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"Battlefield comes to the Consoles in Style!"

The popular battlefield Franchise...great best sellers on the PC some of the most talked about games have finally come to consoles! Dice has done a pretty good job of warping it into a great console game with all the action and fun the PC battlefields have and with a twist.

Well if you have played and of the other battlefield games then you will know how this goes. Capture and hold fixed positions on a map to help your team win the game by reducing the enemy "ticket count" (I like to call it supply line or Army size) to 0. Everytime a player dies his team loses a ticket including suiciding and team kills the other way to reduce tickets is to capture and hold more control points then the enemy this will cause that teams ticket count to reduce even if noone on that team is dying which gives the opposite team an advantage (this is called ticket bleed by the players). You can use anything you see on the battlefield whether its mounted machine guns a big power packed tank or a Cool Attack helicopter its all here baby!!!! The soldier classes are very different and every kit has its own way of fighting vehicles and fighting other soldiers for example: the Special Ops kit has C4 charges for booby traps and to stick on vehicles which will cause some fireworks. Not only can these kits annihilate the enemy team but they can also help your team for example:The support kit has the ability to heal teams and the Engineer kit has the ability to repair their armys vehicles which nets points too!

Now that multiplayer is out of the way lets go to single player.

The single player game is also great it revolves around the Story of the game and is just as good as multiplayer in its own merits. During missions you are a member of a squad of soldiers who can pretty much take control of any soldier in your squad by a process called "Hot swapping" (Hot swapping is looking towards the friendly you want to control whether in a vehicle or on foot and pressing the specified button you will then jump into his body and be able to do whatever he can do like a sniper can snipe for example.). This allows for new boundaries in single player gameplay and I strongly recommend single player to all players online capable or not.

Wow for a In your face Arcade shooter it has a great story! The game revolves around the area in the world called Kazakstan and the US + Russians invade it lookign to claim the vast oil reserves in the area however the Chinese have eyes on this as well and have also moved in political actions fail and full war breaks out between US + Russia (they are allies) VS. the Chinese Peoples liberation army. The battle gets bigger and bigger and bigger and the propaganda is maddening on all sides. Eventually the MEC (Middle east Coalition) get involved and the story has a HUGE twist near the end where you get to decide your loyalty and who wins the war (It has multiple endings which is nice for a game like this).

Graphics/Textures etc.
For a Console game these graphics are great good enough so no eyesores appear and reasonable enough that NO lag occurs. The textures are amazeing everything shines like the sun hitting off it and everything is dead and eerie at night makes it feel like your actually in the battle.

I have some gripes here relateing to rifle/ gun sounds because alot of them sound unrealistic because the guns exist in real life but dont sound like it at all. The other sounds however like vehicles and helicopters all sound great with the recorded sounds of real tanks and tank cannons.


Battlefield 2: Modern combat is a solid game and anyone should pick it up its comeing out for only 49.99 US this is a great price for such a great game.

See you on the battlefield!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/25/05

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