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"A rather interesting game that can use some brushing up (Contains Spoilers)"

“Jaws Unleashed” is Majesco's new title for the PS2 and the Xbox. The game was based on the movie “Jaws”. I say this game is “interesting” because you play as Jaws itself. This title could've been great, but unfortunately, it needs some work done.


The Story:
You take on the role as Jaws, the great shark. As the opening scene goes, “YOU ARE THE SHARK”. You go around, eating other fishes, squids, humans, etc. Yes, you EAT HUMANS ! At the same time, you can also wreak havoc by destroying docks, ships, rafts, etc. These are all accomplished via Story Missions, Side Challenges, and free roam. I think I've spoiled enough, so I'll let you gamers figure out the rest.

The graphics/camera: 6/10
The game is kind of weak in this department, especially for an Xbox title. My guess is that because this title is also available for the PS2, the game developers had to tone it down. At least in the Xbox version, it supports 480p. But still, this title can look better than it does. The camera angle in this game is beyond a mess. You can use either a third-person type of view, or a first-person type. Either way, the camera angles swing around faster than a Ferrari. I defined the term “headache” after playing for about an hour. I had to turn it off before I vomit and create a mess.

The sound: 7/10
The sounds aren't that great, but it's decent. You have your standard humans yelling/crying/screaming when they get bitten or witness someone getting it. Sounds of the ocean and other sea creatures are there, too. The background music, if I guess correctly, is the soundtrack of the movie on repeat. I say “guess” because I never officially finished a single Jaws movie. It may not be the soundtrack for all I know, but it does fit the game well.

Gameplay/Controls: 7/10
The controls are a mess. You eat with the right trigger, charge attack with the left, swim with the A button, tail attack with the X, stealth attack with the B, and dodge with the Y. Though getting used to it isn't too tough, and should happen within the first 10 minutes or so. I must warn you, it does get tough if you need to keep someone alive in your mouth.
Gameplay involves a lot of swimming around. You have to go to certain locations to pick up story missions and/or side challenges. Story missions consists a lot of creating messes around the Amity Island. I hate to say it, but this game does show some elements of GTA in it.

Replay value: 5/10
After you finish the story missions and the side challenges (which includes 30 missions, with 3 modes {easy, normal, hard} per mission), you are more than welcome to roam around Amity Island and do whatever you (namely, wreaking havoc). Other than that, there's nothing much to do. However, the story missions and the side challenges should last a while.

I personally don't have too much problems suggesting you gamers pick this game up, since it's $30. If it's $40 or even $50, I may suggest you that think twice. But than again, I'm the type that never rents games.

The bottom line: 7/10
I'd love to give this game a 10, but the camera angles told me not to. Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to this title since the day it was announced. I can't say if I'm disappointed or not. It does offer some solid gameplay, but some other elements screwed it up for the game. As mentioned in the title, this game needs some brushing up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/25/06

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