Review by jay9606

Reviewed: 05/09/05

Game for the Poor and Young Star Wars Fans

The first thing you should understand for this game is its audience: the poor and the young Star Wars fans. Now, if you have cash and are able to buy games with an "M" rating, there are better games out there. If you fall into the first two categories, read on.

The graphics in this game are true to the source material. They do, in fact, look like Legos. This is both good and bad. Legos are fun to look at and are different from most games. It almost feels like when cel-shading was new, although not quite as cool. On the other hand, it doesn't push the graphics to the next level. No one will be blown away by this game's look. The best you can say for the game's graphics is that it looks clean and interesting.

The sound in this game is not fantastic, but passable. You get all the Star Wars music and sound effects, such as lightsabers, blasters, and droids. However, there is no voice work, save for a few grunts and sighs scattered about. Although the sound never becomes an issue, I did think about what good some voice acting would do, even just sound-alikes.

This game suffers from one major issue: repetition. Puzzles are a fun diversion. They won't leave you stumped, but are somewhat fun. Combat is simply pressing the "attack" button as many times as possible. This button serves all combat functions, basically attack and block. For the most part, you won't be thinking about the combat. It will just be your thumb pressing that button over and over. That is the game's biggest problem: it is too easy. I was hurt more often from my partner than from the enemies. The multiplayer is easily the games strongest point. It is frantic and fun. You can work together, fight, or compete to collect "studs," a sort of Lego currency. There are boss fights and vehicle sections. The boss fights are almost as simple as the actual combat. There are three vehicle segments. Two involve fighting and are enjoyable. One is a pod race. The race sequence is frustrating and is worse with two people. It is better to just have one player drop out and let the other go for it alone. The "studs" mentioned earlier buy cheats, hints, and characters. The cheats are funny just to read, with names like "moustaches" and "purple." Apparently purple is worth spending your hard fought studs over. There are a ton of characters, from Yoda to Maul to Anakin to General Grievous from Episode III.

This is the game's shining star. It is only twenty dollars US. For a Star Wars fan with a love for coop multiplayer, that is tough to pass up. In fact, this game bundles my childhood of Contra, Legos, and Jedis into one convenient disc. The game is short (I played through the main game in less than three hours), but has tons of stuff to unlock. Unlocking never seems to be a chore due to the low difficulty curve. Your amount of money becomes the deciding factor in buying this game.

The Bottom Line:
This game is great for people who are too poor or too young for the "Half Life"s and "Halo"s of the world. If you are mildly interested and have twenty bucks to spare, you can't go wrong with a game like this. Just make sure you have someone along side to be Jar Jar while you go Yoda on him over and over again.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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