Review by dionysosbaachus

"Lacking in a few areas but still a blast."

Black is Criterion and EA games much publicized first person shooter utilizing the powerful game engine developed by Criterion and further developed by EA called Renderware. Truely it showcases what this gaming engine is capable of and is a drastic change from the Burnout Takedown/ Revenge series that the team had originally created the engine for. Explosive gameplay is as abundant as anyone who has played the Burnout titles can expect.

Story - Not much here, we are dropped into the tale in it's closing stages only to play through the story through flashbacks. I would have like to see a more complete approach when it comes to story but it is just barebones. It is lacking any emotional ties that develop in titles with thrilling stories, where the player feels compelled to continue because of story arcs.

Graphics/Sound - Terrific, the graphics are top notch for an aging system, so great in fact that I am compelled to imagine it with sharper clarity and more details, as well as a slightly more explosive environment.

Control/ Playability- Although it doesn't allow for adjustment to sensitivity that is a mainstay for most first person shooters, I found it's sensitivity perfect. The game also features the option to customize buttons but too much customization can be a bad thing in that when the sniper zoom button is changed zoom with the sniper becomes unusable. But more so the lack of a jump or climb button really hurts. There are parts in which the character is unable to retrace their steps because of small ledges. This definitely detracts from the realism that the graphics and sound worked so hard to obtain. By low ledge I mean just that, in which the ledges could be called steps and are very low in height.

Play Time/Replayability - Short in comparison with the real masterpieces, it can be completed within 10 hours, however the immersion that this game presents will keep any first person shooter fan coming back for more.

Final Recommendation - If you are a fan of first person shooters than I urge you to at least play this game because you should find what you are looking for. Anyone who likes the Burnout games should also give this a play, if only to see what the engine is capable of. But for those that might not like first person shooters than look some where else because this game doesn't do anything new for the genre and even steps backward here and there, giving the progress made in the fps genre a bad reputation.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/07/06

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