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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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         ____________ |¯¯| (¯¯) _____/¯¯|_ S P O I L E R - F R E E |¯¯| |¯¯|
        /  ____,____ \|  | |¯¯|/    \   __/¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯¯\ _/¯¯¯¯\/¯¯¯¯\  | |  |
        \___ \ |  |_) )  |_|  |   |  \  |(  ¯¯ /  |¯\/ \  \¯¯(  ¯¯ /  |_|  |_
        /___  )|   __/|____)__|___|  /__| \ ¯¯¯\__|     \  ¯¯¯) ¯¯¯\____)____)
            )/ |__|                )/      ¯¯¯)/         ¯¯¯\/ ¯¯¯\/
           //                     //         ((  C H A O S   T H E O R Y
     _____/(_____________________/(___________)\______ ___________________________
    | FAQ 'n' WALKTHROUGH by Shotgunnova / P. Summers | shotgunnova [@] gmail.c0m |
        I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
       II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS
           Stealth Techniques................................................ STLT
           Interaction....................................................... INTR
           Camouflage........................................................ CMFL
           Weapons and Devices............................................... WPNS
      III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
           01) Punta Blanco Lighthouse [Talara] ............................. WK01
           02) Maria Narcissa Cargo Ship [Pacific Ocean] .................... WK02
           03) MCAS Banco de Panama [Panama City] ........................... WK03
           04) Penthouse [New York City] .................................... WK04
           05) Displace Offices [New York City] ............................. WK05
           06) Sapporo Private Retreat [Hokkaido] ........................... WK06
           07) NKA Coastal Battery [North Korea] ............................ WK07
           08) Seoul [South Korea] .......................................... WK08
           09) Shinjuku Bath House [Tokyo] .................................. WK09
           10) Kokubo Sosho Defense Ministry [Tokyo Bay] .................... WK10
       IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN
        V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
       VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
      VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                         ____          |  |          ____
        L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
        L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                      /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                     / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
    DIRECTIONAL --> ( |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)) <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
        PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                    )            ____        ____            (
                   /            /    \      /    \            \
                  (            (      ) __ (      )            )
                   \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                    \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                     \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                                (L3)          (R3)
     The listing below is for the default controller setting. Although full
     personalization isn't available, the settings can be changed a bit to give
     better handling. This game makes full use of analog controls and they're
     required to play it.
      ___________ _______________________________________________________________
     | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
     | D-Pad     | Toggle EMF/Night Vision/Thermal/Binoculars                    |
     | Start     | Bring up pause menu                                           |
     | Analog    | ------------------------------------------------------------- |
     | Select    | Bring up OPSAT menu                                           |
     | Circle    | Toggle crouch/erect profile                                   |
     | Square    | Equip selected item                                           |
     | Triangle  | Jump button                                                   |
     | X-Button  | Interact (menu-based)                                         |
     | L1 Button | (During interrogation or certain maneuvers) knock out target  |
     | L2 Button | Whistle                                                       |
     | L3 Button | Toggle back-to-wall mode                                      |
     | R1 Button | (During interrogation or certain maneuvers) kill target       |
     | R2 Button | (Hold) display quick inventory selection menu                 |
     | R3 Button | Toggle EEV function                                           |
     | L. Analog | Controls Sam's movement                                       |
     | R. Analog | Controls Sam's camera angling                                 |
    II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
     Thankfully, Splinter Cell vets will find most controls are roughtly the same,
     with a few new tools to put in Fisher's belt. There's a training course that
     can be done in the Solo mode, if y'wanna practice a smidge.
     CROUCH / CROUCHWALK                    Perform: O Button, O Button + L. Analog
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Know how many tales loud spies tell? The answer is none...because they're
     dead. Silent movements are par for the course, and Sam will have to maneuver
     very carefully if he wants to stay on this mortal coil. The analog stick is
     sensitive enough to make movements slower by degrees, so always watch your
     noise meter for good measure.
     HANGING                                    Perform: Triangle by certain ledges
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     When Sam jumps off a ledge or leaps to grab a pipe, this'll come into play.
     Not only is it a good way to move around unseen, but there are some special
     techniques that go along with it. Additionally, when Sam hangs off an exterior
     railing, if an enemy walks near, he can pull them over and throw them into
     the pit below (this is done via prompt). Don't take this stuff for granted!
     CLIMBING                                Perform: Triangle by climbable surface
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Pretty self-explanitory: climbing things lets Sam get the height advantage.
     Certain situations -- like entering a turret's blind spot or scaling a mesh
     fence -- will require this. It's one of the most-used skills in Fisher's
     arsenal, actually.
     SPLIT JUMP                                           Perform: Triangle at wall
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Occasionally Sam will have little cover to speak of, and will need to use the
     corridor itself for a leg up...literally! If the hall is thin enough, face a
     wall and jump -- Sam should bound up and get a height advantage, and can even
     draw his weapon. Should our splinter cell plummet onto an enemy, that guy'll
     be slammed unconscious. His pain is our gain, so don't feel too badly. =)
     BACK-TO-WALL                            Perform: L3 Button by vertical surface
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Sam can minimize his profile by shrinking against walls, which not only helps
     him avoid enemies in tight quarters, but let him bide his time to ambush 'em.
     Foes who carry flashlights may not be able to spy Sam when he's in this
     position, too, I've noticed, even if it seems their beam's right on him. Or
     maybe they're incompetent, who knows?
     HAND-OVER-HAND             Perform: Left analog while hanging from pipe/girder
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     So you climbed onto an overhanging pipe, now what? That's right, you can move
     on it! Hand-over-hand is the term for moving when Sam is fully hanging from
     it, and he moves faster because of it. Pressing triangle a second time while
     in this position makes Fisher curl upwards, for slower, safer moving. When an
     enemy walks underneath, Sam can do a silent KO (x-button) or inverted neck
     snap (O-button), depending on his generosity.
     ROLLING                                         Perform: O-button while moving
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     While moving quickly, pressing the O-button makes Sam roll and begin crouching
     afterwards. It's not that useful technically, but if a player needs to move
     quickly before reinsertion into the shadows, it's there if needed.
     RAPPELLING                         Perform: Select action at appropriate place
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Occasionally, Sam will find a pit or window he can't simply leap from, and
     will be able to rappel to the ground (done via prompt). Pressing triangle
     while in this mode lets him descend faster. It's possible to shoot from a
     rappelling position, but it's often easier (and safer) to get off and do the
    INTERACTION                [INTR]
     Sam has various ways to interact with objects and bodies, both living and
     deceased. Here's how they're exploited for his own purposes:
     MOVE BODY                                       Select: when by KO'd/dead body
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     In a perfect world, Sam's long line of corpses and bodies would evaporate in
     thin air...but the world ain't perfect, is it? When an enemy finds his dead
     or KO'd friend, they go into an alert mode and Fisher's mission rating will
     suffer (-5% per), so those who want perfect stealth should learn to dump the
     fellas in shadows. Be careful about leaving bodies near water -- if they slip
     in, that dude'll drown and also count against the mission rating. While Sam
     carries a body, hit square button to drop it and assume a drawn-weapon stance.
     GRABBING                                 Select: when behind applicable person
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Approaching an unaware enemy abaft, there is a prompt to interrogate that
     idiot...err, foe. From there, Sam can extract information while simultaneously
     moving the guy into a better position. Chaos Theory allows Sam to either kill
     the enemy (R1 button) or simply render him unconscious (L1), although there
     are some situations where the game decides for him. There's no way to safely
     let an enemy go in this position -- why wouldya? -- so think 'fore abducting.
     BODY SHIELD                                    Select: Grabbed person + Square
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Captured mercenaries and soldiers can be turned into meat shields, simply by
     brandishing a weapon with Square button. Enemies may be slightly hesitant to
     fire upon Sam in this position, often suggesting he drop the weapon, but it's
     not long before they let the bullets do the talkin'. Note that bodies will
     absorb hits even if Sam's just in an interrogation stance (also if he's just
     carrying them), so it can be a double-edged sword if that person's a friendly.
     RETINAL SCAN                             Select: Grabbed person + near scanner
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Retinal scanners may be used to allow access to certain doors or, in one case,
     reactivate some computer servers. These can be hacked no sweat, but Sam can
     save time by capturing a guard and making him scan under duress. Once a scan
     or hack goes through, the door/whatever remains active from that point on.
    CAMOUFLAGE                 [CMFL]
     Without camouflage, Sam is just a well-equipped guy in a body suit -- he'll
     need a friend on his missions, and more often than not, that friend is the
     darkness. Fisher's stealth meter (above HUD weapons display) tells how he's
     perceived by enemies: the darker the rating, the safer. Light sources will
     affect his rating negatively, while shadowed areas are a welcome sight. By
     eliminating lanterns, lamps, lightbulbs and such, missions proceed that much
     Sight ain't the only sense enemies have, though, and Sam'll have to operate
     quietly, too. There's a noise meter on the HUD, too, which will inform the
     player to Fisher's loudness. The square on the gauge denotes the current
     "noise threshold," my term for the muffling encountered by elements such as
     motors, generators, water sources and electronics. Near these, the threshold
     rises; noise Sam makes that's lower than the threshold simply blends into the
     hum, and doesn't register to enemies. Naturally, the farther away Sam gets
     from the source, the more the threshold drops.
     Similarly, apply the rules of Sam's stealth to hiding bodies he leaves in
     his wake. Wherever Sam blends in best, that's the best place to shove those
                                                                         SC PISTOL
     Diamonds are a girl's best friend; trusty weapons are a mercenary's friend.
     Sam's trusty pistol can shoot, yeah, but Chaos Theory opens up a new door for
     it: Optically Channeled Potentiator (OCP). This effect, which one can use with
     L1, screws with some types of electronics, temporarily disabling them. This
     can be anything from light sources to unbreakable cameras. In a way, it's
     like the camjam from installments past. Each "shot" takes a few moments to
     recharge, so aim wisely. If the effect isn't working, you're either not close
     enough or the source can't be tampered with this way.
     If Sam's not wielding the pistol, he's wielding the SC-20K rifle, inarguably
     the best weapon in the game. With its high-quality zoom function, acceptable
     magazine size and a bevy of alt-fire weapons, it's always the best weapon for
     the job. Secondary weapons are shown above the SC-20K in its weapon display,
     can be changed via the R2 menu, and fired via L1 Button.
     • Sticky Camera [baits enemies near with noises and then gasses 'em]
     • Sticky Camera [lets Sam view an area safely from a distance; reusable!]
     • Sticky Shocker [instantly incapacitates if target's hit]
     • Smoke Grenade [releases large smoke cloud; can incapacitate foes]
     • Ring Airfoil Round [nonlethal projectile that stuns/incapacitates enemy]
     Depending on what weapons setup Sam picks, the SC-20K may also have secondary
     functions, such as a shotgun or sniper launcher. These, not surprisingly, let
     him toggle a shotgun or sniper mode.
     Can you imagine people actually locking Sam out? The nerve! This sucker can
     jimmy all key-based locks. The trick is to move the analog stick until the
     controller vibrates, which moves the tumbler; repeat until all tumblers are
     done, and voila! Chaos Theory introduces a "break lock" option as well, in
     which Sam violently -- and very LOUDLY -- destroys the lock for quick access.
     Enemies can hear this and may investigate, though.
                                                                        OPTIC CABLE
     A handy tool for first-timers and vets alike, the optic cable is used to peek
     under closed doors to see the adjacent room. Generally this is used to plan
     for the eliminating an enemy contingent.
     Also known as "electronically enhanced vision," this is started by holstering
     the current weapon and hitting R3. This is basically an amalgam of enhancers
     seen in past Splinter Cell games, plus one that's new. They are:
     - Night Vision [see darkness in shades of green]
     - Thermal Vision [detect heat signatures in environment]
     - EMF [detect electromagnetic fields, caused by electronics]
     - Binoculars [zoom-in function]
     A little about each: night vision is for general use, but works horribly in
     lit-up places, so disable it there. Thermal vision is good in areas with
     heat variances but can be clumsy otherwise, as some things blend into each
     other. EMF only detects magnetic fields (white fuzz) and is worthless as a
     guide otherwise; everything else is black. EMF is great for detecting hidden
     microphones, however. Binoculars...well, kinda obvious. There's only a 2x
     zoom, unfortunately.
    ___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
    01) PUNTA BLANCO LIGHTHOUSE                             [TALARA, PERU]   [WK01]
     REMINDER: This guide is written for default (Normal) difficulty and, in the
     spirit of Splinter Cell, prizes stealth over Rambo-style gameplay. In short,
     if you want to get 100% stealth at the end of the mission, read on, brotha!
     Overview: Bruce Morgenholt, a programmer, has been kidnapped by mercenaries
     under the leadership of Hugo Lacerda, a violent revolutionary.
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Before a mission, the player gets to pick
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  armaments from three suggestions: "A" is
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | 02 |  Redding's suggestion, "B" is a stealth-
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 04 | -- |  -oriented pack and "C" is the assault
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 04 | 04 |  grouping (which often contains the heavy
     | Flash Grenade  | 02 | 02 | 03 |  duty weaponry). Since this is the first
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | -- |  mission, and stealth is ALWAYS paramount
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | -- |  to getting a good mission score, A or B
     |________________|____|____|____|  will usually be the go-to choice.
     * Eliminate Hugo Lacerda
     * Scan the SSCC Bar Codes
     * Disable Guerillas' Comm Equipment
    PART 1: Rescue Morgenholt
     AKA ---: Zodiac Killa
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Sam will insert at "zodiac," the designation for the fort's beach. There's no
     opposition here, so if you're still unsure of the controls, get used to 'em
     now. Another habit to get into is saving at opportune times, like after one
     aces a huge firefight or accomplishes something amazing. This is because the
     game does away with minor checkpoints, instead letting the player save at
     his/her own discretion. [Checkpoints still occur when a player exits one main
     area for the next, though.]
     The west cliffs provide entrance into the natural cave system, and a little
     ways in, Lambert radios in with the "Discover Source of the Guerillas' Arms"
     objective. This will be an ongoing part of the entire mission, so I'll bullet
     it off when that part arises, rather than stuff it in its own section.
     Eventually, Sam will climb into a cavern with two spelunking guards. This
     is the first time one can really practice stealth techniques, which usually
     amount to sneaking up behind a guard for interrogation purposes. While this
     setup arises naturally, there are times when using diversions (sticky camera,
     sticky shocker) help as well. 
     • [POINT OF INTEREST] There are some situations in which Sam can do amazing
       takedowns on unsuspecting guards, and this cave has one of 'em. Whilst in
       waist-high water, Sam can pull in guards who stop near the water's edge.
       It's fun to watch, but this counts as a kill -- those negatively impact a
       stealth session. Still, worth seeing at least once. [Also note that KO'd
       guards dropped in water will drown, so don't be cruel!]
     If you blindside an enemy, you may have the option to interrogate him; he may
     provide useful information (the most common one is door codes) or locations of
     useful things. For all intents and purposes, an interrogation is "silent" --
     other enemies around won't hear the exchange. Thus, all Sam needs to do when
     he catches a "fly" in his web is slink back to the shadows. Once the convo's
     over, hit L1 to knock the guy out or R1 to murder him. As said, discretionary
     deaths negatively impact the end stealth rating, so if you're aiming for 100%
     on that, let the goons live.
     Past the bridge and up the empty corridor, the gunfire's source is found -- a
     guerilla practicing his new weapon. Not only is he absorbed in his work, but
     he's standing near an electric generator. This brings up the subject of noise
     thresholds. Sam's movements make loud noise, but when he nears another source
     of noise, such as a motor or water source, there'll be a "threshold" on his
     gauge, denoted by a square. Any noise Sam makes under this threshold will be
     muffled by the other source, giving him a little leeway. Just remember that
     the farther away Sam goes, the lower the threshold becomes. [And just for
     reference, killing the generator here nixes the light source above.]
     Interrogating the gunman reveals that Morgenholt's in a passage ahead, and
     he's being tortured. Lambert also wants Sam to scan the weapons crates for
     SSCC barcodes to trace their origin.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Scan Barcodes 2/5: This crate-filled hallway has one
       of the boxes in question. To scan it, hit R3 button (push in analog stick)
       and wait until Lambert gives the OK. The second crate is up the stairs
       nearby, in a darkened corner.
     Up the adjacent stairway, Morgenholt's screams should clue Sam into his
     position. Pick the lock and sneak down the stone steps to get a good view
     of the torture room. Even Speedy Gonzalez couldn't save Morgenholt from this
     hellish place, so don't bother blowing the stealth rating by blowing in there.
     Eventually, one of the guards, sickened by the gory tableau, goes for a walk;
     the other will sit in a chair, his back to the cell's opening. Either way,
     both are easy pickings, though only the former can be interrogated.
     Whether or not Sam cuts down Morgenholt for dignity's sake, exit the area
     behind the massive floodlight, which leads into the fortress section.
    PART 2: Recover/Destroy Mass Kernel Information
     AKA ---: Stab in the Dark
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     The first mission objective is busted...that ain't a good start. Luckily we
     have another one to move onto immediately (as Grim reminds us): recover the
     Masse kernel info that one of the technicians has acquired. The distribution
     of enemies rises at this point, so hopefully your stealth is fine-tuned by
     this point! [If not, the thunderstorm skyrockets the noise threshold every so
     often, so that'll help, too.]
     Case in point: the tent near where Sam starts. A simple man would go to the
     natural opening and betray his presence; our man Fisher can cut through the
     material, however, and catch the pencil pusher unawares. This guy'll reveal
     that Hugo Lacerda left an hour ago (this reveals and immediately cancels the
     secondary objective about capturing him).
     The next room uncovered contains a lantern-lit room with crates. A guard or
     two will come in, patrol, and leave before repeating the cycle. A good way
     to snatch this bugger is to hide in the shadows by the door-side corner. You
     can shoot out the lantern if y'want; it draws the guard's attention at once.
     Through the door, there's an outdoor encampment. With the previous guard
     taking a dirtnap (figurative or literal, your choice), there won't be anyone
     else to tango with. If you turn on night vision and check the wall behind
     the floodlight, you'll see a crawlspace; this allows one to bypass the next
     portion with the guards!
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Scan Barcodes 3/5: Inside the military tent. If the
       other guard is alive at this point, be careful going in, as there's little
       shadow to creep through there.
     Through the south alleys, Sam will encounter guards chatting about Lacerda's
     getaway. After, they'll enter the next adjacent area to continue patrolling,
     although one will periodically return here (what a dutiful guard!). For those
     enterprising players, shooting and activating a sticky camera here can catch
     both foes off-guard.
     With the courtyard cleared of scumbags, enter the fortified stairway nearby.
     If you're eagle-eyed, you'll see the crawlspace opening, which connects to
     the ones stemming from the military tent area. No reason to take it at this
     point, though. Upstairs, pick the lock to uncover the guards' quarters,
     currently occupied by two guerillas (1 sleeping). They can be bypassed
     completely at no detriment to the mission rating, and don't have anything to
     add when interrogated anyway. There's a medkit here if needed, though.
     Through the dirty downstairs tunnel, Sam will eventually reach the computer
     room (although I've seen higher-tech setups at an elementary lab...) which
     contains the technician. He won't be paying attention, so disposing of him
     is a cinch. Access his computer to do a memory scrub. 
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Scan Barcodes 4/5: Shelf opposite lab geek's computer.
       Very easy to scan, but possible to miss if you're not paying attention.
     From here, simply continue down the (enemy-less) hallways and pick the lock
     that leads to the Lighthouse trapdoor.
    PART 3: Uncover Source of Guerillas' Arms Equipment
     AKA ---: Hello Operator
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Two guards nearby strike up a conversation about USA marines taking out some
     rebels in a thunderstorm. They don't tend to enter Sam's area unless he
     whistle-lures them, so that'll save some time. At the very least, snag the
     nearest guy, because the other will carelessly look out to sea.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Scan Barcodes 5/5: In the lamplight near the lighthouse
     entry point. Again, pretty hard to miss unless one's preoccupied.
     The next few passages help Sam descend further, showing just how ancient some
     of the island is, including the rusted door he must scale. This'll lead to the
     cliffside walkway -- a guard patrols the immediate vicinity. If Sam can't
     grab the joker before he makes his rounds, there's a natural alcove towards
     the walkway's peak he can hide in. Around the bend is the lighthouse itself,
     whose base is patrolled by a single guy. He shouldn't be hard to sneak up on
     if y'time the bridge crossing correctly. Shooting the lamp can help if needed,
     Inside the lighthouse, an operator mans the ground-level radio. There's three
     ways to complete the main objective: (1) eavesdrop on the outgoing call (2)
     interrogate operator (3) if operator is KO'd/slain, search the cabinet nearby
     instead. Either way, looks like Hugo hopped a freighter...a freighter named
     Maria Narcissa.
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Disable Guerillas' Comm Equipment -- Destroy the radio
       itself by shooting it a few times. Grim will radio in her approval when the
       machine is sufficiently mangled.
    PART 4: Exfiltrate from Lighthouse
     AKA ---: There Is a Light That Sometimes Goes Out
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     With the main objectives over, it's time to blow this hotdog stand. Sam's
     helicopter can't get near with the lighthouse beacon intact, though, so that's
     the last step. Climb the spiral staircase (use medkit if needed) until y'reach
     the final trapdoor. Before jumping out into the beacon, the first step should
     be identifying the catwalk's guard. When he walks by, he'll stop for a bit
     and just gaze out; use his time to move to the catwalk entrance and flip the
     light switch. The guard will pull out a flare and go to inspect the problem,
     meaning Sam can zip around and coldcock 'im.
     With the light switched off, the opportunity to extract is given.
     NOTES TO SELF: 1 intruder identify, 1 foe killed, 1 civie knockout = -5%
    02) MARIA NARCISSA CARGO SHIP                          [PACIFIC OCEAN]   [WK02]
     OVERVIEW: Sam is on Lacerda's trail like a bloodhound, having followed him to
     sea. He'll infiltrate the Maria Narcissa by sea and from there...
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Not much has changed in the selection,
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  really, although this marks the first time
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | 02 |  Sam can start with frag grenades...not that
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 04 | -- |  such a loud, obnoxious weapon is needed for
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 04 | 04 |  a stealth-minded player.
     | Flash Grenade  | 02 | 02 | -- |
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | 03 |  Since this map isn't always accomodating,
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | -- |  I tend to use the stealth ("B") setup. Them
     |________________|____|____|____|  sticky shockers don't come cheap, yo...
     * Uncover name of Lacerda's Panamanian contact
     * Plant tracking devices on illegal weapons crates
    PART 1: Recover the Bill of Lading
     AKA ---: Anchors Aweigh!
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Sam inserts on the Narcissa's bow, and will have to work east toward the main
     part of the ship. Additionally, Lambert informs Sam that the ship installed an
     alarm system recently -- basically, 3 alarms (automatically done by camera or
     manually done by tipped-off guards) means the mission's over.
     From the current position, Sam can see two guards, and there's no love lost
     over Lacerda's presence onboard. When they split, one guy goes downstairs to
     the interior; the other deckhand stands near that weird green-lit object. The
     latter can be caught and interrogated easily, mentioning that Lacerda asked
     for better quarters. The former may take a bit longer since he patrols...but
     if you wait by the lower door, he can be caught rather easily.
     The clanky passage leads along the port side, and leads down to a cargo room
     "guarded" by a sleepy sailor. It's possible to sneak by him, but why not
     give an airfoil round upside the head as punishment, eh? Once inside, Redding
     will radio in about planting trackers on Lacerda's crates. There's no foes
     here, and it's more of a climbing course than a cargo hold...
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Plant Trackers on Crates 1/6: In the crate room, past
     the part where Sam has to back-to-wall through a tight spot; the small crate.
     Toward the next exit, Redding mentions the ship is taking on water in some
     of the compartments. While not life-threatening, it means Sam will have to
     operate the bilge controls to pump the stuff out. That's great... What room
     is flooded becomes apparent as water is nearly bursting the door off its
     hinges. Knockout the sailor next door operating the metal lathe, and use the
     crawlspace to reach the boiler.
     Here, two guards will be scrapping over the repairs. The catwalk guard'll be
     a cinch to grab, leaving only the lower worker. Don't use the ladder, though;
     jumping the railing is quicker and gives better positioning. As before, the
     boisterous boiler gives a higher noise threshold. With the pump controls free,
     operate the bilge and head into the hallway just off the control panel.
     The first door encountered contains the once-flooded chamber, and it seems no
     worse for the wear. The bill of lading can be hard to spot if y'don't know
     what to look for, but it's quite simple if y'do -- it's on top of the stack
     and the white bill can be seen from the doorway.
     Reading the bill will make 2 enemies enter the adjacent hallway. If you're
     quick, Sam can enter the hallway and find the eastern drop-down point, letting
     him hide under the grated corridor and effectively bypass both guards. If he
     can't, one guard will stop to smoke near the corridor's west access point,
     leaving the other one to patrol. Neither has anything to say, so ignoring 'em
     works, too.
    PART 2: Retrieve the Ship's Transit Ledger
     AKA ---: Ledger? I Don't Even Know Her!
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Near the corridor's other end, Grim phones in to say the fumes are evidence
     of a gas leak...an explosive hazard. Firing one's gun is essentially signing
     a death certificate! Of course, the enemies won't know this, so Sam has to
     employ stealth at all costs.
     Once in the darkened engine room, flip on night vision. There'll be a guard
     nearby, and he should be the first target to nab. Keeping in the small area
     near the entrance, a worker will eventually make his rounds, and can be picked
     off without a fuss, too. This should only leave one guard on the catwalk right
     above the room. [If you let the 1st guard get away, he'll come to a stop near
     the SE corner.] Be mindful of the upper guard's movements -- that way when
     Sam makes a break through the light at the stairs' bottom, he won't draw any
     attention. With that hazard done, continue upstairs and squeeze past crates
     to reach the Upper Decks.
     Head up the landing and ignore the first door y'see (it leads up and we're
     not ready to go there just yet). Through a tiny office, Sam can eavesdrop on
     two foes griping about Lacerda -- one remains seated at a computer, the other
     stands over a drafting board. There's a crawlspace that arcs around the two,
     but in actuality, Sam can sneak in, pick off the standing one, and then come
     back for the computer nerd (too absorbed in Minesweeper, no doubt!).
     The forged ledger is on said computer.
    PART 3: Eliminate Hugo Lacerda
     AKA ---: Chopping Block
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: 5.56mm Ammo (x30)
     As Sam says, the captain probably knows Lacerda's whereabouts -- and for the
     curious player, the revolutionary doesn't spawn at all until this happens!
     From the computer room, the far end leads to a corridor which itself leads
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Plant Trackers on Crates 2/6: Under outdoor stairway,
       lowest one. Very easy to miss if y'go the other way.
     Either of the aforementioned staircases on this level lead up one tier, then
     one more tier to the Bridge area (we're not leaving yet, though). Ascending
     via the indoor staircase leads to a hallway near the mess hall; the other'll
     put Sam in a corridor that mandatorily stops at the mess hall. Either way,
     the situation in that room is 1 inert guard and 1 patrolling guard. Coming
     up via the indoor 'case means Sam can shut off the corridor lights to draw
     the goon's attention; whistling or special weapons can 86 the second. It's
     dark enough to improvise, luckily.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Plant Trackers on Crates 3/6: The mess hall's kitchen
       contains a crate. One guard always watches over it, but he'll have his back
       to Sam...quite an achilles' heel, eh?
     The final room on this tier is the breakroom, down the hall the previous
     guard patrolled, near the soda machines. The two fellas in there won't budge
     without some sort of catalyst, so the clever way is to shoot or scan (use R3
     to scan bulb, then use SC Pistol's L1 fire to short-circuit it) the lightbulb.
     The reward for the trouble? An extra clip of 5.56mm Ammo -- hooray.
     Head up to the Bridge Area when finished.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Plant Trackers on Crates 4/6: If you go upstairs via
       the indoor stairway, the crate will be to the immediate left.
     There's two ways to unearth Lacerda's whereabouts. However, to save time, I
     suggest doing the first way, since backtracking is required.
     1) ASK CAPTAIN: Past the tracer crate, there's a hallway half-stuffed up with
        boxes. A guard in the perpendicular hallway patrols near here, and can be
        eliminated rather easily. Down the hall, the two small doors lead to the
        sleeping quarters, and can be summarily ignored. The far stairway (has a
        medkit) leads up to the captain's deck
     2) CHECK SERVER: This is done by taking the exterior stairwell -- accessible
        from Deck B. From here, Sam will be atop the ship's superstructure; there
        is no direct access to the captain from here, but Sam can infiltrate the
        bridge and, above it, the server room. One patrollee can be found above,
        and in the captain's room, two people. [The captain won't spill the beans
        if the server's already been tampered with.]
     Lacerda will always spawn in the captain's quarters, located on Deck C (and
     only accessible from the Deck B interior stairway). He'll have two bodyguards
     in the adjacent room, but after complaining a bit, will enter the "pantry" to
     get some booze...putting his back to Sam from the corridor access point. If
     Sam is quick, he can snag the Che wannabe into the hall, and kill him (which
     is mandatory even if you try to KO him) out of his bodyguards' watchful eye.
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Uncover Lacerda's Panamanian contact: if Sam eavesdrops
       on the conversation inside the captain's quarters, he'll clear this part.
    PART 4: Exfiltrate to Extraction Point
     AKA ---: Jacques Cousteau-Away
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     To leave this rustbucket, return up to the top of the Bridge Area, accessed
     from the captain's (former) area or the exterior Deck B stairway. If Sam did
     not learn Lacerda's whereabouts from the servers, there'll still be some foes
     around, primarily the patrolling guard above. He can be hard to find given
     the camera angles, but may end up catching a glimpse of Sam -- that way works
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Plant Trackers on Crates 5/6: Near bottom of eastern
       stairway. The patrolling guard may see Sam from this angle, so be wary!
     With him gone, and the server room just a time-waster at this point, Sam just
     needs to reach the exit vehicle. From the eastern end, take the long stairway
     down to the lower stern region. There's two guards here, and usually catch a
     glimpse of Sam, either in part to positioning or Sam sliding down the ladder
     (making a thud as he lands). 
     This part shouldn't be too problematic, really -- it depends on if the
     patrolling guard sees Sam. Turn on thermal vision to (hopefully) better spot
     him, because there's a mess of metal in the way usually. If Sam isn't spotted,
     he can jump over the lit-up walkway and fall to the stern deck. From there,
     it's easy to eliminate the patroller, then the newbie paying zero attention.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Plant Trackers on Crates 6/6: Lower stern, near where
       the guards are walking. Taking them out first is wisest, naturally...
     That should be it for all the objectives. Get offa this tin can, son!
     NOTES TO SELF: 1 Body Found = -5%
    03) MCAS BANCO DE PANAMA                                 [PANAMA CITY]   [WK03]
     OVERVIEW: This bank has ties to Lacerda, so Sam's being sent in to recover
     the information held deep in the vault.
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Same setup as before, only the bank will
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  be more helpful to stealthy players, and
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | 02 |  gunfire less required. In fact, there's
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 04 | -- |  no need to kill anyone anyway! For that
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 04 | 04 |  reason, I (again) go with option B, which
     | Flash Grenade  | 02 | 02 | -- |  packs Sam so full of gadgets he's like a
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | 03 |  walking toolbox.
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | -- |
     * Look for suspicious transaction records
     * Plant false emails to make it look like inside job
     * Delete bank's camera archives
    PART 1: Enter the Bank
     AKA ---: The Courier That Broke Into the Bank
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Sam starts this one at the bank's fountain plaza. There's only two guards on
     duty, doing the usual "1 patrols, 1 doesn't" format. Nabbing the one who
     stops near the lightpost is child's play; the other investigates if it's
     mistimed, but usually doesn't see the abduction clearly. [Of course, one can
     ignore these guys, too, but why bother?]
     With the foes out of the early going, Sam can fully tackle the task of the
     bank heist. There's two ways to enter.
     1) FRONT DOOR: There's a camera in the vestibule, but Sam can short circuit
        it with his SC Pistol. Once access to the lobby is opened, short out the
        overhanging light to cleanly mask the insertion. The guard at the security
        booth will get spooked if y'zap the lobby camera, though, and will block
        off access to the tellers' booth in the next area. This means a mandatory
        trip to the rooftops, since there's no way to reopen those doors from this
        side. [Even if the reassured guard goes back to his post, he won't reopen
        those doors!] In short, it's easiest to neutralize the guard immediately,
        such as with an airfoil round, to ensure he doesn't foul things up. Don't
        forget that we gotta escape from here, too...
        • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 1/6: The security terminal is the
          first target for the framejob. This computer also gives the '3624' door
          code in an email.
     2: ROOFTOPS: To access the roof, use the small door in the fountain plaza.
        This will lead to the walkway along the building's length -- be careful,
        there's a camera here! Hop onto the ladder and climb up; Grim will radio
        in a tidbit: the magnetic dome windows will unlock once the power's cut.
        Break into the maintenance bunker nearby and cut the power; this lowers a
        rope into the transaction area.
     Once Sam reaches the teller's area, this task technically completes. However,
     he still has to deal with one of the guards, resting in a far chair. If our
     protag walked in, slinking forward and nabbing him works easily. For those
     who dropped in, say hello to the lasergrid! This bank is lined with lasers
     that trigger alerts when tripped. The only way to get past them is avoiding
     them completely or using the guards themselves as bait. The lasers disable
     whenever a guard moves in their vacinity (a false alarm failsafe), so luring
     guards with whistles (etc.) or dragging their bodies should keep Sam quite
     NOTE: If Sam didn't turn off the rooftop power, he doesn't have a lasergrid
           to remove.
     In any case, the nearby corridor gives access to the East and West Wings of
     the bank, where all the other action'll take place. The former door is open,
     but hacking the retinal scanner for the other is required if Sam KO'd the
    PART 2: Authorize Vault Access from 3 Officers' Panels
     AKA ---: Three Amigos
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     The East Wing is the least important of the two sectors, but we'll have to
     tackle it just the same. Right around the first corner is a security booth
     manned by two armed guards. They won't leave their post unless provoked,
     though, and if they do, it's a manner of daggering 'em in the darkness (hit
     the overhead light to avoid the camera, too).
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 2/6: Computer in security office.
       That same computer blabs the upstairs security room's code, too: 2306.
     Past the medkit near the bottom of the next stairwell, Sam might be able to
     spy a patroller atop the landing. Grim suggests staying in his "electronic
     shadow" to avoid the lasergrid, but there's a better, permanent way: knock
     him out and dump him in the shadows, so all 3 lasers remove themselves.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 3/6. Wooden desk near the lasergrid.
       Easiest done when the guard's been neutralized, naturally.
     Down the hall is another lasergrid/guard setup, and can be generally be done
     in the same way (although there's no safe configuration to turn the lasers
     off permanently). The grids are spaced a bit further apart here, too, so
     be careful not to trip any if you're stalking the perimeter.
     The next hallway (which contains another medkit) runs right by a massive
     computer server, attended to by two soldiers. The electronic hum gives a big
     boost to noise threshold, meaning Sam can abduct both of them w/o breaking a
     sweat. Just whistle-lure both into the darkness! [The doorcode is 2306.]
     The glass-windowed server room contains a device that gives one-third of
     the vault access. The other two, as mentioned earlier, are in the president
     and treasurer's offices.
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Delete bank's camera archives: the server terminal in
       the back allows this, as well as turning off camera access completely.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 4/8. Technician's computer. Try to
       get the hacking job done right or y'may end up with an alarm...
     Down the hall, break into the annexe (contains a camera which may or may not
     be defunct, depending on your actions in server room) and proceed into the
     president's office. Near a bookcase is the keypad that enables vault access.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 5/8. President's computer. Boy, is
       he gonna be mad when he finds out he's been framed!
     That's it for the East Wing! Return downstairs and enter the western one;
     you'll need to hack the retinal scanner if not done before, remember. Down
     the stately corridor, the door on the right leads to an isolated elevator,
     spitting Sam out back in the north wing's exterior (near rooftop ladder). The
     downside? It's a one-way trip, so avoid it.
     At corridor's end is a technician jabbering to himself about the keypad he's
     repairing (revealing the new code as 8645). It's possible to snag him while
     he's in his odd "reverie", after he's revealed the info but before he stops
     working. Interrogating him also reveals the code, but since he moves up the
     hall toward the security area, getting the info while he's alone works best.
     The door he fixed leads to the treasurer's office, by the way. Thanks, Paco!
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 6/8. Treasurer's computer. Looks
       like there's gonna be some money missin' very soon, heh heh.
     Flip the treasurer's wall switch to put this objective to bed. With all 3
     authorizations, the "cage" of the vault is lifted, letting Sam have access
     to the safety deposit area and the vault doors itself.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Look for suspicious transaction records: snoop through
       the treasurer's cabinet to find info on Zherkhezi...oh dear.
    PART 3: Determine Who MCAS Bank Purchased Arms For
     AKA ---: Three-Lock Box
     Alarms?: Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Ignoring the left-hand branch, continuing up the hall leads to a verdant
     sitting area. There's a guard here (can be interrogated for 3901 door code)
     and a camera, which should be deactivated thanks to earlier prowess. The real
     reason to ever come here is, if Sam eliminated Paco before he fixed the door
     code, there's a crawlspace leading into the treasurer's office. [Dude must
     get quite a lot of bugs and vermin in there, eh?]
     Okay, back to the branch. One of the doors leads to the vault area -- this
     will ALWAYS be closed and inaccessible...unless Sam has all authorizations
     needed to get in. The side door leads to a small computer room, housing the
     two guards, one of whom may have been witnessed earlier (if you were quick
     enough getting to Paco). Whistle-luring them works fine, particularly since
     one continuously walks around -- one may have to use the keycode 3624 first
     before they hear it, though.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 7/8. At soldier's work station.
     At last, the trek to the vault is ready. Loot the 1024 deposit box to pick
     up Turtle's mate's gift: charges and a telemetric lockpick. The computer here
     (I believe) relates back to the previous mission's objective of uncovering
     Lacerda's Panamanian contact. If y'already did that, this ends up as a dummy
     Head downstairs to the vault and put the new toy in one of the locks; move
     Sam to the other. The gizmo will mimic Sam's lockpicking real-time, but needs
     a moment to synch up. Basically, this means once Sam picks a tumbler, wait
     for all lights on the thing to flash green before continuing. Messing up just
     means having to do everything over, so no alarms or anything. Once that part
     goes smoothly, set the charges on the door pins and detonate a safe distance
     Use the computer within to automatically collect info on a "Dvorak" person.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload fake emails 8/8. Via vault terminal.
    PART 4: Steal $50,000,000 in French Bearer Bonds
     AKA ---: The Whole Enchillada
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     That same computer terminal lets Sam lift the harddrive cage, allowing him
     to pluck the bearer bonds without so much as a scratch. Unfortunately, on
     his way out is impeded by hidden sensors in the vault doors -- this triggers
     _2_ alarms out of the possible 3. This means if Sam already triggered one
     earlier, he's outta luck.
     Luckily, this situation ain't unavoidable. Using the thermal vision, one can
     spy the beam and, surprisingly, its stream is intermittent. If y'don't wanna
     take chances, use the SC Pistol's zapping ability to short one of the laser
    PART 5: Exfiltrate to Primary Extraction Point
     AKA ---: Laughing All the Way From the Bank
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Sam can leave nonchalantly if he evaded the alarm. If he didn't, however,
     there's only two ways to exit:
     1) Use the North Wing rooftop rope. Naturally this can only be done if you
        visited the roof; otherwise, the magnetic windows are shut and there's no
        rope to climb!
     2) Use the West Wing elevator. This deposits Sam outdoors, alongside the
        building's exterior. This is mandatory if y'didn't take the rooftop rope,
        because said rope won't be there and the "barrier" door leading to the
        lobby is shut (even if it was open earlier).
     Anyway, all that's left from that point on is to return to the level entry
     point and exfiltrate over the wall (use night vision to see rope).
    04) PENTHOUSE                                          [NEW YORK CITY]   [WK04]
     OVERVIEW: Japan and NYC have been crippled by huge power shortages, and this
     ain't a coincidence. Sam'll need to get to the bottom of this...
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Interesting mashup this time. Both A & C
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  provide an SC-20K sniper attachment with
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | 02 |  6 and 12 bullets, respectively. This is
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 03 | -- |  the debut of that feature; same for the
     | Airfoil Round  | -- | 03 | 03 |  smoke grenades. That item provides a minor
     | Flash Grenade  | 02 | 02 | -- |  visual distraction, useful for bypassing
     | Smoke Grenade  | 02 | 02 | -- |  enemies or cameras. Of course, we don't
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | 02 |  really need that thanks to the SC Pistol.
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | -- |  Any of the three selections can work here,
     |________________|____|____|____|  basically, but B is just so reliable...!
     * Discover Who's Leading Zherkezhi's Private Security
     * Tap the Penthouse Video Cameras
     * Find the Architectural Plans
    PART 1: Breach Zherkezhi's Penthouse
     AKA ---: Movin' On Up
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -: n/a
     Sam will be navigating through a darkened Manhattan for this mission, and
     as Lambert says, the National Guard was deployed shortly before his arrival.
     Those friendlies haven't been briefed on Third Eschelon's actions, meaning
     they'll fire upon Sam if he's spotted. Under no circumstances is he to kill
     them, however, or Irving pulls that plug.
     With that in mind, start navigating the alley, which should be pitch dark
     except for dropped flares and vehicles' headlights. As long as Sam's paying
     attention, picking them off one by one should be a cinch. The first soldier
     mentions the NG squad numbers eight; the second one standing near a dumpster
     does nothing.
     • [FUN TIP] The alley the 2nd guy stands by has a climbable pipe, and by
       shimmying around the sills, Sam can find a overhanging cable below him.
       Drop (o-button) and catch it (triangle button) to slide forward a bit,
       and automatically drop on the military truck. This doesn't do much besides
       give a better angle to neutralize the third soldier, but it was enjoyable!
     The third guy walks near the truck's headlights, but outside of that, his
     attention is...shall we say, slothful. From there, the lightless slum can be
     entered via the garage. At the bifurcation, take a left to find a National
     Guardsman trying to repair an elevator.
     First off, I'll say that if Sam coldcocks the repairer, the elevator remains
     broken down, forcing Sam to climb up via the ceiling hole. This won't change
     anything, but isn't really preferable. Second, there's another guy down the
     hall who checks in (once) for a status update, and does this even if his
     buddy is MIA for the scene. Thirdly, either guy can be interrogated for a
     rather funny "training exercise" dialogue with Sam -- don't miss it!
     One way or another, Sam will reach the top of the elevator shaft and have
     to exit the lift. Try to exit as soon as the door opens (automatically), as
     Sam can skirt into the darkness. Footsteps harken to the patrolling guard
     nearby, and it's quite easy for him to discover Sam's position in the lift,
     since he comes to check its contents when it arrives. If you can't rush into
     the shadows, stay atop the thing until his curiosity's satisfied.
     Assuming one can ignore the medkit, the next step is ascending to the roof. A
     helicopter should be arriving with the 2 reinforcements (mentioned by soldier
     earlier), and once out, they'll immediately start their patrol routine. This
     makes four soldiers up here! The best part is these bozos have nothing useful
     or helpful to say, making the goal of exiting the rooftop (by way of the
     zipline on the neon sign platform) easier. Diversionary tactics usually work
     for luring them away, but it's not hard to KO the nearby guards either. 
    PART 2: Access Zherkhezi's Server
     AKA ---: Hack-a-Shack 
     Alarms?: Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Enemies from this point out will be hired thugs, not National Guardsmen,
     meaning lethal force ("Fifth Freedom") is permitted. Speaking of brainless
     goons, one walks right toward Sam's balcony insertion point, and once caught,
     reveals the architect keeps an office around here. This also completes the
     relatively minor "Find Out Who the Mercenaries Work For" primary objective,
     and adds the level's only secondary objective (Discover Who's in Charge of
     Protection Detail).
     Around the corner, in the lobby with the broken elevator, two guards will be
     on duty, in a setup not too dissimilar from the previous building. One of the
     guards will be repairing and the other -- who starts out of sight -- will be
     near the architect's desk. When both are finished with their conversation,
     one will work a bit more before leaning against a wall near the entrance;
     the other sits in a chair in front of said desk.
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Find architectural plans: hack the desktop to uncover
       all the goodies. Only 3 opportunities to find the right hacking numbers
       are provided, so failing once will sound the alarm.
     There are two ways to enter Zherkhezi's apartment:
     1) HARD WAY: The balcony Sam inserted into has a crawlspace that leads to a
        balcony a ways away. At the end is an infrared camera and a staircase (we
        come here later; for now ignore it) leading to a magnetically sealed door.
        There is a loudmouth guard here, so take him out sooner rather than later.
        • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap Zherkhezi's cameras 1/6: overlooks staircase
        Climb up the balcony's pipe to uncover...another balcony! This one has 2
        guards, though, with the familiar "1 patrols, 1 doesn't" setup. If y'wanna
        be cruel, there's a special takedown Sam can do while hanging over a
        balcony, which throws the enemy over the side...but we're stealth-minded,
        so no fun today. Incapacitate the seated mercenary (sticky shocker is far
        quieter than airfoil round) before dealing with his friend.
        • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap Zherkhezi's cameras 2/6: by balcony entrance
        Inside the flat, there's no enemies between Sam and the elevator hallway.
        There is, however, a medkit in the kitchenette if it's required.
     2) EASY WAY: The elevator the Displace merc was fiddling with can be opened
        if he puts in the time. Climbing through the lift's ceiling drops Sam right
        into Zherkhezi's main corridor, just like that!
     I recommend going the long way to pick up the extra cameras...although y'can
     get 'em on the way out, too. Anyway, the paths rejoin in the hallway housing
     the 3rd camera one could possibly encounter, which leads to a living room
     containing a TV-watching guard.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap Zherkhezi's cameras 4/6: elevator hallway and
       living room. Both are positioned precariously, so OPC them to avoid hearin'
       alarm bells. [Use night vision to see their cone of vision, too.]
     The guard can be avoided entirely, as he only rouses if Sam's too loud,
     warnings are tripped or his program is interrupted. If forced to talk, he'll
     say the magnetic door is controlled via a top-floor computer...interesting.
     With this in mind, ascend the spiral staircase (far safer with the camera on
     the fritz) and pop into Zherkhezhi's bedroom.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap Zherkhezi's cameras 5/6: in bedroom
     Exit the bedroom north and continue to find a greenhouse occupied by two
     thugs. They'll converse for a bit, then one goes on patrol, leaving the other
     to his own devices.
     • [SECONDARY OBJECTIVE] Discover Who's Running Zherkhezi's Protection Detail:
       The guard who leaves the hothouse first can be interrogated, and coughs up
       his boss' name in the meanwhile. The same probably goes for the other guy,
       since his interrogation option appears but shows up blank.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap Zherkhezhi's cameras 6/6: above interior greenhouse
       entrance. This one can be tricky if y'stumble right into its beam, so make
       sure to neutralize all threats first, wear night vision to see its cone,
       and disable it via OCP. If the door's closed, one can tap the line easier;
       don't try to outmaneuver the door and beam at the same time, yo!
     Return to the bedroom and take the side door avoided last time. This leads
     to Zherkhezi's private computer, and fiddling with it automatically completes
     the objective. [Oddly enough, you don't even have to read the protocol data
     on the computer...]
    PART 3: Locate Dvorak
     AKA ---: New Magnetic Wonder
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Grim states that Dvorak is in the next-door building, through some magnetic
     doors. The 3D map sheds some light on this: it's past the staircase that's on
     the "long way" to Zherkhezi's apartment, i.e. accessed via the crawlspace.
     Only this time, Sam can backtrack to the balcony and jump down, avoiding the
     rigamarole of the other path.
     Once at the stairway, bypass the infrared cam (it should be the 6th and final
     tap target if ignored previously) and hack the next door. Once inside, head
     toward the next door.
     NOTE: If you want perfect stealth, SAVE before entering. It helps to do the
           next segment just to see what to do, then reload to do it right. To
           preserve stealth, you need to enter the next room without being seen.
           This is done by throwing a diversonary smoke grenade inside (or doing
           it before entering even), then incapacitating the NPC quickly, such as
           with a sticky shocker. Lambert won't like it, but that's how y'do it.
     Inside the closet...err, apartment, there's a crazy old man and a gigantic
     computer setup. Talk with the geezer a few times to learn Dvorak's identity.
    PART 4: Retrive Dvorak's Hardcopy
     AKA ---: Will the Cycle Be Unbroken?
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     With some help from Grim, Sam slightly understands the situation he's in, and
     Lambert suggests enlisting the coot for help. To do the initializing process,
     Sam must start the main server, then, as the tubes warm up, flip the switches
     to those tubes. This part's harder to do in night vision, so do it normally,
     keeping an eye out for the red glow. The order isn't randomized, and the old
     man will do his fair share, too. [NOTE: If he was incapacitated earlier, Sam
     will have to do all of this portion by himself. It isn't that hard once y'get
     the drift, but the memorizing part means it's possible to fail a few times.]
     When it's done correctly, the old man leaves and Sam can collect the output
     stack from the SW computer area.
    PART 5: Exfiltrate to Extraction Point
     AKA ---: Highrise, Low Falls
     Alarms?: Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     The final part is simply moving to extraction, being the building's elevator
     shaft. This means Sam can zip to Zherkhezi's apartment or the vantage point
     near the architect's desk. Either works.
    05) DISPLACE INTERNATIONAL OFFICES                     [NEW YORK CITY]   [WK05]
     OVERVIEW: Zherkhezi's connections have led Sam to Displace HQ, and there
     could be severe repercussions in the world if they're playing dirty...
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | -- |  There's a no-fatality mandate from Irving
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | -- |  so there's little leeway on what to pick.
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | -- |  Option "C" is removed entirely from this
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 05 | -- |  mission, meaning "B" once again seems like
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 03 | -- |  the best thanks to an abundance of gadgets.
     | Gas Grenade    | -- | 03 | -- |
     | Flash Grenade  | 02 | -- | -- |  SECONDARY/OPPORTUNITY OBJECTIVES
     | Smoke Grenade  | 02 | -- | -- |
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | -- |  * Discover Milan Nedich's real identity
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | -- |  * Run tracer programs into Displace comps
     |________________|____|____|____|  * Recover Displace technical reports
    PART 1: Retrieve the Server Access Algorithm
     AKA ---: Greed Is Good
     Alarms?: Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -: n/a
     Our splinter cell begins on the headquarters' roof. Round the corner to find
     two guards, one of which is behind a chain-link fence, repairing the gigantic
     ventilation fan. He'll be having a conversation with a patroller, who'll go
     on the beat soon after. When both are eliminated, flip the fan's switch and
     pick its hatch; there's a fixture nearby that can be used for rappeling. [No
     need to freefall to the bottom, although if y'did, Sam would survive.]
     At the vent's end, Sam can eavesdrop through the vent cover to see two execs
     arguabling politics and cashflow. One will pick up a briefcase before leaving
     the boardroom, meaning Sam can drop down safely. Grim reminds Sam the suit's
     briefcase probably contains the server access algorithms. Sam can acquire the
     info (and complete this objective) by scanning the briefcase with his EEV,
     then selecting it with X-button to dig around. This can be done regardless of
     the carrier's wellbeing. For reference, both men will go down the hall toward
     a security station, look at a painting, and then stop at the operations room.
     • [TIMESAVER] Want a quick way to complete this objective? The scanning part
       can be done in the ventilation duct. While the stuffed shirts drone on,
       Sam can edge into a "sweet spot" to scan, hack and acquire the codes, all
       before they leave! The briefcase also contains the 8136 door password.
     Redding also mentions that the weird window setup can be triggered with OCP,
     not just the light switches. Sam can use this to change opacity at will, which
     is great for wireless scanning or just detecting nearby foes.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload tracers 1/3: In the operations room, the rig
       at the highest table in the room. Oddly enough, this can't be wi-fi hacked.
       Another computer has a VIP detail report, which seems to harken back to
       the last level's missable objective.
     That operations room has one guard who can be lured to the light switch
     conveniently placed by the entrance. He also gives up the 8136 door code.
    PART 2: Access the Central Server
     AKA ---: Mission: Possible
     Alarms?: Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -: n/a
     With the first 3 indoor enemies nappin', it's time to head further in. The
     nerdy briefcase carrier mentions the main server is in the West Wing, near
     the R&D labs. Before that, though, we gotta make it through the securities
     office. There's only one guy there, but he can be baited easily -- slip over
     the railing and move forward; he'll probably see and investigate. Then hop
     the rail again and snatch 'im. He mentions the doors aren't working properly
     and the ducts or R&D access might be the answer to reaching the server. Oh,
     and he can also be used for the retinal scanner nearby, saving some time.
     Sam can also visit the training gym nearby, empty except for some treadmills
     and two guards. Both are preoccupied (one at laptop, one working out) but
     both the noise threshold is low here. The easiest way to proceed is to hop
     the shadowed rail, loop around and nix the treadmill guy, then hop back over
     a third time to blindside the websurfer. 
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload tracers 2/3: Training room, far side. Careful
       doing a wi-fi hack here, as the computer-using merc may be tipped off.
     The training room also has a medkit (and overhanging pipe for some reason),
     but neither should be necessary so far. Back at the security station, the
     R&D lab door leads to a darkened corridor. Flip on thermal vision to see
     those pesky laserbeams searchin' for intruders. Carrying the guard's corpse
     will deactivate the lasers in proximity, but Sam can also James Bond his way
     through by OCP-ing the beams that don't flicker on/off.
     Regardless, Sam's first foray into the R&D lab will be a small computer lab
     with a single victim...err, guard. Switch off the lights, then switch off his
     lights, y'dig? This event may even draw another nearby foe to Sam's clutches.
     If the setup isn't as described above, the two guards will be talking in the
     other room instead -- still, business as usual. [One of the computers has a
     turret performance report.]
     Speaking of which, around the next corner is the turret itself. It's flipped
     off already, so no need to screw with it (all that happens is toggling I.F.F.
     mode, that is, the friendly fire mechanism). From the ventilation shaft past
     the targets, Sam can enter the first floor.
     Happily, this puts our protag right above the server room we're lookin' for.
     Descend the rope and use the algorithm (obtained from the briefcase) to open
     the computer. Much to Third Eschelon's chagrin, the sought-after info has
     been shunted elsewhere thanks to our buddy Milon Nedich. The goal now becomes
     finding his office and doing some damage.
    PART 3: Find Information Linking Displace and Zherkhezi
     AKA ---: 
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -:
     Before that, though, Sam's got other fish to fry. Snooping on the main server
     cues a scene where the power is restored to the building, meaning shadowy
     property has skyrocketed in value! Sam can climb back up and wait for the
     technician to enter, then nix the lights for his disposal. An easier way is
     to immediately go to the hallway when power's restored, then dispose of one
     guard when he walks by the shadowy E/W portions. [I recommend taking out the
     one walking west, as it tends to make the other stop completely.]
     The wimpy technician mentions that the elevator to the top floors should be
     up and running; the other says Milon's PC is up there, too. Looks like we'll
     be busy! Exit the server area on foot to reach the first-floor elevator lobby.
     CAREFULLY stand in the doorway and wait for the patrolling guard to leave,
     then follow him. There's a camera over the lift doors, too, so OPC it for
     caution's sake. 
     With him out of the way, that leaves the guard at the front desk and the two
     down the hall. All can be whistle-lured but the former is blocked by doors
     that only open for Displace personnel, making it slightly more annoying to
     deal with. [He does however have a hilarious interrogation where he tries to
     give Sam a tip for playing the horses.] As for the duo past the 1st-floor
     bathroom, one patrols into the auxiliary hallway with a flashlight, making
     him rather dangerous. The best way is to shoot out the overhead light
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Upload tracers 3/3: Side office past the bathroom.
     That should be all there is to do on the first and second floors. Return to
     the elevator lobby, avoid the camera's eye and head on up!
     Exit the elevator and hang a right; two guards jabber about distrusting Milon
     and namedrop the door code (2346) for the executive offices. After they go
     on patrol, follow them -- after switching off the overhead lights, of course
     -- and see that their beat is the perimeter hallway. There's also a coffee
     nook where one guy watches TV. The collective information gathered from these
     bozos: a reiteration of the 2346 code and Nedich's door code (2609). The PC
     down the hall also tells the 2346 code. Man, looks like everyone leaves that
     info layin' around...
     Ignore the doorway SW door near the cubicle offices and find the automatic
     doors with a camera between them. Short circuit it and continue on the 2346
     entry point. This leads to the higher-ups' offices.
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Discover Milon Nedich's real identity: Quite an easy one
       to miss. When you enter the hallway, DO NOT FLIP THE LIGHTS. Instead, scan
       the second of the two rooms with your EEV and the chatterboxes inside will
       namedrop Milos Nowak, a.k.a. the Barber of Bosnia. If the two inside sense
       something amiss, they don't do this conversation.
     Down the hall is Nedich's office. Hack in if needed and make a beeline for
     his desktop. It appears Milon alighted Zherkhezi to Hokkaido for a secret
    PART 4: Exfiltrate to Primary Extraction
     AKA ---: Get Outta Dodge
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -: n/a
     To evacuate and end this mission, backtrack past the camera'd checkpoint and
     visit that door we skipped, near the tinier offices. Pick the lock therein
     and open the fire escape (code 3485, found on Milon's PC)
    06) SAPPORO PRIVATE RETREAT                                 [HOKKAIDO]   [WK06]
     OVERVIEW: Zherkhezi's location has been uncovered, and it seems he's in bed
     with Displace's VP of Operations. Sam'll have to work for this one...
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Like usual, "B" is a good pick, but let's
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  talk about the others. "A" is an all-around
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | 02 |  selection, and the only one to pack flash
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 03 | -- |  grenades...although that ain't much of a
     | Gas Grenade    | -- | 03 | -- |  pro. "C" is the loud kick-down-the-door
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 03 | 03 |  way of fighting, and the only one packing
     | Flash Grenade  | 02 | -- | -- |  explosives (as well as 12 rounds for the
     | Smoke Grenade  | 03 | 03 | -- |  SC-20 sniper attachment).
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | 03 |
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | 03 |  Go with your gut -- perfect stealth can be
     |________________|____|____|____|  done with any one of the three, remember.
     * Retrieve the hidden microphones
    PART 1: Discover Milan Nedich's Real Identity [OPTIONAL]
     AKA ---: A Simple Life
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     This objective only appears if Sam didn't do it last mission, but the start
     is the same: our splinter cell inserts into a rocky pond area outside the
     peaceful retreat. Or, it would be peaceful if there wasn't an armed guard
     watching the creek. He has the advantage here thanks to the terrain, but can
     be neutralized from afar. However, if you choose to interrogate him, he'll
     have one of the funnier conversations in the game, so don't miss it!
     Anyway, the resort is a paragon of ascetic tranquility, and because of that,
     there's a lot of scenic places, lack of electricity and paper-thin walls.
     This means the noise threshold is generally very low, and the floors are so
     creeky...do the math! The guard around the first corner will light a candle
     (!!) for light before brandishing his flashlight -- get used to that in this
     place. To wit, candles can be extinguished via a prompt; like all light
     sources, they can attract enemies' attention.
     Outside, there'll only be one guard, smokin' a cig against one of the cars.
     Redding mentions that scanning the license plates could uncover some info on
     Nedich, and sure 'nough, we learn some info about the Barber of Bosnia. The
     patrolling guard mentions Nedich is having a meeting in the central palace,
     so that's the next stop.
    PART 2: Eliminate Milan Nedich
     AKA ---: Close Shave 
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: 5.56mm Ammo (x60)
     With the courtyard cleansed, it's time to trek east. The tiny cottage has a
     flashlight guard, so instead of walking in the front door, try the darker
     window. [This guy also has a hilarious ninja conversation...worth hearing!]
     There's no enemies for awhile, so explore the house until arriving at a
     modern sitting room.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover microphones 1/6: next to the room's lantern.
       Remember these are basically impossible to see with the naked eye, so use
       the thermal or, better yet, the EMF view.
     Around the next corner is a guard easily KO'd, and from there, a therapeutic
     bath. The guard here pays little attention as well. Make sure to leave his
     body away from the pool -- unconscious guards who fall in end up drowning,
     and that counts against the stealth rating!
     Two rooms in, a guard walks around the dining area, even lighting a candle.
     Capturing him isn't very hard, but an interesting thing is there's some ammo
     on the bench nearby -- that's reason to celebrate, I'm sure. The Temple/Garden
     area is accessible down the hall.
     In the peaceful balcony, two guards bicker over finding microphone bugs --
     one leaves, one lingers. Neither gives information while interrogated, so
     no reason to pussyfoot around 'em. Inside, break some lanterns if y'need
     extra cover.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover microphones 2/6: Alongside telephone table
     Past the sitting area is the kitchen and, like the guard said earlier, there
     are some supplies (medkit) there. There's even extra 5.56mm Ammo to be found,
     too! What a treasure trove. The sliding door opens into a zen courtyard of
     sorts, complete with two flashlighters. Neither's that hard to eliminate, and
     one even says Milan came through earlier with 3 of his men...interesting.
     The next building over contains the sleeping quarters for the resort. Sam'll
     be able to hear a conversation taking place somewhere immediately. Hug the
     right wall to find a door into the Milan's private suite, with three of this
     thugs in the room prefacing it. If one's fleet-footed, it's possible to enter
     the crawlspace (bypassing the group), enter the suite and wait for Milan to
     return there. Breaking the light works best, but in either case, after he's
     sent his cronies to patrol, he'll be ripe for the taking. Interrogate and
     castigate like a bossssss!
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover microphones 3/6: in the austere bedroom
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover microphones 4/6: by telephone in Nedich's suite
     As for the cronies, Sam can ignore them or neutralize -- either way, they're
     not too important. The next stop is the Living Area, accessed from alongside
     the Buddha statue.
    PART 3: Abduct Abrahim Zherkezhi
     AKA ---: Mister Tea
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Through the first couple corridors, Sam comes out in a large-size terrarium.
     There's a switch on-hand to raise the cage's top half, but in general, this
     setup just serves to make Sam easier to spot by the guard across the room.
     Consider using a sticky camera if things go south too many times.
     The adjacent layout contains an L-shaped hallway leading into a central
     sitting area. A guard patrols the perimeter if spooked, but watches the
     idiot box when comfortable.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover microphones 5/6: on wall near couch
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover microphones 5/6: near phone in connected room
     Meandering ever-so-slightly, the hallway drops Sam off in front of a tiny
     teahouse, apparently near Zherkhezi's last-known position. Going up the
     staircase into the well-lit landing is terrible strategy, so hop the railing
     into the bamboo garden and proceed that way. The lower guard patrols this
     area primarily, and can be up a creek when the light's turned off (on left-
     -hand side). The above guard can be problematic given the light sources, but
     a sticky shocker ain't gonna play favorites, haha. Neither has interrogation
     stuff to say.
     In the boxed-up anteroom nearby, use the crawlspace to see a surprising
     scene, which starts the next segment...
    PART 4: Eliminate Douglas Shetland
     AKA ---: Mistaken Identity
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Surely this isn't real? Proceed through Zherkhezi's cottage and reenter the
     Common Area (i.e. first area). All that's left is to return to the extraction
     point, the tiny stream where Sam inserted. There'll be three enemies in that
     car-filled courtyard, but they can all be bypassed thanks to them hiding in
     shadows. Also, if y'forgot any microphones, don't be afraid to go after 'em!
     No other enemies have spawned outside the courtyard's few. [Extraction takes
     place automatically, by the way.]
    07) NKA COASTAL BATTERY                                  [NORTH KOREA]   [WK07]
     OVERVIEW: The only thing we know about that North Korean missile is that it
     came from North Korea -- and it's Sam's duty to uncover if it was fired
     intentionally or accidentally.
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Ahh, more variety. "B" still probably has
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  the best gadgets utility-wise, but "A"
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | 02 |  marks the debut of the SC-20's shotgun
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 03 | -- |  attachment (x14). Certainly a fun weapon
     | Airfoil Round  | -- | 03 | 03 |  to try out, but fatalities count against
     | Gas Grenade    | -- | 03 | -- |  Sam, so that's a bummer. Same with "C"
     | Flash Grenade  | 04 | -- | -- |  and its sniper attachment (x12).
     | Smoke Grenade  | 03 | 03 | -- |
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | 03 |  SECONDARY/OPPORTUNITY OBJECTIVES
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | 03 |
     |________________|____|____|____|  * Recover shipping & repair logs
    PART 1: Determine if Missile Launch Was Intentional
     AKA ---: My Brilliant Korea
     Alarms?: Yes (3 Allowed)
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: Gas Grenade (x4), 5.56mm Ammo (x30)
     This'll be a long one.
     Sam's insertion via the air shaft places him above the starting cargo bay,
     patrolled by two guards. That shaft is brightly lit, and if Sam's too slow
     in moving, the 2-man regiment will fire upon him. Both guards move around a
     bit but are usually in sight of each other -- a double-edged sword if there
     ever was one. Just wait for one to attend to his business before abducting
     the other (interrogation can earn the 1879 door code).
     Keeping in mind Redding's earlier request for shipping logs, it's time to
     blow this garage. The quick way is to use the SE door, short circuit the
     camera, and quickly punch in 1879 to continue. There's a far cooler stealth
     way, though: use the trench system underneath the vehicle to bypass the cam
     and keypad, coming up into a bunker office just down the hall. Either way's
     fine, only one requires less danger.
     There's a computer lab connected to the corridor, and it contains a single
     soldier absorbed in his work. [He gives a hilarious pro-USA conversation.
     Maybe he's a cousin to the ninja guy last level?] His computer mentions an
     incorrect delivery to the munitions warehouse...interesting. The eastern of
     the two exits culminates in another, smaller office.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover shipping logs 1/4: The first record can be
       snatched from the soldier's computer here. He isn't paying attention, so
       he probably won't mind...
     Backtrack a room and trek north to reach the munitions warehouse. There's a
     patroller here, but he typically doesn't get spooked unless Sam broke out the
     hallway light. He has little to offer interrogation-wise, but should still be
     eliminated carefully as there's a camera spying on everything. The reward for
     entering the well-lit nook the guard stood by (climb the crate and shelf) is
     two gas grenades. The camera can still see Sam there, though, so take 'em
     Near the bunker stairway is a tiny security room Sam can pick his way into.
     Except the medkit and giant console that does nothing, there's a security
     guard in back, quietly minding his own business. He'll have his back to the
     door, supposing Sam hasn't tripped any alarms.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover shipping logs 2/4: at guard's PC
     Take the staircase down to the Command Area next, whose first room contains
     a missile loading bay with two guards. The connecting doorway is well-lit and
     the area is deathly quiet: a bad combination. Use a distracting device like
     a sticky camera to reach the shadows; from there, it's slumber-by-numbers.
     Once both goons are out of the equation, it's time to act on the guard's
     advice of getting through the bulkhead doors. Bypass both circuits (they
     glow red) to make the missile grind forward along its track, which opens the
     overhanging track for Sam to hang on.
     Once Sam drops through the mechanic trench, he'll be on the bulkhead's other
     side. This hallway has two guards (1 patrolling, 1 sitting) and their close
     proximity means each time Sam alerts one, the other typically follows. The
     safest way is to whistle-lure a guard(s) near the elevator entrance's shadow,
     then nab them when they turn around. This works easiest if only the sitting
     guard is alerted, of course. The corridor's table also contains 2 gas grenades
     and a clip of 5.56mm Ammo. Only one enemy remains on this floor, and he sits
     idly in the SW command center. He says the elevator contains the higher-ups,
     so that's where we're goin' next.
     Above, carefully exit the elevator into the shadows. There's a camera that
     watches the guard's desk, but the guard can be lured away easily, either by
     whistling or distraction-type objects. It's possible to lure him close enough
     to the retinal scanner for him to use it, but it's not that important. [His
     computer isn't that important here.]
     Past the elevator lobby is the base's command center, and after a scene, Sam
     will learn the North Koreans' intentions. [If for some reason Sam interrupts
     that scene, he can earn the objective from the hackable computer.] Everyone
     gets back to work afterwards: the technician to his lower console, the
     commander to the holographic map near the upper computers. If Sam "saved"
     the third guy from a bullet by interrupting the scene, he'll be up near the
     base commander, also.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover shipping logs 3/4: on main console
    PART 2: Tap the Launcher BIOS
     AKA ---: All Quiet on the Western Front
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Grim says that she still needs to see if the missile launcher itself has a
     Dvorak BIOS fingerprint, so that's the next stop. Back downstairs, Sam should
     head toward the west launcher, accessed from the missile command center on
     that side. [By contrast, the eastern launcher sector is mostly closed off,
     except for 2 guards.]
     The missile storing bay is occupied by only one technician, fixing something
     with the payload. Once he's disposed of, Sam can fiddle with the payload
     himself, turning it into an explosive liability. The door nearby leads to
     a delivery track, which in turn leads outdoors to the battery environment.
     One guard patrols outside in the watchful gaze of a camera. I suggest luring
     him near to the doorway and shooting/grabbing him there. There's little in
     the way of shadows up top, so dumping him at the bottom of a stairway should
     be fine.
     Next, head to the control room underneath the launcher. There'll be two guys
     below, one who often sits at the computer and another, semi-obscured by the
     machinery, looking toward the northern doorway. For this reason, proceeding
     is often easier if one takes the southern stairway, since it lets Sam snatch
     the most problematic guy without a fuss.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Recover shipping logs 4/4: on console near window
     With the stiffs outta the way, Sam can get back to the task at hand: tapping
     that BIOS. However, if he tries to do so without opening the casing, Grim'll
     be sure to remind him (even making a tongue-in-cheek Half-Life reference!).
     So, be sure to bypass the control room circuit first -- it's located on the
     machine directly below the launcher.
     Up top, zap the camera (or use a smokescreen) and move to the eastern end
     of the launcher. Operate the computer a bit to learn just where that Dvorak
     fingerprint came from...oh dear.
    PART 3: Stop the Missile Launch
     AKA ---: On the Clock
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Now that the origin -- or something close to it -- is learned, Sam still has
     to get to the other launcher and stop the second missile from firing. This
     part of the base is symmetrical, so simply return to the elevator and head
     east, past the lower control center. Beyond the payload room (contains two
     guards, as said before), the symmetry keeps up -- the only difference this
     time is Sam must bypass a circuit to open the blast doors. SAVE BEFORE DOING
     THIS PART because it starts a 3:00 timer to stop the missile launch!
     Immediately descend the nearest stairway to the launch control room. The
     safest, stealthiest way to do this part is to exit the control room out the
     other side and snatch the binoculars guy. Through interrogation, he'll say
     that even if Sam collects the abort codes, he'll need to override from the
     main console since he lacks authorization. The next step is eliminating the
     two enemies operating the lower console, which can be accomplished via the
     sticky camera gas effect or gas grenades. Hack the nearby computer to get
     the abort codes. [This cannot be done wirelessly, sadly, which would excise
     a large portion of the danger.]
     With that part down, rush out -- be mindful of the camera -- and head back
     to the Command Area. The control room here lets Sam override the launch,
     defusing the situation as well as the bomb. Running from launch control to
     this room usually takes about 0:45 so leave 1:00 on the clock for leeway.
    PART 4: Exfiltrate at Primary Extraction
     AKA ---: Punchin' Out
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     To extract, return to either launcher bunker and find the part near the
     periphery where the prompt is given. Naturally, proximity dictates Sam use
     the east launcher, but it doesn't matter, really. Be mindful of cameras!
    08) SEOUL                                                [SOUTH KOREA]   [WK08]
     OVERVIEW: Seoul is a battlefield, and until Sam can disprove North Korea was
     firing on someone else's orders, it'll stay that way. 
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Usually "B" is picked as a suggestion but
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  it gets so many gadgets for this mission,
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | -- |  it earns that position. "A" and "C" get
     | Sticky Shocker | 04 | 03 | -- |  shotgun (x14) and sniper (x12) launchers.
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 05 | -- | 
     | Gas Grenade    | 02 | 03 | -- |  SECONDARY/OPPORTUNITY OBJECTIVES
     | Flash Grenade  | -- | 01 | 01 |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | 01 | 05 |  * Stop the propaganda broadcasts
     | Smoke Grenade  | -- | 01 | 01 |  * Tap a mobile command center
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | 02 |  * Gain information about NK UAVS
     |________________|____|____|____|  * Disable portable radar receivers
                                        * Rescue the EA-6B pilots
    PART 1: Interrogate S.F. Agent to Learn Jong's Location
     AKA ---: Third Degree
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Funny insertion point this time: a child's bedroom in a burned-out husk of
     an apartment. Lambert reminds Sam that any combatant, friend or foe, will
     attack on sight since Sam ain't supposed to be there anyway. Rappel to street
     level, keeping in mind there's a soldier nearby with an itchy trigger finger.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable propaganda broadcasts 1/3: the annoying barking
       coming from the loudspeaker can be disabled via the cable below it. You'll
       want to do this anyway, since it's insufferable. =)
     Hop the fence and disable the wall mine before it blows. Irving says that
     some one of the area's splinter cells-in-training have been captured, and
     that Sam needs to interrogate a Special Forces officer to get the scoop. This
     is easily accomplished because two SFs, near the vehicle headlights, separate
     to go about their own business. Interrogating either one will do the trick.
     The mission ends abruptly if both are incapacitated before this point, too.
    PART 2: Locate & Retrieve NDT Data Drives
     AKA ---: Finders Keepers
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     With the jokers in the dust, go south -- a pipe connects to a broken balcony.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable propaganda broadcasts 2/3: there's a speaker
       cable right near the pipe. This one doesn't appear to make much or any
       noise, so it's easily missed outside of night vision.
     Inside, shimmy over the blockade thanks to the overhanging pipe. Sam can
     go around the right-hand corner and onto the next balcony, or cut the cloth
     material (left-hand side) and take out an extra guard. The guard patrols
     and may spot Sam from his window, so this ain't a bad idea. That window is
     also a drop-down point itself.
     At street level, there's the mobile command center Grim spoke of. It consists
     of a perimeter patroller and another goofball in the truck; taking out the
     latter makes the former easy pickings.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable propaganda broadcasts 3/3: east side, near
       one of the market stalls.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap a mobile command center: Just access the vehicle
       computer and Grim'll work her magic.
     There's another wall mine on the dumpster nearest the broadcast speakers, so
     be careful. It's placed there as an inconvenience for those wanting to use
     the ladder alongside it -- climb it, then use the crawlspace to penetrate the
     building. This leads to the server room the North Koreans were seeking, and
     once Sam's stolen the intel, two riflemen stream in. It's dark enough that
     neither should be conscious long...heh heh.
    PART 3: Transfer Data to EA-6B From Rooftop
     AKA ---: Fly-by-Night
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     With the two lower guards kaput, Sam need only tackle the guard patrolling
     the second-story balcony above him. Sneak upstairs (thankfully it's shadowed
     here) and spot the last North Korean -- not a difficult task, thanks to the
     electrical fires all around the area. If a player chooses, this guy can be
     skipped completely; just head north to the elevator.
     On the roof, Sam will have a scene where he transmits the NDT drives' info
     to the plane overhead. Of course, things never go quite as planned, do they?
    PART 4: Reach EA-6B Crash Site
     AKA ---: The Eagle Has Crash-Landed
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: 5.56mm Ammo (x60), Frag Grenade
     Things're going to hell in a handbasket now, and Sam's burdened with getting
     the data again. Redding also wants him to neutralize four radar receivers
     (P3Rs) that map allied movements -- a big no-no for our boys in blue. This
     rooftop has two enemies, a patrolling soldier and an overhead UAV, which is
     essentially an unkillable helicopter robot. If it catches Sam in its red
     spotlight, it won't be good.
     Nab the guard first so he won't be a problem -- luckily, one can coordinate
     this with night vision, since the UAV's beam faintly appears. Learning the
     UAV's flight pattern helps so it doesn't discover the body, too -- I suggest
     behind the tiny "alley" to the west since it has overhead cover.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable radar receivers 1/5: right near the fence is
       the computer setup. All subsequent receivers will look the same, too.
     Part of that fence has a zipline to the next building over. Continue along
     until a pipe-filled alley; near the giant, unjumpable pit is a pipe Sam can
     shimmy across with. Enjoy the silly portrayal of North Koreans scared by the
     bomb? There's more to come! One of the scaredy-cats will walk near the
     structure below the overhanging pipe, so he's a shoo-in for 1st elimination.
     If you wanna be evil, do the railing pull to send him into the abyss, haha.
     The other two aren't hard to dispose of if one OCPs the main light source.
     There's some 5.56mm Ammo up by the computer, too.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable radar receivers 2/5: on top of the ledge by
       the lower rooftop door. Unless you're walking around with EMF vision, this
       shouldn't be skipped.
     Speaking of entry into that building, there's a trapdoor near the P3R which
     can be used in place of the main door. Does it matter? No -- there's zero
     enemies inside. The building's gotten a new renovation in the form of a
     bombed-out balcony, a perfect tool since Sam can overlook the UAV and the
     soldier below. The recommended course of action is firing a sticky camera
     into the shadowed part of the soldier's balcony (the part that isn't lit up
     by the UAV) and KO him there. Then, reach that balcony when the UAV flies
     away for a little bit. Don't see the red beam? Then the course is clear.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable radar receivers 3/5: in plain sight near the
       lower intact balcony. The UAV periodically looks this way, so it makes
       sense to act quickly.
     Inside, use another overhanging pipe to enter the City Streets section, the
     penultimate one found on this level. Head forward over the VERY noisy tiles
     to find two soldiers in the bombed-out restaurant below, inspecting a dud
     missile. When they leave, nab the one behind the bar, and KO the one in the
     next room over (airfoil to the head works). Again, remember the tiles are
     SUPER noisy; walking faster than slowest speed means the enemy'll be alerted.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Gain information about NK UAVs: the second soldier is
       inspecting a fallen UAV, and toying with his laptop secures the intel.
     In the adjacent alley, a South Korean soldier will gun down an insurgent --
     too bad he'll probably have to be taken out as well. For some reason, there
     is an elaborate overhanging pipe rig accessible from the UAV truck...it's to
     be used with the previous room's crawlspace-sized window, but why bother?
     [An odd fact is that if you use the crawlspace to sticky shocker or snipe
     the South Korean fellow, the North Korean by the truck automatically dies.]
     A ways over the next fence, Redding calls into say heavy armor has been
     deployed nearby and Sam's likely to encounter it.
     And whaddya know? He does. The street beyond is a veritable killing field,
     and Sam stumbles onto the tail-end of the firefight. This leaves two charlies
     to eliminate, plus the tank bearing down the corridor -- its minigun will
     chew anyone up in a matter of seconds, so tread lightly while working up the
     street. Past the tank (which can't attack at close range) is a pipe leading
     up to a North Korean eagle's nest.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable radar receivers 4/5: in plain sight above the
       pipe. There's also a frag grenade on that same table.
     The broken apartment building leads to the North Market area, where the plane
     is landed. It's not in sight yet, though. First descend the balcony perch to
     street level, where two soldiers and a UAV are. One enemy will patrol the
     street while the other stands near another mobile command center; the latter
     is especially easy to nix at long range when the other foe's gone.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap a mobile command center: If y'forgot to do this
       earlier, here's another shot. Grim's dialogue changes if this is the 2nd
       tap Fisher's racked up so far.
     The remaining street segment is quite safe, except for the wall mine at the
     far end (and the UAV if it's up there). Over the next chain-link fence is
     the downed plane in all its mangled glory. Outside of the deadly tank, only
     one foe has reached here so far, and he can be taken out from the alleyway.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Disable radar receivers 5/5: On a balcony overlooking
       the street, accessed from a vertical pipe near the plane-side dumpsters.
       There's also a cross-street (one-way) zipline for easy tank bypassing.
     Evade the tank's gaze and get up near the battered cockpit, finding there's
     no way to recover the data. Oh dear...
    PART 5: Designate Wreckage for Bombardment
     AKA ---: Flight Carrier
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     With the salvage operation tanked, it's time for Sam to paint the area and
     let an air strike team do the job he can't. However, the plane's crew have
     miraculously climbed to safety, and Sam wants to save them. Lambert says no,
     but who cares 'bout him? 
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Rescue the EA-6B pilots: it's possible to save these
       fellas from a cremation by carefully moving them into the insertion alley,
       the one with the chain-link fence. This is done by avoiding the tank's guns,
       something that may be hard to do without a little practice. Turn on night
       vision to see its movements better, and make a dash when its main gun is
       pointed at the adjacent building, not the plane/street area. Its gun raises
       and lowers a few times during its cycle, so there's a bit of leeway,
       however small.
     Finally, Sam can do the mission he needs to do. Climb the scaffolding near
     the tank (or zipline to it via the radar perch) and, at its apex, use EEV to
     "paint" the target. This ends the mission.
    09) SHINJUKU BATH HOUSE                                        [TOKYO]   [WK09]
     OVERVIEW: Shetland's been tracked to Japan, and now it's time to get to the
     bottom of this debacle...
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  Another one where either "A" or "B" works
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  best. "A" and "C" both have shotgun
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | -- |  attachments (x14) but "C" also has the
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 06 | -- |  sniper attachment (x12), making it way
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 06 | -- |  more fun than the other options.
     | Gas Grenade    | 03 | 03 | -- |  
     | Flash Grenade  | 03 | 02 | -- |  SECONDARY/OPPORTUNITY OBJECTIVES
     | Smoke Grenade  | 03 | 02 | 02 |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | Frag Grenade   | -- | -- | 04 |  * Tap the bathhouse phone lines
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | 02 |  * Find who gave I-SDAF Team their orders
     |________________|____|____|____|  * Hack Shetland's computer
     NOTE: If you're going for stealth, try to avoid wasting sticky shockers,
           cameras and airfoils on the regular dreck, since y'may want them later.
    PART 1: Gain Entry to the Bath House
     AKA ---: Grimetime
     Alarms?: Yes (3 Allowed)
     Deaths?: Yes (except civilians)
     Items -: n/a
     Fisher starts in an alleyway down the block from the destination, and gets
     briefed on a large-scale objective: tap phones for Frances Coen. Around the
     corner, try hiding near the shopfront crates, 'cause when the two mercs
     finish conversing, one will sit down right near there. The other cycles
     between the side stair and the broken sewer main further up the road.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap bathhouse phone lines 1/x: the payphone right near
       the mercs can be tapped. It's also in the shadows, so Sam can do his work
       even if other enemies are around (although one occasionally walks over...)
     With the coast clear, locate the sewer grate near the dumpsters and use it
     to infiltrate the batthouse's basement.
    PART 2: Discover Who Shetland's Contact Is
     AKA ---: Room Disservice
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed (except civilians)
     Items -: n/a
     Lambert reminds Sam to stay his hand where civilians are concerned, closing
     with one of his best lines: "Don't be careful. Be Gandhi." Surfacing, Fisher
     will be in the laundry room, occupied by two mercenaries checking for loose
     ends. The seated guy will typically stay that way since he's near a light
     source; if Sam breaks it, he patrols instead. The other guy patrols too, so
     whistle-luring tends to be Sam's best "icebreaker". Other than that, the
     furnace has a decent noise threshold, and without the fluorescent lighting,
     both end up as sitting ducks.
     Upstairs a bit, the boss man mentions that searching the upstairs offices is
     crucial. Stealthily enter the reception area where two more guards converse
     (again with the ninja talk!) before one leaves for his routine. The place's
     very dark and coldcocking the merc clerk is a cinch. The patroller mentions
     that the offices are to the north and the baths themselves are in the south,
     so that lays things out nicely.
     Through the north passage, two more mercs discuss the upstairs security. Both
     tend to walk around a bit; one often goes outside while the other just does
     a circuit from the desk to the area. Neither is tough to incapacitate, nor
     do they have beans to spill. The computer nearby though can be hacked to
     disable all camera access, useful if you wanna go to 2F via the main stair.
     • [FUN TIP] Wanna go upstairs the cool "ninja" way? Outside, climb onto one
       of the low-hanging awnings, and hop to each of the others. From there,
       Sam can leap onto part of the batthouses exterior; finally, he can catch
       the sill above and shimmy to the open window.
     Whichever way Sam chooses, there'll be a civilian housekeeper sweeping the
     floors. Entering through the window sets up a better scenario to nab the
     guy, which turns out to be helpful: he coughs up the owner's room's door
     code (3650) and mentions the people who barricaded themselves in the room
     next-door to there can be accessed via a vent in said office. [He also says
     the hall camera can be disabled from the front desk downstairs, but y'may
     have done that already.]
     Once inside the owner's office, inspect the file cabinet or PC to finish up
     this objective.
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Find out who gave I-SDAF Team the orders: If Sam
       enters the office crawlspace, this objective comes up. Exit into the
       barricaded room to find two Japanese agents doing surveillance work. To
       finish the objective, interrogate either of them (actually, the same convo
       plays no matter which you pick). Their PCs don't have anything useful...
    PART 3: Eavesdrop on Shetland's Meeting
     AKA ---: Fly in the Wall
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed (except civilians)
     Items -: Sticky Shocker
     With the hotel area finished, it's time to visit the baths -- it's south of
     the first-floor reception area, remember, in its own section. Naturally, the
     first area contains the changing rooms. If Sam's quick on his feet, he can
     creep to the bathroom stall and use the oft-unused "bash door" option to
     surprise the guy taking a leak. Otherwise, he'll get up and walk around,
     complicating things a bit, as he does carry a flashlight. [In fact, assume
     that most guards will for this part.] For fun, Sam can perch on top of the
     lockers, getting a bird's-eye view of the place.
     Adjacent, the hallway branches twice with both routes eventually leading to
     the Warm Baths section. Either way works, so don't worry too much about it.
     The placards will say which way's which.
     1) POOL: This area is under renovation, which is why Sam must cut through the
        protective cloth to enter, and why there's no water in the place. On duty
        tonight, two guards will converse about the lack fo water, before splitting
        for their patrols. The empty pool means Sam can cut across if necessary,
        but at the same time, there's no cover (besides hiding under scaffolding).
        A quick way to do this part is sneaking along the north wall, and if any
        guard glimpses Sam, he'll walk right into harm's way. The shadowed NE
        corner is a good snag spot.
        • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap bathhouse phone lines 2/3: near the pool exit,
          by that stack of crates. It's pretty hard to miss if y'go this way.
     2) DRY BATH: This room contains two guards, one patrolling and one statuesque
        "observer" facing toward the far exit (he won't move an inch!). To help
        Sam, the overhead light intermittently shuts off, probably due to the
        renovations next door. Dispose of the wandering merc first to make things
        From there, the next-door chamber is a massage parlor, with one civilian
        sweeping shop. If he's spooked, he'll usually try to light a candle first,
        giving easy opportunity for abduction. [There's a medkit here also.]
     As said, the convergence into the Warm Baths is inevitable -- it just decides
     if Sam does so from the NE or SW sides. Either's fine, since it starts Fisher
     near a light switch which, coupled with the steam, helps Sam's chances of
     avoiding his enemies. [Disabling lights also lures guards near.] Additionally,
     there's a valve in the NW corner that disables the extra steam. Finally, if
     Sam interrogates any of these jokers, they'll say that Shetland's bodyguards
     are fully-equipped with night vision and thermal...oh dear... Enter the
     private bath area when ready.
     Through the "draped" door is the front desk, where two enemies plot their
     detail's route in case things go bad. And with Sam here, they'll certainly
     need it. As usual, one patrols while the other hangs around, so there's no
     element of surprise attack-wise. The experienced guard will give up info
     about Shetland's retreat in case they're compromised: while Doug retreats,
     the back hallway will be blocked off as a distraction. Hmm...
     • [ONGOING OBJECTIVE] Tap bathhouse phone lines 3/3: Payphone behind the
       front desk. Best done when the two guards are fast asleep (eternally?)
     Past there, sneak to the hallway where two guards talk about a vent that
     overlooks the meeting room. "Zachary" is tasked with clearing it of any
     I-SDAF bugging. When they split up, one guard walks north to the vent one
     room over; the other goes back to guard duty. Taking out either one shouldn't
     be very hard, just employ caution in the pond room -- y'don't want bodies
     slipping into the fountain! [There's also a 2nd crawlspace that enters this
     pond area from the hallway nearby, if y'need it.] Enter the crawlspace to
     see the meeting.
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Hack Shetland's computer: from the crawlspace, use EEV
       hacking to see just what the Chaos Theory is. Grim gives extra dialogue
       upon exiting, thanks to Sam's prowess.
     Anyway, Shetland's on the run and the bathhouse is turning into a firefight,
     right at the spot where the earlier guard said the distraction would be.
     Enemies from this point on will have night vision/thermal capabilities, so
     the stealthier, and more accurate, Sam is, the better. The fighting won't
     break without Sam's intervention, though, so if y'wanna avoid wasting those
     great gadgets, sneak all the way around and enter the NE door (this was
     guarded earlier and had no option to open). 
     From there, bypass the private bath entrance (outside where last scene took
     place) and continue on a bit, being mindful of the wall mine. There's also a
     sticky shocker on the bench. Anyway, by stealthily creeping to the door, Sam
     can look into the adjacent shower...and find three of Shetland's henchmen.
     Y'know, the ones who were fully decked out with night vision and thermal?
     They can also gun Sam down right quick. SAVE HERE for good measure.
     The guards' placements are (1) NW corner, behind shower separator (2) behind
     north desk (3) near NE door, behind concrete pillar. They're all expecting
     trouble coming from Sam's direction, too, as one can plainly see from the
     positioning. To boot, they're immune to gas grenades and sticky camera gas.
     This means, outside of normal sniping, one has to use sticky shockers or
     airfoil rounds.
     Needless to say, this is the hardest part for a stealth-minded player, as
     even if Sam KOs all of them, they often see him first, meaning he doesn't get
     100% at the end. My way of doing this is shooting out the SW light, shrouding
     that area in darkness. When the guards check, sticky shocker one while they
     stand in the shadows, then do the same when the 2nd guard (approaches area
     with buddy). Do this in a one-two punch, or the other guard will "discover"
     the body and your mission rating suffers. This only leaves the NW guard, who
     never goes to check when his friends do. Toss a smoke grenade at the entrance
     and stealthily move east to the barrier, which should provide enough cover.
     The grenade ends up drawing the guard's attention, at which point Sam can
     flank him with a sticky shocker (etc.)
     Remember: despite the night vision/thermal capabilities, they can be
     eliminated just as easy when they AREN'T LOOKING TOWARD SAM. I'm sure there
     are other ways to accomplish this goal, particularly this: (1) sticky camera
     the NE door and make noise (2) sticky shocker/airfoil the two guards when they
     inspect things. They open the door and check around there a little, too, so
     this can be possible, it's just harder since Fisher can't use his launcher
     while in an EEV zoom.
     The next alleyway has a wallmine to tackle, but that's about it. If you're
     satisfied with the shower room performance (stealth-wise), save here; if not,
     try try again. Remember, you can use the medkit before the shower room to
     heal if required.
    PART 4: Disable Shetland's Bombs
     AKA ---: Crossed Wires
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     When Sam approaches the maintenance area, Lambert radios in to say Shetland
     left a going-away present: bombs! There's only 1:30 to get each, too, so
     break that lock fast. The explosives appear one by one, not all at once, which
     can certainly throw off a first-time player -- this also means the timer'll
     reset for each, thankfully. Here's the scoop on all three:
     1) Right after picking the lock, avoid the stairway and maneuver west through
        the tangled pipes. Upon reaching the southern portion, there'll be an IEV
        tucked away. [If Sam broke a lock, the first enemy spawns on the far-west
        catwalk; if he didn't, the first enemy appears on the beginning stairway,
        which is a far more convenient target.]
     2) Return to that last stairway and head onto the catwalk. At the 1st bend,
        Sam can leap over the concrete barrier and drop down to the catwalk,
        or the pit right below it (accessed by ladder). Before that, though, from
        that vantage point, try to sticky shocker (etc.) the guard who appears
        farther away, and will often be lured closer by Sam's presence there. If
        Sam turns on thermal vision, he'll have a far easier time with long-range
        shocking. [Disabling bomb #2 spawns an enemy near the start, if Sam broke
        the lock, or on the far-west catwalk's SW corner, which is far better for
        those packing extra launcher kit.]
     3) Bomb #3 is nearby. Climb back onto the catwalk and move west, looking to
        the south a bit. Sam'll have to jump to it. Luckily, there's no enemies
        that spawn after this, so take your sweet time.
     Needless to say, as an overview, picking the lock seems to give the best
     enemy spawns, so I'd go with that, rather than breaking it -- an option that
     saves zero time in the long run. 
    PART 5: Eliminate Shetland
     AKA ---: Ashes to Ashes
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Shetland leaves via the west door, so give chase. The insta-death laser beam
     here is disabled once the bombs have been defused; don't try leaving before
     then! Climb up the ladder for an automatic scene resolving this conflict once
     and for all. [If Sam puts his gun away, there's a slightly different scene.]
    10) KOKUBO SUSHO DEFENSE MINISTRY                          [TOKYO BAY]   [WK10]
     OVERVIEW: The real maestro of this malicious orchestra is revealed finally,
     and it's time to settle things, before the war changes things forever...
                       ____ ____ ____
                      |  A |  B |  C |  EQUIPMENT SELECTION
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     | SC-20K         | 60 | 30 | 90 |  This time, both "A" and "B" are similar
     | SC Pistol      | 40 | 20 | 40 |  enough that either would be fine; however
     | Sticky Camera  | 03 | 05 | 02 |  since there's a no-fatality order, having
     | Sticky Shocker | 03 | 05 | 02 |  less frag grenade(s) isn't a big deal at
     | Airfoil Round  | 03 | 05 | 03 |  all. Might as well go with "B" for safety
     | Gas Grenade    | 03 | 03 | 02 |  reasons...not like "C" and its shotgun
     | Flash Grenade  | 04 | 02 | -- |  attachment (x14) is gonna do much here...
     | Frag Grenade   | 01 | -- | 03 |
     | Smoke Grenade  | 03 | 04 | 03 |  SECONDARY/OPPORTUNITY OBJECTIVES
     | Wall Mine      | -- | -- | -- |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     |________________|____|____|____|  * Access I-SDF servers
     There is a zero-kill mandate for this mission!
    PART 1: Contact the Detained American Officers
     AKA ---: WarGames
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -: n/a
     Sam starts in front of the defense ministry building, and a UAV patrolling
     overhead ain't the welcome wagon. Use the overhanging pipes as cover to reach
     the north-side entrance, which leads further in to a vehicle-accessible area
     (normally anyway). Alternatively, the southern wall has a crawlspace that'll
     lead into an antechamber near the first group of guards. Either way, Fisher
     will meet them in the large chamber, along with an infrared camera. If Sam
     isn't there already, move to the shadowy NW corner. Nabbing the two idiots
     is easier if Sam disables the camera, naturally.
     Excluding the crawlspace, there are two north-facing exits on this floor: a
     door leading to an electrical room with access to the upper floors, and a
     small maintenance tunnel with a climbable pipe leading to the offices. Since
     the offices are considered a separate area, let's do the former first. Once
     Sam's up, take the crawlspace into the bathroom. One stall is "occupado" so
     bash that sucker...if that guy doesn't get a bowel movement from that, he's
     really in trouble!
     Use the wall medkit if required, and visit the calming waterfall lounge. Sam
     can even splash around in the waterfall as a form of shaded movement, letting
     him take the guard unawares. A little past him is a security station with
     nothing useful to note, besides the crawlspace heading into the next area.
     The other door from the waterfall area leads into the top-floor offices, too,
     our next stop.
     Right at the beginning is a front desk and two guards, talking about how
     impregnable Kokubo Susho is...boy are they in for a shock. When they part
     ways, one goes upstairs and the other hangs 'round bottom, making him the
     easier of the two targets (backup won't come to help, heh heh). Oddly enough,
     the desk guard says the same interrogation line as the waterfall guard. Hack
     his computer to learn the server room password is 1945...how apropos. The
     camera gives a sneak peek at what's to come.
     If y'haven't dealt with the stairway guard, he'll usually refresh his cycle
     by stopping atop the stacked staircase, making it a simple feat to nab 'im.
     He'll also be drawn to the middle floor if the lights were shut off there.
     Just be careful to lay him on flat ground...we don't want accidents. Anywho,
     with only the top floor's doors accessible, that's the way to go. 
     Enter either door and the ensuing hall to see a guard move into a room --
     this is the press room where the hostages are being kept. Follow him in and
     neutralize him while he's berating the Americans. There's a camera in this
     room, but without the spotlight on the hostages, it might as well be broken.
     Speak with the hostages to get this objective finished.
    PART 2: Gain Access to the War Room
     AKA ---: Rising Son
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -: Sticky Shocker (x4)
     The hostage says the way to the War Room should be open now, thanks to the
     captain who was just here (before Sam came in) and took some armed volunteers
     there. This is accessed from the offices' lowest floor, in that weird door
     near two computers.
     Before going there, there's one more tiny thing to do up here. The western
     corridor is a dead end in general, with two guards there minding their own
     business. If Sam gets their attention, they'll both come over to see what's
     going on. Gas 'em (etc.) and then climb over the south wall about halfway
     down -- this is where that pipe in the lower reception area leads to. There's
     two sticky shockers here as a prize. Coming over that wall with the 2 guards
     present wouldn't have been pleasant, eh? [You'd have to use the overhanging
     pipe and stuff...yawn.]
     Anyway, downstairs we go! There's one new guard at the bottom, perhaps a
     straggler from the captain's retinue? Either way, enter through the security
     door to enter the lower I-SDAF Base. The two-way escalator leads further
     into the depths, at which point Redding mentions the troops have trappings of
     an LTL (less-than-lethal) squad.
     • [LTL SQUAD INFO] These guys carry shock rounds and instantly incapacitate
       Sam if he's hit. As a tradeoff, Sam doesn't die -- an alarm counts as
       having been triggered, and he's brought to an interrogation room. He'll
       have the ability to pick his handcuffs: it's just like normal picking
       except there's no on-screen visual. Use the vibration function for that.
       Afterwards, Sam can nab the colonel about to administer truth serum, then
       bash the door to knock out his buddy. A box nearby contains all Fisher's
       gizmos, after which the mission is back on track...only the entire base is
       on alert. This is an interesting scenario to be sure, but it's far more
       useful to just reset if this eventuality becomes real.
     The escalator is usually the reason Sam gets caught by the Japanese troops --
     it goes at a set speed, the enemies get spooked thanks to the lighting, and
     there's no cover. Thankfully, near the entrance is a fusebox that switches
     off the escalator AND its lights, making this part much easier. The three
     guards split up for patrol duty normally, each going a different direction,
     so picking them off ain't hard in and of itself -- it's just very quiet here.
     One guard mentions their special shock rounds can be found in a storeroom.
     Anyway, with the guards out of commission, there's still an annoying hazard:
     the overhead 360-degree field of vision cameras, employed especially by the
     I-SDF. Luckily, the the pistol's OCP takes care of that. There's three
     paths branching out from here: west is a bathroom with a medkit; north is
     the war room, currently inaccessible; and east is the computer rooms.
     Hack the retinal scanner and, at the next bifurcation, go right: this leads
     to a storeroom. The two geeks here are also armed with shock rounds. The good
     news is Sam's distractions (sticky camera in particular) only lure the guy
     standing, making the divide-and-conquer strategy quite simple. There's two
     sticky shockers here as well. [The interrogation room off to the side isn't
     accessible normally; a supply shelf blocks the entrance.]
     Next stop is the server room down the hall. The pass is 1945, if y'recall.
     Once inside, flip on night vision to see that two cameras are equipped with
     infrared, and they continuously rotate to foul up intruders' plans. [Don't
     worry about them seeing through cover, though; the beam just penetrates it
     for some reason.] There's a console amidst the cluster that will open the
     War Room doors, plus give a bathroom report (about the earlier crawlspace
     connecting to it...but we knew that already). Apparently, if an alarm is
     sounded, the servers will sink into casings, making the only way to open
     them the hackable retinal scanner. Food for thought.
     So, off to the war room. It's by the elevators opposite the escalator.
    PART 3: Record the War Room Meeting
     AKA ---: My Lips Are Sealed
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: No 
     Items -: n/a
     Lambert says this area is a tempest-hardened cube, which must be bigwig talk
     for "hard to break into". On either side of this cube is a hallway patrolled
     by a guard, plus there's a 360-degree censor. We've already shown that the
     sensors can be OCP'd, so that just leaves the guard. Sticky shocker (etc.)
     when he starts moving away from the censor, then bypass the sucker yourself.
     It's possible to run past the censor without any trickery -- I did it the
     first time through, 'cause I didn't know about OCP! -- but there's no need
     to once you're in the know.
     The remaining guard can be interrogated, suggesting using the air vent over
     the war room to spy, since the place is sealed from the inside. Good idea,
     random blabbermouth! Hop onto the overhanging metal sheet and use the
     crawlspace for the job.
    PART 4: Access the G-SDF General's Laptop
     AKA ---: Masters of Bore
     Alarms?: 3 Allowed
     Deaths?: No
     Items -: n/a
     Grim's worried about the general who silently saw the broadcast. Wirelessly
     hack his PC to tap the live transmission. It's rather long and y'gotta hear
     it all, unfortunately, but afterwards, the order's given to destroy Otomo's
     servers to cripple his position.
    PART 5: Cripple Otomo's I-SDF Servers
     AKA ---: Morose Encounters of the Third Kind
     Alarms?: Yes (3 Allowed)
     Deaths?: Yes (Otomo excluded)
     Items -: n/a
     Exit the War Room and enter the elevator nearby, starting the final stretch.
     When the lift prematurely stops, reach the lower levels by dropping into a
     freefall and catching the ledge immediately below. Mistime it and Sam will
     plunge to his death. Also be careful of staying in the lights too long, for
     obvious reasons. 
     At the watery bottom, SAVE and hop over a side railing. Lambert, who gave a
     recinded the no-fatality policy on the way down, mentions there's about 3:00
     until the next missile is fired! [This event starts when you hop over that
     railing, which is why you're supposed to save first.] Naturally, if you can
     eliminate any of the three spec ops gunmen patrolling around first, that'll
     help a boatload. Since most run in a loose group, I suggest distracting with
     a sticky camera: shoot into a walkway corner and sticky shocker anyone who
     walks into the shadows. If you constantly find that one of the guards -- the
     furthest one away, usually -- is opening fire on Sam, take him out earlier in
     the process. [The NW corner has no wallmines so it's usually safe for the
     body dumping part. These guards also also immune to gas attacks.]
     This elevator walkway is rectangular, so why do the gunmen never walk around
     the southern side? Simple: there's a metric crapton of wallmines there. In
     fact, in less serious circumstances, it's possible to shoot one of the foes
     while he's setting up a mine. This makes it go off, killing the others near
     him and chain-detonating most of the others. Not that there's much time for
     souvenir hunting on a 3:00 clock.
     With the gunmen gone, make it to the eastern door and into the underwater
     tunnel. There's some green laserbeams to avoid, but in general, this part
     is only a minor impediment. The adjacent door is less so, containing a railed
     overhead machine gun that never stops moving. However, it only points one way
     initially, so getting past it is as simple as leaping over the side railing
     and moving behind the giant red holomap. Near the SE corner is a computer to
     destroy -- the option is given when Sam moves away a bit.
     • [BONUS OBJECTIVE] Access I-SDF servers: before you destroy the computer,
       hack it and download said data. This can't be done if it's mangled (duh?).
     The destruction attracts two more guards to the room, so it's not a bad idea
     to take out the agent hiding behind the shield first. He also mentions Otomo
     is hiding in his office, if y'bother. With no servers to power it, that
     pesky machine gun ain't working either, so use tried-and-true tactics like
     whistle lures to finish up.
     The timer gone, head down the hall to find Otomo behind blastproof doors. One
     scene later, go 'round the corner to an emergency hatch -- those tiny tunnels
     provide a backdoor into Otomo's li'l compound. Save the admiral, then get
     ready for extraction.
     How? By blowing a hole in the underwater window via C4. What's crazy 'bout
     that? Don't go soft on us, Sam. After the escape, enjoy the aftermath!
    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]
     [Q] - On Mission 4 (NYC), I keep getting 97%!
     [A] - This is almost assuredly because Sam is witnessed by the old man near
           Dvorak's room. He's a "friendly" NPC but it still counts as being seen
           regardless. It's possible to incapacitate him without being viewed (as
           in a smokescreen) and do the Dvorak segment without his assistance. In
           fact, this way's quite insightful as Sam narrates the situation without
           Grim's help, making him seem far smarter than the alternative method.
     [Q] - On Mission 5 (NYC), how come I can't access the main server computer?
     [A] - Sam needs to get the server algorithm first. This is doable at the
           very beginning, where Sam eavesdrops on some talking execs. One of them
           has a briefcase, which can be wirelessly scanned and hacked to get the
           info. This is even doable from the vent itself, making it a very easy
           feat...if y'think to do it here.
     [Q] - Why can't enemies see the giant lights on Sam's forehead?
     [A] - I think this more of an aesthetic aid, letting the player know where
           Sam is looking in relation to the foes. Otherwise, one would have to
           walk around with night vision on to see it.
     [Q] - Why no online strategies?
     [A] - I'm writing this in May of 2012 -- I'm afraid the servers have long
           since ceased to exist. I hear it was great in the heyday, though...
    VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
     05-15-2012 ------------------------------+ Started walkthrough
     05-23-2012 ------------------------------+ Finished walkthrough
    THANKS TO...
     • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my crap
     • Sam Fisher, badass among badasses
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