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"Battlefield storms onto the xbox!"

Battlefield 2 Modern Combat is based of a long running PC series of games that pitted players with each other on large interactive battlefields and have ‘real' war like experience. However, this streaming series of quite addictive games has finally landed on home consoles.

This review has been broken down into three basic elements; Gameplay, Graphics, and audio.

Gameplay – 9 – (single player) the world of battlefield is as interactive as it gets, players will have the options to pick between four major military strong holds. These units consist of the NATO allied forces with Americans and European nations and the other selectable militaries are the main axis opponents of this fictional war; the Chinese and the newly formed MEC (middle eastern collation) these forces controlled by players will be able to maneuver around battle zones using military hardware such as helicopters, APC's and tanks and each faction has their own varied set. This draws more value in the gameplay, so picking a different faction will be different, as the game does contain about 40+ vehicles, some for land and sea and air! Each side also has their specific weapon kits. Such as the MEC has the less common AK47 while European forces stock L96A2 carbines.

Battlefield 2 MC has plenty of different variants of weapons i.e. Shotguns, assault rifles and the fan favorite sniper weaponry, but all these are selected through a system of character classifications. There are mainly five troop classes; Assault, support, special-ops, sharpshooter, and engineer. All classes play roles and have special tools for their jobs. This is where gameplay become a lot of challenge and fun. In a mission for example, if a tank is approaching and you're a sniper you can find one of your buddies from ANYWHERE in the map and switch over to him/her! This is known as hot swapping.

Hot swapping is basically what you'll use in the single player game. This is flat-out one of the coolest innovations in gaming history. Let me give you a setting; a snowy town in china, there are two tanks rolling down the pale streets; you're tucked into a corner as a sniper with your scope crosshairs ready to pick-off the infantry unlucky enough to cross your view. The tank starts raising its cannon at you… you could hot swap to a guy in an antitank helicopter, you could switch over to an engineer and have him blow up the enemy armor or you could even hot swap to another sniper to distract him while others attack him; see this is why the gameplay is so intense. Once you start its hard to stop.

In the single player, you also earn rank. You start at the enlisted ranks the slowly work your way to a warrant officer than a real officer! This too makes the player more addicted to the gameplay allowing for more challenge. Another similar feature is the fact that the player can be awarded with medals for achievements. These consist from everything too killing three opponents with one clip of ammo or highest parachute jump; it's all more to add to the extreme challenge that keeps you interested.
Graphics – 7.5 – Battlefield 2 modern combat try's to accomplish its graphics by placing the player in these massive maps in both multiplayer and single player. However, the level design looks much too bland to be enjoyed and can be considered pretty muddy looking compared to even early FPS on Xbox. This graphical slope really doesn't affect gameplay but it certainly doesn't help praise the games well thought out design. Basically, the textures are almost non existent and really show no signs of work ship at all. This is a huge disappointment since the PC versions looked so much more spectacular, but in the end you'll be too focused on playing to recognize the poor models and textures.

Audio – 8 – while the graphics don't meet Xbox standards at least the sound is good, and I highly recommend 5.1 surround sound. The game has all the great sounds, the weapons sound of brilliantly and you can really hear the power they are distributing. The casings of your ammunition ping of any surrounding terrain and result in a neat tearing noise as the round smacks the ground or target. In the game however, the audio is very languor and is very set to its atmosphere. The explosions and radio chatter however, can be described as the two flaws in EA's audio layout.; most explosions or blow outs sound like simple bangs as if a heavy object colliding with another. This and the radio that your allies use can sometimes get annoying as it seems to crackle to life every six to seven seconds. But the mass majority of the sound files and musical score seem to fit in perfectly to there events and gameplay of this battlefield title.

If you're looking for a somewhat exciting single player and a VERY intense online commuter then Battlefield 2 modern combat is need for your Xbox library.

8/10 - with addictive gameplay and loads of Unlockables; I'd say EA's done it again!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/05

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