick – Change camera
    White button - Speak (xbox communicator required)
    Y – Reload
    Black button – Pick up kit
    Left button – Show/Hide full map
    Right button – Toggle 3D flag type and distance indicator
    Up and down buttons – Zoom map/minimap
    Start button – Combat zone overview screen
    Back button – Scoreboard
    Y – Hotswap
    White button – Reload
    Start button – Pause
    In Vehicles:
    A – Command a nearby trooper to enter your vehicle and take over gunner 
    duties (single player only)
    Left thumbstick – Drive land vehicle/ Helicopter pitch and rotation
    Right thumbstick – Helicopter altitude and roll/Aim turret
    White button – Change camera (single player only)
    Black button – Change vehicle position
    To shoot while driving in single player, have a gunner in your vehicle and 
    make sure that the vehicle’s driving position cannot control a main weapon. 
    Then press A to switch to gunners view then the right thumbstick to fire.
         /|1.2 Kits|\
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat boasts 5 troop kits. They are as follows; 
    Assault, Sniper, Special Ops, Engineer, and Support. Each kit is very unique 
    to one another and has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to 
    pick which kit suits you best and which can help you win the most matches. 
    In the single player portion of Modern Combat, you will be exposed to all 
    of the kits available. Here I will give you a thorough description of all 
    the kits of BF2: MC.
    Assault – The assault soldier is the spearhead of most offensive operations. 
    He is by far the most versatile and is ready for any kind of action. 
    Also assault is my personal favorite. He has the following items:
    Assault Rifle-This is the main weapon for the assault class. It comes with a 
    small zoom scope and fires lethal bullets and a rapid rate. The assault rifle 
    is fairly accurate.
    Grenade Launcher-This launcher is an attachment to the normal
    assault rifle. It fires small, compact grenades at a long range. It fires in 
    an arc so you have to aim upwards. It isn’t 
    strong enough to destroy tanks but it can blow 4x4s to smithereens. You cannot 
    zoom with a grenade launcher.
    Pistol-This kit comes with a standard pistol. Weak but fairly accurate, 
    it makes a decent sidearm in case your assault rifle needs restocking.
    Fragmentation Grenades-These are standard military issued grenades. 
    Simple hold down the right trigger and release to throw. Can clear out enemy 
    concentrations and rooms.
    Smoke grenades-These grenades spew out a large radius of smoke upon impact. 
    This is useful in indoor combat as well as to provide a decoy to escape from 
    a tank.
    A skilled assault soldier can take out enemies quickly and efficiently and 
    both close and mid range. The assault rifle can also be used to take out 
    long range opponents if used properly. The assault class is the most useful 
    in indoor maps and tight outdoor settings. Their only weakness is heavy tanks 
    and helicopters,which they have no real means of holding out against.
    Sniper – Snipers are the critical powerhouse of long range warfare. They can 
    eliminate any infantry unit from a shockingly far distance. The sniper also 
    has many unique items to use in combat. He has the following items:
    Sniper Rifle-The sniper’s main firearm. It fires in a single shot rate of fire 
    and can zoom twice. It is highly accurate and can be used for precision kills. 
    It is very unwise though to use this at close range.
    Pistol-This standard pistol is the snipers only close range weapon. It fires 
    fast and is accurate but has very weak bullets. It is all you can use as a 
    sniper if an enemy creeps up too close to you.
    Smoke Grenades-The same kind that the assault kit has, it is best used for 
    snipers to escape the enemy and find a better location to snipe from.
    Laser Target Designator-This is used to call missile strikes. These can only 
    be used on vehicles. Pull and hold the right trigger while aiming at the 
    vehicle. A lock on bar should appear. When it reaches full, the strike should 
    Forward Observer-This can reveal enemy positions in an area for a short amount 
    of time. Just pull the right trigger to use.
    Snipers are best used in long range combat. A skilled sniper can kill any 
    infantry that is far away. When sniping, always aim for the head for the most 
    effective results. Also, the soldiers operating in vehicles (pilots (except in 
    tanks) or gunners) or stationary turret users can be sniped as well. As a 
    sniper you always want to find an effective sniper spot such as a top of a 
    building or on a tower that will give you an immense field of view. The prime 
    weakness of sniping is close range. Your only defense in a close range 
    situation is your pistol, which can work provided some skill and practice. 
    Or you can use smoke grednades to try and beat a hasty retreat. Also be very 
    aware as a sniper. Always be ready to change sniping spots and watch the 
    surroundings constantly. A skilled assault or spec ops soldier can kill you 
    even at a range!
    Special Ops – The spec ops soldier is trained in stealth and sabotage. He is 
    one who uses hiding and mobility to his advantage. He has the following:
    Submachine Gun-The SMG is rather similar to the assault rifle except that it 
    has better range but is slightly weaker. Also it comes with a silencer.
    Pistol-The standard pistol, except with a silencer equipped.
    C4 charge-Spec ops soldiers carry these bombs of major destruction. They are 
    placed and then detonated by the push of a button. Plant a charge by pressing 
    the right trigger. Then it will switch to the detonator. Make sure you are far 
    enough away and then press the right trigger again to blow the bomb. C4 comes 
    very handy in game situations.
    Knife-A standard military knife, primarily used for stealthy from-behind 
    Stun grenades-Grenades that stun all soldiers temporarily that are near 
    the grenade.
    Spec ops soldiers are very mobile forces. Their SMG is a good main firearm and 
    can compete against every other kit. The C4 charge is a very useful tool as 
    well. In the multiplayer gametype conquest, a spec ops soldier can place a 
    charge by a flag and hide somewhere nearby. Then when someone tries to capture 
    it, detonate the bomb! It is a common strategy used by many players online. 
    With spec ops you should try to use stealth. One of the best (and coolest) ways 
    of doing this is to sneak up behind people and use the knife. The true weakness 
    of a spec ops soldier is any vehicle. They lack the means of destroying 
    vehicles efficiently. Their best bet against vehicles is to C4 them while they 
    are parked so that any enemy who gets inside can be blown to smithereens.
    Engineer – The engineer is the kit that downright had the most firepower. He 
    is a mix of the engineer and antitank kits of the original Battlefield 2. He 
    has many tools to his disposal. These include:
    Shotgun-The main anti-infantry gun of the engineer. It is best used at close 
    range but has the potential to kill at a longer range. I have found that 
    shooting a shotgun from a higher position to a lower one produced better 
    long range results. This “Shotgun-sniping” can be used effectively. Especially 
    in single player.
    Pistol-The standard pistol.
    Rocket Launcher-The prime, anti-vehicle weapon of the game. It can blow up any 
    vehicle in the game, but is too slow to be used effectively against infantry. 
    Can zoom.
    Anti-vehicle mines-These are standard mines that can be placed anywhere. Keep 
    in mind that they don’t hurt infantry. They only hurt vehicles, but all 
    vehicles, friend or foe.
    Blowtorch-The engineer’s repair item. Use it on a damaged vehicle to repair it.
    You can also kill enemies with it, but it is impractical.
    The engineer is a must have on any team. A skilled engineer can combat both 
    infantry and vehicles effectively. As an engineer you must always be around to 
    help your team against tank or air threats and to repair damaged vehicles. It 
    is best to find a position to set up yourself as an engineer, to use the 
    rocket launcher or “shotgun-snipe” (must have high ground). Also be ready to 
    switch back to a shotgun when using a rocket launcher in case of stealthy 
    enemies. The prime weakness of engineers is speed. They are very slow, and 
    slow to fire. Also it is difficult to take out long range infantry with 
    an engineer except when you have the high ground, but even with 
    “Shotgun-sniping” you can still be easily defeated by snipers and spec ops 
    soldiers from afar.
    Support – The support trooper is a mix of the support and medic classes of the 
    original Battlefield 2. He has decent firepower. He has the following:
    Machine gun-The strongest handheld gun in the game, it can take out any 
    infantry within 10 meters quickly. It also is not magazine fed so you have 
    a lot of fire before you have to reload. It is powerless against tanks though.
    Pistol-A standard military pistol.
    Fragmentation grenades-Simple thrown grenades that kill infantry in its 
    Medical auto injector-The healing item of the game. To use, walk over to a 
    teammate and press the right trigger. To heal yourself, stand clear of allies 
    and press the right trigger.
    Mortar strike designator-This calls mortar strikes. Aim at a target and press 
    and hold the right trigger. Wait for it to lock on and then you will be 
    confirmed or rejected (because the strike is unavailable because it is 
    reloading). If you are confirmed, the mortar strike will commence. Make sure 
    to keep your crosshairs on the target the whole time or you will lose your 
    As support, you can help out you team a lot by healing them or leading a 
    firefight. To have an effective offensive with the support kit, you must mix 
    using your machine gun and calling mortar strikes well. Also the machine gun 
    is more accurate when used in prone.
           /|1.3 Vehicles|\
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has 4 vehicle types. There are variants of each 
    type though. Here is a brief look at the 4 types. Also the controls for the 
    vehicles are listed in the controls section of this guide.
    Fast attack vehicle – This vehicle is the fastest way of getting around on 
    land. Usually they have a turret or two mounted on their back but always can 
    transport more than one soldier. The fast attack vehicle is the one that has 
    the most variants. These are great for dropping off and picking up and fast 
    * Always try to have a FAV filled with soldiers to gun it. 
    This makes it lethal to hostile infantry moving around.
    * Keep on driving. Don’t stop at a spot for too long or you can get sniped out 
    by a skilled sniper or shot down by an engineer.
    * Always try to drive softly and on flatter ground. Reckless 
    driving can cause the vehicle to take too much damage and explode.
    * Set up raids with an FAV. In CTF, you can drive an FAV up to a flag, have a 
    passenger get out and grab it. Then when he gets back in, zoom back to your 
    base for a quick, easy capture!
    Side specific variants:
    HMMV Light Troop Transport
    Weight-2.6 tons
    Engine-6.2 litre fuel injected
    Length-4.57 meters
    Max Speed-104.6 km/h
    Range-563.27 km
    Crew Capacity-3 soldiers
    Armament-12.7mm Machinegun
    FAV Jeep
    Weight-2 tons
    Length-3.86 meters
    Height-3.81 meters
    Range-450 km
    Max Speed-100 km/h
    Crew Capacity-3 soldiers
    Armament-12.7mm Machinegun, Type 87
    35mm grenade launcher
    LTT Armored Personnel Carrier
    Length-4.90 meters
    Width-2.26 meters
    Height-2.35 meters
    Engine-V6 Cylinder
    Range-350 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-12.7mm Machinegun
    EU APC
    Length-4.90 meters
    Width-2.28 meters
    Height-2.35 meters
    Engine-V8 Cylinder GM
    Range-300 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-7.62mm Machinegun
    Tanks – Tanks are the powerhouse of modern warfare. They are bulky armor 
    plated behemoths that pack a walloping punch. There are many types of tanks 
    available for each side. There are Main Battle Tanks, Anti-Aircraft Tanks, 
    Transport Tanks, Light Tanks, Amphibious Tanks, and Artillery Tanks.
    * Prioritize your targets. Attack the enemy vehicles first, and then the 
    infantry that are hazardous to the tank. 
    * Try to have an antitank soldier riding in the back of the tank to increase 
    power in the tank vs. tank battles.
    * In multiplayer, use tanks to camp by your spots to make it very difficult 
    for enemy soldiers to capture your points. Just make sure your tank is sitting
    in a position where enemies cannot hit it from afar.
    Side specific variants:
    Abrams MBT
    Weight-69.54 tons
    Length-387 inches
    Turret Height-93.5 inches
    Range-265 miles
    Propulsion-1500hp gas turbine
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-120mm cannon, 12.7mm Machinegun
    Amphibious Troop Transport
    Weight-33.45 tons
    Engine-8.3 turbocharged
    Length-6.7 meters
    Max Speed-105 km/h
    Range-753 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-90mm cannon, 7.62mm Machinegun
    Air Defense Vehicle
    Weight-29.9 tons
    Length-6.5 meters
    Height-2.6 meters
    Range-482.80 km
    Propulsion-600hp engine
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-25mm Automatic gun, Two tube stinger missile
    PLA Main Battle Tank
    Weight-50 tons
    Length-11.00 meters
    Height-2.00 meters
    Propulsion-1200hp liquid cooled
    Crew capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-125mm cannon, 12.7 air defense Machinegun
    Anti-Air/Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    Weight-32.9 tons
    Length-6.00 meters
    Height-2.25 meters
    Range-500 km
    Max Speed-70 km/h
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-30mm cannon, Air-to-ground missile launcher
    Destroyer Self Propelled Artillery Tank
    Weight-19 tons
    Length-7.1 meters
    Width-2.89 meters
    Max Speed-61 km/h
    Range-320 km
    Crew Capacity-4 soldiers
    Armament-105mm autocannon, 12.7mm Machinegun
    Destroyer Main Battle Tank
    Weight-38 tons
    Length-3.5 meters
    Height-2.2 meters
    Range-3.5 km
    Propulsion-510hp diesel
    Crew Capacity-1 soldier
    Armament-125mm cannon
    Infantry Transport Combat Vehicle
    Weight-6.4 tons
    Engine-6 cylinder 300bhp
    Fuel Capacity-432 litres
    Max Speed-65 km/h
    Range-600 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-30mm cannon, ATGM Launcher
    AA Air Defense Vehicle
    Weight-20.5 tons
    Length-6.49 meters
    Width-3.08 meters
    Max Speed-44 km/h
    Range-260 km
    Crew Capacity-1 soldier
    Armament-4 23mm cannons
    EU Main Battle Tank
    Weight-62 tons
    Length-7.7 meters
    Height-3.00 meters
    Range-600 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-125mm cannon 12.7mm Machinegun
    EU Light MBT
    Weight-46.5 tons
    Length-11.3 meters
    Height-1.9 meters
    Range-650 km
    Propulsion-840bhp diesel engine
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-40mm cannon, 7.62mm Machinegun
    EU Air Defense Vehicle
    Weight-29.9 tons
    Length-6.5 meters
    Height-2.6 meters
    Range-482.80 km
    Propulsion-600hp engine
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-25mm automatic gun, Two tube stinger missile
    Patrol Boats – The amphibious vehicle of the game. These have very little 
    firepower and are only used to transport men by sea.
    * Always be ready to bail out into the water on a PT boat. It is much easier 
    to hide in the water.
    * Before setting out on an amphibious assault, prepare the boat. Pick a 
    driver, and get a sufficient amount of gunners too. Get a sniper along to 
    help deal with enemy snipers.
    * Don’t drive too fast when you have lots of curves. PT boats have bad 
    turning capabilities.
    * A mobile boat is rather hard to hit from the shore. Drive in a zigzag 
    pattern to avoid helicopter or engineer bombardment.
    Side specific variants:
    US Patrol Boat
    Displacement-4.5 tons
    Length-7.99 meters
    Bear-2.73 meters
    Draft-0.40 meters
    Propulsion-160hp engine
    Crew Capacity-3 soldiers
    Armament-40mm grenade Machinegun, 12.7 Machinegun
    MEC Light Patrol Boat
    Displacement-4 tons
    Length-7.62 meters
    Bear-2.6 meters
    Draft-0.46 meters
    Propulsion-5150hp engine
    Crew Capacity-3 soldiers
    Armament-Grenade launcher, 12.7mm Machinegun
    Helicopters – These are the only air units of the game. They are the toughest 
    vehicles to pilot but can be very strong and hard to hit. There are three 
    general types of helicopters; attack, transport, and recon.
    * Always fly high when not in combat. High flying copters are harder to hit 
    with ground weapons (except stingers)
    * Avoid the stingers. Know where they are on the maps and try if possible to 
    avoid them.
    * It is hard to get precision kills with a helicopter. You must point your 
    crosshairs at a target and bombard it for the best results.
    Side specific variants:
    US Attack Helicopter
    Wing Span-5.2 meters
    Length-17.72 meters
    Height-4.64 meters
    Speed-274 km/h
    Range-400 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-70mm folding-fin aerial rockets, 30mm chain gun
    US Transport Utility Helicopter
    Rotor Diameter-16.7 meters
    Length-19.8 meters
    Height-3.9/5.1 meters
    Speed-281 km/h
    Range-2000 km
    Crew Capacity-5 soldiers
    Armament-70mm folding-fin aerial rockets, Two 7.62mm Machineguns
    US Light Recon Observation Helicopter
    Rotor Diameter-8 meters
    Length-9.8 meters
    Height-2.6 meters
    Speed-282 km/h
    Range-485 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-70mm folding-fin aerial rockets, 12.7mm Machinegun
    PLA Attack Helicopter
    Wing Span-5.6 meters
    Length-21.6 meters
    Height-6.5 meters
    Speed-168 km/h
    Range-450 km
    Crew Capacity-5 soldiers
    Armament-70mm folding-fin aerial rockets, 7.62mm MiniGun
    MEC Attack Helicopter
    Wing Span-6.5 meters
    Length-21.6 meters
    Height-6.5 meters
    Speed-186 km/h
    Range-450 km
    Crew Capacity-5 soldiers
    Armament-70mm folding-fin aerial rockets, 30mm gun
    EU Attack Helicopter
    Rotor Diameter-13 meters
    Length-15.8 meters
    Height-4.3 meters
    Speed-280 km/h
    Range-600 km
    Crew Capacity-2 soldiers
    Armament-70mm folding-fin aerial rockets, heat seeking
    Anti-air missiles and laser guided air to ground missiles
          /|1.4 Medals and Ranks|\
    The medal system is a unique one to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat compared to 
    the other games in the series. It involves getting a specialized reward for 
    doing certain good tasks. Here is a complete list of all the possible medals.
    NOTE: These specific medals are not available in Xbox Live.
    Kills 3/5/10/30 enemy troops with 1 clip.
    50/100/200 Assault Rifle kills in total.
    10/25/50 Assault Rifle kills in a row.
    500 Assault Rifle reloads.
    Killed 2/4/6 enemies with 1 grenade.
    Kill 3/5/10 enemies in a row with Underslung Grenade Launcher.
    Destroy 1/2 4x4s with a Rifle Grenade
    Killed 3/5/10/25 enemy troops with 1 clip.
    50/100/200 Spec-Ops machine gun kills in total.
    10/25/50 Spec-Ops machine gun kills in a row.
    500 Spec-Ops machine gun reloads.
    5/25/50 knife kills.
    3/4/5 enemies stunned with one flash grenade.
    3/5/7 enemy troops or vehicles taken out with one C4 charge.
    5/25/50 C4 kills in total.
    10/15/25 C4 kills in a row.
    500 C4 charges exploded.
    5/10/25/50 kills with 1 clip.
    50/100/200 Heavy Machine Gun kills in total.
    10/25/50 Heavy Machine Gun kills in a row.
    500 Heavy Machine Gun reloads.
    3/4/5 enemies killed with single mortar strike.
    10 allied units healed in a mission.
    Killed 3/4/5 enemy troops with one clip.
    50/100/200 sniper rifle kills in total.
    10/25/50 sniper rifle kills in a row.
    500 sniper rifle reloads.
    10/50/100 laser designation kills in total.
    3/5/7 laser designation kills in a row.
    100 GPS usages.
    Long headshot(over 100/200/300m)
    1st/10th/50th driver or pilot kill.
    3/5/8 Shotgun kills with one clip.
    50/100/200 Shotgun kills in total.
    10/25/50 Shotgun kills in a row.
    500 Shotgun reloads.
    3/4/5 RPG kills with one shot.
    100/250/500 RPG kills in total.
    Destroy 3/5/10 vehicles with successive RPG shots.
    500 RPG reloads.
    Kill 1/2/4 enemy units with one landmine.
    Every vehicle repaired.
    25th/50th/75th/100th Fuel Barrel kill.
    3/5/10/50 Perfect kills in a row.
    Kill 4/7/10 enemies with 1 artillery bombardment.
    3/5/10/15 pistol kills with 1 clip.
    Last second parachute pull(25/50/100m descent).
    Freefall 25/50/100m without a parachute.
    Complete a mission using only pistols.
    20/50/100 vehicles destroyed using helicopters.
    2/4/6 Helo kills in a row.
    5th/10th/20th kill using rotor blades.
    10/50/100 successful landings.
    Traveled below 15m for 200 meters.
    Fly 10km in Helos.
    2/3/4 boat kills in a row.
    50th/100th/200th kill using a boat.
    Drive 10km in boats.
    100/150/200m Target Hit from boat.
    100/300/500m boat journey.
    3/5/10 4x4 kills in a row.
    50th/100th/200th kill using a 4x4.
    Off road long jump- 10/25/50m.
    Drive 10km in 4x4s.
    3/4/5 tank kills in a row.
    50th/100th/200th kill using tanks.
    Drive 10km in tanks.
    No tanks lost in a mission.
    25th/50th/100th hotswap.
    1/5/10km hotswap travel.
    Swapped through 5 units.
    Extra Medals
    Kill using every weapon.
    Ran over 25/50/100 troops or vehicles to destruction.
    5/10/20 vehicles destroyed using Stinger Missles.
    Kill 10/20/30 enemies in a row using Grenade Nests.
    50/100/250 enemies in total using Grenade Nests.
    Kill 10/15/25 enemies in a row using Gun Nests.
    Kill 50/100/200 enemies in total using Gun Nests.
    In both single player and multiplayer of BF2:MC, there is a system of ranks. 
    For completing missions, winning matches, and earning medals, you receive 
    stars. With more stars, you rise up in rank. Here is a list of the ranks.
    NOTE: You single player and Xbox Live ranks are different from each other.
    Private – 0 Stars
    Private 1st Class – 6 Stars
    Corporal - 12 Stars
    Sergeant – 19 Stars
    Sergeant 1st Class – 27 Stars
    Master Sergeant – 36 Stars
    Sergeant Major – 46 Stars
    Command Sergeant Major – 57 Stars
    Warrant Officer – 69 Stars
    Chief Warrant Officer – 82 Stars
    2nd Lieutenant – 96 Stars
    1st Lieutenant – 112 Stars
    Captain – 128 Stars
    Major – 145 Stars
    Lieutenant Colonel – 163 Stars
    Colonel – 182 Stars
    Brigadier General – 203 Stars
    Major General – 224 Stars
    Lieutenant General – 246 Stars
    General – 269 Stars
         Single Player 
    2.05 Single Player Basics
    The single player game of BF2: MC is a very different game on its own. This is 
    the first real single player campaign ever implemented in the battlefield 
    series. Due to that, there are many things that are new and different in this 
    mode. The story is basically a fictitious war between the US-led UN forces and 
    the Chinese forces in Kazakhstan. There is a lot of propaganda involved and 
    you play on both sides of the conflict in various objective oriented missions. 
    You must get familiar with some of the basic implementations of the campaign 
    to effectively play it. Here are a few basics and HUD descriptions:
    * Hotswapping – Hotswapping is probably the most innovative and fun new 
    feature of BF2: MC that makes it different from other shooters. It allows you 
    to switch to any other allied soldier on the battlefield at any time on the 
    fly. Each allied soldier will be marked by a circle with a symbol in it over 
    their head. That symbol will depend on what kit they are. To hotswap, look for 
    the soldier you want to swap with and face him. Make sure you can physically 
    see the soldier or vehicle he is piloting (ever if he is far away), there 
    cannot be any buildings, mountains, etc. (with the exception of foliage) 
    blocking your view to him. Then press Y and you will instantly swap to his 
    point of view and control him.
    * Enhancements – BF2: MC has an enhancement system with the campaign. These 
    enhancements include agility, increased health, increased rate of fire and 
    more. All of these enhancements are temporary and don’t last forever. There 
    is an enhancement dial around the minimap in the upper right hand corner of 
    your HUD. To get enhancements, you must continually kill enemy troops and 
    hotswap to fill the dial. The dial is separated into five parts. Every time 
    you fill a part, you get an enhancement. If you fill all five parts, you 
    become invincible for a short period of time. If you don’t make kills or 
    hotswap for some time, your enhancement dial drops slowly for each second 
    without action on your part. 
    * Battlefield Dial – this multipurpose dial is located under the minimap of 
    your HUD. The outside circle of this dial tells you battlefield statistics 
    in a rough simple way. In other words, it tells you who is in control. Blue 
    means allied forces and red means enemy forces. If the top half of the circle
    is red and the bottom half is blue then there is an equal amount of allied 
    and enemy troops. If the whole circle is blue, then you have an allied 
    victory. If it all red, then it is an enemy victory. This portion is also in 
    the multiplayer part of BF2: MC. The inner portion of the battlefield dial is
     unique to single-player. It acts as a subobjective marker. It will be 
    divided into as many parts as there are subobjectives, and each time you 
    finish one, a part will fill in. This is something that can be checked to see
    how much more you have to go in an objective. Also when there is a timed 
    objective, or any timer at that in the campaign, it is located here. Other 
    than that, missions are fairly simple. You will begin with a group of 
    soldiers assigned to the mission. You keep fightingenemies and complete 
    objectives, and as your numbers grow thin, most of the time new soldiers will 
    drop in to aid you. Sometimes though enemy forces work the same way, getting 
    dropped in or also spawning behind alleys or on top of buildings. It is also 
    essential that you listen to your allies radio chatter during combat, because 
    they give valuable information such as enemy positions, objective information, 
    and more. Keep in mind that in this guide there are some mild “spoilers” but 
    it wont ruin the game too much for that there isn’t too much of a plot going 
    on. Now here is the walkthrough of
    BF2: MC’s single player campaign:
    NATO Tier 1:
    NATO is a conglomerate of the US and the EU. Some missions are EU with EU 
    weapons and some are vice versa with the US. This tier is rather simple, being 
    the first one. It takes place in a Kazakh city, during a snowy night. You will 
    be familiar with the settings by the third mission, as you will with every game 
    tier’s last mission. This is kind of a training tier, so have fun and get to 
    learn the game here. There is no real pattern between missions, except that 
    you are defending something. You will be able to drive humvees in this tier, 
    and snipe.
    Mission 1: In and Out
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Rendezvous with Allied Artillery Unit
                     + Get to the Refinery
                     + Secure the Refinery
    In this mission, you are to rescue an allied unit trapped in a city oil 
    refinery. You start by going to rendezvous with an allied tank unit for use. 
    Then you proceed to clear the refinery. The mission is clear. You must move 
    in, neutralize all hostiles, and clear the area for extraction. This mission 
    is relatively simple because it is the first mission. 
    - Objective 1: Rendezvous with the allied artillery unit
    You begin as a Spec Ops soldier paradropping from the dark sky. You will land 
    at a city square. A Chinese jeep will quickly zoom by and head towards the 
    right direction. Go north toward a large opening between two large buildings. 
    Make a right at the north opening of the square, and then make your first 
    left. Continue down the road. You will be met by several Chinese assault 
    soldiers eventually at a monument on your left. Kill all of them using your 
    SMG. Then you should make a right onto a long street with a hill at the end 
    of it. Watch for enemy positions, and flanking threats. Use a special ops 
    soldier to best complete this portion and neutralize all foot soldiers. At the 
    end of the street, you will meet a pair of tanks that are battle ready. You 
    will receive the sub-objective, Destroy enemy armor before rendezvous. 
    Continue forward and look for a pair of engineers standing on rooftops 
    adjacent to the armor’s position. Hotswap to one of the engineers on the 
    rooftops and pull out their rocket launcher and neutralize the two tanks. 
    - Objective 2: Get to the refinery
    Once the tanks are gone, you will get this objective. You now get an allied 
    tank to use. You can hotswap to it if you wish. You must now head back the way 
    you came down this street but keep going straight. Now enemy soldiers will 
    spawn on the rooftops and a single helicopter will fly to your position. You 
    can avoid the helo for now. You will also get flanked by jeeps and other foot 
    soldiers. The key is to have an open eye and keep checking for red diamonds. 
    Eliminate the threatsand move forward. Fight down the road, and don’t forget 
    to bring the two antitank soldiers along. You will soon get a subobjective; 
    Blow the barricade. Just keep traveling down the road. By the time you reach 
    the end of this road, you will be at the refinery. There is a single tank 
    waiting at the refinery square. Take it outwith the antitank soldiers. Once 
    you do this, you will get the objective; Secure the refinery.
    - Objective 3: Secure the Refinery
    You will have to fight several enemy units, both infantry and vehicles at 
    the refinery. They will be in gun nests, jeeps, and on rooftops. Keep killing 
    them all. Kill the ones in the nests and then use the nests to your advantage. 
    At this point, enemy troops will continue spawning from the rooftops, and will 
    be dropped in by air via helo. You have to keep your eyes open and stay alert 
    to destroy all of the hostiles. You will have to deal with an attack 
    helicopter eventually, but with your engineers and gun nests, you can make 
    short work of it. You can hotswap to the new engineer on top of the refinery 
    to aid you for easy kills quickly before he dies. By the end, many hostile 
    assault soldiers will spawn on the refinery rooftops. Swap to a spec ops 
    trooper and mop up these new threats. Then once the area is clear of hostiles, 
    you will get the message “Area Secure” and the mission will end.
    Mission 2: Radio Silence
    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Defend first upload site
                     + Defend second upload site
                     + Defend third upload site
                     + Escape to the evacuation site 
    In this mission, you are assigned on an electronics sabotage mission. You have 
    to protect a technician who is setting up a virus on the Chinese battle 
    network at three upload sites. Ha you would expect the Chinese to be doing 
    these kinds of missions with their expert hackers, but whatever. You don’t 
    actually see the technician, but you will be defending positions that he is 
    - Objective 1: Defend the first upload site
    You begin as an assault soldier standing at an edge of a hill with a humvee on 
    it. First walk up to the humvee and jump inside. Then you will get the 
    subobjective; Drive to the first upload site. Drive over the hill to see 
    another humvee filled with allied soldiers. Just follow them to and merge onto 
    the road and drive someways to reach the first upload site. The site is in the 
    middle of a simple street with some alleyways on both sides and high 
    buildings. The best thing to do is switch to the 50 cal gun on the humvee. 
    You will get the object; Defend the first upload site. Now some enemy infantry 
    will come from the alleyways at a slow rate. Just watch all the alleys on 
    both sides of the street and mop up guys who come through. Be careful about 
    hurting teammates when manning the 50 cal though, because they tend to get in 
    your way. Also watch the windows and rooftops for enemies too. Soon enough, an 
    enemy jeep will come riding through. You can destroy it fast with your 50 cal. 
    After the timer runs out, the objective ends. And you will get the new 
    subobjective; drive to the second upload site.
    - Objective 2: Defend the second upload site
    Now you will have to drive to the second upload site. Get back into the 
    drivers seat of the humvee. In case the humvee leaves you, follow the 
    objective market on foot, which isn’t a long walk. Back up out of the street 
    and follow the objective marker. Use your minimap to maneuver through the 
    buildings to find your way to the objective. Finally, you will reach it. It 
    is a courtyard. You may remember it as the drop site of the first mission. 
    You will set up a position with your allies over the courtyard. You will get 
    the objective; Defend the second upload site. You can use the 50 cal, but 
    there will be many enemies so you have to keep hotswapping. There is an 
    engineer in a window on a building. You can hotswap to him and use his 
    shotgun to fight the enemies. They will come from the corners, alleys and 
    there will also be some on the rooftops. Keep hotswapping from soldier to 
    soldier to take down all of the bad guys. An allied jeep will come as 
    reinforcements if you take too many losses here. Soon enough, even an enemy 
    jeep will arrive, but you can take him out using the engineer’s rocket 
    launcher. You will eventually end up swarmed by enemy infantry. The engineer 
    is the best way to go but if you are an assault soldier you must keep on your 
    feet and always keep firing. After the timer runs out, you will receive the 
    next objective. Clear remaining hostiles and then proceed.
    - Objective 3: Defend the third upload site
    Now, once you get the objective, you must head back down to the intersection. 
    Hotswap to the humvee to get there quicker. This is by far the hardest upload 
    site. It is at an intersection with many buildings lining it, including a high 
    rise. After you get the subobjective; defend area until upload complete, you 
    will get attacked. If you got the humvee from the last upload site here, you 
    can try to use its 50 cal but there are engineers in the windows that can 
    blast your FAV to smithereens. You can many allied troops from assault 
    soldiers on the ground to engineers on the rooftops. Watch the high rise 
    building. There will come a soldier on top of it. Also at the dead end of 
    the street, enemies will pour from behind the buildings. Jeeps will also 
    assault you from the sides. Switch to the engineer on the rooftop to kill 
    surrounding enemies with his shotgun and dismantle jeeps with his rocket 
    launcher. Soon enough, a helicopter will come to drop off a few soldiers. 
    It is best to shoot them out of the sky using an assault soldier or the 50 
    cal. Another humvee will arrive for use then. You should switch to its 50 
    cal to mop up remaining forces, and watch for engineers (who shouldn’t be as 
    common now). Try to wipe out the helo from the sky as well, or else you will 
    be bombarded back to the stone age. Once the timer runs out, you get the next 
    - Objective 4: Escape to the evacuation site
    Now you will receive the final objective for this mission. Now you may have 
    some enemies still on your hands to deal with. Its up to you to decide whether 
    you want to fight or not. Two humvees arrive eventually. Get in one and drive 
    over the hill to the little outpost outside the town where the objective is 
    at. Once you reach there, the objective and the mission will end.
    Mission 3: Headshot
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Defend the school from all enemies
    In this mission, you play as snipers that have to defend a school during peace 
    negotiations. This mission is cake for any good snipers, but if you aren’t a 
    bright one, this could get a little tough. The enemy snipers suck, because 
    they stand still and miss frequently, but there can get to be many of them.
    - Objective 1: Defend the school from all enemies
    You begin as a sniper or a building with a billboard on it. If you see your 
    surroundings, there are 2 other snipers situated on nearby buildings. Begin 
    by neutralizing all hostiles on the building across the street. Immediately 
    hotswap to the other snipers and take out other foes with them. The AI sniping 
    sucks, as I stated above. This is good for you when you get in sniping duels,
    but it sucks when your allies fight the same crappy way so you have to 
    continually hotswap. The enemy snipers keep popping out from nowhere, mostly 
    on rooftops. The trick is to listen for sniping shots. They are probably 
    either enemies missing shots, or allies missing shots. Also check the windows 
    of the buildings too. The sniper on the far left will be the best for 
    fighting enemies on the ground. The middle sniper will be best for fighting 
    foes in the groves at the back. The far right sniper is best to fight the 
    higher up enemies, for he is at the highest elevation. Use this tip to your 
    advantage. Eventually, many troops will come from the ground, and shoot up 
    at you with assault rifles; you want to deal with them quickly, for that they 
    can be significantly more dangerous than the enemy snipers. Also, watch for 
    the jeeps that patrol the streets. If you are skilled enough, you can kill the 
    driver and gunner of the jeeps with some precision shots. Also a helicopter 
    will come to drop off some enemy units. There isn’t anything you can do 
    against it at this point so just avoid it whenever possible. Also there can 
    be a problem of not being able to find your enemies. The trick is again to 
    listen, and use your forward observer and watch for red diamonds. This mission 
    is not about fighting overwhelming odds of enemies, but to quickly spot and 
    kill enemies, one by one. New enemies don’t pop up until the existing ones get 
    dropped. Keep this in mind when fighting. Also as the left sniper you must 
    watch for enemies spawning on the building next to you. If you fall while 
    sniping as any of the snipers (try not to, but sometimes it just happens but 
    you’ll have to take some damage for it), just find an entrance to the building 
    you fell from and take the stairs up. There is a set of stairs in all three 
    buildings. If you do fall, you will get an objective to get back to your post, 
    so do just that and there will be no problems. Only near the end of the 
    mission you get attacked by many, many foes. When they all die, and the sector 
    is clear, the objective, and the mission, will end, and you will be treated 
    to a nice cinematic.
    China Tier 1:
    This tier introduces you to the People’s Republic of China. They are not much 
    different from the NATO armies, except for the different accepts (ugh). The 
    missions here all take place in a rainy jungle setting at night, including a 
    beach, island, and offshore oil rig. You will have a chance to use helicopters 
    and patrol boats here. There are a lot of demolitions involved as well. Still 
    a bit simple, but the missions here are a bit long compared to the first tier 
    of NATO.
    Mission 4: Submerged
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Long
    Main Objectives: + Destroy first defensive bunker
                     + Destroy second defensive bunker
                     + Destroy first submarine
                     + Destroy second submarine
                     + Destroy third submarine
    In this mission, you are on a sabotage mission, to demolish some NATO 
    submarines. Before you can do that, you must destroy a couple of 
    defensive bunkers that the enemy has. This mission is rather long and has 
    several parts to it. It can also be tricky. You get the first two objectives
    at the same time, and the last three at the same time.
    - Objective 1: Destroy first defensive bunker
    You begin the mission paradropping from high in the sky. From your elevation, 
    you can see the whole first island. Take advantage of this and snipe out as 
    many enemy soldiers on the ground as you can. If you work fast enough, you 
    can clear out most of the enemies before even landing. You will touch down at 
    a grove of trees a little ways from a camp. You will have many assault 
    soldiers and some engineers as well. You will find many enemy soldiers in the 
    camp and there is a sniper posted in the tower in the middle of the map. The 
    objective bunker is on your left. It is situated around a large rock. Watch 
    out when you try to enter for there are two manned 50 cals guarding the 
    entrance (unless you killed them while paradropping). Just drop them with an 
    assault rifle and proceed to use your demolitions. To use, go into the 
    designated spot and hold A when it tells you to. Hold until the timer runs 
    out. Then it will tell you to clear the area. Move as far away from the bunker 
    as possible and make sure all allies are far away as well. It will blow up 
    after 5 seconds. Once the bunker is gone, you will receive your next 
    - Objective 2: Destroy second defensive bunker
    Now you must head down to the far end of the island. Try to keep away from the 
    riverbank because of patrolling boats. You can hotswap to an engineer though 
    and blow them up if you want to. You must now head straight and drop down to 
    the road. You will get attacked by several enemies both infantry and in jeeps. 
    This part is can be tough. Your best bet is to flank with an engineer, or use 
    a 50 cal at the drop. You must quickly deal with all of the enemies and keep 
    watching the river. Once the area is secure, you have two options. You can 
    either assault the bunker by land or you can assault it by sea. I personally 
    think that the sea route can be a bit easier, but it’s your pick. Keep in 
    mind that you have to be good with a grenade launcher to go by river. If you 
    decide to go by boat, hop in one at the docks to your left. Make sure the 
    river is clear of hostile boats before you do this. Drive the boat downriver 
    till you get close to the objective marker (the bunker). Then switch to the 
    grenade launcher on the boat and begin to fire. There are LOTS of enemies 
    there. So try to rack up many kills so you can get some enhancements. Also 
    there will be an enemy boat that will assault you. Take that out as well. 
    Once it is clear, switch back to driving and land ashore. Then go into the 
    bunker and repeat the same the same process as before. If you want to attack 
    by land, continue down the road. If you spared a humvee from your last 
    firefight, you can use that to travel, but you don’t have to. One you reach 
    the forest right outside the bunker, you will get attacked by the same LOTS 
    of foes. This will be a very intense firefight. It will be very difficult to 
    kill them all with one soldier’s gun. Keep hotswapping and try to flank if 
    possible. You might take lots of losses but you will get reinforced. You can 
    try to get to the 50 cal and use it if you want. Nevertheless, once it is 
    clear, enter the bunker and repeat the aforesaid process to blow it up. Once 
    the bunker is gone, you will get the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Destroy first submarine
    Continue down the path once you get the objectives. You will see a harbor 
    gate. This is the entrance to the docks compound. Approach with caution. 
    The gate is guarded by a few infantry soldiers, two snipers in towers, and 
    two patrolling humvees. Don’t get too close with any soldier or you will
    be torn apart by enemy fire. This part can get very tricky, and if you took 
    too much losses from the past parts of this level, you could fail the mission 
    here itself. My suggestion is to work from right to left. Approach the 
    compound wall from the river bank. Use the scattered cargo boxes as cover 
    and slowly work your way to the harbor gate. Be careful for there are 50 cal 
    emplacements by the gate. Use an assault soldier to kill ground troops 
    and the dual snipers in the towers. Use an engineer to destroy the humvees. 
    Once the area is clear, enter the gate. You will now be in a large courtyard 
    at a docks area. Take a right, even though your objectives point you to go 
    left. You must scour the area for enemies hiding behind boxes. Follow your 
    teammates for the best results. You must work your way around the large 
    warehouse through a maze of cargo boxes. Around the first curve, you will 
    find 3 infantry soldiers and a 50 cal. Dispose of them quickly. Keep 
    continuing until you see the sea (lol). Now hotswap to the engineer who is 
    standing on the offshore docks bridge.Use his shotgun to try and kill all 
    enemy soldiers on the docks bridge network,or he might get killed while 
    trying to place the bomb. When it seems clear, make your way toward one of 
    the large submarines (and one of your objectives). Get on top of it using the 
    ramp and go to the fin. Plant the bomb like you did before in the marked 
    area. Then quickly run off of the submarine back onto the bridge network. 
    After the sub is gone, you can go to the next objective.
    - Objective 4: Destroy second submarine
    This one is easy. The sub is located in the same docks bridge network (The one 
    that you did not destroy before). Just make your way there with a soldier, or
    hotswap to the patrol boat and use it to board the sub, demo it, and then get 
    off. Either way, when the second sub is destroyed, you will receive the next 
    - Objective 5: destroy third submarine
    Now get all of your men back ashore. Continue towards the objective marker 
    towards the large building on the right. As you approach the small entrance, 
    a bunch of enemy soldiers will pop out and attack. Kill them all and then 
    proceed into the submarine pen. This pen is crawling with hostiles. It is a 
    series of catwalks over two levels. Use anassault soldier to kill all of the 
    enemies in the area. Make sure you even clear the upper catwalks as well. This 
    part is pretty simple providing you have enough men. Watch for soldiers coming 
    down the stairs at every point. Once it is clear, use the cross catwalk on
    the first level to get to the submarine. Once you are on it, plant the bomb in 
    the designated area. Once planted, clear the sub. When it blows, the objective 
    and the mission ends (phew!).
    Mission 5: Metal Island
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Defend the oil rig
                     + Defend the Island
                     + Second Defense of oil rig
                     + Defend oil rig and island
                     + Defeat the counter-attack
    This mission is a simple, defend areas mission. There is a fortified island 
    and an offshore oil rig. Both are roughly the same size and get attacked by 
    many enemies. There are no vehicles (except a boat) to pilot in this mission.
    - Objective 1: Defend the oil rig
    You begin this mission standing on the oil rig. The radio chatter states 
    that there are no sightings of enemies. Right now, start to prepare. The 
    enemies aregoing to come from the sky. Hotswap to an assault soldier and 
    look up at the sky.When the guy says, “Look it’s a vertical assault!” a 
    crap load of hostiles will paradrop from the sky. Try to kill as many of 
    them as you can while they are coming down. Now you will be in an intense 
    firefight for a long time. This partcan get tricky but it can be quite 
    simple. Just eliminate all enemies on the rig. Eventually a second wave 
    of troops will paradrop, so you have to kill them too. Hopefully when 
    they arrive you would have killed the entire first wave. Luckily a wave 
    of reinforcements will drop soon after that, so you can relieve yourself.
    Once the rig is secure, you will get the message “rig secure” and the next
    - Objective 2: Defend the island
    Now quickly hotswap over to the island, for it is under attack as well. There 
    arealso soldiers paradropping there. This attack will be more spread out than 
    before so itwill be easier. Again, try to take as many enemies out as 
    possible while they are still airborne. The island is divided into two parts. 
    The fortified area and the natural area. The natural area will have slightly 
    more troops in it. You will get a wave of reinforcements paradropped to the 
    island soon, so switch to an assault soldier that is dropping and try to 
    neutralize as many as possible. At the end, it is just a search and destroy 
    mission to go and seek out all remaining enemies on the island. Once it is 
    clear, you will get the message “island safe” and the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Second defense of oil rig
    Once again, the oil rig is under attack. Hotswap back to it. Another crap load 
    of enemies will paradrop from the sky. This part is considerably more tough 
    than the first. Be careful and watch your back, sides and above and below you 
    in addition to your front. Just keep hotswapping and killing or clearing out 
    men with your own gun. Use the 50 cals on the upper decks for some extra 
    firepower. Eventually, a helicopter will come and drop some more enemies and 
    attack. You can use the stinger site on the upper deck to destroy the helo. 
    Also a hostile patrol boat will attack near the end. Use your allied patrol 
    boat now in the water to take it out. Once you eliminate all enemies, you 
    will get the next objective.
    - Objective 4: Defend oil rig and island
    This next part takes a mix of hotswapping, and skill to finish. You will have 
    to defend both the oil rig and the island at the same time, so you have to 
    constantly hotswap between them. A helicopter each will come to the rig and 
    the island. Use the stingers on both areas to take out the helicopters. Also 
    you will be attacked by many paradroppers too. Use your own reinforcement wave 
    to your advantage, and snipe out ground soldiers from the air. There will also 
    be patrol boats, but they can be wiped out easily by an assault rifle (yes, an 
    assault rifle!). Scour both areas for last minute enemies to kill. Once all
    hostiles are killed, you will get the message “all areas secure” and the
    final objective.
    - Objective 5: Defeat the counter attack
    Now you will receive the message “aerial attack incoming”. Now you will get
    attacked by 4 helicopters, 2 at a time. This part is really easy. Just use the 
    stinger sites to destroy the helicopters. Remember, to use a stinger missile, 
    aim at the helo with the crosshairs. Then press and hold the right thumbstick. 
    Hold until the lock on is complete. Remember to keep your crosshairs on the 
    heloat all times during lock on. The stinger on the rig is located on the 
    upper deck by the oil cylinder. The stinger on the island is on a deck on the 
    fortified part. The helicopters will drop a few enemy soldiers to kill. Once 
    the area is secure, the mission will end.
    Mission 6: Heavy Tonnage
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Investigate the container vessel
                     + Destroy the patrol boats
                     + Destroy first cargo door
                     + Destroy second cargo door
                     + Destroy the cargo
    This mission is half aerial, half ground. You are to investigate an 
    unidentified ship that is heading towards the oil platform. You get to use the 
    helicopter for the first time in this mission.
    - Objective 1: Investigate the container vessel
    You will start off with a subobjective; Fly to the ship. Pull the right 
    thumbstick up to go up into the air. Use the left thumbstick to point the nose
    forward or backward, and thus to go forward or backward. When you are in the
    skies, fly forward. There is another helo there too (allied). Keep flying over 
    the island from the last mission, and you will see two enemy patrol boats.
    You will receive the next objective, but this one will not be fulfilled yet.
    - Objective 2: Destroy the patrol boats
    This will test your helicopter abilities. Now it is very hard to hit these
    fast moving boats in the water. The best way to take them out is to constantly
    bombard them with your helo’s rockets. You should hit them. There are four 
    patrol boats in total, so remove them from the sea and then finish the
    - Objective 3: Destroy first cargo door
    Now fly over the large ship. It will first appear like there aren’t any 
    enemies inside. Then, all of a sudden, several enemy forces will appear. You 
    will get the message; Seven minutes to blast open cargo doors. Objective 1 
    then will be cleared. First things first, quickly bombard the ship with 
    rockets. Try to kill as many as possible. Be careful for enemy stingers that 
    will try and shoot you down. Try to kill them, they are located at the ends 
    of the cargo area. After you have bombarded a lot or lost your helo, hotswap 
    to an assault soldier that is dropping onto the ship. Drop as many hostiles
    as you can from the sky. Once you land, immediately head to one of the ends
    of the cargo area. Look for the marked area and plant a demo there. There 
    be a 50 cal guarding the area though so be careful. Also watch for enemy 
    soldiers that are about. once the demo charge has blown, you will get the 
    next objective.
    - Objective 4: Destroy second cargo door
    Now head to the other end of the cargo area, and repeat the same process as
    said before. Beware of enemy soldiers and a 50 cal. This part is really 
    simple and quick. Just make sure that you do it before the time expires. 
    Try to leave 3-4 minutes left on the timer for the next objective.
    When both cargo doors are blown, you will receive the final objective.
    - Objective 5: Destroy the cargo
    This part is also quite simple. Now that the cargo doors are open, you have 
    a clear shot at the cargo. There are two bundles of cargo. You have to hit 
    them both with attacks. You can place demolitions on them. There are three
    ways of doing this. This first is by using your own grenade launchers as
    an assault trooper and keep firing down at the cargo. This will take 
    several grenades. but will finish the job. You have to watch yourself 
    though from enemy infantry while you do this. the second way is by using the 
    grenade launcher emplacement. To get to it, you must got to the left side of
    the ship. Then take the complex network of stairs up to the top. At the
    right fork up there, there will be a grenade launcher emplacement. Use it to
    fire at the cargo. Sometimes it just can’t hit the cargo bundle closest to it.
    If that happens, then you have to resort to one of the other tactics. The 
    final way is to use a helicopter (provided that you still have one) to 
    bombard the cargo. Make sure that this is all done before 7 minutes, or you 
    will fail. Either way, once both cargo bundles are gone, the objective and 
    the mission will end, leaving you with a cinematic of the ship exploding.
    NATO Tier 2:
    Ahh, back again as the NATO forces. This tier is actually rather difficult. 
    It all takes place on a snowy morning map, which you get to completely see
    in one mission. Anyway there are four missions in this tier. You will get
    to use the helicopter and tank in this tier. The missions have no pattern.
    Mission 7: Air Traffic Control
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Medium
    Main Objectives: + Clear all enemies from the heliport
                     + Defend against the counter attack
    In this mission, you are to retake a heliport that was stolen by Chinese 
    forces some time ago. You will be able to pilot many vehicles in this
    mission, and it can become quite tough.
    - Objective 1: Clear all enemies from the heliport
    You begin as a sniper standing on a hill by the north road. Begin by 
    sniping all of the infantry at the entrance. There are a few moving 
    soldiers so watch out. Make sure to take out the hostiles in the 50 cals.
    Soon, when you see the full humvee driving down through the entrance,
    hotswap to it. Now you don’t have to do this, but it will be beneficial
    later on; drive the humvee down straight into the center of the heliport
    drive right up next to the empty helicopter and stop. Get out and jump in 
    to the helo and take off. When you are in the sky, you can hotswap back to
    an allied soldier on the ground. Now you have a full, fresh helicopter to
    use! But remember to do this fast or else the enemy would have already 
    gotten into the helos and you will have helos to deal with! There are
    two that are landed, so you can try to get both helos if you want, but
    that is more difficult and you only need one. As anyone, go ahead and mop 
    up the forces in the area. This includes some jeeps and foot soldiers.
    If you didn’t get the helos, you might want to take them out first. Use the
    tanks to do that. During this battle, loaded humvees will keep driving up
    the north road to support you as reinforcements. You will also get support
    soldiers to help you. You can use their machine guns to wreak havoc. Make
    sure you also clear the warehouse that has the showcased Chinook in it. 
    You will also eventually get some allied snipers too on the towers and the
    hill overlooking the heliport. When the area is clear, you will get the 
    message “heliport captured” and the objective will end.
    - Objective 2: Defend against the counter attack
    Now this is the hard part. You have to defend against a brutal Chinese 
    assault. Set up your two tanks and helo/s (if you have any). First you
    will be attacked by THREE helicopters. That is a lot! Start by using your 
    own helo/s. Try to at least destroy one or do as much damage as you can.
    You probably will lose it, but don’t give it up without a fight. Once
    it is gone, or if you never had any, you are forced to use your two tanks.
    This can become a very difficult task because the tanks cannot aim up
    past a certain point. Just try to stay alive. You can try to use the 50 cals
    if you want. Once the helos are gone, you will be assaulted by tanks! Many
    tanks! They come from both entrances. Sometimes though the tanks come early
    (before the helos are destroyed). So try to destroy the helos fast. The 
    difficulty of this part depends on how you did on the first part. If you
    did well then, you will have enough firepower now to win, if not, only sheer
    luck and skill can save you. If you have the tanks left, immediately unload
    on the enemy tanks as they come. they travel in a line so you can take them 
    out one by one. If you have helos (which you probably wont), use them to 
    bombard the tanks. watch for the flanking tanks as well. If you don’t have
    tanks, then wait for them. Some reinforcement tanks will arrive soon so you
    can use them. Too bad there aren’t any engineers here… Make sure to use
    the snipers to snipe the engineers off of the tops of the tanks, and 
    provide distraction. This part is very difficult. Also ground troops will also
    attack. Be ready for them. When it is clear, the mission ends.
    Mission 8: Catching Flak
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Long
    Main Objectives: + Recon the mid ground
                     + Recon the village
                     + Recon the ravine
                     + Recon the pumping station
                     + Get back to base
    This mission is a complete aerial reconnaissance mission. You are pretty much 
    always in a helicopter except for a few parts which are optional. This 
    mission can take forever to complete. There are many helicopters in the sky in 
    this mission. Just make sure you don’t fly any helicopter too close to another, 
    especially with the recon copter. There is no set order between objectives. 
    You can do it in any order. I am just going to go clockwise from
    where you start. It is in this order: mid ground, pumping station, ravine,
    village, and then back.
    - Objective 1: Recon the mid-ground
    First of all, when you begin, go outside the little building you are in and 
    jump inside the helicopter. This helicopter is a recon helicopter, which
    means it has no weapons (ugh). It must be protected at all costs. If it gets
    destroyed, you fail the mission. Go ahead and take off. Fly over the hill and 
    to the closest objective on your left. Before getting too close, hotswap to
    an attack helicopter that is flying about. Using that, fly over the mid ground
    objective area. It should be like ruins. Bombard it with as much rockets as
    possible. There are many enemy units there. Execute bombing runs, which are
    flybys over a spot where you constantly bombard. Do as many of these as 
    possible. There are some tanks inside and engineers. Take them all out with
    bombing runs. Make sure to fly decently high and fast or else you might get
    shot down. Make sure that the recon copter is also safely away. When the zone 
    is clear (make sure it is clear!), hotswap back to the recon copter and recon 
    the zone. To do this, fly right on top of the zone and lower you copter’s 
    altitude. Then you just wait for 15 seconds when the “recon underway” message
    appears. After the recon is finished, proceed to the nest point.
    - Objective 2: Recon the pumping station
    Now head straight forward to the closest objective in front of you in an 
    attack helicopter. The pumping station is a small building enshrouded in
    a bunch of trees. There is a group of tanks and ground infantry there
    at the beginning. Perform some bombing runs going down to the ravine’s edge 
    and back. There are also some SAM sites set up that you have to destroy
    you may end up losing a helicopter or two in this part, but don’t give up.
    Eventually a group of allied assault soldiers will paradrop in. Hotswap to
    them to kill all of the ground infantry that you may have missed in your
    bombing runs or that are out of reach. Make sure that the tanks and SAM sites
    are disabled before you do this. Once it is mopped up, hotswap back to an
    attack helo. A couple of enemy helicopters will attack. Swiftly deal with 
    them and then hotswap to the recon helicopter. Now complete the same 
    process as above for reconing the site. When the recon is complete, proceed
    to the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Recon the ravine
    Next up is the ravine. It is right next to the pumping station on your right.
    You don’t need to use bombing runs much here. Start by flying high to avoid
    enemy 50 cals on the ground. They are situated on opposite sides of the 
    ravine. There are many of them. Keep the recon helicopter away. When you reach 
    the bridge, hotswap to one of the snipers that appear on the bridge. With them,
    snipe all of the enemies that are manning the 50 cals and the other scattered 
    infantry soldiers. When your sniping is complete, go ahead and do a few bombing 
    runs with an attack helo to clear it completely. When it is clear, hotswap to
    the recon helo and lower yourself into the ravine. You have to lower yourself
    deep in order for the recon to take place. When it is reconed, proceed to the
    - Objective 4: Recon the village
    The village is directly on your right after you cross the bridge. It appears
    empty at first, but as you fly over it a few times, it will swarm with enemy
    infantry. This part is rather simple because these guys cannot really kill you
    with their weapons unless you are low flying. Just keep executing bombing runs.
    Eventually the village will be clear. Watch for enemy helos as well and take 
    them out. When it is clear, go ahead and recon it. When it is done, proceed.
    - Objective 5: Get back to base
    Now you must return to where you started. Move your helos back towards your
    objective marker. Forget the city, for there are unnecessary enemies there.
    At the helipad, clear all hostiles that have taken up spots there. Watch for 
    some enemy helos there as well. When it is clear, you will have to land. To
    land, you just do what you do during a recon, except you have to go all the
    way to the ground. By the time you land, the mission will end.
    Mission 9: Rolling Thunder
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Medium
    Main Objectives: + Destroy the forces at the farm
                     + Repair allied tanks
                     + Destroy force en route to the heliport
                     + Prevent enemy entering the hangar
                     + Take out forces at the ruins
                     + Destroy the heavy Chinese tanks
    This mission is a heavy weapons mission. There are all tanks and engineers
    here. Your goal is to take the surrounding area and purge it of all enemy
    hostiles truly the Chinese heavy tanks. This mission is especially fun
    for those of you who enjoy blowing stuff up. Enjoy1 
    - Objective 1: Destroy the forces at the farm
    You begin this mission as an engineer in a garage. Go outside and enter the 
    empty tank that is sitting there. Drive forward and to the right. You will
    get attacked by infantry coming out of the trees. Hotswap to a ground engineer
    and use his shotgun to kill the infantry. Some tanks will come down the road
    and attack. Hotswap back to a tank and destroy those tanks. Hotswap back to 
    an engineer to finish the hostile infantry that come over the hills. There are
    a lot of hostiles to fight so be careful. Use the tanks to blow up enemies, but 
    watch for engineers that can kill you with their rocket launchers. There is a 
    50 cal in the forest farm area. You can use that as well. When the farm is 
    clear of enemies, you will get the next simple objective. 
    - Objective 2: Repair allied tanks
    This is so easy it shouldn’t even be an objective. Just hotswap to an engineer
    and switch to his blowtorch. Walk up to your remaining tanks and pull the right
    trigger to use. Repair all tanks that you have left. Then after a while you 
    will get the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Destroy force en route to the heliport
    Now you must continue down the north road to the entrance to the heliport. 
    There will be many, many enemy tanks to greet you as you arrive. The best way
    to do this is to move in with an engineer, and use the rocket launcher. Use the
    hill to your advantage as cover. Go in, shoot a tank, and drop back behind the 
    hill to reload. Keep repeating this process until the tanks are neutralized.
    If the tanks come, then you should move your tanks forward to meet them. Also,
    there are going to be some hostile infantry to deal with. Flank with an 
    engineer or go all out with your tanks. More tanks will come from the right 
    eventually, so you must beware and be cautious. Once the area outside the 
    heliport is completely clear, you will get the next objective.
    - Objective 4: Prevent enemy entering the hangar
    Enter the compound. Use your tanks or engineer’s launchers to destroy the jeeps
    and the single tank in the area. Use an engineer’s shotgun to fight the enemy 
    infantry. Now continue straight after it is clear. A bunch of tanks will 
    eventually come down the road to attack you. They should be very simple to 
    take out using your own tanks or rocket launchers. When they have been 
    destroyed, you must continue down the road that the tanks came from. You will 
    eventually enter a forest area. Keep moving your forces forward down the road. 
    You will have to stop abruptly at a barricade. Now prepare for an assault. An 
    ambush occurs as several Chinese infantry roll down the sides of the road. Just 
    try to use the tanks to take them out in clumps. You can always use an 
    engineer’s shotgun too. Don’t get too overwhelmed and don’t try to take too 
    many losses. Repel the Chinese ambush. Once it is clear. Destroy the barricade 
    using the tank or a rocket launcher.
    - Objective 5: Take out forces at the ruins
    Continue down the road past the barricade. Move all of your forces. You will 
    eventually approach a hill leading to a ruins (the same one from the mid ground
    in the before mission). On the other side of the hill, there are many enemy 
    units to fight. The best way to complete this part successfully is to lure
    them. You have to get their attention, and then come back over the hill to 
    your units. There are multiple tanks and infantry to fight. Make sure that it
    is clear. Once the pass to the ruins is clear, you will get the next objective.
    - Objective 6: Destroy the heavy Chinese tanks
    Now approach the ruins. As you enter the ruins, prepare yourself. You are about
    to engage in a very intense tank on tank battle. You will get assaulted by many 
    Chinese tanks. Get into a good position behind the ruins. Watch your minimap.
    Look for the tank symbols on it. You will get attacked by a lot of tanks. They 
    have slightly more armor that your tanks so watch out. They can miss sometimes 
    which is good. You will get a lot of extra allied tanks to use for yourself so 
    that’s plus. Just fire fast and try to coordinate your fire. You don’t get any 
    engineers (unless you saved one), but the tanks are more than enough firepower.
    Eventually, after a long and grueling battle, when the tanks are destroyed, 
    victory will by yours. Cheers! 
    Mission 10: Burning Bridges
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Place first charge
                     + Place second charge
                     + Place third charge
                     + Place fourth charge
    In this mission, you are assigned to demolish an enemy bridge that is critical 
    for their supplying and resupplying. This is kind of a special forces mission.
    It is rather short and all you do is fight down a bridge, and plant demo 
    charges on the way. This is the last mission of the tier.
    - Objective 1: Place first charge
    You begin in the city with your team of special ops soldiers. You also get two
    snipers to use. Go through the opening toward you objective, which should be 
    right in front of you. Now once you get through, you will see the bridge. This
    end of it is heavily defended. There are two sniper towers and many 50 cal 
    nests this part can be very tricky. It is probably the hardest part of the 
    level. My suggestion is to hotswap to one of the snipers and try to snipe 
    all the enemies out. Use the ruins area outside the enemy position as cover. 
    Keep in mind that there is also an enemy jeep there, so try to snipe out 
    it’s driver and gunner. Enemies tend sometimes to hide behind the jeep, but 
    that’s ok because they cant shoot you from there. If you take too much 
    losses (which you probably might), you will get reinforced by allied spec 
    ops soldiers. Once the enemy position on this end of the bridge is clear, 
    you may proceed. Keep moving down the bridge. You will get attacked by enemy 
    infantry. They are rather simple and should be cake to your SMG. Eventually, 
    you will see the objective marker on your right. That is where you place the 
    charge. It works the same way as any demo charge, except you don’t have to 
    clear the area and let it blow up. That happens at the end. When it is placed, 
    you will get the next objective.
    - Objective 2: Place second charge
    Now you must continue down the bridge. It is rather simple because you
    will only be met by a few enemy infantry now. Just clear them out and use 
    the downed cars and trucks on the sides of the bridge for cover. Be
    careful when you turn every “corner” (around every truck). The next
    demo site is on your left. Just look for the objective marker and move to
    place it. When it is placed, proceed to the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Place third charge
    Now for the third charge. Keep heading forward weaving around the fallen
    stuff. Eventually, an enemy helicopter will come to drop some enemy 
    infantry. You don’t have to worry about the helo, because it doesn’t
    shoot at you much. Just try to kill the falling enemies from the sky. 
    Keep in mind though that there will still be some ground soldiers to
    fight so don’t be too preoccupied. You can climb up the stairs to one 
    of the towers and snipe or shoot from there for an easy picking.
    Nevertheless, the demo site will be on a support beam to your right.
    Place the charge and move on.
    - Objective 4: Place fourth charge
    Now for the final charge. An enemy jeep will now drive down the bridge to
    attack. Concentrate fire on the jeep to quickly blow it up. Continue
    down the bridge to face more allied. Make sure you clear the end of the
    bridge before you move to place the charge. There is a 50 cal nest that
    is in enemy hands. Make sure to kill anyone who can use it. The fourth
    marked area is tucked behind some stairs on your right. Once the 
    charge is placed, the objective will almost complete. Now you have
    20 seconds to get off of the bridge. This is simple. Just get at least 
    one soldier off of the bridge and in the snow when the timer ends. When
    it does, you will see a cinematic of the bridge blowing up. Mission
    China Tier 2:
    Back as the Chinese forces. This tier is short and takes place over 2 
    short missions. You get to use tanks, boats, and jeeps here. It takes
    place in a simple plains setting. Not much of a pattern here.
    Mission 11: Beach Party
    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Destroy first tank
                     + Destroy second tank
                     + Proceed up beach and take out heavy tanks
    This mission is really short and easy. Basically the enemy hold a very
    effective position on the high ground area of a beach. You are to 
    conduct and amphibious assault on the beach and make a landing and then
    work your way up through the bunkers to the top. This mission is very
    reminiscent of D-day Omaha beach. Though it is much simpler than when
    it is portrayed in WW2 shooters. Anyway they want you to take losses
    here, so you don’t have to worry too much. 
    - Objective 1: Proceed up beach and take out heavy tanks
    This isn’t really the first objective, but this is the one that really happens 
    first. You get all of the objectives at the same time. You begin as a 
    grenadier on a patrol boat heading into the beach. Looks a lot like Omaha 
    right? Anyways try to shoot the mines in the water first so the boat driver 
    wont hit any and send you to death. When you get close enough so that the 
    mines wont bother you, begin to fire at the spots on the beach. Eventually, 
    you will land. You will notice that you are a support soldier. Immediately 
    aim and fire at all of the 50 cal guys in the bunkers. Believe me; you can hit 
    them from your range. Once they are dead, proceed to the wall. Go left and up 
    the natural ramp to the next level. Prepare to deal with some enemy soldiers 
    here. Just blow the mothers away with your machine gun. Also be aware of fire 
    from the upper levels. Keep working your way down through the bunkers on this
    level. You will keep getting met by enemy soldiers at every corner.
    You have to go up to the next level. There are two staircases that you
    can take, but you will probably be met by the most resistance if you
    go up them. Instead you can go up the natural ramp at the far end.
    From there you can flank the enemy! Sweet! Just again watch for the 
    bunkers in the higher levels. Now you must work your way to the left
    end of this level. This can be tough because there are bunkers directly
    overlooking you from above. Watch for their fire or take them out if you 
    want to. You can use the bunkers on your level as cover. Keep working
    your way down farther straight. You can go ahead and walk up the hill to the 
    top level. Clear the bunkers here and then go to the top of the hill.
    - Objective 2: Destroy first tank
    This is simple but difficult. You have to destroy the tank on the left of the
    top of the hill. It is situated in the building foundation area and has a
    machine gunner on it. At this point, you wont have much firepower to destroy 
    it. The best thing to do is to pull out your grenades and chuck it at the 
    tanks. The tank is moving so try to place your grenades properly. You get 
    an unlimited supply of grenades so don’t hesitate to use them. Use the crest 
    of the hill as cover. Watch for enemy infantry that pop up as well. Take them
    out with your machinegun. When the tank is gone, move to the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Destroy second tank
    This one is simple as hell. The tank is on the right side of the hill. For 
    Now just hold out with your support soldiers and chuck grenades if you
    have to. Eventually, some engineers will arrive. When they do, hotswap to one
    of them and blow the tank away with a rocket launcher!! When the tank is
    destroyed, the mission will end.
    Mission 12: Big Bang
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Medium
    Main Objectives: + Battle to the refinery
                     + Place first charge
                     + Place second charge
                     + Place third charge
                     + Place fourth charge
                     + Place fifth charge
                     + Place sixth charge
                     + Get out before refinery blows
    In this mission, you are to perform a demolitions raid on an enemy refinery 
    That is being used for producing chemical weapons. You wouldn’t expect NATO 
    to be doing this honestly. You must place a charge in 6 different spots. Now
    it can be done in any order so I just have a description for each one. I kind
    of will be going in a clockwise direction but also spiraling in. So keep
    that in mind when reading this. 
    - Objective 1: Battle to the refinery
    You begin this mission in a tank. Turn left and merge onto the road. There
    will be another allied tank there as well. Follow the other tank down the road.
    Eventually, when you reach the more forested area, you will get attacked by 
    some enemy infantry. You can try to kill them with the tank, but the best
    course of action is to switch to the gunner in your tank and wipe them out. 
    Remember that there are engineers with the infantry that can damage your tanks.
    So you better spot and take them out fast before anything serious happens.
    Eventually, the road will turn right and you will see the bridge. There will
    be a tank waiting for you. Take him out using both tanks’ firepower. It will
    try to take you out from afar, the best thing to do is coordinate fire and
    use precision. Then it will be gone in no time. Once it is gone, proceed to
    cross the bridge. The instant you cross, you will get the next objective.
    - Objective 2: Place first charge
    This one is right smack on your left after you cross the bridge. It is probably
    the easiest. Just go up the stairs and plant the bomb at the top of the 
    structure. If you do it fast enough you can do it in peace. When it’s planted, 
    move on.
    - Objective 3: Place second charge
    This site is the one that is directly to the left of the first area. It is 
    Rather simple. Next to the bulb like oil structure, there is a staircase that 
    leads up to it. There are a lot of enemy units that spawn behind the structure 
    and from far away. Make sure that the area is moderately clear before you try 
    to capture it. My suggestion is to stand behind the pipe while planting 
    because not as much enemies can shoot you from there. When the charge is 
    planted go to the next one.
    - Objective 4: Place third charge
    This site is at the far left end of the refinery. It is on top of a bulb like
    structure that is connected to a larger structure of oil canisters. For this
    one, you just go up the stairs that are located on the right edge of it and
    follow the walkways past some boards to the objective marker. This one is easy 
    because no enemies will attack initially, but after you plant the bomb, a 
    large bunch of enemies will walk on to the structure to take you out. Chances 
    are the soldier you are using is going to die. Anyway, let’s move on.
    - Objective 4: Place fourth charge
    This is another simple one. Just follow the outer fence of the refinery all 
    the way around it (clockwise). Eventually you will find another small structure 
    like the ones before. Simply waltz up the stairs and plant the bomb. If enemies 
    are trying to fire at you, hide behind the pipe while planting. When the demo 
    is placed, you can continue.
    - Objective 5: Place fifth charge
    These next two objectives are REALLY tough. They both involve navigating 
    through large structures while taking fire from all sides. The enemies are 
    endless, so it is impossible to just fight them all and try to clear the area. 
    This one is the large structure with the two large pipes sticking out from the 
    top that are dark in color. Use a staircase from underneath the structure to 
    get up there. Be wary because the enemies can shoot you from anywhere even 
    from under the catwalks. I really can’t help you much here except to tell you 
    to always be on the move. You will take lots of losses doing this so just 
    keep trying. Try to distract the enemies with one soldier and then move in 
    with another. If you execute this properly, it can work. It is still tough 
    as hell. When you get to the demo site, keep running around the pipe while 
    trying to demo. You will end up having to sacrifice this soldier. When this 
    demolition is complete, you will have one more.
    - Objective 6: Place sixth charge
    Uggh…another tough one. This one is in the structure with to two pipes sticking
    out that are light in color. Another tough maze of catwalks with hoards of 
    enemies trying to send you to the afterlife. To get there, you'll have to
    go up the ramps of the building to the left of the round structure. Just repeat 
    the same process as before. I had just as much trouble as you now. Again you 
    will take lots of losses like before. If you want you can use the tank to 
    bombard at the beginning. Just don’t give up and try not to fail. When you are 
    finished, you will receive the final objective.
    - Objective 7: Get out before refinery blows
    This objective is tough but easy. You will have 45 seconds to get out. You 
    don’t want to lose now because of all the hard work of completing the mission 
    so far. Just hotswap to the guy closest to the bridge and just run. You will 
    have to suffer a hail of gunfire as you go. Just run in a zigzag pattern and 
    jump a lot to avoid this. When you leave the refinery, you will end the mission 
    with a cinematic of the refinery blowing up. Phew…
    NATO Tier 3:
    Now you have arrived in the desert regions of Kazakhstan. This tier only has
    two missions in a desert/canyon area. You get to use a helicopter and a 
    humvee in this mission. The first mission is easy but the second is tough.
    Mission 13: Hotel Alpha
    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: Medium
    Main Objectives: + Quickly recon four enemy sites
                     + Recon the north village
                     + Return to base
    This mission is a simple foot reconnaissance mission where you must recon
    spots like you did in mission 8, except using foot soldiers instead of air.
    This mission is relatively simple, but can be tricky at some spots. The
    actual fighting is simple, but the navigation is the hard part. You get
    18 minutes to complete the mission. That’s plenty of time if you do it
    right and fast. Follow it exactly as I describe and you’ll be fine.
    - Objective 1: Quickly recon four enemy sites
    You will begin as a soldier in a tent of a camp. When you begin, instantly head
    straight outside the tent and get into the humvee that pulls up in front of you.
    If you accidentally miss it, or it drives away quickly, get into another jeep
    somewhere else in the camp. Either way, when you are in the humvee, take the 
    driver’s seat. Now you must drive out of the compound. Once you are out, you 
    will hit the main road. When you start traveling on it a little ways, you will 
    get attacked by many enemies. Now you can switch to the gunner of your vehicle 
    to get this done simply. There will be two full jeeps in the attack but the 50 
    cal is more than enough. You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to. If you 
    wish to, just ride right through them and when the fork in the road appears, go 
    right. Now continue as you go forward (make sure you are driving), the large 
    canyon will loom in the distance ahead. Enter it from the rightmost pass, and 
    you will find your self at the first recon site. When you arrive, you will be 
    greeted by many hostile infantry. Luckily, an engineer will paradrop from the 
    sky at that point. You may want to hotswap to him and clear the area with your 
    shotgun, but either way, you must clear out this area. To recon, just stand in 
    the objective area until the 10 second timer runs out. Then the recon will be 
    complete. Watch for the 50 cal that is there as well. Once that is reconed, you 
    must go to the next one. Now just turn around and leave the canyon back into 
    the plains. Make a right and then take another right into a pass back into 
    the maze of canyons (the pass with the bridge over it). There are two ways of 
    getting to this site. The first way is to keep going straight (past the 
    “crossroads”, don’t take any lefts or rights) and then look to your right for 
    a large bunch of large rocks and rubble. Stop there. When you do, you will get 
    the message “recon here must be completed by foot”. Just jump over the rocks 
    and then travel down the path until you reach the objective. The other way is 
    to pass the rocks and go to the clearing at the back. There, there is a ramp 
    leading up. Look for a stone tower to find the ramp’s location. From the top, 
    you can paradrop down to the objective location. Always keep an eye on the 
    objective for this to work. The recon is easy because there are no enemies, 
    but once you are done, on your way back to the main canyon paths, you will be 
    assaulted by enemies. Kill them all, and then proceed back to the main paths. 
    Here you can hotswap to another humvee or you can just walk. Head back up the 
    path you came from before but take a right. Head to the objective marker 
    closest to you. When you reach it, you will be greeted by some hostile infantry 
    and a tank. Just hotswap to an engineer to take out the tank, and man the 50 
    cals by the recon site to kill the enemy infantry. This one really is a sinch. 
    Now just one left to go. Leave the canyon maze from it’s left most side and 
    head toward the objective. Eventually you will see a smaller canyon. 
    Enter it through a narrow passageway in the front that the enemies are by 
    (that a humvee cant really fit through) or the larger passage on the backside 
    of the canyon. Inside you will find an enemy position filled with boxes and 
    protected by barbed wire. Also watch for the 50 cal gunner on the high rocks. 
    A soldier or two will try to drop in but probably will get shot if you don’t 
    act fast. Once you recon the area (provided you reconed the rest), this 
    objective will be complete.
    - Objective 2: Recon the north village
    Take a humvee and head to your objective marker. It will be a village right 
    outside the main canyon complete with buildings and everything. This can be 
    a hard objective to complete. The village is well guarded by enemy troops. 
    The primary nuisance at the beginning is the tank patrolling the area. The 
    best thing to do is to bring an engineer from another part of the level to 
    take it out. When the tank is gone, the next problem is all of the men on 
    the rooftops. It isn’t rational to try to clear the area because enemies will 
    keep spawning. Use a special ops or assault soldier to remove the enemies 
    from the rooftops and that deadly 50 cal. Also many enemies will attack you 
    on the ground when you are in the village center. You could bring a jeep and 
    use its 50 cal during recon, but you must make sure the tank is gone before
    trying. Also this might not work because the jeep can easily be torn to shreds 
    by enemy fire. This probably will be a suicidal recon, but that’s alright. 
    When the recon is complete, you will receive the final objective.
    - Objective 3: Return to base
    This part isn’t too difficult. Just hotswap to your humvee and head toward your
    objective marker. You will be followed by many jeeps and even a few helicopters
    will bombard you with rockets. Just drive in a zigzag pattern and very fast
    and you can do this in a jiffy. If there is no humvee, it will be a lot 
    tougher. Just keep jumping around or try to hijack an enemy jeep if you can. 
    When you return to your base, the mission will end.
    Mission 14: Top Man
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Long
    Main Objectives: + Set down safely at the landing zone
                     + Take out all stingers
                     + Prevent enemy commander escaping
    This mission is an assassination mission. You are to neutralize a Chinese 
    commander situated in a camp on top of the canyon. The problem is, a drop of
    troops there will result in death because of stingers set up in the area. This
    mission is rather tough and will take a few tries to complete.
    - Objective 1: Set down safely at the landing zone
    To start, leave the tent you are in and make a left to the helicopter. Jump 
    inside. Make sure all of the allied troops that are trying to get in do, 
    because they will be your only support for a while, and give you extra 
    firepower for your helo. Now go ahead and take off. Turn to the right a 
    little to see your objective. Now go ahead and fly high toward it. You 
    might want to try and take the jeep out on the way to the canyon. Anyway, 
    once you reach the canyon, lower your altitude. You’re going to have to fly 
    low through the canyon to avoid getting hit by stingers. This could get a 
    little hard to maneuver through the canyon, but in the end its quite easy. 
    If you really don’t want to do it, switch to the gunner position by pressing 
    black and let the AI fly. It will do this part perfectly. If you don’t want 
    it to, then follow these instructions. Fly slowly to avoid hitting walls too 
    hard. Also use the third person view to see the entire helo and guide it 
    through. The only real enemies you will face are a few jeeps, but your gunners 
    will take them out with ease. Work your way to the back of the canyon maze. 
    You should end up at a clearing with some red flares on it. Then you will hear 
    “there’s a good LZ” on the radio. Then you will receive the subobjective; 
    clear the landing zone. Now about six jeeps come to assault you. Just use first 
    person mode and clear them out. Remember if your helo gets destroyed you fail 
    the mission. When the area is clear, you must land the helicopter. Just land it 
    (like you’ve done before) in the clearing. When you land, get out. Then the 
    Objective will end and another will occur.
    - Objective 2: Take out all stingers
    When you and your team get out, you will be attacked by many enemies. Just
    kill them. Find the stone ramp that is by a stone tower, and climb up it. 
    Beware for that there are tons of enemies here. As the ramp spirals, you
    will now be on top of the canyon. You will see many objective markers. These
    represent stinger soldiers that you have to take out. This part can be tough
    just keep shooting long range shots with your SMG and try to clear them all
    out. Use the different obstacles as cover. You must kill all of the guys
    with markers over their heads all over this part of the canyon. This part isn’t
    too tough, just make sure your squad is around and helping. When you kill
    all the marked men, you will move on to the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Prevent enemy commander escaping
    When you get this objective, head towards the camp on the canyon tops where
    the objective marker is. Chances are a friendly soldier will already be there.
    You will find that there are not much enemies at the camp. Eventually, you
    will realize that the commander is not at this camp but at that lone,
    inaccessible canyon with the radio tower on it. He is planning to take off in 
    a helicopter and get away. Now lots of enemies will attack. You will get
    the subobjective; destroy radio mast. To do this, find the part of the canyon
    which is closet to the radio tower canyon but not with a broken bridge on it. 
    There will be a 50 cal overlooking the canyon. Use it and aim at the radio
    mast and fire away. When it is destroyed, the foundations will be destroyed
    and the tower will fall to you to make a makeshift bridge for you to get there!
    The instant this happens though, two enemy choppers will take off from a 
    helipad. Try to destroy them quickly with the 50 cal, or you can just hotswap
    to the new allied helo and destroy the enemy choppers using that. You
    don’t really have to fight these choppers though. Just cross the radio bridge
    and approach the commander’s chopper. As you do, it will take off. Sometimes,
    you can try to throw some C4 on it before it takes off, but if it fails, its
    ok. Now you just have to take this chopper down. It flies really low, so it
    will be hard to kill. The simplest way to kill it is to use a sniper’s laser
    designator (if available). If not, try to use 50 cals, stingers, your helo,
    or a combination of all of them. Good luck and try to take this guy down. 
    Anyways, when the chopper is dropped, you will end the mission with the 
    cinematic of the chopper coming crashing down and sending the commander to 
    an ultimate doom. Poor guy…
    China Tier 3:
    This is the final normal tier of the game. It is only 2 missions long. It also
    takes place in a desert map like the last mission. It is actually easier
    than the last tier. There isn’t too much going on except that the story begins
    to fuel up starting here. Anyway the missions are decently fun. Enjoy!
    Mission 15: DMZ
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Short
    Main Objectives: + Neutralize enemy forces in the central village
                     + Neutralize enemy forces in the eastern village
                     + Neutralize enemy forces in the northern village
    The purpose of this objective is to clear out three enemy villages full of 
    hostiles. It is quite simple and has a lot of variety. Again, there is no
    correct order for the villages, but you can just read each village as an
    objective and read it in your order.
    - Objective 1: Neutralize enemy forces in the central village
    You will begin as an average soldier standing in the desert. When you start,
    turn around fully to see a jeep sitting there. Go ahead and board it. This 
    village is completely straight forward from where the jeep is faced. Just
    drive straight and eventually you will be there. This village is basically
    a sniper village. When you enter the village, you will now see three allied
    snipers taken up positions on three spots on the rooftops. You can go ahead
    and hotswap to one of them. This part works a lot like mission 3. You must
    cycle between the three snipers to find and kill the enemy snipers
    stationed about. This part is actually quite simple. Sometimes enemies
    will hide in the mosque so just watch it or throw grenades there I you
    cant find anyone. Anyways, after taking out every enemy sniper, one at
    a time, you will be assaulted by a crap load of enemy soldiers. To know
    when this will happen, look for a time when you can start to see many 
    allied assault soldiers arrive. The best thing to do is snipe out a
    few of them, (preferably 2 or 3) and then hotswap to a ground troop
    and finish the enemies using an assault rifle. You can try to use
    the 50 cal in the center of the village for extra firepower. This
    shouldn’t be too difficult. Just keep killing and eventually you should 
    get some enhancements to finish the job. When the waves of enemies finally
    cease, the objective will be complete.
    - Objective 2: Neutralize enemy forces in the northern village
    Just come out of the first village from the way you came and head straight.
    Eventually you will hit the next village. This one is primarily a battle
    against vehicles, especially helicopters. As you enter, you will be
    assaulted by a helo and a humvee. The rooftops are littered with allies
    and emplacement weapons like 50 cals and stingers. Go ahead and hotswap to 
    one of them. It is quite simple. Use the 50 cals to fight the humvees
    and the stingers to battle the helos. The 50 cals can still be used
    against the helos, but there are some issues with the helos flying
    over you directly. Anyway, when these are demolished, some more humvees
    and helos will attack. Just stick to the basics and work fast. There
    isn’t any much more to this part than that. Only at the end they come
    in a single tide; four helos and two humvees. Just work fast, with the 
    helos as your primary target. If you have the laser designator as the 
    sniper, that can be useful here as well. If you lose too much men,
    they will just get replaced by reinforcements. Just use all of the 
    turrets and keep shooting the vehicles. This part is actually quite a 
    sinch. After you have destroyed every last copter and FAV, this objective
    will end.
    - Objective 3: Neutralize enemy forces in the eastern village
    This is the last village to clear. Just head out of the village you just
    cleared in a jeep and head left. Keep driving through the desert until
    you reach this village. You will have to park the jeep because a
    roadblock will impede your progress. Start by hotswapping to an allied
    soldier who arrives and walk in to the village. When the enemies start 
    pouring, switch back to the guy in the jeep and go to the 50 cal spot. 
    With this, just tear through the enemy lines. Just keep on killing
    until the waves stop. When they do, then you head into the village with 
    your troops. Just watch for allied soldiers getting in your line
    of fire and get shredded by friendly fire. Just watch the staircase
    up to that building right in front of you and an alleyway next to it.
    Enemies will spawn there. When the area is clear (make sure it is clear!),
    continue through the alley to the clearing ahead. This clearing has many
    enemies crawling all over. Including inside the windows and on the bridge
    structure on top. Also of course you will be assaulted from the ground.
    Just watch all sides and keep moving. Try to drop every enemy there. Also
    you can get on top of the bridge like structure to get a high ground
    position to fight from, but you must still be very alert and ready for
    enemies do spawn right on the bridge next to you. Anyways, when the 
    village is clear, the objective will end. If this was your last village,
    then the mission will end!
    Mission 16: End of the Line
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Length: Medium
    Main Objectives: + Defend the station
                     + Stop the train
    In this mission, you are to defend a station that is supposed to be
    “important”. This mission is rather simple, if you do it right. There
    isnt much more to say to describe it.
    - Objective 1: Defend the station
    When you begin, just walk straight out of the station outside. Now
    watch over the hill. Many enemy troops will start coming. They don’t 
    fire at you until they get close to you. Use this to your advantage and
    kill them while they are far away. They come from all around the area.
    Keep looking all directions and far off. This part is almost too easy. Just
    don’t take too many losses. You really don’t need the 50 cal, but you can
    use it. Keep the snipers alive, because they will be essential later.
    Eventually, the slow easy waves of infantry will end, and two tanks
    will come over the front hill. A jeep will come to attack as a sign of this 
    (just take it out with the 50 cal)The easiest and mist efficient way to finish
    this is to use the 50 cal. It takes a little time, but can easily take
    out tanks without wasting precious laser designator strikes that is more
    needed a little later. Keep in mind that infantry will still come from the
    sides. When those tanks are gone, a helicopter will come to attack you and
    paradrop enemies. Now use the laser designator to demolish it and snipe
    the enemies that are dropping. Next a second helo will come and attack. 
    Go ahead and try the same thing. Then tanks will pop up, use the 50 cal.
    More infantry, yay! Assault rifle. More helos, laser designator. This
    cycle will continue until the time runs out. Just keep fighting until time
    runs out or if you are losing, or just get lazy, you can just hide a soldier
    behind a corner in the station and kill any enemies that try to come in
    and attack. They will only be foot soldiers. Anyways when the time runs out
    you will get the message “NATO forces are fleeing” and enemy forces start
    to run away. Then you will get the next objective and this one will end.
    - Objective 2: Stop the train
    This objective is really simple, but can be painfully difficult if not
    done properly. Basically the NATO forces are using a suicide train. A 
    suicide train! You truly don’t expect the high tech civilized people of
    NATO to resort to these dirty tactics. Anyway it will be coming down from 
    the tracks to your left. Now hotswap to one of the soldiers that are now
    dropping on the tracks. Make sure to hotswap to the guy that is farthest
    on the track. Man the 50 cal. Now watch down the track. You will see the 
    objective marker getting closer and closer. That is the train. You must
    wait for it to come into view. Don’t fire until it is very close. If not
    you will get dropped by the enemy soldier on the train. When it is close
    then fire away. Try to do as much damage as possible. When it passes and 
    you cant shoot it anymore. Get off of the 50 cal and hotswap to the next 
    man in the line. Make sure that you time your hotswap and not hotswap to
    a man back at the station. If you do, then you will definitely lose. Now
    you must continue firing at the train with the 50 cals. It has armor to
    withstand fire from only two 50 cals. So when the train is destroyed, you
    will get a cinematic and the mission will end.
    Last missions:
    This is the final portion of the single player campaign. Here is where
    The story goes full blown. Now you have a choice between the two warring
    sides, NATO or China. This tier is two missions long whether you pick
    either faction. Anyways, it’s your choice. I’m starting with China because
    it is a little easier but its ultimately up to you.
    Mission 17: End Game (China)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Medium
    Main Objectives: + Destroy the generator supplying power to the NATO stronghold
                     + Attack enemy plaza
    As the Chinese forces in this mission, you are assigned to kill the NATO
    commander, Colonel Bob Scott that was briefing your NATO tiers before. 
    This mission is pretty simple, except there are lots of enemies to contend
    - Objective 1: Destroy the generator supplying power to the NATO stronghold
    When you begin, head down the ramp in front of you and get inside one of 
    the two jeeps that are sitting there. You better do this quickly, or you 
    the jeeps may drive away. If you do miss them, you will have to walk. Anyway
    you now have to travel down the path to your right. After arriving at the 
    bridge, get out of the jeep. There will already be some enemies, so wipe
    them out. Now this part is very hectic. You will be assaulted many numerous 
    waves of enemies. The best thing to do is get in one of the 50 cals by the
    bridge, preferably the one on the right of the bridge. The enemies are mostly
    concentrated right across the bridge but the can come from all areas. A tank
    will be there at start, but a rocket launcher from an engineer will help you
    here. Watch for enemies that try to cross the gulch that you are by, and watch
    for the many 50 cal emplacements that are set up on the other side of the
    bridge. There isn’t much else that can be said here. Just survive the waves.
    If you keep getting shot off of the 50 cal, use an assault soldier’s rifle
    to scope and kill faraway enemies. You should always keep an eye on the 
    battlefield dial to see how good you are doing. You will get reinforced a bit,
    but don’t try to get too many losses. When the enemy waves get lessened a 
    little (they wont really stop) go ahead and cross the bridge. On the other 
    side, there are still more enemies to contend with. You must head right and 
    toward the objective marker to get to the generator. You will get a tank on 
    the way, which you should hotswap to. This tank is VERY useful. It is very 
    powerful and you will be unstoppable if you use it correctly. Now, with the 
    tank or not, approach the generator. Just head through the gate and between 
    all of the machines, place a demo charge. Watch out because two tanks and 
    some infantry will attack then. Use your own tank or an engineer to finish 
    the job. It really is quite simple if done right. Anyway when the demo 
    explodes, you get the next objective and this one will end.
    - Objective 2: Attack the plaza
    Now you must clear this large plaza of enemy units. This can be quite 
    difficult. There are a lot enemy units to fight, including tanks, infantry, 
    and helos. Start by heading back toward the plaza with your tank or whoever 
    you are by the generator. First of all, check the tops of the roofs. There is 
    a lot of enemy soldiers in 50 cals up there. Get an assault soldier (if 
    you have one) and use his range capabilities to take out those guys. Also 
    just watch for ground troops too. This can be very difficult. Now you just keep 
    killing as much enemies as possible. The best way to take out the helos is 
    to go back and use the 50 cals.  If you can just kill the pilot of a helo, it 
    will just crash to the ground with about half of it’s health left. Then you 
    can use it for yourself!! With a helo, you can bombard the enemy to hell. Do 
    not try to take too many losses because you will not get reinforced often. You 
    will only get reinforced at certain times. In fact enemy forces will 
    periodically drop in from the sky or from the helos. This is the true tough 
    portion of this mission. Just try to stay alive. When it is almost clear, soon 
    enough, you will get the message “Lieutenant Scott is fleeing in his 
    helicopter”. Now an enemy copter will come out from the plaza building. Now 
    drop everything that you were doing. You must kill this man or the mission 
    will fail. Most of the time, this can be simple and your allies (provided you 
    have much left) will take him out for you, but don’t take those chances. Switch 
    to a 50 cal and fire away. When the copter goes down, you will see a cinematic 
    of Colonel Scott’s helo crashing to the ground. The mission is over…
    Mission 17: End Game (NATO)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Long
    Main Objectives: + Withstand the attack
                     + Battle to the labs
                     + Plant demolitions in the labs
                     + Destroy Lieutenant-Colonel Zhu’s helicopter
    This is the NATO version of End Game. It’s a bit tougher than Chinas and has
    more objectives. You are to eliminate the Chinese Colonel Yuanhang Zhu. Another
    “last mission”…
    - Objective 1: Withstand the attack
    You will begin as an engineer standing in the plaza. This is the same plaza 
    that the Chinese try to take in their version of End Game. This is a simple 
    defense objective. Be ready for a full scale assault from troops across the 
    gulch and bridge. There will be lots of infantry and such to lead the enemy 
    attack. You can use a 50 cal if you want to help you win this fight. Soon 
    a bunch of helicopters will assault you from the skies. Use the engineers’ 
    rockets or better yet try the 50 cal on them. Try to kill them fast before 
    you take too many losses from bombardment. Keep in mind that there still is 
    ground infantry so keep alert. If you take out the choppers, you will get a 
    chopper yourself. Use it to your advantage to bombard enemies. Don’t fly too 
    far away from the plaza for you can get shot down easily. When the enemy helos 
    are gone, two tanks will assault the plaza. Just use an engineer or the helo 
    to destroy them with ease. After the tanks have been destroyed, the objective 
    is complete.
    - Objective 2: Battle to the labs
    Now you must assault and demolish a Chinese lab. This part can be pretty damn
    tricky. You can go now by either a helo or by foot. If you choose to use your
    helo, fly over the construction site. Kill the enemies that you find on the 
    rooftops. Be careful because there are many engineers on the ground that can
    shoot you down like a stinger. It can almost be like a minefield for the helo.
    Make sure that those engineers are taken down. If you go by foot, just travel
    ways down toward the objective marker. The building that has the marker is 
    the lab. Make sure you are a foot soldier before you assault the entrance to
    it. There are many, many enemies that surround the lab and attack you. Just 
    kill as much as you can with your assault rifle, but you don’t have to spend
    all of your effort here. They won’t stop respawning. Anyways, when you enter 
    the lab, you will get the next objective.
    - Objective 3: Plant demolitions in the labs
    Now you must infiltrate this lab and then plant some demo charges. When you
    enter the building, turn right. Go all the way down and turn left. Go up the
    stairs and turn left. There will be 2 enemy soldiers in the right room. Now
    plant a demo in the marked area there. Enemies can come from all sides, and
    will respawn anywhere. Keep moving up the stairs to the higher levels to
    get to the area for the next phase of demolitions. Watch for enemy soldiers
    that can still kill you. If you are an engineer, this part should be really
    simple for you can blast people with the shotgun. Plant the next charge at
    its marked area. When that is placed go to the second marked area and place
    the charge. Once both charges are placed (provided that all charges are placed)
    you will have to get out of the labs. You have 30 seconds to do it. Just head 
    back down the way you came to get out. If you want, you can jump out of the 
    window for some speed, but just don’t fail this part. You don’t want all of
    the work you have done so far to do to waste over this? Anyway, when you get
    out, this objective will end.
    - Objective 4: Destroy Lieutenant-Commander Zhu’s helicopter
    Now the enemy commander will fly out with his helicopter. You must take him
    down now in order to finish this mission. He flies high, so don’t try to 
    use a tank. Use rockets from engineers to take him down. It’s the only real
    way to do this right now. Keep in mind that there will still be enemy infantry
    trying to kill you still. Don’t worry about them too much, just try to 
    eliminate Zhu before he gets away. You can hotswap to the engineer on the 
    rooftop of the labs building for this task. There is also one on the 
    construction site. This can be hard. Wait for the copter to fly directly over 
    you and then fire. Sometimes though you can just wait and let your allies as 
    engineers take out the copter. But it’s better to not take any chances. 
    Anyways, when you destroy the helicopter, you will get a cinematic of it 
    crashing to the ground. Then the mission and the objective will end.
    Mission 18: Flying the flag
    Difficulty: Very hard
    Length: Medium
    Main Objectives: + Plant demolitions in both silos
                     + Plant demolitions in the main bunker
                     + Laser designate Commander 31’s bunker
    Here we are, the final mission. Here is the big story twist. Apparently, the 
    war you were just fighting was all part of some terrorist’s plan. Commander 
    31 really is a brilliant fellow. He managed to hoax the two world superpowers 
    into fighting a deadly war against each other. Now the fag has taken two 
    ballistic missiles and is prepared to fire them. All of the “propaganda” 
    that was issued was not really propaganda. It was this terrorist group doing 
    it. Stuff such as the suicide train and the killing of the negotiators. 
    Anyway, this mission is pretty much the sameno matter which faction you 
    played as just now, except that you will be playing as that faction. The 
    objectives/goals remain the same.
    - Objective 1: Plant demolitions in both silos
    You start as a soldier paradropping from high in the sky. There will be many
    soldiers paradropping under you. From your position in the sky, try to take
    out as many enemy infantry as possible, especially the ones manning the 50 
    cals. There will be a BK-1990 just moving about. Don’t try to destroy it, 
    just get the infantry. Now in this stage of the mission, don’t try to just 
    keep killing foe after foe. There are two reasons why. First is because they 
    will never stop respawning. Second is that you have 5 mere minutes to do a lot 
    of work. You face terrorists that resemble the terrorists from counter-strike. 
    Man this can be really tough. When you land, go ahead and head toward the 
    first objective marker. You can pick which one, but I would suggest the one 
    closest to you, for time reasons. I wouldn’t even recommend trying to fight. 
    Just let your allies try and do that, and make your way to the first missile 
    silo. The only time that you would want to kill anyone here is if he gets in 
    your way or is shooting at you from a good vantage position. Keep jumping and 
    always moving to avoid getting torn in a hail of fire. When you see the silo, 
    prepare yourself. There will be enemies around. Now you should ignore those 
    enemies and head for the staircase leading into the silo. Now luckily you will 
    get a small group of allied soldiers paradropped in to aid you. Your allies 
    will start fighting the surrounding enemies. Now hotswap to an engineer 
    (provided that there is one left) and head inside. You will find that there 
    are several terrorist soldiers waiting for you inside. Go ahead and blast them 
    with your shotgun. Don’t let the AI take over here because they tend to switch 
    to pistols in here. With the shotgun just blast everything. If your guy dies, 
    then it will hotswap to an allied soldier above. Go ahead and head back down 
    then. If your allies win the battle, then they will all come down into the silo 
    to help you. Anyway, you will travel around corners constantly, and you will 
    be getting lower and lower. Keep anticipating more enemies and killing
    them. When you reach the objective marker, go ahead and walk up to it and plant
    a bomb. It is a launch panel. Anyway, clear the site after you place the charge
    for it will blow up. When it has blown, go back up to the surface and head for
    the next demo site. You will have to traverse across the whole map. Just stick
    off of the path and travel in the same fashion as you did getting to the first
    site. Don’t worry about your allies right now. When you reach the second silo,
    allies will drop in as before. This part is almost identical to the other one.
    Go ahead and repeat the aforesaid process for this silo. When it has blown, 
    the objective will end. Remember about the timer. You should have done all of
    this under 5 minutes.
    - Objective 2: Plant demolitions in the main bunker
    Ahh, you have destroyed the missile silos! Wait…no…there’s one more! There is
    one more damn missile silo in the main bunker! Now you must head toward the
    objective marker to the large bunker structure. You will 5 minutes again to
    do this task. Luckily you will get a good sum of reinforcements to aid you
    again, including tanks! Now this part can be really damn tough. You have to 
    get into the structure that is sort of high rise by the complex network
    of ramps and catwalks. Try to enter the structure from one of the ramps, but
    make sure that it is somewhat clear before you head up. Just keep heading 
    upward toward the main bunker (which kind of looks like an air control tower)
    and keep fighting enemies. These guys respawn a lot, so you will have to 
    watch for them coming from all sides. Also these enemies can shoot through the 
    catwalks from above, making it nearly impossible to ascend. Anyway, just keep
    heading up. Don’t try to take too many losses, but it doesn’t matter really
    too much. Enemy copters will come at this segment somewhere in the start of
    it, but they aren’t too much of a threat. Nevertheless, when you make it to
    the top (the bunker) or close to it (nearing the time limit), you will get
    the message “abort objective”. You see, this objective can’t really be
    completed. Now you will get the next and last objective in this game.
    - Objective 3: Laser designate Commander 31’s bunker
    Now your forces get a mortar ready for a call in strike. The gist is to 
    laser designate the bunker where you are now just like you have done before
    by the sniper against vehicles. Now hotswap to one of the newly appearing
    snipers on the building next to the bunker structure. Now this part seems
    simple, all you do is designate. But there are a few complications. Two 
    helos fly out to try to disrupt your designating. All they have to do is fly
    in front of your laser and you will lose your lock and can then bombard you 
    to death. This really isn’t about taking losses, but to do the objective
    quickly under a minute. If you try to destroy a helo, another one comes in to 
    replace it. This part can be REALLY difficult for the amount of time that you 
    get. When the target is successfully blown, you will get a cinematic and then 
    you will end this objective, this mission, and this game!
           Xbox Live
            /|3.1 Xbox Live Basics|\
    The Xbox Live portion of BF2: MC is a lot like its predecessor BF2. It 
    supports up to 24 players in more than 10 maps. This part is just like
    a combination of the SP campaign and BF2. There isn’t too much basics
    involved. You can’t hotswap in multiplayer, and you don’t really use your 
    dials. Anyway, there are two game modes, Capture the Flag and the famous 
    Battlefield series Conquest game mode. There are four sides which are 
    the US, China, MEC, and EU. Each map will be having two factions fighting
    each other. Here is a short description of each of the gametypes:
    - Capture the flag: The standard CTF game. Usually in this you get a small
    scale version of whatever map you are playing on. Each team has a flag. You
    must go and try to take their flag and bring it back to your base. When you
    do, you will get points for a capture. Also, you must try to defend your
    base from enemies trying to take your flag. This gametype has been used
    in so many other games that you cant count. Keep in mind that you can still
    fire while you hold the flag. Anyway, this mode isn’t as popular sadly.
    - Conquest: This mode is the real Battlefield of this game. The rules are
    simple. Try to capture as much control points in the game using your forces.
    In every conquest map, there will be a certain number of control points. 
    Each one will be represented as a flag. You must stand near a flag to fill
    the bar to your side’s color (which is always blue). Both teams have an 
    amount of tickets (both start the same at the beginning of a match). Your
    goal is to reduce the enemies tickets to zero before he does the same to you.
    To do this, hold the majority of the control points for the majority of the
    match. Individuals gain points by getting kills and capturing flags. 
    These are the gametypes available. Now all the ranking systems work the same
    as the single-player. You get medals, but of a slightly different list. In
    multiplayer though, you can get ribbons as well for doing certain things.
    Here is a list of all the medals, ribbons, and ranks:
    NOTE: PPH means points per hour
    The Service Cross:
    Kill 5 enemies without dying using kit weapons only
    The Bronze Star:
    Kill 10 enemies without dying using land vehicle weapons
    Air Force Cross:
    Kill 10 enemies without dying using aerial weapons
    The Silver Star:
    Kill 20 enemies without dying using vehicle weapons
    The Service Cross, First Class:
    Kill 10 enemies without dying using kit weapons only
    The Bronze Star, First Class:
    Kill 15 enemies without dying using land vehicle weapons
    Air Force Cross, First Class:
    Kill 15 enemies without dying using aerial weapons
    Expert Killing:
    Kill 4 enemies without dying using one clip in an assault rifle
    Expert Shooting:
    Kill 4 enemies without dying using one clip in a sniper rifle
    Expert Demolition:
    Destroy 4 enemy vehicles with C4 without dying
    Expert Repair:
    Repair 4 friendly vehicles without dying. A third of their health must be 
    Expert Healer:
    Heal 4 friendly players without dying. A third of their health must be 
    Navy Cross:
    Kill 30 enemies without dying using kit weapons only
    Legion of Merit:
    Kill 15 enemies from a secondary position in a vehicle during one game round
    Legion of Merit, First Class:
    Kill 30 enemies from a secondary position in a vehicle during one game round
    Participate in 50 game sessions
    Participate in 250 game sessions
    Participate in 500 game sessions
    Complete 5 major victories
    Complete 20 major victories
    Complete 50 major victories
    Finish top player in 5 game rounds
    Finish top player in 20 game rounds
    Medals: 0 Score: 0 PPH: 0
    Private 1st Class
    Medals: 0 Score: 25 PPH: 10
    Medals: 1 Score: 50 PPH: 12 
    Medals: 1 Score: 100 PPH: 15
    Sergeant 1st Class
    Medals: 2 Score: 150 PPH: 18
    Master Sergeant
    Medals: 2 Score: 225 PPH: 25
    Sergeant Major
    Medals: 3 Score: 360 PPH: 28
    Command Sergeant Major
    Medals: 3 Score: 550 PPH: 30
    Warrant Officer 
    Medals: 4 Score: 750 PPH: 32
    Chief Warrant Officer
    Medals: 4 Score: 1050 PPH: 35
    2nd Lieutenant
    Medals: 5 Score: 1500 PPH: 40
    1st Lieutenant 
    Medals: 5 Score: 2000 PPH: 42
    Medals: 6 Score: 2800 PPH: 50
    Medals: 6 Score: 4000 PPH: 55
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Medals: 7 Score: 5800 PPH: 60
    Medals: 8 Score: 8000 PPH: 65
    Brigadier General 
    Medals: 9 Score: 12000 PPH: 70
    Major General
    Medals: 10 Score: 16000 PPH: 80
    Lieutenant General 
    Medals: 11 Score: 22000 PPH: 90
    5 Star General
    Medals: 12 Score: 32000 PPH: 100
    General Online Strategies:
    Here are a few general strategies with each kit online. I will also include
    some vehicle strategies as well:
    This kit has the potential to do most in multiplayer. You have firepower and
    range now. Whenever you get into a firefight with any enemy soldier, keep
    firing at the head and hold your aim steadily on them. Remember to strafe a
    lot so it is harder for the enemies to kill you. Make sure you use zoom if
    they are more that 5 meters away. If any vehicles come, use your grenade
    launcher and grenades. A combination of the two is enough to destroy heavy
    tanks. It takes skill and practice to do this though.
    Special Ops:
    In terms of firefights, the spec ops are exactly like the assault kit. Just
    follow my tips on a firefight for them above. The thing that the spec ops
    soldier has that is unique is their C4. It is especially useful online. Just
    place a charge right next to a flag point in either CTF or conquest. Then 
    hide behind a corner or something. When an enemy tries to capture the flag,
    just press the button and boom! You will get a kill or two and defend your
    flag successfully.
    The engineer class in a little different online than in single player. Two 
    major differences are there. First of all, the shotgun is slightly weaker.
    You can no longer “Shotgun-snipe” in multiplayer. You will have to be very
    close to an enemy as in other games to kill them. Secondly, the rocket in
    this game is a little stronger. You can use it effectively against infantry
    as well. For example, if you see a sniper far off that is killing allies,
    whip out the rocket launcher and fire a rocket toward that position. 9 times
    out of 10 you will kill the enemy. Also repairing is useful. Use the 
    blowtorch a lot to repair allied tanks and other vehicles.
    With the sniper, you can get easy kills in large maps. It all depends on
    your skill with sniping. It is just like being a sniper in any other game.
    The difference here is that you need not always aim for the head to kill.
    A leg shot can kill as easily as a head shot. So don’t panic and try to
    Always hit the head when fighting a moving opponent. Also look for the
    best sniping spots. It is usually on high ground or on a hard to reach 
    area. Sometimes you will have to have a helicopter drop you into a certain
    spot. Anyway, if you encounter any enemy vehicle, use the laser designator.
    If someone sneaks up right next to you, use the pistol.
    With the support class, try to keep it on a sort of close quarters range.
    The machine gun’s benefits are that you need not reload often because of
    an extremely large clip. Watch for allies that may need healing, and
    switch to the injector and go and heal them. Also you can initiate mortar
    strikes on enemy positions. There isn’t much else that support has. They
    are better used in my opinion in CTF games and smaller maps.
    Artillery Strikes:
    This was a signature aspect of BF2 for the PC. Now it returns in BF2: MC.
    Artillery strikes are basically a rain of artillery shells on a chosen
    location. In BF2: MC, since there is no commander thing, you will have to
    go to the allied command computer. It will be located at your base. Just
    walk up to it and press the B button to log on. Once you are logged on,
    you see a map with a crosshair and the locations of allied and enemy forces.
    Pan the map by moving the left thumbstick and zoom in/out by pressing
    Up or down on the directional pad. Move the crosshair to your target by
    Moving the left thumbstick, and then pull the right trigger to use the
    artillery strike. Remember that artillery strikes are not always available.
    They are only there at certain intervals. When one is available, a bomb
    icon appears over the command computer location on your minimap. You will
    be told when a strike is available, being used by allies, or by enemies.
    A crosshair box will appear on your minimap on the area a strike is being
    used on when it is about to happen. If an artillery strike is about to be
    used in your area, try to get out of the radius or get inside a concealed
    indoor area (a building).
    Well that’s about it for multiplayer basics. There isn’t much else to know
    about playing online. Now go ahead and play the second most popular and
    most fun Xbox live game!
            /|3.2 Map Strategies|\
    Here I will give a good description and strategies for each map in the game.
    I will include map intro, strategies, and description.
    Map: Backstab
    Sides: MEC vs. USA
    Number of control points: 5
    MEC forces have gathered to the south of a small village outpost to combat
    the threat from a newly established US tank base to the north. Mi-24 
    helicopters have been deployed in an attempt to counter the power of the 
    US tank division. A battle between MEC air and US ground forces for control 
    of this strategically important location is about to begin. Control of the 
    village Mosque will be key for both sides.
    Backstab is probably the most popular map of BF2: MC. It was released in the 
    live only demo released before the release of the game. It was very popular
    then and is still popular now. It consists of a middle eastern city with 
    some camps outside it.
    To be continued……

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