Review by owenthemighty

"It had potential, but failed miserably."

Note to self: Never listen to the hype about games EVER again!

Gameplay = 5/10
Black is very cool when it comes to blowing things up and firing millions of rounds, but thats it. There's nothing special in this game, nothing. No strategy, no vehicles and it is definitely NOT realistic. Last time I checked, an RPG to the face killed you right away, and 20 AK-47 bullets was NOT the minimal amount to kill someone in the real world.

Graphics = 10/10
This is where the game shines. Black has one of the best FPS graphics out there for the Xbox console. The guns have dents and scratches on them to give them a "veteran" sort of look. The explosions are just amazing and the rays of light shining through ruins, you have to stare in awe. But this is what the game designers focused on, nothing else.

Story = 3/10
Umm.......did a Grade Nine english student write this or what? The game ends so abruptly, you had no clue that was the end. And they don't really go into depth about this "Seventh Wave" mumbo jumbo either. There were no severe twists in the story and it really didn't keep me on edge. Also, the story didn't stay with you in the middle of a mission, it didn't relate at all except for that was where your team was at the time, but nothing else.

Campaign Length = 3/10
This was such a disappointment that I took it back the day after I bought it. Eight levels? I know Supernintendo games that had 10 times that many levels!! Yes, some levels take awhile to beat (cough last level cough), but you speed right through this game in about 4-5 hours, which is SO freaking short for a game even 10 years ago!!

Sound = 10/10
Another aspect that EA and Criterion worked hard on, and did very well. From the sounds of an exploding car, to a flying RPG, to the collapse of rubble all the way to the terrorists screaming "Grenadia!", they all sound very, very good. And the music is very good too. It's like a orchestra right in your living room, and adds a great mood to the level.

Replay Ability = 5/10
Meh, you could play it again on a harder difficulty, and re-visit those cool moments, but you won't get any different outcomes (since the AI are idiots). And with NO multiplayer or splitscreen, this game is useless once you beat it.

Rent or Buy? = Rent
This game is a good renter for the weekend, but do NOT buy it!! Unless you like feeling ripped off, this game is a definite rent.

Total Score = 6/10
This game could have been the perfect online FPS, but that didn't seem to ring a bell in the designer's head. Also, adding a squad strategy ability and instant action would make this game a buy, but no, the designer's didn't clue on that either. Could have been amazing, Ea and Criterion, could have been amazing......

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/15/06

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