Review by Nelo_Portgas

Reviewed: 12/26/06

"Bang Bang, I shoot you in de head"

You like to shoot people, eh? Yeah well, a lot of people like to do that. Its human instinct y'kno? Hurt the other people and enjoy it. Unfortunately you cant go around shooting people in real life or you'd be taken down by a cop with an itchy finger. Thats why you can play this game.
Shoot up people and dont worry about life in jail or dying. All in the name of good fun of course, nothin serious. Anyway, on to the game.

Graphics: 9
So this is whats up, great graphics I tell ya. You shoot up a thing and it falls apart, falls down, blows up. And it looks good while doing those things. The weapons? I say THE most detailed weapons in gaming history.

This game is so realistically made up, when you reload your gun, you only focus on your gun and everything else gets out of focus. Looks great man, AND it adds strategy to your game. Cant go around reloading in open area, see? You do that and you're a dead man walking.

Only bad thing about the graphics is the enemies. Even though they look realistic, fall realistic, the thing is that they pretty much all look the same. Gets kinda boring to shoot the same people, eh? But thats the only bad thing.

Story: 5
This part is the worst the game has to offer. More'n half the time you dont know whats going on, who you're supposed to chase or kill or even why you're doing it.

The story is given in chunks after each mission and is showed with real life actors and bad camera control. It makes no sense at all and doesnt even matter in the big picture. This game is about shooting, not the story.

Sound: 8
What can you expect? The woosh of rockets, the zing of bullets, blowouts of gastanks, death screams... they're all there. Sounding all nice if you're into that sort of thing. Nah man, I joke. The sounds are very nicely put. Contextual and sexy. I especially enjoy the sound of splintering wood.

The music on the other hand is quite random. It sounds epic, I grant it that, but it kicks in at very random times. Who the hell has to the time to notice epic music when you're crapping green pigs out of fear of your impending death in the huge bullet-battle? Dont answer that, is what you call... that retro thing... rhetorical, thats it.

The voice... yeah, ok. They are ok. Nice sound, nice script but nothing to shout huzzah about.

Gameplay: 10
This is the place where the game gets a bullseye (a pun, or play or words, see?).

Amazing. The concept of; "shoot things", cut to its bone. That is why you do.
Weapons are in focus here and its all about shooting things, nothing about solving puzzles, nothing about hide-n-seek, merely a pure shoot-a-thon.

You get the basic (after Halo) 2-weapons at a time deal, adding some strategy to the mix and a couple of grenades to help you out. There are the regular rifles, sniping riles, RPG's, shotguns and even UZI's and belt-feeded machineguns to boot.

The beginning is, as usual, pretty easy, but later on the game gets harder and harder and you need to rely more and more on your brains. If that wasnt enough, you even get some higher difficulties a la Black Ops Mode.

In the higher difficulties, you not only have to fight stronger enemies, you also have to do certain extra mission to complete the main mission. It adds a lot of replay value to the otherwise very short single player part.

Overall: 8
This gets an 8. It does a lot of good things, but it also does a lot of mediocre things. Its fun and easy to pick up. Hmm... I'd recommend a rental ont this one for casual gamers, but if you like FPS's then you definitely need to buy this. Now.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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