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    Co-op Walkthrough by Eddo89

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ______             _______                      
    /_  __/__  __ _    / ___/ /__ ____  ______ __ ' ___
     / / / _ \/  ' \  / /__/ / _ `/ _ \/ __/ // /  (_-<
    /_/  \___/_/_/_/  \___/_/\_,_/_//_/\__/\_, /  /___/
     _________      .__  .__        __                
     /   _____/_____ |  | |__| _____/  |_  ___________ 
     \_____  \\____ \|  | |  |/    \   __\/ __ \_  __ \
     /        \  |_> >  |_|  |   |  \  | \  ___/|  | \/
    /_______  /   __/|____/__|___|  /__|  \___  >__|   
            \/|__|                \/          \/       
    _________        .__  .__   
    \_   ___ \  ____ |  | |  |  
    /    \  \/_/ __ \|  | |  |  
    \     \___\  ___/|  |_|  |__
     \______  /\___  >____/____/
            \/     \/           
    __             ___             
    /  |_  _  _  _   | |_  _ _  _   
    \__| )(_|(_)_)   | | )(-(_)| \/ 
    Type: 2 players/Co-Op walkthrough
    Game: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Developer: Ubisoft
    Author: Eddie Chan (Ed13689/Eddo)
    E-Mail: ewcchan@hotmail.com
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Version: 1.3
    |Contacting Information
    I'm very open to comments, suggestions, constructive criticisms, error 
    correction, help or anything along the the lines of these. My E-Mail is 
    ewcchan@hotmail.com please do not flood or abuse it in any way, it will not be
    tolerated and would be ignored. When sending E-Mail, please put the subject on
    the title, I check all E-mail except regular junk but if you indicated I would
    read it straight away. Please do not include attachments. Any information or 
    alternative strategy you contributed would be in the form you send it to me and
    appropriate credit would be given. Follow these guidelines for a much better 
    time for all of us, thank you.
    |Legal Information
    This guide can not be reproduced under any circumstances except for private 
    personal use. It may not be used for profit making, or distributed without the
    written permission of the author. No part of the guide can be taken out or 
    edited in anyway. Doing any of the above is a violation of copyright.
    The only site(s) this guide would be found on are:
    Please contact me if the guide is found on any site other than the ones listed.
    You are welcome to use this guide on your website if you have contact me via 
    E-mail(ewcchan@hotmail.com) and ask for my permission long as you do not alter
    it in anyway. Latest version of guide are found on gamefaq and neoseeker.
    Hi my name is Eddie, this is my first ever FAQ written about the Co-Op mode of
    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Please do not ask queries about Solo or online 
    although I will answer you question to best of my ability. You would perhaps 
    noticed that my grammar might not be perfect, I apologize for this but English
    is not my first language. Please be sure you are fairly competent with the 
    controls as I will not be going over that in much detail, refer to other 
    quality walkthrough guides for in-depth info on controls. Please also be aware
    that while I'm writing the guide, I am playing by myself, relying on memories 
    of playing with my brother and through playing with 2 controllers, so what I 
    can do, both of you can do. Remember to contact with any flaws you encounter!
    Remember to post me any strategies you have(with full credits given) as well,
    I hope my guide is not solely my strategies, but a collection of it.
    Also, I am not holding your hand on this, I will let you find out things for
    yourself(such as door code). Please only refer to the guide if you are stuck,
    as it would be a much better experience if you figure it all out by yourselves
    Some general information you might want to know about Co-Op without reading
    guide. You need 2 controllers plugged in the PS2 for Co-op to be assesible,
    otherwise the option will be blacked out and cannot be accessed. Is not
    a requirement to play with 2 real person, you could quite easily complete 
    with one person, so those lonely souls out there, don't look away. The 
    missions consist of 4 main areas with each consist of 4 to 5 missions. Each
    of them is fairly short, round about the size of one checkpoint in solo 
    missions. If you add them up, it could be said each area consist of one solo
    Without much more interruptions, we shall continue with the FAQ!
    |Contents Table
    (1.3)Hints and Tips
    (2.4)Fish Market
    (2.5)Cyber Cafe
    (3.0)Chemical Bunker
    (3.3)Cyrgenic Chambers
    (3.4)Storage Room
    (3.5)The Docks
    (4.0)Train Station
    (4.1)Train Repair Station
    (4.2)Hydro Tunnel
    (4.4)The Station
    (5.2)East Wing
    (5.4)East Wing
    (6.1)Version History
    |(1.1) Controls
    I will go briefly on the general controls.
    X  Interact/reload
    O  Crouching/Stand/Drop down when hanging on something
    [] Equip/unequip weapon
    /\ Jump/Movements involves going upwards
    R1 Lethal attack/Fire Weapon
    L1 KO Attack/Fire secondary Weapon(Sticky,OCP)
    R2 Inventory
    L2 Co-Op button
    R3 -
    L3 Back to Wall/Switch shoulders in firing stance
    R  Camera movements
    L  Movement of Player
    Up EMF Visions
    Left Night Visions
    Right Thermal Visions
    Down Connecting to sticky camera(s)
    There is the basic controls, if you are not familiar with it, perhaps is 
    better to play Solo Mode first. The only difference is whistling is gone 
    replaced by Co-op button(explained later) and no EEV. Is kind of 
    unfortunate whistling is not usable, as I found many situation where
    it prove valuable. At least now you have a teammate to make distraction.
    Co-Op Actions
    Apart from the usual move, you can use moves that include both players by 
    using the Co-Op button(L2). This works by one person initiating the move by 
    pressing L2 and the other press L2 as well when nearing him. For example; the 
    short scale boost. Player in crouch position press L2 to initiate. Player will
    say ¡§ready when you are¡¨ or ¡§I'm ready, let's get this done¡¨ and the player 
    should not able to move for time being. Now second player walk towards and 
    press L2 and the move will be made. To get out of stance, simply press L2 and 
    you will resume normal control. These moves can used be anywhere long as area 
    allows it, if area do not permit the use of these moves, the you will have a 
    vibration from controller and player shaking head.
    Short Scale Boost-One player press L2 in crouching position. 
    This move is useful to get up a a ledge too far up for jumping to reach. Used 
    often in game, at times forced to use it to continue. This move propels the 
    second player up a as in a jump.
    Tomoe Nage/Long Jump-Press L2 at standing position. 
    When doing this, you will notice there is oval shaped thing that is green or 
    red, green means direction you can go and red means you can't so you must 
    move change jump direction until you can. This move propels this player 
    forward and not touching ground. Any NPC would be knocked out if they are 
    nearing landing point. Can be used to propel across water, laser grid or a 
    empty edge.
    Human Ladder-While hanging, press L2. Other player stand under, press L2
    Move is often used with short scale boost where you just climb over a ledge. 
    There is not many practical use for this. Be warned that if there is a fence 
    over head, this move cannot be performed.
    Static Co-Op moves
    These moves are only usable in certain position. It will indicated by popping 
    out a menu similar to open door, to initiate it simply press X and other player
    complete it by pressing X next to player(or position where the screen pops 
    out). I won't go into much detail here.
    This move basically moves one player down and the other stays on top. Is very 
    often used in the game. The Player holding the rope can shuffle side to side to
    move the position rappelling.
    Hang Over Team-mate
    Rarely seen in the game. Same as rappelling really, except top player controls
    everything, L1 and R1 controls going down and up respectively. Hang over player
    can press L1 to do a sit-up-like position, equip a weapon and do actions such 
    as pick up object.
    Stand on Team-mate's shoulder
    Not used too often. A player initiates and other player goes up. This is only 
    used to do some action at heights not accessible. You could equip weapon as 
    Other Actions
    Revive Teammate
    One you might use all too often on first Co-Op attempt. When a teammate is 
    knocked by gun fire, jumped on to by teammate or fell at great heights you 
    would need to revive him. Just go next to him and the option would be 
    available. You have 30 seconds to do so or it would be mission failed. You can
    revive each other 4 times max(each player have 2  healing items and can be 
    Share Equipment
    Equip same item to share. Not much use other than sharing sticky camera or the
    adrenaline syringe.
    | (1.2) Equipment
    Unfortunately, the Co-op players don't have nearly as much arsenal as Sam 
    Fisher, but is more than enough.
    SC 20K Rifle
    Your most potent weapon in terms of lethal attack. Generally, you shouldn't 
    need to fire any bullets but if the occasion does arise, it should keep enemies
    at bay. It also fires the sticky camera.
    5-7 Pistol
    Not as lethal as the SC 20K, but does the job done. It's purpose is the OCP. 
    The OCP can disrupt electrical equipment such as light, computer or anything 
    that can be seen by the EMF. Useful to draw guards and is much more subtle than
    firing at lights. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike Solo mode you need to hold for it continue disrupt 
    objects. So if you are getting through a turret, both need to  use OCP for both
    to get through. Not all lights can be taken out with OCP, in which you need to
    do without the dark somehow.
    Sticky Camera
    One of the most important gadget you have. Sticky Camera can let you ¡§see¡¨ 
    around things and zoom in on it. Great distraction as well by pressing [] which
    makes a clicking sound. When guard investigating come close to camera, release
    the gas(X) to knock them out. This is the safest way to knock out guards 
    without killing them. Be sure to pick them again if you haven't used gas with 
    Flash bang
    Not useful. Never in my game did I need it. It releases a blinding flash that 
    blinds all looking at it nearby temporarily, however enemies regain sight fast
    so you have to do what you needed to do fast. Be sure to look away from blast 
    as you too would be effected.
    Wall Mines
    Will not start in inventory, but picked up as you disable mines(get close to it
    and option would be available, green light you can move, red light you can't or
    it will blow). Not too useful as a gun is good as any kill someone and you 
    could be caught in the blast. If you want it to explode prematurely, aim and 
    shoot at it. A lot of times guards won't set off mines so might have to do this
    Frag Grenades
    Something you won't use much if you are going for 100%. R1 for straight throw
    and L1 for a more lobbed throw. Is perfect for making some noise and attention
    but just make sure you don't kill anyone with it.
    There are no stick shocker, airfoil, gas grenades or smoke grenades as well as 
    any other attachments for the SC 20K rifle
    |(1.3) Hints and tips
    *welcome to suggest some.
    -Use sticky camera as often as possible, and retrieve it afterwards. Take out 
    multiple guards with gas is more safe and effective than grabbing or shooting 
    as it won't expose you if it fails. 
    -Don't conserve your inventory. You get restocked every mission, so use your 
    equipment as wasteful as you needed coupled with the fact that each mission
    is very short.
    -Grab instead of knocking out where possible. Interrogation could complete 
    objectives and get door codes. Retinal scanner can be used by hostage guard as
    well. Saves the time of moving body at tight situation
    -Stay dark as possible. Lights is your enemy, if guard sees you at light, you 
    would be first to die. 
    -Time with each other when using OCP. Count with each other, to do the most 
    possible while you disrupting the lights/camera.
    -Use night vision to see camera vision and move accordingly.
    -Use EMF often. You would never know how hidden light switches can be.
    -Don't bunch. Stay apart if possible, that way you could attack from multiple 
    directions and less chance of getting away not fast enough. Be sure to indicate
    when you are going for the grab. Having said that, don't operate different 
    side of map. Chances of success with 2 is better than 1.
    -Use OCP on guard's computer to make him investigate.
    -Better to knock out than avoid. One less guard means less chance of them 
    finding bodies or finding you.
    -Look at light meter often. Places might be brighter than you believed. 
    -Be patient. Don't go kill yourself because you cannot wait for an opening. 
    You want to see a guard's pattern at least twice before you should make your
    -Communicate often. You can talk loud as you want while playing and sound meter
    won't jump a bit. Nothing worse than being wiped out together because no one 
    said who would disrupt turret.
    -When using computer, click on all options available. Make sure you also
    click on security access as well as that can be easily missed.
    | (1.4) Training
    PRIMARY: Get to the end of the level.
    Alright, here is the chance to hone your skills. I would be going through this
    very briefly as you probably can go through the level without me with ease. 
    In front of you is a door, which cannot be opened this side. You will need to 
    jump across the wall. To do this, go the left rectangle, crouch position, 
    facing outwards and press L2. The other player press L2 next to player and you
    will perform short scale jump which should take P2 to other side. Open the door
    to let P1 through. NOTE: The rectangle on right is for you to play around with
    over the shoulder move, which is no use in this situation. 
    Continue on and you should hear/see a security camera. Take out the pistol, aim
    at the camera and hold L1 on it(if you are accurate the pistol should have 
    green light and camera should be making a sound). P2 run to other side and into
    the cover. Now do the same over here, just don't go too far out from the wall.
    Next you need to Tomoe Nage over the laser and knock out the guard. Stand on 
    yellow rectangle, back to laser grid and press L2. P2 come close, press L2 and
    move executed. Go the switch to switch off the laser for P1 to go through and 
    Now here comes the tricky part. The wall on the left is too high to be jumped,
    so you need to short scale boost(crouch L2 to initiate). You can't initiate in
    front of the pipes. Now P1 should be hanging, don't go up press L2, and P2 do 
    the same and P2 should climb up P1's body and on the roof. Now go to edge of 
    yellow square by hole, initiate the hangover move and complete it with P1. The
    guy on top controls the movement of guy hanging, L1 to move down, R1 to move 
    up. Move down till you can use computer and switch off the grid. Go back up and
    drop down again. Now proceed the side the screen is facing.
    Now use the retinal scanner together, timing need not perfect to open the door.
    If you need help hacking check out of the walkthroughs. Proceed through door.
    Okay, now go the wall with barbed wire and do the short scale boost again. One
    player need to wait while the other go the end and climb the pipe to the top. 
    Go the yellow square to initiate rappelling. P2 complete it. Now player on top
    need to move side to side to avoid the laser, switch to thermal vision and move
    by press L1 and R1 to move to left/right from the point of view of top player. 
    There are 2 sets, should be easy enough. Proceed to door afterwards.
    Now there this gap. Tomoe Nage to get across and go to yellow square, go to 
    yellow square to complete mission.
    Okay finally we are here. Please note my guide will be written to get 100% on 
    each level. Additional guards would appear if you have trigger alarms, so 
    beware. When I say hack computer, I mean hack it and click on everything on 
    the menu. When I say use OCP or jam it, it means when using pistol, fire with 
    L1 in case you didn't read from before. I refer to P1 and P2 very often. 
    Anyone can be them, is just it makes easier to identify which player I'm
    referring to when they are in different positions. By no means these are the
    only way, there are various ways you can complete the objectives.
    | (2.0) Seoul
    PRIMARY: Infiltrate the hotel where Jong Pom-Chu is hiding.
    Alright first level. Hope you are used to the split screen, I sure did not when
    I first started. The corridor you are in are pretty safe so you can practice 
    whatever you want here if you did not do training. Head out when ready. 
    Player 1(from now on called P1) should go further up into the open but staying 
    in the dark. There should be a patch of dark left of the sign, stay there, make
    sure light meter at absolute nil. P2 stay by alley entrance ready to make a 
    move if need be. If you haven't notice there is a guard here patrolling. His 
    route is set so wait around for him. He would be remain stationary for a couple
    of moments when he faced the wall next to alley, standing in middle of light. 
    P1 would be positioned far too back to grab him in time before he turns unless 
    you are positioned perfectly. Experts could do this swiftly, but if you want to
    play it safe, wait for him to turn and head towards the building. Walk behind 
    him P1, make sure to not make a sound, when close enough grab him, interrogate
    him for the door code out of here. The length of his walk and his stationary 
    movement and in standing in the dark makes this ideal way of tackling him. 
    Interrogate him for a door code. Now when this is done, P2 rejoin P1 by the 
    building. There is door nearby you. Use optic cable to take a look of things. 
    A turret, a guard in the corner and a light that could be disabled with OCP. 
    Turrets point outwards to the street so you are safe long as you don't stand 
    in front of it. Right, the guard is your problem and is too light, Open door, 
    Use OCP with P1 , but make sure P2 can go through door. P2 go in taking 
    advantage of darkness switch off the actual light located and left side. Use 
    EMF to find it if you have difficulties. Mean while guard is investigating 
    and you should grab him from behind with P2. Knock him out afterwards or you 
    could just knock him out straight off for he has no information. Go to corridor
     far right and see a computer which only tells you the door code you already 
    know, so head to end, enter code and your first mission done.
    PRIMARY: Interrogate Jong Pom-Chu
    This is easy enough. Make sure you don't knock out the guy on the roof to the 
    right, instant mission fail, you have to grab him. He shouldn't come down if 
    you keep things quiet. Okay, P1 can head to the left and see the crate. You 
    can go between it and the wall to the other side. There is a guard there, keep
    silent, sneak up slowly step by step and knock him however you please, he 
    can't be interrogated. Now you need to get to Jong. The easiest way I found is
    from the corner where you just knocked out the guard, shoot a sticky camera to
    roof top  on the crate to the right. There you can see Jong pacing back and 
    forth and towards the front as well. Because is so bright the place where you 
    can jump to the top, is better to lure him down. If you wait a short while, 
    Jong should find the sticky camera and investigate. Then afterwards, 9 times 
    out of 10 he should jump down and move to a spot. P1 sneak behind him, make 
    sure to stay in the dark and grab him. Interrogate and mission completed. 
    (2.3) Gardens
    PRIMARY: Destroy the Chun-Ma anti-aircraft system
    This Mission has a time limit of 4 minutes. 1 minute is enough if you know 
    what you are doing. First off your destination is right across you. 
    Unfortunately, it is blocked by a gate of barbed wires, so you have to around
    clock wise direction. Things to be aware of is the mobile helicopter, turrets 
    and a laser. The helicopter, the most important thing when spotted is don't 
    stop, get out of its range and you should be save, but remember it can search 
    into a dark place. The turrets won't do you much damage if you run fast, 
    alternatively, use OCP while other player runs. There are 2 turrets, one at 
    the start, the other at the end before the anti-aircraft system. The laser is 
    right by the start to your left. 
    First off, you can disable the turret with OCP with P1 and P2 jump across the 
    laser, then do the same for each other wayround, or, both of you jump together
    over the laser. I prefer latter because you won't receive much damage
    (sometimes none) and while you are using OCP, the`helicopter could find and 
    shoot you. However, you avoid the turret, make sure you clear the laser. You
    can use the Tomoe Nage or  just an ordinary upright, running jump
    (don't crouch), if you hit the laser, alarm triggers and there goes
    your 100% and you would have a additional guard to keep you company. Now when 
    across, go to the dark corner to the left. Now go across the place that looked 
    like entrance to a temple to the other side and stop at the corner beside a 
    small ledge. If you had triggered alarm, that is where the guard will be 
    waiting. Now turn right and head straight for the AAS. Turret is there, again
    OCP or just roll(Press circle) and head to the back of the AAS. Now go close 
    to it and a interact option would pop out, press X to initiate shoulder climb, 
    and the P2 press X to complete the move and place charge. After Lambert 
    talking, mission is completed. 
    Important note, don't do anything in crouching stance. There is nothing to 
    hide from, and you need to move fast. Getting spotted by the Turret does 
    not affect percentage
    (2.4)Fish Market
    PRIMARY: Get to the Cyber Cafe where Jong is being protected. 
    Fish Market, the most difficult in Seoul by far, and my least favorite as well.
    Okay you start off by hearing our very own Sam Fisher, and then the little 
    comment afterwards. After our only communication with Sam, is time to go to 
    business. First off, don't jump into water, instant mission fail. This mission 
    contains a turret, 2 guards patrolling crucial areas and a wall mine. First 
    off, go to dock and turn left then jump down. You can see there is water 
    between here and other side, Tomoe Nage here as well or just walk around. If 
    you chose the Tomoe Nage, you would see a broken bridge, thankfully the left 
    side post is intact, walk across, ahead of you is wall mine, disable it and go 
    the far end, back against the wall, ignore staircase for now. P2 walk around 
    to right after Tomoe Nage stay in dark, keep quiet until both of you are same 
    position. Disable mine now if you both went around. Stand up run loudly, guards
    above should be alerted. If one comes down all the better, just knock him out 
    from behind, make some noise again and knock out second guard as well. If 2 
    comes down, is more tricky. From my experience, the place where you make the 
    noise is where they would walk to. So if you make noise left side of staircase,
    guards should move that way, so you should move to other side and ambush from 
    the back. When there is 2 guards, one would be in front by several steps, so 
    pick the one at the back drag him away to the other side, and the other player 
    wait for the first guard to turn back. Follow him to stairs, if he started to 
    go up, make some noise to lure him down and finish him, easy enough. Now head 
    up, and go in to corridor to left. One player OCP the turret while the other 
    get in and break lock(don't bother picking and don't panic, you have plenty
    of time to select break lock). Mission complete.
    (2.5)Cyber Cafe
    PRIMARY: Interrogate Jong Pom-Chu
    To last mission in Seoul, remember, don't knock out the last guy in the room, 
    we used Tomoe Nage on him, turns out he is Jong. Right, this mission consists 
    of 3 guards(2 in one room), a turret(in same room as guards) and very confined
    space. To do it the easy way, equip your your sticky camera. Open the door, now
    quietly move to the left till you are stopped by the furniture. Now shoot the
    camera just left of the turret's barrel so it hit on the other side of the
    wall. P2 be ready for a sticky camera use as well in case something goes wrong.
    Now P1's camera can have a look of things, if the conversations over, wait till
    the guard comes back where the camera is, if still going/or guard came back,
    make a noise(just one will do, persistence will result in guard shooting
    camera. Now both guards should be alert, wait till they come near camera(may 
    have to make more noise as they may move away) and release gas. If only one 
    knock down, P2 shoot camera immediately by foot of conscious guard and release
    gas, if you do it too late it results in Bodies Found. Okay once you knock out
    both guards, climb across the sofa toward the bar behind the turret. Move along
    the wall to the door diagonally left to where you started(you could use OCP to
    get across faster if you want). Now past the door jump down the hole and go 
    towards the other end to see a door and switches either side. With one player
    on each switch, switch them simultaneously to open the door.
    Now once inside keep to the left(in the dark) and go toward the switch(locate 
    it using EMF). Switch the light off with this and move back. The guard should 
    be come and switch it on again, when his back is turned, move in and knock him
    out however you like. Now move along the shadow in the middle quietly, got the 
    man on the left and GRAB him, interrogate to complete mission.
    Here is Seoul done, 100% rating for all.
    | (3.0) Chemical Bunker
    (3.1) Silo
    PRIMARY: Infiltrate the Bunker through the missile silos.
    *If got better strategy for first part, please let me know.
    The first part is the hardest, so be careful. You got cover with the missile in
    front of you but beware of the light. It moves from side to side so you could 
    be caught in the light and guards will see you and shoot. If you can wait till 
    the are together use a sticky and gas to eliminate both of them. Otherwise, 
    once  OCP the light while the other grab the guard when he is near the 
    missile(go to left side of the missile to grab him easily. Alternatively, you 
    can while the missile is launching, OCP the light while P2 run to other side 
    past the doorway and in the corner. Now you can get rid of both guards at same 
    with ease. However you like to eliminate them is up to you, but if you want to 
    get them close up, make sure to use OCP on light first. Use Camera if you want.
    Once you got rid of them, head down the ladder.
    Now once in inside, quickly turn the first left you encounter and into the 
    dark. Sometimes there would be a guard just by the next corner, get ridding of 
    him is easy, just camera and gas if you have it. If not make a sound so he 
    comes towards you, but he can't see you, back off until he turns around and 
    knock him out. Now go through the door way, turn left and climb when you reach 
    a climbable place. Initiate rappelling(try to do it far right as possible). 
    Avoid touching those red things, they trigger alarms, if you start far right 
    you only need to avoid one. Once down, turn the switch toward the left side and
    go back up same way. Now go back to room you first went in when you climbed 
    down the ladder. Climb up and turn the switch to get go down by elevator. Now 
    find a passageway, and go in. Be cautious as there is a gun turret which moves.
    OCP while the other player goes to the end and open the door. 
    Once opened the door, don't bother with using OCP on the turret again as when 
    upon entering the room, on the left is a switch that shuts down the turret. 
    Now on the far side of the room is a door. Either side of it is switches, use
    it simultaneously.
    Mission Complete.
    (3.2) Laboratories
    PRIMARY: Recover the protocol from the main laboratory
             Retrieve blood sample from refrigerated storage
    Confirm the intention to launch chemical weapons
    Discover the head of the bio-weapons project
    Retrieve video file of monkey operation. 
    First off, this is one of the most difficult mission regarding cameras, their 
    line of vision can be seen through night vision but it could be deceiving. When
    you start, whip out your pistol with the OCP, ahead of you is a railing turret.
    Jam it with OCP with P1 and P2 run to the left and hide by the crates. P2 jam 
    the turret, preferably when the turret is going right from P1 perspectives, so 
    you will have several more seconds in case the charge of jammer run out. Once 
    you are disabling it, P1 run to the left and hack the door to the mini lab. 
    There is a chance you will not have enough time, if that happens, exit and hide
    with P2 by the crates and try again. When you manage to open the door, go in 
    shut door, and open again(so door is outwards, now P2 goes in. This door 
    position would protect P2 when going in. Once inside, go the door on the left 
    and stick by the wall on on the right in the dark. The camera in front have 
    tremendous range, 2 steps in and alarm sounds. Ok, P1 jam the camera while P2 
    in crouch position head towards the computer there, luckily, is just outside 
    the camera range. Hack it, get door code to the refrigerator behind you. Once 
    you are done, P1 jam the camera again, and and P2 open the door, go right in 
    and take the blood sample to complete on of the objectives. Wait till charge is
    full again in OCP then run out, go for the doorway in front, P1 need not 
    follow. NOTE: There is a slight glitch when in the fridge, even though there 
    is wall with door close, if you move to where the camera can detect without the
    wall, you can still be spotted, so be at the back of room until camera is 
    Alright, now go the end of this tall narrow corridor and in the main lab room,
    upper floor. There are two guards/scientist in there which is a major problem. 
    You cannot knock them out with sticky camera gas as they are inside a camera 
    range. But before you do anything, listen to them talk, 2 objectives are very 
    often missed because of this. They should have two separate conversation, there
    is a slight gab between the 2 so be careful. Okay once they are done, take out 
    your gun and fire and the wall. This will alert them and they will run out. You
    need to do the same, run to where P1 is(who should be ready to jam the camera 
    again) and then out to the room. The spot is fairly dark so it should be save, 
    besides they don't go over there anyway. In theory, you can leave them and slip
    out while they investigate, but there is always a chance they will spot you 
    when you are at the main lab. Two guards out cold is better than two on high 
    alert. The key to knocking them out is not let them find nothing and head out 
    of the door, where you don't have luxury on dark with no threat of camera or 
    turret. To prevent this, P2 who should be deep in the room in the dark need to 
    jam the TV top right corner when the guard(s) is heading it, during this time
    P1, goes and grab. During many attempts, the first guard would investigate past
    the fridge and second guard would leave soon as he find nothing, which also 
    means he is isolated, making things easy. If both guards just investigate don't
    investigate further, you could better off gas them with a sticky as they go 
    out. If you interrogate them, they give you the door code to the place you are 
    in (8416) and the code to refrigerator which you got. Once you took care of 
    them leave by the way you came in, turn left and go the end. Beware of the 
    Now on your left is a small set of stairs. There is a camera there that scans a
    long range. Your safe spots are once you clear the stairs before the patch of 
    dark. You can split jump here, so P1 can jam the camera while P2 runs to the 
    end underneath the camera. Jam it for P1 to run through. The door here is 
    automatic(thats why I elect to turn left at the start as automatic doors 
    makes life difficult). Night vision is the word here. Check the camera, as it 
    is tricky, quick aim is vital here. Firstly, when camera is looking other way, 
    switch off the light(important if you ignored the guards). Now, wait for a 
    cycle for the camera to turn back, when it starts to turn back follow it, 
    just behind the ¡§light¡¨ and quickly take aim, and jam it. P2 run for the war 
    beneath it and use OCP for P1 to run to the space right of the computer. Now 
    is time for camera watch again. Wait till the beam is going back towards the 
    door so it just clears the computer, jam it with P2. P1 run and hack it. Once 
    successful, run back to where you were. Do that again to finish the objective 
    then go back to the space. P1 jam camera for P2 and go in the door. There is a
    small corridor and after that is another room with ANOTHER camera. This one is 
    a small bit easier. Stay on left side by the wall. P1 jam, P2 run to computer, 
    right underneath the camera. Wait for it to charge up, and jam the camera 
    again, now hack computer and mission complete. Get out of camera range while 
    Lambert talks just to be on safe side. Mission Complete
    (3.3) Cryogenic Chambers
    Create sample of the Anti-virus in the cryogenic chamber.
    Retrieve sample of the Anti-virus from the cryogenic chamber
    To start off hack computers either end of chamber. Get out quick after as stuff
    falls you will get damaged. If you look at the notes, it it tells you the 
    protocol as A2, B3, B1, A1, B2, A3. If you select them in that order, you won't
    get harmed. But a little damage won't hurt much. Now head to the door run to 
    the end of the corridor until you see a doorway. The same old story. One person
    jam it while the other run and repeat. The target is under the camera itself, 
    once both there, switch the elevator on the right hand side and go in. The 
    first thing you want to do is shoot the lights. There is no point of jamming it
    as you might need more time than charge can go on for. P1 should be by 
    elevator, P2 at the BACK of it, as if there is light in the front. Soon as door
    opens, shoot a sticky camera to one of the crates omn the right, shoot to the
    side so it is not looking back at you. The guards should be advancing to the 
    lift, make a sound and gas(usually they shoot the camera first), make sure both
    guards are out. It would be best if 2 cameras are shot so they can target
    individual ones. For a less cheesy way, flash grenades would help. With the
    lights out, they come close, throw a flash grenade and look away, then knock 
    them out. Either way, you have to knock them out as you need to hack retinal 
    scanners which is not in complete darkness. 
    Once you hacked the door successfully, door open go to the end. Intiate the 
    hangover move by the edge, drop till pickup object option is available, and 
    mission complete. 
    NOTE: Interestingly, there is a medkit that is only available via tomoe nage,
    pretty useless considering you got rid of all the risk possible.
    (3.4) Storage Room
    Retrieve viral sample from missile head.
    Ok, in front of is a laser grid. If you trigger the laser, a turret behind you
    would fire, is not much of threat though, sticking to the side would avoid
    getting hit and you can do a split jump as well. Generally speaking, just
    ignore it. When reach to other side, you can turn off the grid by clicking the
    switch at the same time. Call for elevator, which takes quite a while to 
    arrive, and go down(took me and my bro pretty long to figure that out).
    Once you hit the exit, quietly sneak to the end corridor, don't make a sound as
    a guard is coming. He won't come in, if not alerted. When he turns out, grab 
    him before he walks away(or knock him out straight off, either way is fine). 
    Guard below easily taken care of with a well aimed sticky camera. You can jam 
    the light and knock him below but doing the long range way is better. You 
    could make him come up with throwing the object. Or ignore him for the time 
    You know need to get in the room to get the missile head down. The room to do 
    that is to the your right, guarded by a turret. Jam it and head in the sliding 
    door when the guard is looking away from the door for there is some light 
    there, but you don't need to rush. Go and in the and click the switch, only 1 
    of you need to go in. Missile head will now come down, but the guard would be 
    suspicious if you haven't already knock him out. Simply wait on the wall 
    opposite the control panel. The guard will come in and go to there. Knock him 
    out. Don't forget to jam the turret when going out. Now head down the stairs 
    and hack the missile head, you need to hack 2 times, with each time 30 seconds
    within each other or mission fail. When hacked successfully, mission complete.
    (3.5) The Docks
    PRIMARY: Find the zodiac and extract from the mission.
    Last mission of chemical bunker already, fairly straight forward this mission.
    Ahead of you are a laser grid with two beams. One of them is lower than the 
    other, so disable that one while the other one can be went through with 
    crouching. If you trigger the laser, alarm would be triggered and a timer 
    would start to count down and you have to finish the mission before it is zero.
    Past the grid is a small large pit, jump down and go the other side. Use short
    scale boost to get up and human ladder to get up from there. Turn left and and
    climb up the ladder.
    Once up to the docks, stick to the left, which just happens to be in the dark. 
    Stay in the dark at all times even if it means making a little sound. There is 
    a brown crate. You can jump over it or go the left on a step. Follow this 
    little step so you are leaning to the ship. This way, the guard would walk past
    you not knowing you are there. Now walk till you past the stationary guard 
    there. Now you have to get rid of the patrolling guard for he can spot you in 
    the light in front. To get rid of him efficiently without any mess, watch his 
    path. Look at the tiles on the floor. Stand on the one parallel to the 
    stationary guard and wait till the patrolling guard in front of the stationary
    and walk back out. He should pause right in front of, once he turns, crept fast
    as you can silently to him and you know the rest. Now go along the wall with 2 
    two wall mines, disable them and walk to the end. Climb down the ladder, and on
    the dinghy. Seriously, use the ladder, don't jump. Me and my bro died twice in
    a role because we jumped down down and with the second player landing on the 
    first and bounced on the water.
    There we go, chemical bunker completed with 100%.
    | (4.0) Train Station
    (4.1) Train Repair Station
    PRIMARY: Deactivate the bombs under grand central station.
    SECONDARY: Find information on how to disarm the bombs.
    Look in the inventory, from now on you will have 2 sticky camera each now. 
    Also, you don't have a flash grenade, but rather an useless frag grenade so 
    don't be mistaken and blast the guards to smithereens. Another note on the 
    mission, number of guards vary a lot depending on how much you alerted the 
    First off go right to the end of the corridor, and initiate the dual rappelling
    and P1 go down and use the elevator(go up) and collect P2 and go down again. 
    Now turn left and there will be wall mine and go the end. Climb up the shelf on
    the left and then up the little step and to the top, make as much sound as you 
    want/can as it makes the next bit easier. Now up the top, go the other side and
    hang on the ledge. If you made enough noise, the guard should be somewhere 
    below you on the right. Align yourself so when you drop down, you drop on him. 
    If you didn't make enough sound or was too slow, just drop down to the ground. 
    My favourite way to get rid of him in this situation is when he is close to the
    wall to the left jump down straight off, you will lose health and make some 
    noise. The guard should be alerted now quickly walk to the other side, the 
    lightmeter will jump, all the better. He should follow. While P1 is busy taking
    the risks, P2, silently drop down and knock him out. If he is alerted to the 
    point he opens fire, another guard would appear, so thats not good, but that 
    ain't going to happen. Now once the guard is knock out, go the right of the 
    train and move all the way to the end. A door would be on the left, you have to
    get the code first, cannot be hacked. Now continue on till you see the train. 
    Move silently along, but watch whats in front of you. Is too easy to bump on to
     the guard. Not knowing. This guard could be problem, but just try and follow 
    him and knock him out when close enough. The easiest way is follow him to the 
    little room by the front of the train. He stands still here, so knock him out 
    there with ease. If you want to play the safe way, you can always shoot a 
    sticky camera and gas him. Depending on how fast you go through the first parts
     depends on  where the guard are at. If he is by the pillars, wait till him go 
    towards the front of train and grab him while he is walking. If you want wait 
    until he is in the room and deal with him there. Or even leave him, I never 
    tried it but in theory you can just leave him and hack the computer without him
    knowing. You can just wait till him he is by the front and right side of train,
    then go and hack the computer to obtain the door code and useless information 
    on the bomb you are disarming. Now go back to door and go in. 
    Now disarming the bomb. First and most important rule, don't cross the laser, 
    don't need me to tell you. Second, make sure you can feel vibration when the 
    controller shakes. Thirdly, the information on the bomb from the computer are 
    utterly useless. Now seriously, P1 move to one side of the laser, P2 to the 
    other. Slowly approach the source of the beam until the option to defuse pops 
    up. Now both of you are in the close up screen of the bomb panel, not that it 
    is important because you can do this blindfolded. Now move the analog stick 
    right and left and you should see the wire changing in which wire lights up. 
    Also, if you should discover that certain wire makes your controller vibrates, 
    this is the hotwire and it changes over time(5-10 seconds approx.). The goal 
    here is both of you cut the wire simultaneously. So move among the wires and 
    when both of you found it press X to cut it. If it is vibrating very strongly, 
    you can afford to wait till your partner found it. If it is very faint, wait 
    till you get a new one as that means it is almost changing. Important thing 
    here is communicate, remember to say when you got it and be sure to say when 
    vibration finishes. Despite all that, is not hard at all. I can do that with 
    one controller at each hand, which in a way is easier as you can feel both of 
    them. Now when you cut the hot wire, the timer starts, don't panic, thirty 
    seconds is more than enough time to do what you just done. Find the vibrating 
    wires, and them it at the same time. Mission Complete.
    (4.2) Hydro Tunnel
    Disarm the second bomb
    Disarm the third bomb
    OPPORTUNITY: Find information on how to disarm the bombs
    Firstly, make sure you are confident in disarming bombs, don't want to blow the
    second bomb after all the hardwork. Look above to see how to disarm. This is 
    quite a long mission, brace yourself. Be careful as possible.
    To start of you need to get across the gap on your left by using Tomoe Nage. 
    You need to be at the very edge to do this. The fastest ways to do this is go 
    over the ledge and drop down so you are hanging on it, then get back up, stand 
    up and initiate it. Is very frustrating to making it work.
    P1 who is on the otherside, go up the stairs on the left. When up follow the 
    rail and initiate rappelling. Is pretty hard to spot it, but if you use night 
    vision, the ground should have a stripe very visible, stand by the edge of it 
    and the menu should pop up. P2 needs to find the rope, which also is hard. If 
    you look at the gap P1 just jumped across, to the left is a pillar, the rope 
    should be on the left side. Find it and get up. To the right of P1 is another 
    gap, you will need to Tomoe Nage it as well, but first you need to finish the 
    opportunity objective first. Move back down the stairs and climb down the 
    ladder in the hole.
    Now this is the most difficult hack in the whole game comes. When you are down,
    go down again with the stairs, turn behind you can see a security camera and 
    you need to hack it. Unlike the ones in Laboratories, this one is stationary, 
    that means you can not buy yourself some time with the position. Easiest way 
    to get round this is one person jam it(surprise surprise) and the other hack 
    it(another surprise). The hacker position below the camera, jammer, anywhere 
    you can jam it. Make sure the hacker have quick reflex and thinking. To buy 
    yourself that split second more, move in the area of vision first, when camera 
    makes a sound immediately jam it. Hack, retreat back to position and retrieve 
    the information afterwards when OCP charge is full again. When done head back 
    up again to the very top where you rappelled and to the Tomoe Nage again. Once
     on the other side, look at where you came from, look on the ground, see the 
    stripe, where it is at the edge, you can initiate rappelling. The player who 
    initiated the Tome Nage, go back down the stairs, the rope should be by the 
    pillar, the side between the pillar and staircase. Up you go and enter the 
    doorway behind you.
    Firstly, there is a wall mine here, disable it. Now once you get to the end. 
    Climb up to the platform with the ladder, stick to the wall when above while 
    one of you switch off the lights. Now wait for 2 guards to come one should come
    up and turn the lights while the other would run past underneath. Ignore the 
    latter one and knock out the one who turns on the lights. Now go down, and go 
    to the end, you should see a laser clearly, disarm the bomb, remember cut the 
    vibrating wire together. Now once is done, go forward and go the right side 
    where there is a ladder, go up and head to the end. Now you need to short 
    scale boost to get up. Do it by the side where you are back against the 
    net/wires, human ladder up once you done the short scale boost. Once up, move 
    to the end, past a room very well lit and to another big room. The next part, 
    be patient and very careful.
    The next room consists of 2 guards, be very careful. You are stuck on the 
    corner as the other 2 directions is too light and you will be hiding from 
    bullets rather than eyes. So make use of what you have here. Fortunately, a 
    guard walks past where you are, he should be walking past you pretty soon 
    after you entered. Knock him out anyway you like, just use L1 to deal with him.
    To be safe you can shoot a sticky camera on the ground to be safe. The other 
    guard down stairs is a bit more tricky and annoying. You have to use sticky 
    camera to be safe, or be very quick off the mark and run past the lights to 
    the other side. This way you still have to deal with him, who is in the light 
    but at least you don't need to wait, and be more aggressive. Use sticky camera 
    and gas just the same. At the very end is the bomb, disarm it. 
    Mission Complete.
    (4.3) Subway
    PRIMARY: Disarm the fourth bomb.
    OPPORTUNITY: Find information on how to disarm the bombs
    Possibly one of the hardest, if not the hardest. There are virtually no useful 
    completely dark spot without walking in the light, and the place is littered 
    with semi-dark spots that could only give you so much cover. This mission is a 
    classic in working a part as you need to distract guards both of ways to make 
    it possible to actually go on the platform. Sticky camera is vital in both 
    knocking out AND for reconnissance. The key is making the move when no one is
    looking your way. The bomb is in the middle of the station, so don't walk 
    through it not knowing.
    To start off, P1 crawl under the train twice so you are on the other side of 
    level. P2 throw a frag grenade(yes, a frag grenade, make sure no one is by the 
    blast though or you will the guard) far right as possible so you explode the 
    wall mine as well(just for effect's sake). With that blast, even the deaf can 
    here it and surely the guards would investigate. A fire from the rifle will do 
    as well. During all that mayhem, P1 climbs on to the station platform, here is 
    sticky time. P2 can shoot a sticky camera by the pillar that is seemingly in 
    the middle if climb on the ledge behind. If all goes well, make a sound and 
    both guard investigate and comes by together. Gas them to eliminate. If you 
    prefer another way as this have a great chance of failure, wait till the 
    seperate again, one guard should be patrolling one end again the other 
    patrolling the other end. P1 slowly tries to sneak and grab the guard, you can 
    do this in light if the guard on other side is not looking that way. Now do 
    the same again for the other guard. Go to the other half by going behind the 
    laser by going behind the pillar where the bomb is placed. P2 possibly could 
    distract him with gun fire on sticky cameras, seize that chance to knock him 
    There is numerous ways of passing that part, and for the most is pretty 
    unpredictable, so it won't surprise me the strategy won't work for you(the 
    timing would be way off as well, with me using 2 controllers and every time 
    I play with my bro taking ages to actually get a decent plan working). Is best 
    if you place 2 sticky cameras around the place to keep a look at things. If you
    try a method of sticky camera gas, be sure you attract one guard so they other 
    won't notice, if you find gasing them at same time too frustrating to try again
    and again. You don't really need to crawl the train twice, quite possibly, you 
    can sneak behind the train then go in the compartment and hide behind the 
    (4.4) The Station.
    Get the virus from the locker
    Get the locker code from Chu
    This mission could become pretty frustrating, be aggressive in what you do but 
    remain stealthy. You will know what I mean in a second. First off you need to 
    get to the upper level.To do this, go to the  right, where there is a slightly
    lower point of the wall where you can short scale boost to get up, 
    unfortunately you cannot do a human ladder here, so don't bother trying. Climb
    the ledge to the right once up and go down on the corridor via the right 
    hand side. Paitently wait for the target and guard to 
    come near you and talk for a bit. Remember to keep in the dark until they are 
    still. Now sneak far left as possible, just behind the target, and grab him. 
    The guard should say what was that or something, but don't worry, pull the 
    general quickly as possible back to the dark and then move back to the right 
    against the war. The guard should search but will not find you and becomes 
    stationary. Now thats where P2, who is below comes in. He should now be facing 
    away from staircase, quickly and silently go up the stairs and then turn right 
    and go and knock the guard off. If the guard faces the other way, P1 could 
    just interrogate and knock out the target then the guard as well. I've tested 
    this a lot of times and I am positive it will work. If that doesn't work for 
    you, try the longer, more frustrating but safer alternative. 
    At the start, do the same. Get up via short scale boost, then wait till the 
    past through. Now when they are about to turn the corner, both of you sprint 
    to the left corner behind where you would start. P1 up the top sprint anti 
    clockwise direction so he go past the stairs and past the opposite corridor in 
    the corner. P2 up the left stair case. You should have just enough time.(if 
    you feel you can wait more, don't go past the last corridor, but stick by the 
    staircase). When they past by, they should be side by side, and just like them 
    side by side, sneak up to them and grab one each. Interrogate, knock and leave 
    by the path between the staircase. A double switch once you reach the end, door
    opens, run to the post, no need to jump, slide down, double switch again and 
    Now, make sure the coast is safe, walk out of the elevator, and then along the 
    corridor. There is a door coming up on the left, make sure you see no guards. 
    Normally, the guard don't come till slightly afterwards, but no point risks now
    you came this far. To be safe side shoot a sticky camera so you could see the 
    corridor beyond the door. If you are certain it is safe and pretty quick about 
    it, walk to the corridor beyond the door. If you are not too confident, I 
    suggest you wait till the guard walks in the door, then go past the door. It 
    should be dark, but is also narrow. At the most narrow point, do a split jump. 
    Wait till the guard walks by and land on him, he wears mask so sticky gas won't
    work. Now once he is taken care of, go to the end and go in. Be sure to keep 
    things quiet for there is a sleeping guard. You can always get rid of him but I
    suggest to leave him. Now look among the lockers. Use the EMF where there is 
    white densely on the left, go over there. What you saw is a wall mine, disable 
    it and open the locker. Mission Complete for the the Train Station Missions.
    | (5.0)Panama
    (5.1) The Alley
    PRIMARY: Get in the archives in the administration building
    Secondary: Gain Entry into admin building without one alarm
    Gain entry into the building without killing anyone
    Retrieve all data from computers
    Alrighty, now, first off get off the truck. Have P1 stay by the corner on the 
    left truck while P2 go on the left side of the truck. There is this rubbish bin
    and pick up object is available. Pick it up, now look across to litted place 
    with the 2 guards. When they are talking, throw the object at them. This should
    alert them and speed up the process rather than wait for them talk, this method
    I will explain after. 
    Once they are on the alert, they should come down the ramp and have a walk
    around. P2, don't walk in front of the truck, as the lights are very deceiving,
    just wait. Eventually they would walk either side of the truck, and needless to
    say, P2 grab the guard when he walk by, you got plenty of time so don't do a 
    mad dash. P1 who is patiently waiting in the corner need to use R3 to stick on
    the wall. Wait for the guard walk past, he should not notice you even you used
    R3 and hide in the little gap. Knock him out. 
    The other method is wait for them to finish talking. One of the guard will go 
    in on the computer while the other would walk down the left side of the truck.
    KO him while he is walking just like how P2 did it before. The other guard is
    just as simple. 
    Whatever method you chose, you still need to go to the computer room, if you
    chose the latter, remain utterly silent. P1 go behind the crate on the platform
    the guards are talking, to the right. If you go there, notice you can walk by.
    P2 jam the security camera just above the door. Now walk to the door, if the 
    guard is there knock him out and then hack the computer for the door code. 
    Now exit the room again and go back to where you started. Jump on top of the
    truck. Run and jump to hold on the end and climb up(be sure to be in upright
    position). Make your way up to the top by climbing the ladders(jump to get 
    hold of them). Climb on the bin and jump and do the flying fox across the the 
    top. Open door using code. Use computer. Now, past the door way is a camera.
    Use the EMF, once you can see it jam it, now P2 run and turn left, open door
    using same door code and mission complete.
    (5.2) East Wing
    PRIMARY: Gain access to west wing
    Secondary: Finish without one alarm
    Opportunity: Finish without killing anyone.
    Quite long for a co-op mission I think. The 2 sticky camera each may prove 
    valuable here. Start off by pick up the bottle(object) and throw at the wall 
    near the guard down the corridor. He will investigate, KO him as always.
    Once done, move along the corridor, jump down the opened lift on the right. To
    the left you can initiate a climb shoulder. Do it and place fuse when option
    appears. A hatch now opens. Go down, open the lift door and go the end of the 
    long corridor, try make little noise as possible.
    Once at end of corridor, go in the doorway. P1 turn sharp left, STICKING by the
    wall while P2 go to the corner straight across and wait. There should be a 
    guard on the computer, using EMV, try to jam it just for a moment. This makes
    that guard and the other guard investigate. I replay this bit so many times, I
    am sure of the guard's path. The guard on the computer will walk towards P2, 
    then go across the desk and towards P1. Guard upstairs will be here by now, 
    and they investigate around P1's location. One of them should go towards the 
    door way you came in, not too long after that, both of them walks toward where
    P2 is, one from the way P2 went over there, the other, left of the screen, so
    the guard on the other can't see each other. P1 grab guard on the left, don't
    worry about not going fast enough, while P2 sticking by the back wall go
    behind the guard while he is walking and grab him.
    Once the guards are down and out. Go up the stairs. There are cameras, jam them
    first but they are easy to spot. Now go the top and on the far left is a hole 
    in the roof. Short scale boost and human ladder to get each other up. Now once
    up P1 go all the way to the end until you see go no further stopped by a net.
    P2 in front of you see is a switch if go close enough, switch that and gate in
    front of P1 opens who jumps out. P2 go where P1 was, there is a switch outside
    doing the same thing. 
    NOTE: A lot of E-Mails regarding the fact the can not get up the hole in the
    roof. I do not have a definite answer to why but make sure that when attempting
    to go in, you are jumping in the right direction. Other than that you may want
    to hack all computers,any difference it makes I have yet to check but remember
    to hack the one by the desk nonetheless. The reason that you cannot get in the
    hole maybe is because a net is blocking the hole. I again do not know why, as
    on default this should be open and can be closed temporarily when opening
    the other gate as explained above. My only guess is it got to be a glitch that
    game messed up the way the gates/net are supposed to be placed. If this occurs
    or cannot get past this point in anyway, the best rememdy for this situation 
    is to reset and try again.
    UPDATE: Ce3sJ@h and Arieman has sent in that it is in the computer that you
    unlock the gate to access the hole in the world. Clear of all guards then
    access the computer on the ground floor.
    Climb down the hole on the roof. Laser grid here, drone here, cross the laser
    and activate the flying turret. Does it matter? No. To the right is retinal 
    scanner before the flying turret blast you to pieces. I can't find a way to 
    avoid the laser perfectly anyway. Just hack the scanners fast you you are fine.
    Ideally, avoid hacking the scanner until it is on the other side of the room.
    Once done, Mission Complete
    NEW: Deanna has sent in a method of how to avoid the lasers with ease.
    |What you do is, after you have jumped off of the ladder into the room with   |
    |the lasers from the glass roof, you get up onto the bench beside you and jump|
    |in order to grab on to the metal bar above you on your left. You then shimmy |
    |over to the left until you are holding on to a larger bar in the centre that |
    |you can climb up onto. Next, walk forward until you reach the door, and jump |
    |down to the retinal scan."                                                   |
    (5.3) Archives
    PRIMARY: Get Information in the archive room
    SECONDARY: Interrogate VP
    Finish without one alarm
    Finish without killing anyone
    Climb down the open door, try not to make much noise but is not vital. 
    Excessive noise quite easily lead to alarm here. Now when you have climbed down
    you should be at a little roof, the vice-president office is just below and by
    now he should be by the window to investigate the sound you were making when 
    you were coming down. Ideally, you should wait for him to look away then jump
    to the post directly in front of you, but is not a necessity. Slide down to the
    bottom and climb up the wall right underneath the window. Now normally he 
    should still be quite alert, if you have massive amount of patience, just wait
    till he sits down again, or when he is pacing around the room and not looking 
    at the window, climb up and slide to the dark corners soon as possible. If you
    made a hell of a racket when you climb down from the start he should already
    left the room so you don't have this worry, but risk alarms, but thats a 
    small possibility. If you took the way down in utter silence, he should be on
    his computer. Where ever he is or doing, one thing remain the same, you need
    to grab him, and interrogate. If he is in the office still, just buy your
    time to make the move, if he left, you need to proceed to the door and should
    be in the room after the corridor, personally it is easy to grab him there, 
    but doing at office is just the same. Don't forget to use the computer as well.
    if you done all you can in this room, go through the door and on the corridor,
    the door on your right, make sure both of you are in the dark before opening
    the door and be sure to be quiet when you are making your way through.
    Open the door, P1 slide over to the right side, sticking to the wall which is
    dark while P2 sneak to the left. The guard should be walking in a set path, 
    so wait till he comes by. When the guard is near where P1, grab him, if you
    cannot reach him in time, P2 grab him, just make sure you don't make a sound
    and stay in the dark. if both of you fail to knock him out, wait for another
    round. If you are struggling, shoot a sticky camera and gas him when he walks 
    by. Key here is not to take risks. If you haven't already done with the
    vice-president, look over to the right side behind the shelf, grab him, 
    make him talk and knock him out. To proceed, between the middle shelf
    and far shelf on the right, on the ceiling is a hole, jump on to the the table
    and up into the attic for a brief while, jump down the gap next to you to 
    another room with a loud TV. Only P1 jump down to the right hand side in the 
    dark and back against the wall. A guard will come in and watch TV. The most 
    efficient way is to shoot a sticky camera at the TV and gas after the guard 
    stood up. 
    Now exit the room and then turn left into the corridor and stick by the wall on
    the left until you see the computer, very important as  there is a camera on
    the right at the far side. That camera strangely enough, deactivates once you 
    jammed it. Before accessing the computer do 2 things. P1 climb up on the 
    balcony on the RIGHT from the point of view of where you came in. At the end 
    there is a sealed door, shoot a camera just next to the door on the right, 
    P1 should do that and then hide in somewhere dark and be looking through the
    camera. P2 now use the computer, once press everything, exit the computer and
    make your away back into the dark ASAP. Now that sealed door opens and guard 
    comes, gas him now or never, it is too hard to knock him out once he gets 
    back in his room. Hack the computer on the side and use the keypad to open
    the final door. Mission Complete
    (5.4) Server Room
    PRIMARY: Get files from the server
    SECONDARY: Finish without 1 alarm
    OPPORTUNITY: Finish without killing anyone
    To the Finale at last. Quite a disappointing one actually as it very easy.
    If you hacked the computer on the last mission just before the end, you will
    be given the code to the keypad. Before that though P1 go up the gate upright 
    and press L2 so that you do the Tomoe Nage. Once gate opens, complete the move
    and P2 should jump straight across the laser grid. Aim straight, or you will 
    not make it over the laser. To the left is the retinal scanner to deactivate 
    the grid.
    Now once you got the grid down, jam the camera on the other side and proceed
    through. There is a double door, and the guards watching a movie probably.
    If you are quiet coming here, they shouldn't be alert, but if you made a 
    racket, you have a much tougher time. If you are perfectly quiet, open door 
    shoot sticky camera between them and gas(actually they shoot it and knock 
    themselves out because of the gas). To their right, you get to climb up to the
    ceiling again, proceed through the ventilation path and do a hangover at the
    end. Drop down till you get the object, and back up again. Place fuse when you
    are by the ladder and climb up. Once on top, first thing you do is jump down 
    on the right, so you are by the stairs, now walk next to the stairs, and go 
    to the end and wait(You should be just underneath the walk way above). Wait 
    for 2 men to come, the first one is a guard, you can't do anything about him,
    the second guy is the technician you need. They go one behind the other, grab
    the tech and then move under the stairs quickly so the guard walks past. You
    cannot remove the guard, if you knock him out the tech dies for some reason,
    is not as though he will be a problem. Now with the tech as hostage, go up 
    the stairs, stick to the wall on the right so the camera won't detect you,
    all the way to the end and use the retinal scanner with him. Do the last 
    part soon as you got the tech, the guard eventually patrols upstairs and 
    would make life twice as difficult.
    Mission Complete for Co-Op. If you followed every single thing I said, it
    should be 100% completion. Unfortunately, this doesn't do anything other
    than bragging rights, but thats more than enough, we are not little
    children that need a prize for everything, are we? At least we get 100%
    pop out from the screen several times after final mission, thats satisfying
    enough for me.
    |(6.1)Version History
    Started FAQ
    August 5 2005 version 0.1
    Added Contact Information
    Added Legal Information
    Added Introduction
    Added Equipment and Hints & tip section
    August 16 version 0.2
    Added Training level
    Added and completed all of Seoul levels
    Added Silo level walkthrough
    August 18 version 0.21
    Added Laboratories levels
    August 20 version 0.3
    Added the rest of chemical bunker missions
    August 26 version 0.31
    Added the train repair station.
    August 30 version 0.4
    Added Subway
    Added The Station
    August 31 version 0.7
    Format the guide to regulations size
    Fixed errors in (3.3)
    Major crack down on spelling errors
    September 10 version 0.8
    Added Panama levels
    September 12 version 0.9
    Fixed bits and pieces on the guide. 
    Touched up strategies a small bit
    October 24 version 1.1
    Fixed up errors in (3.1)
    Added notes in (5.2) regarding not able to get past a certain point.
    Edited some parts of (1.2)
    Added more information to (1.3)
    Added missing reference numbers in (1.2) and (1.3) sections
    January 04 2006 Version 1.2
    Added in new strategy for section 5.2
    Done a few fixing around the guide.
    April 23 Version 1.3
    Added in new information on 5.2
    Me for writing the guide
    By Bro(who shall not be named :) for playing through with me
    CJayC for creating the most successful gaming site in the world.
    Deanna for method in 5.2
    Ce3sJ@h and Arieman  for advice on 5.2
    Ubisoft for creating this game.
    You for reading the guide and give it a purpose.

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