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"GTA Underwater"

Jaws Unleashed is a 3rd person action game that is very different from other games: You Are the Shark. Players take control of the great white, playfully called Bruce, on a mission to terrorize Amity Island once again. Made by the creators of the Ecco the Dolphin series, this game couldn't possibly screw up an underwater atmosphere. On with the review.

Jaws is a free roaming action game where players get to rampage at their own will through an island that Jaws fans know very well. With references to the movie, player will participate in missions that include all types of variation. Stealth missions, chase sequences, and just plain old blow stuff up and watch the show. The missions are decent lengths, with checkpoints after all objectives. An example of a mission would be The Arrival, where Jaws comes to Amity and players learn the basics of controlling our fish friend. After a few lessons in this mission, the game moves on. Not to mention, the underwater ecosystem is fully sustained, there is competition prtraying survival of the fittest.

Stunning. The water atmosphere is done really well, and Jaws is well animated. His head sways as he swims, like a real shark searching for it's next meal. When you rip that unlucky someone to shreds underwater, their blood pools and mixes with the water, giving a very satisfying feel. Damage is right on, boats that you attack show battle damage such as holes in the area you smash them. However, the graphics have downfalls. Human character looks are pretty poor, and in my opinion look like those of the Grand Theft Auto games. However, one can easily over look this for two reasons: 1. Humans are really only shown in close up during cutscenes, the other humans you see in free roam dont look to bad because you cant see them too well, and 2. who cares what they look like after you tear them limb from limb. Overall, the graphics are good, but not great.

Controls are where this game can either be seen as poorly designed, or just innovative. I will admit at first, the controls are a real pain. Trying to grab prey was like trying to pull a trigger wearing mittens, aint easy. But, give it a few minutes, and really play the hell out of the tutorial and you will get the hang of them. The left thumbstick moves which direction Jaws is facing (up, down, left, right) and the right thumbstick moves the camera. To swim, you have to hold the 'A' button down, and as mentioned before, use the left thumbstick to control direction and depth. Right trigger bites objects/prey, left trigger activates your charge attack, and 'X' is your tail whip. I wont give every single button layout, but for the controls all I can say is give it time,

Story is actually not bad, but not good. Better than I thought it would be. During the tutorial, one of the people you munch on happens to be the son of some corporate CEO for the company working around Amity Island. This kicks off events, taking you from locations such as Sea World all the way to a deep, underwater mine. Some levels come fully loaded with a boss fight, which range in difficulty. Bosses include an Orca whale and...well, I'll let you figure it out as you go.The story is short and sweet. All in all, story is average.

Replay value depends on how you view Replay. After beating the main story levels, you can go back to the locations and do all sorts of fun stuff from collecting items hidden and doing side challenges. All over the water surrounding Amity are side challenges, each with three difficulty levels. But, the biggest thing this game has going for it is Free Roam. You can go anywhere there is water to terrorize animals. Want to grab some lunch at the beach? Go ahead. Don't like that boat? Sink it. If that shark is attacking you for your dinner, kill it and make him dessert. But be careful, as you cause damage the Coast Guard will increase their attempts to kill you.

All in All:
All in all id say this game is worth it's price tag of only $29.99 US. You get so much for that price, and it pays for itself once you start the massacre. For that price, I'd say buy it. If your still not sure, give it a rental. But do not dismiss this game without even playing it. It is worth some type of notice from anybody who likes Jaws or underwater games. Hope this review helped anybody trying to make a decision on this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/30/06

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