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"Seems like Gold at first only to rear it's ugly head after a couple hours of play"

First off let me tell you that I LOVE the battlefield series. I have played and owned every iteration and expansion of the game on PC and now consoles minus only Vietnam Redux. I have loved it since playing the Wake Island demo for two months waiting for 1942 to launch. That said I have been pumped for a long time about not only a console version, but a specialized one. These words sum up my thoughts on this bitter disappointment. It is a couple good ideas in a mixed bag of some of the worst AI I have ever seen, bad spawns, boring campaign, and glitchy multiplayer.

Just a couple days ago I loved it, and I thought the hot swapping was awesome, but now at close to game end I no longer think this and here is why:

I agree with gamepro on this one. The AI are some of the worst I have ever seen. We are talking pre-n64 terrible programming.

They let themselves be shot, run into gunfire, and do not help whatsoever.

The enemy AI materialize out of this air, and sometimes disappear to avoid being shot only to reappear and kill you.

This is so evident on the refinery China level, where you constantly die due to AI with shotties spawning literalty a couple feet behind you.

Now we have to bring up the complete lack of mission direction. Well over half the time you will have no idea what you need to be doing, and will blindly follow waypoints hoping to figure it out when you get there. I lost a freighter mission that had me blowing up items with c4 only to get to the last two object which you cant use c4. It tells you nothing about need grenades. I hunted for an engineer or c4 arming spot everywhere and failed twice before reading a FAQ.

Even without all of that, the missions after the first couple are flat out boring.

They are small, short, and on tiny maps. There is no sense of a mass battle, or organized fighitng.

The upgrades are worthless, since 90% of the time you are forced into a certain soldier type and only one way to complete a mission.

This means that the campaign is short, small, linear, with terrible AI and hotswapping being the only half attempt at a cool feature. If not for it's ingenuity and the com chatter this game would barely be worth a budget title price. Not to mention that you had better not plan on getting those cool military ranks you see in the beginging. The AI will kill themselves over and over to make you lose stars, the level design and lack of any direction will make you lose stars to mission time, and forced soldier types make you lose your accuracy many times. You will end up with 7-8 stars sometimes, but 1-2 many many more.

Add all of this to the forced multiplayer with no customization, all of the lag, bugs, glitches, and terrible support, this one is worth passing over.

I thought it was good at first, but after hours of playing it shows it's true face. Terrible AI, terrible level design, linear levels, and bug ridden, lag fest multiplayer make this one to pass on. It would seem EA has not changed one bit.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/31/05

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