Review by Spiffymarlin

Reviewed: 12/16/05

This isn't your average, every day FPS...this is WAR!

I went to my local Video Warehouse with purposes to rent a game. I browsed through the shelves and my eye landed on Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Now me being the intense, iron sights-modern combat junky I am, immediately thought back to the good times I had with Battlefield 2 on the PC. Thoughts of owning noobs through single player and through Xbox Live went through my head like a Christmas dream. I brought this abd boy home for the low price of 7 dollars for a week (planning on re-renting it this Friday) and threw it in my Xbox. I was immediately blown off my feet and into my chair. My ass still hurts from that.

Graphics: 8/10

This isn't Halo 2 or the Xbox 360, people, but this still does a damn good job of putting out some impressive looking visuals. The gun models are incredibly detailed as are the character models. Explosions look awesome as well, and nothing quite beats firing through a smoke screen and nailing a "Perfect!" headshot on an enemy troop about to plaster you with a 30mm Jeep machine gun. Weather is in effect as well, and the snowflakes, rain, and other weather effects all come together to make a nice touch..all in all the graphics alone make you think you're blasting NATO/MEC troops away right there with your squad.

Audio: 10/10

The sound for this game is incredibly realistic. The background music can be a bit annoying, but once you get into the thick of a firefight you focus on one objective and that objective only: the elimination of the enemy. Guns sound as much as they can to their real life counterparts, and explosions make the appropriate BANG when they detonate. You can hear constant radio chatter from your teammates that are also fighting the good fight. Screams are also a constant, and when the bullets start flying, so do the bodies.

Gameplay: 10/10

If it was possible I would rate this game higher than a 10. The gameplay is amazingly simple, yet still fun at the same time, which is a necessity for a blockbuster seller. If you're playing online, simply choose the class you're going to be (Assault, Sniper, Engineer, Medic, Recon)and you then have a specific weapon set you can then use. There are a few different types of games you can play, such as CTF, Elimination, and others. Ragdoll physics are heavily incorporated, and the damage is very lifelike. I was shot once and I died. I was thinking "WTF?" yet I realized I hadn't gotten shot in the head...I'd gotten shot in the chest. Two or three bullets is normally all that is needed to score a kill, and if you get a "Perfect!" rating (by downing an enemy with one shot to the head or neck) then you get extra points. When you die, you get 5000 points subtracted from your total. At the end of each successful mission, you are awarded Stars. Stars allows you to advance in rank, from Private to General. You can also get medals for doing specific feats.

Rent/Buy? I would buy this game, it doesn't matter if you have an Xbox 360 or just an Xbox, it's worth it anyhow.

Replayability: Most definitely. You'll be trying to get to General rank and get all the medals and ribbons before long. It's almost as addicting as Halo 2.

Online? Yes. THere's never much difficulty in finding a game online.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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