Review by Patriotwolf

Reviewed: 10/31/05

Though Battlefield 2: Modern Combat misses it's mark in a few areas, the stellar online will have gamers jumping into battle long after the 360 comes

A few years back, a not well-known developer changed PC gaming with a little game called Battlefield 1942. Now, there had been games with vehicles similar to this before it, but never so fluid or on such a large scale. After it's release, a group of programmers got together and developed and mod for BF1942 that modernized it. Replacing the Bf-109's and B-17's with Migs and A-10's, and adding Abrams tanks, M4's and AK-47's. So, DICE took the hint, and Battlefield 2 was born. Now, Battlefield 2 has made its way to the Xbox in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, giving players a taste of large-scale combat not possible in Halo 2.

Graphics-8.0: BF2:MC does not make any huge strides in graphics. Don’t expect Halo 2 or Doom, but what is done well stands out. The weapon models are well render and reflect light equally. The vehicles are also modeled well, and for the most part, accurate. The explosions can be impressive, especially when they are going off all around you. The lighting and the water also look really neat on certain levels. However, the levels themselves, are not too detailed. The buildings are of a much lower resolution than the rest of the graphics in the game, and the character models look kind of thrown together in ways. However, I must say I did give this game some leniency in graphics considering the scale of the levels on such a system..

Sound-8.0: The graphics in the game are self-explanatory for the most part. The weapons and other sounds are good in the attempt, but the levels contain no “ambience”. Additionally, for some reason, a few weapon sounds seem different in the singleplayer than the online.

Gameplay-9.0: The gameplay in “Battlefield” is what sets it apart from the likes of Halo 2. Though the singelplayer is mainly considered and extra compared to the online. In the singelpayer, you cannot command around any troops, and they sometimes like getting themselves killed rather easily, but for the most part, try and help you out. Online is where is this game is at though, the different play classes and the variety of vehicles mean communication is key. The maps are also very well balanced. For instance, on one map, it may give a certain team helicopters (in addition to other vehicles) while it puts the other team closer to an artillery strike or gives them more defendable positions. The game has an emphasis on teamwork, and you can guarantee if your team is not communicating, and the other team is, you’re sure to lose.

Features and Replay Value-8.0: The features in the game are nice, and the online adds endless replay value, but the singleplayer seems lacking if not a bit short, and often feels like you thrown into some random fight rather than taking part in a massive war. There are medals and upgrades you can earn via the singleplayer campaign, but unfortunately, they have absolutely no effect on the online component. No co-op makes this worse. The online, while only have two game modes, contains 12 maps that are sure to be expanded on via content download. Not bad overall.

Overall (not an average)-8.0: Though Battlefield 2: Modern Combat misses it’s mark in a few areas, the stellar online will have gamers jumping into battle long after the 360 comes out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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