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Reviewed: 05/31/05

Get ready for the Lego version of your favorite series...

This review is on Lego Star Wars. I like Star Wars very much, but I am not going to be biased. First off, this game is fun, but very kiddy. The game might not really be suitable for the more mature gamers out there. It would be fun, of course, but you won't get that same satisfaction if you are the type that loves to play GTA all the time. Still, read this review to figure out whether or not you will like the game.


The graphics in this game are good, but they are nothing special. The 3D Lego animations are a little clunky. The frame rate is fine, there are no real issues even when there are many enemies on screen. The characters look exactly like their Lego counterparts. Some younger gamers who grew up playing with Episode 1 Lego characters will recognize them instantly. A nice touch to the graphics is that when an enemy dies, its original Lego parts crash to the ground.


Once again, nothing special. You hear Legos falling. You hear your lightsaber humming, always, the Star Wars theme song.


Average. The game is a third person action/adventure/puzzle game. You go through the plot lines of the Prequel Trilogy. There are 3 levels where you are in a vehicle. They are a pain. The controls are easy. Anyone could just pick up the game and start playing...literally. The game has a 2nd player co-op mode. Just insert another controller and press start. Simple. The game gets a little boring at times.


Rental. The game is very short. Unless you want to unlock every little secret or you are bad at gaming, this will go by in a flash. There is a little "bonus" level and vehicles that you make with Legos found in-game. Other than that, all you have are some bonus characters and extra modes such as big blasters, purple, teapots, or moustaches.


Average game. A lot of pros, but a few major cons. Rent the game first.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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