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    XBOX Live FAQ by psychochronic

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    Capcom Fighting Evolution XBOX Live FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic
    of Shoryuken.com (Brettdude in Gamefaqs)
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: February 19, 2006
    Notes before reading this document:
    1) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and 
    the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document 
    is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted 
    in part or inwhole or reproduced in any way or in any form 
    (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be 
    used in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling 
    it or giving it away as a gift. Although I am...the author in 
    the majority of the text, please respect the other authors 
    whose work I have included in this guide.
    2) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
    set on "Times New Roman" on Regular setting, Size "10" 
    and the screen resolution set on 1024x768. Use the Find 
    feature (Ctrl + F) to find whatever term you're looking for 
    easy mobility. 
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Why play on XBOX Live?
    3) Connecting to XBOX Live
    4) Navagation
       -Quick Match
       -Create Match
       -Sign Out
    5) In-Game Menu
       -Voice Option
       -Online Status
       -Sign Out
    6) Common Encounters
       -Connection (Lag)
       -Communication (Headset)
    6) Explanation of the Ranking System
    7) Contact
    8) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - February 19, 2006: 
    Compilation of Guide started and finished within 2 hours
    and 40 minutes!
    Why play on XBOX Live?
    A prime reason would be lack of offline competition.
    Released directly to the XBOX on May 2005 and not to
    the arcades, XBOX Live is moderately fair alternative
    to offline competition.
    XBOX Live allows you to play people around the world
    via network which is operated by Microsoft and servers
    running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    You can use your controller or use an arcade stick (sold
    seperately) and also use the XBOX Headset Communicator
    (also sold seperately) to interact with the opponent while
    playing on via network in the safety and privacy of your
    own home.
    Connecting to XBOX Live:
    First things first and you need the following:
    -XBOX console.
    -Capcom Fighting Evolution game disc for XBOX.
    -A high-speed connection (Cable or DSL).
    -Ethernet/Network Cables.
    -An XBOX controller (or arcade stick compatible for XBOX...
    whatever you prefer).
    -A credit card (or credit debit card).
    -An XBOX Live subscription.
    An XBOX Live subscription is required in order to make 
    your Gamertag (Microsoft's term for a network identification).
    A One-year subscription costs about $60CDN and can be 
    found at your local video game retailer. There are also 3-
    month subscription which can also be bought and a 2-
    month trial which are included afree when you buy a 
    certain game with the promotional offer in effect.
    Once you're done creatig your Gamertag, load up the game
    (Capcom Fighting Evolution) and enter your 4-sequence
    passcode using the directional pad, X, Y, Left trigger (L) 
    or Right trigger (R).
    When you first log on to XBOX Live, you'll be sent to the
    Main Menu (also known as Lobby) and you'll see the 
    following options:
    Start a match with no preferences:
    This will search instantly for an available match being 
    searched under the following conditions:
    RULE: Any
    MATCH: Either
    VOICE CHAT: Either
    If it doesn't search, it'll ask you if you want to create a 
    match under the following settings:
    RULE: 3 round
    MATCH: Domestic
    Press A to accept and host or press B to decline and go 
    back to the Main Menu.
    Search for a match with preferences:
    This will search for a match of your liking. Search choices 
    go as following:
    -1 round: 1 match, winner take all.
    -3 round: First to 2 wins.
    -5 round: First to 3 wins.
    -ON: Pyron and Shin Akuma are playable during the matches.
    -OFF: Pyron and Shin Akuma are not playable during the 
    -Domestic: Searches for players under Match Category 
    Domestic, meaning players under your languages settings.
    -Worldwide: Searches for players under Match Category 
    Worldwide, meaning players under different language 
    -ENG = English
    -FRA = French
    -ESN = Spanish
    -DEU = German/Dutch
    -PTG = Portuguese
    -CHN = Chinese
    -KOR = Korean
    -JPN = Japanese
    -ON: Searches for players with Voice Chat: On.
    -OFF: Searches for players with Voice Chat: Off.
    -NO PREFERENCE: Searches for players with Voice Chat: 
    On and Voice Chat: Off.
    Expect the unexpected for this option. When you enter 
    a game where the player sets the Voice Chat: On but doesn't 
    have a voice and the same goes vice-versa, it doesn't really 
    matter for this option.
    Corresponding Matches:
    This little window beside "Search Match" is how many 
    people are hosting under the conditions are set to. If it 
    says 0 matches, it means nobody is hosting under your 
    conditions. If no one has created a game under your 
    criteria, you'll be seen a dialog stating: 
    "No one meets your conditions at this time. You can either 
    change the conditions or wait for a while."
    If it says on top of the "Corresponding Matches" window, "
    Matches Currently Waiting: 0",  this also gives an option for 
    you to create a match.
    When you search the list of games will come up, it will give 
    you the following information broken down:
    The players' Gamertag.
    The person's letter rank.
    The amount of rounds you searched for (Refer to RULE).
    The langauge that their console is set to (Refer to MATCH 
    To see if they have Voice enabled (Refer to VOICE CHAT).
    The connection established between you and your 
    opponent being measured as the following:
    -GOOD: A good connection to your opponent.
    -BAD: A fair connection to your opponent.
    -WORST: A horrible connection to your opponent.
    When joining a BAD or WORST game, a message will say 
    under the player infomation: "The network conditions are 
    bad. Please note that your gameplay will be affected due 
    to network conditions." I say, play at your own risk.
    Advertise for matches:
    You can host own your game any the conditions that you 
    like. The available four options mentioned above (Rule, 
    Secret Character, Match Category and Voice Chat) are 
    the same except this adds a 5th option:
    -ANY PLAYERS: Any players can join. A public game if 
    you wanna call it.
    -FRIENDS ONLY: Only the people in your Friends List 
    can join your game. A private game if you wanna call it.
    4) RANKINGS:
    Display Rankings:
    In this section, you can see the top ranked players listed in 
    the following categories:
    -THIS WEEK'S RANKING: Display's the week's ranking.
    The ranking here resets every Sunday at approximately 
    3am EST.
    -THIS MONTH'S RANKING: Display's the month's ranking.
    The ranking here resets every first day of the month at
    approximately 3am EST.
    -TOTAL RANKING: Display's the total ranking.
    Once you select a ranking, press Y to see your ranking 
    position or X to see who's on the top ranked position. 
    They are sorted by the highest points (more information 
    on rankings are showing  further down the text).
    5) SIGN OUT:
    Sign out of XBOX Live:
    Self-explanatory. Simply sign out of the network option 
    and go back to the XBOX Live sign-in section.
    6) BACK:
    Return to MODE SELECT:
    This option enables you to go back to the Main Menu of 
    the game while still being signed in. This is an option 
    which is not found in any of the Capcom games (Capcom 
    vs. SNK 2 EO and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection) 
    called "Live Awareness".
    Live Awareness lets you play the offline part of the game 
    while still being logged online. You can play Arcade Mode, 
    VS Mode or Training Mode while the people in your Friends 
    List can see your status and can give your Friend or Game 
    Requests while at it. There is also an option on the Pause 
    Menu while you play your offline game called "XBOX Live" 
    which enables you to directly go into the Lobby and check 
    your Friends List in mere seconds instead of quitting and 
    logging back on.
    In-Game Menu:
    Similarly seen in Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, this 
    option enables the remaining options that were seen in the 
    Lobby on Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO:
    1) PLAYERS:
    Display your Players List:
    Display the recent players you've fought. This gives you t
    he following options here:
    -FRIEND REQUEST: If you have a friend who gets this game, 
    or meet someone online you  want to play again one day, 
    send him a Friend Request.
    If you have already played them in your current online 
    session, just go to PLAYERS, indicate the player then 
    press A. It'll give you a choice if you want to send a 
    voice message along with the Friend Request. Press 
    A to accept (an XBOX Headset Communicator is 
    required) or press B to decline to send a non-messaged 
    Friend Request. When sending a voice messaged Friend 
    Request, press the circle which records and you have 
    15 seconds to speak. Press the square which stops the 
    voice recording and press the triangle which repeats 
    your voice message for your review. Press "Send", wait 
    a few seconds and your voiced message Friend Request
    has been sent.
    If you have not played them before and want to add them, 
    you'll need to go to the XBOX Dashboard, click on "XBOX 
    LIVE", click on your Gamertag, go to the "FRIENDS" section, 
    click on "ADD FRIEND" and then manually type in their 
    -SEND FEEDBACK: Gives you the option to send feedback 
    to Microsoft about the player. The feedback goes as 
    -Good Attitude
    -Great Session
    -Bad Name
    -Threats or Harassment
    -Cursing or Lewdness
    The more negative feedback you send about the player, 
    the more chances Microsoft will look into the problem 
    and can result in that players having their Voice banned, 
    Gamertag under suspension for a short period of time or 
    the Gamertag to be permanently banned.
    VOICE: Gives you two options here about the players' voice:
    -ON: Sets their voice on. You can hear whatever they say 
    whether it's through your headset or your speakers.
    -MUTED: Mutes their voice. You can't hear whatever they 
    say no matter what.
    RANKING: Simply checks that palyers accumlated ranking.
    Once you select a ranking, press Y to see their ranking 
    position or X to see who's on the top ranked position but 
    it's set within a 50 rank range.
    2) FRIENDS:
    Display your Friends List:
    This option will let you see who in your Friends List is online
    and what game they're playing. When you're hosting a game,
    use this option to send a player in your Friends List a game
    Display your Voice settings:
    This option alows to you hear the opponents voice by your
    TV Speaker or your XBOX Communicator (sold seperately).
    If you don't have an XBOX Communicator, the game will
    automatically be put on TV Speaker by default.
    Another choice is here Voice Masking which enables you
    to alter your voice in many ways. Various voices like Fairies,
    Ducks, High-Pitched, etc...are available for your choosing.
    Personally, I find this option really annoying.
    4) SIGN OUT:
    Sign out of XBOX Live:
    Self-explanatory. Simply sign out of the network option and 
    go back to the XBOX Live sign-in section.
    5) BACK:
    Return to MODE SELECT:
    This option enables you to go back to the Main Menu of the 
    gamewhile still being signed in.
    Common Encounters:
    Before I'll explain anything further, there are things that you 
    have to deal with while playing the game on XBOX Live. 
    Here are a few points to take note of:
    1) DROPPERS:
    Also known as a Puller. The most thing anybody hates while 
    playing this game (or any game) and that's when the 
    opponent signs out while the match is still in progress 
    before they know they are going to lose or right as 
    they lose.
    If you have recieved the following message right before the 
    result screen (during the KO dialog majority of the time): 
    "The Communication is no longer available", it means that 
    you have been dropped.
    Why do people do drop? Easy answer. It's because you 
    both get a loss, instead of you getting a win. That's right, 
    they still get a loss, it's only that they wanna nail you too 
    and you just wasted some of your time.
    Things to keep in mind about this:
    -Some people do not know it hurts you and probably didn't 
    -Some people accidentally accepted another game invite.
    -Some think it keeps them from getting a loss, thinking that 
    the match didn't happen at all (It does if you're playing Guilty 
    Gear XX #Reload on XBOX Live, but not here or on any other 
    Capcom fighting game).
    -Sometimes the lag is unbearable and they quit, but it's only 
    good to do this before the match starts.
    What can I do about droppers? Simple options are here:
    1) Some people try to dropper lists of all the people that dropped 
    on them, or start threads on internet forums, but eventually the 
    list will be too hard to keep track of. do what I do and by going 
    to Players, then muting their voice to make reference of future 
    2) You can do what I do by sending them negative feedback 
    by going to Players, then going to feedback, then selecting the 
    one you think they deserve. The more negative feedback you 
    send about the player, the more chances Microsoft will look
    into the problem and can result in that players having their 
    Voice banned, Gamertag under suspension for a short period 
    of time or the Gamertag to be permanently banned.
    Also known as Lag. Just like every online game, whether 
    if it's on PC, PlayStation 2 or XBOX, there WILL be lag, 
    no matter what. It can affect gameplay and cause grief 
    1) It can be caused by one of the sides' PC's.
    2) It can be avoided.
    3) It can hurt any or both sides.
    4) It is not symmetrical.
    To avoid lag try playing only games that have a "GOOD" 
    connection speed. If there aren't many or any, next go for 
    '"BAD". The name "BAD"' is a bit  misleading because I 
    find 75% of these to be just as playable as "GOOD". Just
    try to stick away from "WORST" becuase you know they're 
    probably using a program such as Kazaa, BitLord or even 
    Internet Explorer. Anything to make you angry by lagging 
    you out and giving themselves the advantage in the 
    process is something you won't like.
    If it starts lagging in the early or middle of the game, just 
    leave because the connection if too much for you, they will 
    usually don't care (unless they are about to win or will take 
    the match seriously). Don't just leave without notice though, 
    because then you are just listed to them as another dropper.
    Ways to improve the connection are:
    1) Use Direct Connection meaning plug the modem straight 
    into the XBOX instead of using a hub or router.
    2) Turn off any programs that intensively or minimally use 
    bandwidth such as Kazaa, BitLord or Internet Explorer.
    3) Play at off peak-times (varies upon area).
    4) Turn off the XBOX and try disconnecting then reconnecting 
    the cables for a few minutes.
    A little bit of talking-smack on the headset or hearing it from
    your speaker is clearly acceptable but hearing obsessive 
    cursing, screaming and racial slurs are certainly not acceptable
    and you know you won't tolerate for it. Obviously, you don't 
    want to listen to that all match and you don't want a headache. 
    Here's what you can do:
    1) Attempt to win the match to prove your opponent wrong. 
    A little bit of smack-talk too just to rub it to their face.
    2) Simply remove your headset. Mute the opponent too if you 
    If the obsessive headache may come in and your opponent still 
    continues, do what I do; drop on him. A bad rule for a bad rule. 
    Don't forget that it wouldn't hurt to leave bad feedback for the 
    person either.
    Explanation of The Ranking System:
    I'm going to clearly state (and that's the truth) that XBOX
    Live rankings DO NOT FULLY JUSTIFY true skill and
    doesn't make (even an 0.01%) transaction from online to 
    offline. Anyone to take the XBOX Live ranking seriously, 
    must attend a tournament to fully see their gameplay 
    The ranking system also seen in Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO and 
    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection:
    As you may have noticed, you'll start at the letter R and the 
    more matches you do, the more your letter reverse your 
    reverses alphabetically until you hit B, then A, then S, then 
    SS. (which is why you start at R and not Z) What you may 
    not have realized is how and when it changes. 
    Here are the letters are broken up:
    R - 0-19 matches
    Q - 20-49 matches
    P - 50-99 matches
    O - 100-149 matches
    N - 150-199 matches
    M - 200-249 matches
    L - 250-299 matches
    K - 300-349 matches
    J - 350-399 matches
    I - 400-449 matches
    H - 450-499 matches
    G - 500-599 matches
    F - 600-699 matches
    E - 700-799 matches
    D - 800-899 matches
    C - 900-999 matches
    B - 1000+ matches
    A - 1000+ matches with at least 55% win ratio
    S - 1000+ matches with at least 60% win ratio
    SS - 1000+ matches with at least 70% win ratio
    When you get an A, S or SS ranking your letters will blink.
    The points you you recieve which goes to your total ranking 
    overall, as how you place against everyone else and 
    nothing else.
    Supposedly this is how the point system works:
    If you beat anyone with the same letter rank, or lower you 
    get 3 points added to your total.
    If you beat anyone a higher letter rank you get 3 points + 2 
    for every letter they are higher.
    Various Examples:
    -You're Rank F and beat a rank R player, you get 3 points
    -You're Rank F and beat a rank F player, you still get 3 points.
    -You're Rank F and beat a Rank E player, you get 5 points.
    -You're Rank F and beat a Rank D player, you get 7 points.
    -You're Rank F and beat a Rank SS player, you get 17 points
    -So theoretically you're Rank R and you beat a Rank SS 
    you can get 41 points.
    Thanks to MaxD for the information.
    The loser of the match gets ZERO points.
    The top 14 ranked players as of February 19, 2006; 3:33am EST:
    1) psychochronic (ENG)
    2) FIRA (JPN)
    3) Phil McFly (ENG)
    4) Sephius (ENG)
    5) Team Harlem (ENG)
    6) Mesopotamia (ENG)
    7) cobalt60 (JPN)
    8) JDubG (ENG)
    9) k177 m3 101 (ENG)
    10) sad machine (JPN)
    11) ex kuma (JPN)
    12) capjedah (JPN)
    13) Tonberrymasta (ENG)
    *I know my rank is #1 and I could care less. We all know
    Live ranks mean nothing. If you don't belive me, I play in 
    tourneys on a regular basis and I'm one of Canada's top 
    5 Capcom Fighting Evolution players and I have the 
    proof which clearly backs it up.
    *Out of all those only one, psychochronic, is not American 
    (I am Canadian).
    Contact me! Here are the following e-mails and internet 
    forums you can find me at:
    MSN Messenger/Hotmail: b_unit905@hotmail.com
    Yahoo!: psychochronic2004@yahoo.ca
    Internet Forums:
    Gamefaqs.com: brettdude
    Shoryuken.com: psychochronic
    MIRC (channels on EFnet):
    #Capcom (The main channel for Shoryuken.com)
    #Gamecombos (The main channel for Gamecombos.com)
    #Srkgd (The General Discussion part of Shoryuken.com) 
    #Srklive (The XBOX Live part of Shoryuken.com)
    My Fighting Game Site:
    XBOX Live Gamertag:
    Props to those who made this guide possible:
    MaxD for the explanation of the ranking system.
    It only took me 2 hours and 40 minutes to make this FAQ!
    Copyright (c) Brett Navarro 2005-2007

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