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"Lego + Star Wars= good gaming"

Introduction - Lego Star Wars is exactly what it sounds like. A hack and slash/platformer based off the Star Wars universe, but get this...It's Lego-ized. Play through the best parts of Episodes 1 and 2, plus the upcoming Episode 3 with 56 different charaters.

Gameplay 8- LSW is a hack and slash with a limited amount of combos, but many different types of characters. Some are Jedi, who an use the fore to disassemble lego peices and reassemble them into bridges, ladders, and weird statues. There is a bit of collecting too. Every level has 10 mini-kits, which when all 10 are put together, forms ships like the clone dropship and the gungan sub thing. There are studs (think bolts from Rachet and Clank) everywhere. These unlock cheats, characters, and hints. There are some flaws in the game, like an A.I. that does little in battle and is only really useful for switching with, but it's forgiving for fans.

Story 7- Say what you want about Lucas's ideas about this trilogy. I love the story and the movies. The game follows the main story, but has NO voiceovers or really big cutscenes. This means no crap love story or none of C-3P0's annoying, urkel tone. The game does give away the end of Episode 3, but hey, WE ALL know what happens. If you don't, stop reading and go to the local Blockbuster.

Graphics/Sound 8- All the original sounds from the movies, from the blasters, to the swoosh of lightsabers. The graphics...are lego-ized. everything is made of legos except the buildings, and the backgrounds. This is very cool because it allows things to be destroyed and moved around. The non-lego areas look like they would in the movie...very good.

Play Time/Replayability- 7- This game took me 4 hours to beat and I got stuck a few times for 10 minutes. If you hunt for all the items, get all the characters, and unlock everything, the game could take a week or two. This adds to the replayablity, but is also this game's biggest flaw.

Final Recommendation - 7- This is a game for the children who love Star Wars for the action and legos, and fanboys like me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/14/05

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