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"Wow... was I surprised! The Lego universe is now the Star Wars Universe!"

While browsing the local game store I came upon Lego Star Wars.
Looked at the back, thought it might be interesting, spat out the bad taste other Star Wars games had left in my mouth, worried about it being too Kiddie and finally mustered the courage to buy it sight unseen. Boy what a surprise I got!

Lego Star Wars takes all the exciting pieces from Episodes I, II, And presumably III (No pun intended) haven't started III yet, don't want any spoilers.... That's how accurate the cut scenes are to the movies, and puts it all together nicely as if you're watching a lego movie during the cut scenes.

You'll be there from the Naboo battles, to the pod races, Fighting Darth Maul in ep.I (And if you've seen it you know what happens and it DOES happen ;) All is recreated in lego block form.

Going to view the Clone Army, Fighting Jango, Yoda Vs. Dooku, Boba picking up the helmet, If it was memorable in ep. II it's there.

I can only assume that ep. III shares the same story detail.

Ok, enough about the story, onto the review.

Players 1 or 2

Music 10
The music has many of the original scores from the movies. From the story crawl in each chapter, to the instrumentals, all the music is top notch. Nothing like dueling Darth maul with the Duel Of The Fates playing in the background in Dolby Digital.

Sounds 8
Blaster fire, explosions, and Lightsabers being drawn are all top notch. There is no speech aside from the occasional grunts or Hmmmm's when the characters are puzzled which hurts the score but does not detract from the games experience.

Graphics 9
Now you may say "Why the heck a 9?" Well, I was really impressed by the details of the characters. Looks like they came right out of a Lego pack, There is no slowdown at all, and I can't believe that making everything look legoish was all that easy to do. That's why it's a review. If you're looking for Halo 2 graphics, you won't find em. But everything has a nice cartoonish/toy feel to it which is exactly how this game should be.

Gameplay 8.5/9.5
Nothing extravagant, but does just fine. Try to imagine Final Fight or Streets of rage on a 2D/3D plane. The attacks are limited with a slash/fire button, jump button, force button (For Jedi/Dark Jedi). After completing each chapter in story mode you can go back into it in a free mode. In free mode you are not bound to a small set of characters. You can go back and get those lego canisters that may and will have eluded you on the first go thru. Droids open new doors so to speak. Each canister adds a piece to a special lego kit that when you get all 10 canisters, make a model of a vehicle outside of the bar. This is a fun game that can be played on limited time. Each chapter can be completed fairly quickly. The 8.5 is for the simple combat moves, 9.5 is for the replayability and hidden characters, and who gets tired of beating stuff up?.

All in all, I've had an extremely good time playing this game, and although a slight bit easy will keep you entertained for quite some time. It already has been moved to that hallowed stack on my bookshelf of "Keeper" games that I don't see myself getting rid of, and if you want Star Wars with a slight twist, I highly recommend it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/18/05

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