Review by JuggernautXUG

"Controls Kill a Rather Excellent Concept for a Game."

First things first, this game had potential, and in every aspect besides controls in delivered for a budget title. The first review for this game acted like this was a Halo 2 type of game.

So first we'll look at where the game shines.

Visuals: 9.5/10

Everything underwater looks amazing (and again remember this is a budget title to they look amazing for what you paid for)

Reefs, sunken ships, environments look mint; fish, dolphins, other sharks and other aquatic life are beautiful and have decent AI. Even scuba divers and swimmers look good. The stuff that looks bad in the game is the boats. From Sail Boats, Fishing Boats and Coast Guard Skimmers they all look plain and unappealing. Plus most of them when sunk go right through the bottom of the ocean floor! WTF? Onward....

Sound: 8/10

Beautiful, from the low hum of the Jaws Theme when you're swimming around to the fast beat of it when you're in action against the Coast Guard or other enemies its slick.

Sound Effects:
Dolphin sonar, fish bubbling, people scream, Jaws tearing flesh and crushing and breaking bones, it all sounds beautiful. It's always entertaining to grab a swimmer from the surface of the water and hear his bubbly scream and you drag him under water to his death. When a boat actually does explode it's a little weak, but again it's a budget title to its still decent.

Replay Value: 8/10

I haven't had a chance to beat it myself but I know it has the coveted sand box mode.

After story missions are completed there are plenty of hidden items like tin cans in each story area (you can return after the story it completed to collect them if you missed them the first time) that unlock movie clips, to licence plates, treasure chests and other items that unlock bonuses.

Now for the sinker of this boat....

Controls/Camera: 4/10

They are horrible, turning is a pain, and the easiest thing to do it swim forward and hope something gets in range of your mouth. Bite with the left trigger, charge with the left, swim with the A button, tail whip with X, dive with Y and Stealth attack with B.

All the attacks are great; it's just moving Jaws is about as frustrating as moving a couch up 10 flights of stairs with the help of a midget. The camera doesn't help either, should have kept an always front view and move the camera with the right thumb stick, but it always whips around causing you to loose track of a target or just plain get lost. A rear view would have been a bonus but you're stuck looking in one direction while swimming and when turning you have to wait for the camera to catch up or try and maneuver the camera with you with the right thumb stick.

Adverage rating: 7/10
If you can live with poor controls (I can but it does get frustrating) this is a decent game worth adding to your collection for the nice $30 price tag. Budget titles are never really meant to because monstrous successes but I think if they brush up the controls and camera a little a Jaws Unleashed 2 could be a contender. If you're still iffy on buying it a rental is always good too, you probably won't get too far by the return date but you can always have fun ripping people and animals to shreds and bringing down a couple ships for fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/30/06

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