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"A good Game.. A real Knockout"

Fight Night round 2 is a knockout
Being a big fan of the first Fight Night expectations were high for round 2... luckily in this game I was not going to be let down. From the moment I started the game I noticed everything that was different, the graphics overhaul, the ability to be able to punch while on the move. Not only that but now the new major features, such as the new clinching ability and the new corner man "cut man" feature. With all of these new features I was expecting it take forever to learn all of this, luckily again I was wrong.
Graphics.. 8
While as I said before this is a major improvement over the first fight night, Im not going to say these graphics are great. Though I was pleased with the new graphics, they still leave something to be desired. You will always notice the common things in all games, bad collision detection. Sure people will say that you shouldn't mark it down because of that, well, it is quite annoying. But other then that the sweat flies off when you connect with a punch, same with blood. All in all good graphics, not great graphics

Controls.. 8
Again with the 8, still people cant argue that sometimes with the default control, you feel somewhat unresponsive. Also I felt that sometimes when you are trying to do combos, the boxer wont do them. Very frustrating at times but all in all very tight controls.

Game play.. 9
With all of the new additions to this game, like I said earlier, I thought I would feel overwhelmed with new features. But thankfully I was wrong, after maybe a half hour of messing around I found that I could box with the best of them, and all of the new features fit in perfectly.

Career.. 9
One thing that makes this game so good is the fact that you can win multiple titles, a feature lost in the last game. With this and the new Hard Hits fight mode, it truly makes this a game to keep.

Sound.. 6
First off I am extremely mad at having to put this in here. This is the worst game sound track I've ever heard. I cannot stand this soundtrack, it is a selection of rap. Sad fact is im also a big fan of rap. This is only a good soundtrack if you can understand Spanish and like overrated talentless rappers, Of course this is all in my opinion. If you actually like this soundtrack... well more power to you.

Replay Value.. 9
For a person that gets bored of games quickly, for me to still be playing this game... is really saying something. I always find something new to do each time I play this game. It is a game that rarely gives you the same experience twice.

Overall.. 41/50 so about a 8.2 so we will just say 8
This game is great, no doubt about it. Think about it, giving an 8 isn't bad, it would have been so much higher if I didn't dislike the soundtrack so much. so without the soundtrack it comes out to a 9 about. That seems much better cause i just through on my headphones while playing now. Though cause I feel I must not alter my score cause of this it stays an 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/09/05

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